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hot hamburglar of javascript 😎 @glitch community, & professional 💫 honorary ep @wpa_nyc ✨ 140 years old 🐊 she/her

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@appleciderwitch i am 35 like this man and cannot relate to such insecurity and how he manifests it! he’s lucky to be alive!!do not underestimate how caring and loving one must be to offer you guidance *and product* for your care! also ever… my male partner threw anything of mine out as a “lesson” i would literally and proudly commit arson with his bodymen have fallen for the marketing scam that it’s their job to teach women a lesson @DeMarko map** @DeMarko she mentions in a reply that she chose the wrong flag on purposeHappy 4th of July to every country in the world 🥰#AllCountriesMatter
Retweeted by jennToday Gov. Cuomo, progressive “hero,” officially repealed NY bail reform enacted in just January. Turned his back o…
Retweeted by jenn @seldo i bet they have really nice walls!! @seldo honestly, do their homes not have walls to talk to!!here's "squirrel friends", a video i made for #livelaughconf and i think it might be my greatest contribution to th…
Retweeted by jennWe Interviewed the Wrong Dave Matthews but Now We Know What a Paralegal Does
Retweeted by jennthat one’s for free, timothy mr. cookthey should make an iphone that’s the same width but a foot long @willmanduffy @seldo @AdamRackis i don’t think they went to jersey, we have the devils @seldo @AdamRackis (only buys new jersey nets merch) @seldo @AdamRackis yes!!
@seldo actually i’m sure they already did that and this letter is a nice way to bump sales regardless of their decision @seldo they’re calculating the potential revenue of current name merch sold and sponsorship opportunities after the… @angustweets i just checked and nope @D_Rock_15 @MeisterSteyn @briandavidhall @negroprogrammer you clowns know that y’all can do what you want on your o… @SteveHajenko @nezbrun lmao steve, the ground you are standing on is “slippery slope is a slur” @nezbrun @SteveHajenko the engineering team of one of the largest social media platforms came to the consensus to m… next #livelaughconf @nezbrun @SteveHajenko yet one of the largest social media platforms made these changes so clearly “nobody” is not… most unrealistic bit of Space Jam is when MJ says to the Looney Tunes at the start of the first quarter: "Let's…
Retweeted by jenn @SteveHajenko if my coworkers, who i want and need to feel safe at our workplace, said they didn’t want me to say a… my avatar to let the slippery slopers know that they’re talking to a hot woman and not dave navarro. they d… is so much better and more informative than any ranking list of activities infographic
Retweeted by jennMaya Moore forever.
Retweeted by jenni have not read peppa goes skiing, much like how most folks on here have not read 1984two people have said “slippery slope” to me in the past 15 minutes. i should really reflect on my thoughts before a… are some other books to bring up in bad faith arguments over so-called censorship and canceling. “this is just bunnicula come to life”when people say “1984, here we go” i imagine they are talking about the year my parents conceived me and not the book @_J____M @fdvalens @negroprogrammer i said the origins weren’t tied to race. also, unless you’re an engineer at twi… how fast the cops can fire someone if they actually want to
Retweeted by jenn @_J____M @fdvalens @negroprogrammer folks say, in bad faith like James, “it doesn’t” as the origins of the word are… @berndj @briandavidhall @negroprogrammer “quasi-indefinitely” is where i stop engaging lol, good luck on your journeyThanks to @EBROINTHEAM for having me on. Here @oldmanebro & I discuss how to vote by mail. 1. Fill in the bubble o…
Retweeted by jenn @berndj @briandavidhall @negroprogrammer sounds pretty pedantic to me as far as this conversation goes tbqh. that e… @berndj @briandavidhall @negroprogrammer i think it gets the job done, yeahThis is really one of the coldest mother-daughter photos ever
Retweeted by jennWe settled on the following. It’s good but not exhaustive, and intentionally so. We've created a process around thi…
Retweeted by jenn @peterswimm oooh i see that angle adjustment knob, y’all are draftin’!! @pomeranian99 unfair!!Cats > people
Retweeted by jennHusband Critiques Accuracy of Wife’s Sexy Slave Leia Outfit to Orgasm
Retweeted by jenn @SimoneGiertz thank u for fixing bmothe only holiday i am observing this weekend @deathbearbrown aw i miss y’all and i want that fluffy dog to lay on meI know the lockdown sucks and its stressful but we´ll always have vine compilation
Retweeted by jenn @aanand rang? Knicks are going to win this and hang a banner arent they
Retweeted by jennWhen I was 22, I watched a friend become HIV+ cuz he couldn't afford Truvada PrEP which cost s$1,300/m but costs <$…
Retweeted by jenn @k_ylin nooooooooodoes anyone know where my sunglasses are, i thought i left them on my desk at the office but i did not @aanand excellent!! @mikerugnetta @mattbilinsky there’s three that i know of!! search “third property brother” he is my favorite and yo… @mattbilinsky the 5th brother then?
