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jenn @jennschiffer jersey city, she/her

web dev, blogger, baby 🎷🐎 @glitch community,,, co-host @hoobastank2ttv 💕 honorary ep @wpa_nyc & student of prison abolition

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Retweeted by jenn @Clipart1994bot @GatorsDailyfrom nagel’s office collection @msdixon people who lift often drink a pre-workout @TrezyCodes i will not be doing this, noanyway *you* asked!like my phonecall list is useless. i don't want my texts to look like that. but i also like the simulation of intim… i get my 20th spam call of the day, i wonder i could handle the growing popularity of sms as a content vehicle (… @kitvolta when i die my body becomes compost and my soul becomes a vtuber @jdan i often say "photo of..." or "illustration of..."pumagreg thanks you for your kindness don’t use this verbiage often but this is a whole vibe. simple as that
Retweeted by jennfour** straight people
Retweeted by jennlip/blush from @rarebeauty, grays from livingfound my new favorite lavender matte lipstick, thank you selena gomez don't follow blaseball but maybe my followers who do can help out’s busy being a croissant at the moment will be reading all of these replies to him later today. also, for those of you wondering, he *would* let you rub…' 'Ohms' is a top-tier album from a band who never stop moving forward. Stream it & read our review:…
Retweeted by jennnew deftones dayhow about you stop scrolling for a sec and tell pumagreg what a good soft little guy he is @Clipart1994bot firstOur _ _ _ - In - Residency application closes Friday at 11:59pm EDT! Apply by the deadline! We want to read your ap…
Retweeted by jenn @moonpolysoft the devil's tuesday @tabatkins i thought it was american
accidentally typed `git tush` in the terminal, we're in programmer after dark hours @garybernhardt do it binchgonna be sending an electronic mail out this week, i need your help about a dead roach stuck in my bathroom light.…, literally right now, is holding up the South Fork offshore wind project because his rich buddies don’t want…
Retweeted by jenn @rich_moy @jesskmoy rich pls stop making jess go to guitar center with you, you’re not 22 anymorefor context, i talked about how star registry sites are kind of a scam and so i started my own except it's free
Retweeted by jennsad that it’s illegal to play “drops of jupiter” outside of a dunkindrops of jupiter shreds12,995 dots comprise the #Ohms album cover, & we’re inviting you to become a part of it. By adopting a dot on the c…
Retweeted by jenn @khalby786 @smashjarchive you can tweet at me and/or @make8bitart (or email if you don’t want to s…’s a special kind of cruelty that more protestors in Louisville tonight will be charged than men who murdered Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by jenn @lochieaxon looks fine to me!jokerman typeface fans onlyfor context, i talked about how star registry sites are kind of a scam and so i started my own except it's free us on mars right now
The best way to show up from afar for the city of #Louisville and organizers as they face the grand jury decision i…
Retweeted by jennBrett Hankison is being tried for endangering three of Breonna Taylor’s white neighbors
Retweeted by jenna bullet that *could* have hit someone is being punished and the bullet that actually hit and killed breonna taylor…
Retweeted by jennSome are allowed to sow violence. Others are exhorted to sow peace. Generations of this yields a crop of resentment…
Retweeted by jennwhat feels like ages ago, madelin and i met because i stole a bar mayorship of hers on foursquare and then we met i… @djbystedt @qDot don't flatter yourself!! @madw ahh congrats - this came up randomly in my timeline and i was like HEY MY FRIEND MADE THIS @qDot my pal invented this!! @jdetle but that would be the dream though, because the closer to the metal configs are able to exist, that means t… says "the pandemic has been normalized" like spa castle emailing me deals every 6 hours @jdetle ah i'm thinking a little further from the metal than nginx @hypirlink do you mean a specific ui view for creating html forms that saves to yaml? if so, would you expect expor… @Sarksus i'm not seeing/planning anything, just looking for thoughts on what folks experience right now. but it doe… one for the broader dev community: if you update settings in the ui of a platform that configure how/where a sit… @p_arithmetic in second place is murderon tonight's show i'll continuing a 24 hour spiral i've been in over the celestial black market *in real time* and… u engage with the yammles tweet u also need to sincerely reply to the previous tweets in the threadyou kids with your yammles and tommles and the jasonslike, do you try to have the netlify, vercel, heroku, etc yaml and toml and json to cater to more devs (also am i m… are your thoughts on environment specific config files? especially speaking to dev rel folks that are trying t… @searls @eric_b_wood @mojombo no it was definitely myspace tomThis is what they act like when you take like ONE toy away. There is no room for reform. Police need to be defunde…
Retweeted by jennThe producers of The Social Dilemma brought some serious and valid concerns about the impact of social media platfo…
Retweeted by jennAn Atlanta police officer quit after learning that the department was colluding with developers to gin up felony ar…
Retweeted by jenn @timrchavez if they bring back surge again they should do a commercial of our "surge stories" lmao
i don't have any friends at at&t businessthis is terrifying, what kind of trap is this a dumb ass is bad enough, but being a dumb ass, in 2020??? You fucked up big time
Retweeted by jennsomeone asked how old i was & the first thing i thought wasn't my age but that i was a teen when surge was at its r… @SwartzCr @torturecrush i believe the implication is that when you go there with someone(s), you and that someone(s… @permanentsigh actually you would have had your face blown off by poppy, her latest album is SO good @hexagr have you heard the first two singles for it, they totally shredme: hi can I please give u all of my money college: no you got a B in geometry when you were 14 me: ok sorry for asking
Retweeted by jennthis is today's tweet reminding you that the new deftones album is out on friday @notwaldorf a barista at my regular cafe accidentally said "love ya!" to me and she was super embarrassed so i was… @b4nn0n i GASPEDi love squirrels so much that the anxiety of possible stepping on them because they get so close to me stresses me… @techbubble i was thinking more like letting it jump in my hood and travel with me everywherei avoid *all* eye contact, not just with humansthe squirrels in this city are a bit too comfortable with my presencethe v*rizon technician said that my apartment was the coolest one he's ever been in which is an epic lie, nonetheless i would die for himhello bbs you can now listen to the trailer to @OpenWorldPod which is coming Oct 2020 aka soooooon
Retweeted by jennIt's happening! The #OpenWorldPod Trailer is HERE! Pick your listening portal and SMASH that subscribe button. We…
Retweeted by jenn @helenhousandi "my boyfriend won't let me" is a phrase i can't parsei haven’t really slept in like 4 days, but she doesn’t have that contexti said “have a good night” at 1pm to a cashier, guess i’ll pass away @smashjarchive i upgraded from f*os 75 mbps plan @smashjarchive nah so far my tests have uploads at ~900mbps @sunpar1 yeah i had to wait a couple of months for my appointment!excited to announce i now have gigabitch speed internet1BONES.BMF
Retweeted by jenn @suryamattu congrats to you and the other collaborators!!Today we’re releasing Blacklight, a real-time website privacy inspector that illuminates the hidden tracking techn…
Retweeted by jenn @Hoobastank2TTV @bijanstephen @markvigeant @broderick @karlsaintlucy true story! @taylor_atx i don’t know, i need netflix to pay me to find out!we are the daughters of the women you didn't feature in mambo no 5
Retweeted by jenn @fivetanley the best hour of television @JPepperoncini that would be a prequellenny kravitz’s missing sunglasses