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a very me moment. making sure people know I’m palestinian and making points oomfs talking about the big issues on clubhouse’s actually 100% but 36.2% are tired 👞👞👞👞 to chopin treble haus“it should’ve been bernie”’s so insanely adorable 🥺the fact that he went to get rice first 🥺 @arsedustig LMAOi’m arabx . @AndrewYang mr yang I’m 27 and men never meet my (low) expectations what’s your advice for mewhen u pivot from advocating for universal basic income to becoming dr hitch
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I have this urge to get a tiny hammer and smash the little glass forcefield really makes you think case irony leftists @HKesvani @HKesvani point me in its directionSTEVE BANNON: Now I’ll list the races from most to least important. JOURNALIST: Awful. Go on.
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinian @Hassan_Syed_ it was in response to misinformation about the vaccine doing this soooproof that you can either have a good eye for interior design or be extremely pathetically uncontrollably horny but… @prafxis getting ratioed by “it gets better” @thejimmalo “most memorable” who are these peopleanyways, episode four of the sopranos....tell me it gets better.....watching the would rather get therapy than focus all their energy on the waste management consultancy businesshad a real life argument with someone who said they were grateful to erdogan for restoring islam and sharia and I w… @danalobad palestinian oomfinity foreverI can’t wait to read thissssssss received a copy of my latest book, co-written with the brilliant @MJPlitnick. It’s called “Except for Palestin…
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinian @comunistade2094 it’s “come to brazil” or I don’t want it ‼️‼️‼️‼️
@1kingstonprince 💀💀💀depicting how far people reach on this website up’s always uggos being like iM hOt iM sExY literally no one cares. silence is hotas I’ve said before, anyone who constantly calls themselves hot is not hot. bragging is a mental illness and usuall…’m offline for a day and I come back to “being self-deprecating is problematic” discourse???? can everyone from tu… Begum Ansar left Bangladesh to earn a living in Saudi Arabia. She was found dead two years later in 2019 af…
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinianthe replies are awful what an ugly societyamerica is broken. not only is paying workers a reasonable minimum wage not mandated but people argue against it lm…
even though they’re not mutually exclusive, bob katter made some points 🤠 one tell him about 90% of white converts or restaurant belly dancers‘Betty White says she will spend her 99th birthday feeding two ducks’ so it doesn’t get better heart broke today when I realised a soundcloud emo rapper who kept hitting on me in the dms unfollowed mewomen like each others pic one time and start telling each other 'i love u'
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinian @VincentEdwardo you will in time! @crowinstability it’s so cute @beeasophia so sorry, so disgusting. confirms my feeling it’s that guy who attacked the Palestinian girl posting a photo w her bfThe funniest photo of all time was taken two years ago today
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@tracyminajjjjj Lgut feeling is that it has something to do with this @redpomgranat thanks so much 🙏 I’ve reported it but can’t find it anymore is fine and normal. @PShapMD yes it is sweetie, this isn’t a debate, you’ll just have to catch up on ur readings xxxxxlike damn it is exhausting and a perfect encapsulation of how apartheid thrives under the gaze of an international… about how israelis were like “yeah methinks this is apartheid” this week and it made international news bu… is the funniest thing on twitter this year. better than bean dad >>>>>’s @jack suspending muslim twitter @whorebjerg @princessmlokhia you must hate yourselfdoesnt this shit get boring?? like please, go do drugs or something
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinian @Reluctant_Us3r @politicalso_paw nope ‼️ @fletcherjherman yes including myself @politicalso_paw it’s the vibe. not for me @palestiniangel u free to be my wife?everyone’s invited to my wedding here of the day
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinianare you allowed to surrender a passport if it’s the only one you have? will I become stateless if I surrender my australian passport?this is why I’ve never pursued academia. I’d have to break into the homes of a lot of my students and it would be taxingwhen I get an email from someone who doesn’t start the email with “To the dearest, most honourable, most beautiful,… @thejimmalo achille mbembe is getting ready 4 takeoverمنعم الطابع طيار تونسي حر يُعاقب بوقفه عن العمل من قبل شركة طيران #الإمارات والذنب رفضه المشاركة برحلة لـ(تل أبيب)…
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinianthe entire gulf should be annexed. give it to africa.I’m not flying Emirates again. A Tunisian pilot has been suspended for refusing to fly to Israel aka historic Pales… @arsedustig that’s the alt 😞 the ftwitter. only girlsahhh the halcyon days of having a few hundred followers. that’s freedom. that’s liberty11 close followers on my ftwitter and a big audience here. I just want to be emo and trash men to 300 followers sometimes
@IllyBocean sock twins!! a woman of the people 😌😌😌😌what ??????????????I’m losing my mind. Just saw a comment under a video of Kamala Harris that said “it’s the socks for me!!!!” it started how it’s going
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinianI love him @glengyron yes it would be nice to be on the tail of medical apartheidmy fav thing on this hellsite is when @iamcardib fans congratulate each other when she quote tweets them @nickschadegg CIS is capitalised because he’s always writing about the Centre for Independent Studiesmy fans are dying for an exchange me, everyone is cute before proven ugly (ugly soul)Anyways this article was written in 2006
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinian*takes bite of Pringle* yes *nods at date then waiter* we'll have the tube
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinianyou can write good tweets or you can be in love. nobody can do both
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinianmahmood mamdani, one of the most well-cited specialists of sub-saharan africa in political science, just published…
Retweeted by putting the pal in palestinianHer thread is skewered, manipulated, deflective nonsense ♥️There’s apartheid beyond the “green line” aka historic Palestine aka Palestine. There are 65 Israeli laws that disc… @algiritri our pinkwashing friends 💕 @kkhelil it’s pretty transparent honestlyit’s really great that people speak out and take action but, aside from a few consistently principled people, it’s cricketssometimes I feel gender based issues get more support (fervent, actionable) from progressives than, say, apartheid… @Pialehra LMAOrestaurants that sell pepsi™️ over cola choose violence every dayI see knafeh and I feel nothing @sophieelsworth sophie i'll let you call me an n-word once if you just shut up forever
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