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Retweeted by jenn @mattbilinsky are you the 4th property brotherThinkers don’t hide.
Retweeted by jennA basic confusion has wrought so much destruction in American life. A lot of venture capitalists tricked themselve…
Retweeted by jennnot to state the obvious, but the problem with abuse in the tech industry isn't that reporters want to uncover thes…
Retweeted by jennpls tell me he did the actual voiceONLY 90s KIDSSSSSS know i keep saying this, but it’s absolutely incredible how much we let these birds get away with!! @goldman i am awaiting a supercut of me saying this from my coworkers any day now @MikeIsaac @AdrianChen yesssss i am “people” here!i've not seen a *single* respectable human complicit in this harassment campaign against her - but i see that a lot… know, @TaylorLorenz is easily one of my favorite journalists. anyone who thinks they have their finger on the p… time I see photos of that salty ass species in the middle I absolutely lose it
Retweeted by jenn @_Modum_ @issa @aztro @BigBonceJW i'm not your friend lol but good luck on the giveaway @CyborgMedusa oh i sure was! @jdelavegs she looks and sounds amazing, i'm so sorry for your loss. thanks for sharing her life with us 💕 @CyborgMedusa pizza rolls made me this way!! @aidanz ooh thanks, i’m gonna try that!! i do consider spiralizing to be fancy3 quick and healthy dishes i make when my last meeting went 20 minutes into lunch and my next meeting is in 40 minu…
Retweeted by jenn @buritica lol one day!! i've still been eating edibles to sleep and alleviate my focal seizures15 months sober, 425 months cool af @GinaZwicky what an excellent creature @jennschiffer “if eating vegan kielbasa for lunch is what kills me, i’ll take that over being run over by a self-dr…
Retweeted by jenn3 quick and healthy dishes i make when my last meeting went 20 minutes into lunch and my next meeting is in 40 minu…
ICYMI, Gov. Murphy signed a state budget with a likely "backdoor" for the developer who wants to build MORE golk co…
Retweeted by jenn @terrencemcd some of us just call them “photographs” heheheI cannot, I repeat I CANNOT, stop watching this video of 22 large teddy bears riding a roller coaster
Retweeted by jennCongrats to all the folks who are ending their first year of coding classes 🎉 Some very excellent character illustr…
Retweeted by jennin full color is a great org based in jersey city that is holding four days of workshops, performances & networking… did people stop dressing properly?
Retweeted by jenn @mookman288 has an rss feed yeah!jenn raised over 10K for the women's prison association
Retweeted by jenni want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding
Retweeted by jenn @buritica i forgot to tell the stream that i suggested you use purple shampoo bc of the color wheel @suzienieman right!!! @ohhoe how is that lip tattoo still so crispthough my live laugh journey has only just begun, i am going to retire this particular thread tonight - on the high… @jefframes that was given by my incredibly hydrated friend, @b4nn0nI save my best work for my friends. Here's the short film I made for @jennschiffer's #livelaughconf which she premi…
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