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Urban economist, studying housing + land use. Now Brookings Metro. Previously FRB, USC, NYU. Fan of cities, data, & food. Trooper's human. She/her.

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Civil rights protesters shutting down car traffic on suburban roads is [chef's kiss]. My husband grew up in Germant…
Yesterday, the MoCo planning board voted to "expand" the boundaries of downtown Silver Spring, which could be an op…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzKeep it going all the way up to Silver Spring. justice is one critical policy area where local governments have the most direct influence. Two others: K-… @MKorevaar93 @CaroESchmidt @tablito99 @ThiesLindenthal “Countries with a well functioning central land register” is… @MKorevaar93 @CaroESchmidt @tablito99 @ThiesLindenthal Thanks! All credit for the graphics go to my amazing coautho…
Build apartments, not prisons. @LyleSollaYates @TJPDC_Region10 Definitely in the national dataset -- would love to see the region mapped. @tablito99 Yeah, it's pretty cool! Not sure about similar data for Europe or UK. US NLCD does have some data that c… Land Cover Database is terrific resource (free, public, nation-wide) to analyze capacity for new development.… it's fair to argue for environmental benefits of preserving green space. But notice how much low-very low inten… course, just b/c land is undeveloped doesn't mean it's available for new housing. DC's open space is almost enti… surprising that the District doesn't have tons of undeveloped land. What about the region? There's LOTS of gree… out from parcels to city level shows that DC's land is mostly developed at medium intensity (lots of rowhou… describe how land is currently used & how much undeveloped land remains across DC metro, we explore National Lan… debate in places w/ tight housing supply & high prices is whether new construction lags b/c of restrictiv…, Reviewer 2.
@CaitlinNMHC @hchoyt Thanks!! @alexbaca It’s almost like voters are frustrated with the status quo. Wonder why.Here's how to do it... 1. Stop allowing rich towns to kill affordable housing projects 2. Stop building subsidize…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzKeeping my faith in people and small-d democracy. 🙌 Also WAMU reporters like @maustermuhle @Dacheslow
In multifamily construction, site prep often amounts to 5-15% of hard costs. In a new article, @hchoyt &…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzIn places where consumers don’t value parking—and badly need more affordable housing instead—parking minimums are 2… parking isn't feasible strategy everywhere. Most US cities don't have reliable public transit (sadly!) so… local govts are FLEXIBLE w/ parking reqs, say allowing developers to downgrade from multilevel underground parki… parking is EXPENSIVE. Up to $50k/space. Requiring subsidized apts to build more parking makes apts more… govts can reduce site prep costs for affordable apartments by sharing more info on site conditions, especiall… major factor in hsg development costs (that doesn't get discussed enough) is the type of foundation needed. Talle… new affordable (e.g. subsidized) apts get built in infill locations. Site prep requires demolishing prior str… the hsg development world, we often talk about two types of construction: greenfields (previously undeveloped la… away from today's news to share a new brief, joint w/ @hchoyt @Harvard_JCHS. The 3rd in our design/constru… by bike. 👏 the United States we rarely try to solve big social challenges in cities. Instead, we build barricades in space.
Retweeted by Jenny Schuetz“But the elected officials who matter most in reforming police departments and the criminal justice system work at…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzApropos of nothing, tomorrow is the DC Democratic primary, when none of the 700,000+ people living in a city with s…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzVoting isn’t sufficient to fix our city’s (or nation’s) problems, but it’s an essential step. @311DCgov what will happen to District residents without homes under curfew? you are an ANC Commissioner and want to sign onto this letter let me know:
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Speaking as a DC resident, I do not feel safer with federal troops in my streets.If this happens to any Econ grad students please contact me. DM is fine. Ombudsperson, @AEAjournals. I’m here for y…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzIf you want to vote early, you should, Raymond Rec Center by the metro has had few people and no wait times Fri and…
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@ea_taxhelp As a matter of fact, I have looked at census data, thanks for the suggestion. And yes, Blacks and Latin… @Chris_arnade Absolutely. Lots of wealthy white neighborhoods within cities are just as exclusionary as suburbs. (A… differently, Black people are more concentrated in cities because white suburbs use exclusionary zoning to k… @ernietedeschi Are we talking about police or tenured academics?
