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MD (Emerg Med), now a patient advocate who cares about end-of-life. Part of the political resistance fighting for a more just and healthy society. #Warren2020

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He’s fighting to keep beaches public and to prevent Mike Huckabee from building on public beachfront. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼… @AnnMcMD @amyklobuchar @girlsreallyrule @ewarren @choo_ek 🦸‍♀️👩🏻‍⚖️👸🏻👩‍✈️👩🏾‍⚕️ @stevesilberman So so good...“Carlos is gone, but we are here, with a pen and a platform, on behalf of 67,000 pediatricians who care for childre…
Retweeted by Jennifer Brokaw @ETSshow Awesome🙌🏼 @cmarinucci Second time I've replied to a tweet of yours tonight: "My God"! @cmarinucci @NBCNews My God. @ShannonOMac "You do you" is my favorite millenialism.
@babbymd Very very sorry for your loss and very glad you got all that love.😔I am seeing progress, but each of us can be a role model in talking about #mentalhealth as a normal part of life.…
Retweeted by Jennifer Brokaw @choo_ek 😳😳😳
@barttels2 You know you love it.Why I Tweet. #orwell #polititwitter @ok_eric1 Nice try.😉 @ok_eric1 It means when the tide goes out, the GOP will be running off with our towels and driving away in our cars. @barttels2 Buffet is the modern day Mark Twain/Yogi Berra and Oscar Wilde;)Last time there was an economic bubble, and I’m not saying we are in one now...but last time, Warren Buffet was rum… @adamcifu @LouiseAronson 😏Yoko San, a sound artist and hospital monitor sound disruptor, showing the first mix-tape of sounds complied by bio…
@wbgleason @adamcifu Quality of Life;) @adamcifu Three cheers for compression stockings! 🧦🧦🧦 @SunitaPuriMD said: “Early in my career, when a patient told me they were a fighter, I thought it was my job to che… hospice beds for 175k elderly prisoners (and growing) in California aint nearly enough. #hospiceprisonproject”Researchers have been remarkably uninterested in the lived experience of patients with dementia”-Sally Tisdale #EndWell19 @LouiseAronson Hmmmm😏 @CKing_Solutions Not yetWhat fresh hell are we in, where this happens and no one blinks. We cannot afford to be numb. Nor can we afford…
Retweeted by Jennifer Brokaw @kay_vandenberg @realDonaldTrump And when one of them is Boris Johnson....😯 @choo_ek Do we even deserve her? 😅
This is what NATO should spend all its time discussing. The report is 35 pages, but the graphs tell it all. It’s ev… @choo_ek Pro-Pandemics. @RanaAwdish This tweet alone has moved your book up in my “to read” stack!😂
@danielmkim @choo_ek @GopherGrad I don't know if its bitter enough, but it sounds delectable! @alisadoc1 @tnicholsmd @djrothkopf @darakass @RyanMarino @MDaware I dont even care if it’s real😂 @LiteraryMasters Its just so...bizarre and funny🤣🤣 @LiteraryMasters Me either!🤣🤣🤣
@chieftb @DrJenGunter 👆🏼 @RyanGamlin Do they have a book deal yet? @choo_ek @groovealicious @janevandis Trying you now. 😜 @robinwolaner @SistahScholar Maybe some of it is true, but boy is the media chauvinism obvious now.🤨And then follow on with this instant classic: a rough start to the post-holiday week? Here ya go! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🐴🐴 ⬇️⬇️⬇️. We cannot have any honest conversation about homelessness w/o talking about the structural racism that…
Retweeted by Jennifer BrokawIn the @WSJ of all places. #MedicareForAll is the solution for the runaway train of health care costs. Elizabeth W… @eemoin 😂 @barttels2 Have we exceeded our limit? @barttels2 Truth and Beauty🙌🏼Wouldn’t it be something to elect a person President who is not afraid to expose their emotional vulnerabilities be…
Change ”way to go Ohio” to ”what the hell Ohio” 😡😡😡#womenshealth #ectopicpregnancy @RyanGamlin Cant believe I’d never read that! Brilliant!
Bring back paper ballots. #ElectionCommission #VotingRights may get flack...has the AMA ever met a med student? We are: Dying by suicide 3x more often Less likely to be a…
Retweeted by Jennifer Brokaw @aoglasser @DavidJuurlink 🙌🏼I spoke with @dodgeblake & @Newsweek about @JulianCastro's epic talk in Iowa - in which he concurrently addressed t…
Retweeted by Jennifer Brokaw @paula_span Everytime I think we can solve health care costs with single payer, I’m reminded how hard it’s going to be. 😂😂😂
@VPrasadMDMPH @barttels2 Proud disrupter. #politicsmatter 😬Some of those administrstors are physicians too. Are they being double counted? The Hospital VP Class.😬 @Alexmenter I windered the same thing. If so, doctor’s fees are the biggest piece of the pie.😶 @vanya42st Great unmet need. A lot of rotting teeth out there! @barttels2 And what is ”Other Health” exactly?Now that you’ve had your turkey, chew on this: #healthcarefinance #costofcare @AnnMcMD @DannyYanny 😂 @RohiniHarvey ☺️ @alisadoc1 @tnicholsmd @DeannaMarie208 @meganranney 😱😱😱
@MollieMarr Important important thread. 😞Thank you, and I’m sorry. @anndavisgarvin Underland by @RobGMacfarlane 🙌🏼 @cs_minnesota_us No, but I’d just gotten out. Would love a snow shot Carolyn;) Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving from the city by the Bay to everyone in the Twitterverse except the trolls and bots😉🥧🍠🦃 @ShannonOMac Yes. @ShannonOMac Come on out to the west coast for a Women 4 Warren thing in Jan??;)
@ShannonOMac Say it loud soul sister!"If you love 30 percent of what you do and can tolerate the other 70 percent, you have won."…
Retweeted by Jennifer Brokaw @aoglasser 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @ellorysmith 😂 @adamcifu I am very very interested in this topic, for which there no simple or correct answers or “takes”. @radiokeller @THilalMD @adamcifu 👆🏼 @RogueRad New York has moved way downtown. @enenbee @TIMESUPHC @choo_ek @DrJenGunter @arghavan_salles @DocMCohen @amydiehl Omg. 🤨 @adamcifu Are you joining the Thyroid Industrial Complex Dr Cifu? @CarolynMcC Team Seema? 😬🤷‍♀️🏻
I’m failing the Thanksgiving Conservative Uncle Chat Bot training...surprised?😅😡 @timsmithrx Right kind of policing:) @chadinabhan Romain Again (make it rhyme)!
@RogueRad San Francisco...
@barttels2 @StefanKertesz @aoglasser @DavidJuurlink @JohnDiazChron @SF_DPH @LondonBreed The person heavy into meth… wrote this before the controversial South Dakota campaign, but the message is the same. We have to address the me… @robinwolaner This pathetic attempt at branding/pop persona formation is:
@jennybencardino Ultrasound r/o DVT? @paula_span 😂 @ETSshow Yes! Where are the American student protestors these days? @KellyMDoran One of them should reply, ”Well hello there buddy!” @barttels2 Also good news:) @barttels2 Pure Thoreau:)
@choo_ek Dont leave me at home to fret and tweet! #bootsongroundI’m airplanes make my back hurt years old
Retweeted by Jennifer Brokaw @SharkFu 😂💯 @CarolynMcC If there’s a unifying theme in the GOP platform, its misgoyny. It beats racism out by a hair. 😔
👀👀👀👀 Vegas making odds on whether or not Senate will convict? 🤷‍♀️🏻#ImpeachAndRemove