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@glitch witch 🎷🐊 making @jerseyscriptusa & the jortsort algorithm, among other goofs 👩‍💻 ep @wpa_nyc [she/her]

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@Passwort12345 veterinary medicine is part of the s in stem. this thread is about the t, which is an entirely diffe…“if homeboy's coming through with these, it's quiet for him” @fvrmvn I’ll schedule tomorrow lol @fvrmvn yes @brittanyforks that’s the plan I think!lmao the guy who says women take 9 months off every other year for maternity leave already has me blocked why women don't want to get into tech (Thread) 1) Women aren't interested 2) Women take off 9 months every…
Retweeted by skelejenn @gf3 red hot chili pepper’s biggest fanok how about something tech related but won’t get me doxxed
what should i blog about @jennschiffer
Retweeted by skelejenn @gf3 do it for the 2003 photo u coward ur forgiven @hypirlink @pnc lol i don’t know, this was a friends house i was crashing at at the time @danieleagee no i CROCHETED it danielthanks, pumagreg @Driverrshaft @downtohoerth @willsmith omg will i had no idea it was u, iconici sent this to @pnc the other night while i was waiting in line to piss during the intermission of mean girls on br… is me in 2003 wearing a hat i made because i have always been extremely talented this guy survive, is he ok here comes the boom ready or not haha how u like me nowhiccups: the devil’s laughterlol i have hiccups @jmschaff we’re gonna live forever!!social media is cool because sometimes you make friends with interesting, smart people and then sometimes a strange…
Retweeted by skelejenn @steubens7 i have one that is usbMy former employer CollegeHumor did this. In order to beat YouTube, Facebook faked incredible viewership numbers, s…
Retweeted by skelejenncompletely unrelated: did we get lime scooters in jersey city? or are people riding through from hoboken??i’ll tell u what my thoughts are.......i am appalledinteresting that we haven’t heard from *any* of the democratic candidates what their thoughts are on the fact that… @anildash light shines through more in sweaters when u shove your head in them @CaseyNewton a feature, not a bugI can’t stop laughing
Retweeted by skelejenn @jessitron excellent shirt!!boogaloo shrimp and pogo tits lmao ok i am donei like girls that wear abercrombie & tits i’d take her if i had one tit 🎶 @CHERdotdev imagine being such a dork!! couldn’t be me @melissamcewen i don’t want to join in the first place - if i leave it says i left and that’s hella awkwardi wish twitter allowed me to never be opted-in to group dm’sI’m an Aquarius and that’s why I am so blessed to have to be a wine mom😇 ~*don't call me angel*~ 😇
Retweeted by skelejennah yeah my favorite part of this song was the one with the acoustic guitar playing has aggressively enforced censorship of adult women’s bodies from the beginning, despite no one being hurt…
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Before and after licking toxic envelopes
Retweeted by skelejenn @ag_dubs love those shoes!!new kids on the block had a bunch of tits chinese food makes me tits 🎶 @lil_mermaid (i have no mystics merch) @lil_mermaid this status update is for u only, having played untitled goose game for about an hour last week reputation often ~*precedes me*~ which can be terrifying & cringey — but also v cool! like how i hired a v rad s… @tessthornton kind of like how i had a “babysitter most of the day” as opposed to richer friends who had a “nanny” @tessthornton i *think* preschool used it imply there was some sort of curriculum and/or partnership with an actual… stays on during sex
Retweeted by skelejennbless my responsible adult friend @bytesbymike, who i just bumped into at the grocery store, for labeling me as “pu… am hungover from a reasonable & healthy amount of sleep @tiffani Big Toothpaste at it again!! @punkdafunk oh are they what started the chunky fila trendRT if you're craving a basket of breadsticks right now. 🥖 🥖 🥖
Retweeted by skelejenn @punkdafunk thanks! i don’t but i enjoy the colorway and wanted to see if those laces are on purpose (they are!!)anyone know what brand these sneakers these are @freezydorito real blights know ☺️🍃It's Saturday and you know what that means 🤗😉 means you can push to prod again 🌸🌍🔨💐
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@keithkurson is it a video capturing thing? @keithkurson i honestly tried but no'm the girl all the bad guys want me to church @terrencemcd sportI remember a few years ago climbing a mountain on a small island in the South Pacific and watching the ocean stretc…
Retweeted by skelejenn @gf3 happy #WorldEggDay @garannm congrats!!It's #code time!⏳ The girls are using @glitch to make websites about #CyberSecurity Who will win the prizes...?!🏆…
Retweeted by skelejenn @danielralston East Coast Tour @emilywithcurls @rstevens ooooh good oneintellectuals know @scientiffic i am going to tag @knguyen in here bc he’s a Friend Who Reads™️ and i imagine he has some good recommendations @pinksad it is red!! @pinksad i have a club under my bed because it was like just there in my apartment when i moved ingot called a loser for stopping to take a photo of a uhaul truck today! well well well, would a loser have MULTIPLE… wow u guys it’s astro turf
Love to point out when the movie differs from the book. “She was words in the book.”
Retweeted by skelejenn @mybluewristband yeah she spelled it like jen @mybluewristband jenny or jenna** @mybluewristband too risky as a fellow jenn - but also omg which nicknames do u avoid? i don’t allow jenny or jenn,… as long as i can remember i have been stuck in a cycle of shame bc of parental addiction and i will likely alwa… we’re out of ideas
Retweeted by skelejennno, i meant the steak that you store airplanes in’m the boss california
Retweeted by skelejenn @steveniebauer i’ve been thinking of this jpg all dayi anticipate having more time in december to think it furtherbaby jeopardycame up with the greatest idea over dinner today, bear with me here.......imagine thinking the problem is ‘you don’t deserve more than EMTs’ rather than ‘wow maybe EMTs should also be paid…
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the mom jeans come off and she's wearin this🥵
Retweeted by skelejennSpecial thanks to @emily_ladau @alexhaagaard & @VilissaThompson for their voices and for the discussion. As always,…
Retweeted by skelejennThis week, the Supreme Court ruled against Domino’s Pizza, affirming the responsibility to make websites accessible…
Retweeted by skelejenn @brandonstosuy @333333333433333 yeah i was going to say change it to "potentially employable"