@marthagimbel Same. Thanks @itsafronomics for everything you're doing to nudge economists' consciences. We need mor… neighbors, please remember to cast your primary vote by Tuesday, June 2. It may feel like a small thing in the m…
@Andrew___Baker Good descriptive statistics are always better than bad regressions. @greg_shill Agree! If relatively higher-income renters who have enough credit balance to charge their rent are havi… at 1:40, @KarenPence18 moderates #AREUEA industry panel: “Mortgage Markets and COVID-19: What Have We Lear…
Retweeted by Jenny Schuetz @greg_shill My understanding is that relatively few landlords/management companies allow credit card payments, and… of the graphs on Zego's post have numbers on the axes - they're reporting percentage increases without any inf… new position opened up in our pre-doc program at Wharton RE (after we hired the awesome @sophcalderwang 🥳). Come…
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#AREUEA journal editors: we're interested in meaningful research on pandemic impacts, but don't just stick "COVID19… @KParkPlace Starting in Policy topics but may look into Urban Econ. Who’s got the best canapés? @DrHutchings “age is wisdom”. Nice shout out to his mom “living her best life in her 60s”. (Moms are awesome, right?) @AboutthePeoples and lots of need for assisted living, funds to help people age in place. This isn’t new but drawin… @DrHutchings it’s clear there’s unmet demand for all health care jobs. Need to create career tracks for kids into these fields.How is ACPS planning for fall? Hybrid approach with staggered attendance, perhaps. Have to consider possibility of… @DrHutchings even before pandemic education system wasn’t meeting lots of kids’ needs well. Alexandria was already… @DrHutchings current social distancing may impact where people want to live (less dense areas). Lots of uncertainty… @AboutthePeoples school closing and consolidation can be very divisive and traumatic for communities. Schools are neighborhood anchors.Age distribution matters for jobs too. More older adults are working later in life - @AboutthePeoples points out so… @AboutthePeoples faster growth of families w kids among exurbs reflects lots of choices: affordability, need for mo… @DrHutchings we want to keep families with kids from being priced out of Alexandria, it’s important to preserve mixed income communities. @AboutthePeoples affordability is a big challenge for older adults throughout the region. PG is thinking about tool… @JacleneBegley things that make communities livable and desirable (parks, walkable neighborhoods with amenities) ap… like Alexandria (urban core, not much undeveloped land) have to be creative in finding space for new schools… @DrHutchings Alexandria is seeing growth in families w kids and younger households, also retaining more families as… @AboutthePeoples says PG County is planning for more accessible housing near Metro stations, including elevator apa… panel kicks off: as the DC region ages, localities will need more accessible housing.… thread on how cities can legalize housing in theory while making it very hard in practice. 1970, DC metro has seen declining share of families w/ kids, doubling share of older adults. What does that m…"A major improvement". (Totally agree the US housing system needs major restructuring, but I'll take any improvemen…
@mattyglesias @chrislhayes @ratemyskyperoom Good lighting + housing policy is a winning combo...The DC region is aging w/ a shrinking share of HHs w/ children. Join @jenny_schuetz, @debbietruong, @JacleneBegley,…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzConverting parking spaces into decks without permits = end of civilization as we know it. What's next, allowing apa… @bytimlogan Agreed. We're working with very wide confidence intervals for the foreseeable future.
Oh hey, there’s a election going on!! Vote early or by mail (not both, obv). #Ward4 #LocalGovtRocks National Conference, virtual edition, starts Thursday! All the cool urban/housing/real estate scholars will… housing twitter: @HUDUSERnews and @uscensusbureau published results from the 2018 Rental Housing Finance…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzNearly 20% of #renters in small multifamily apartments may have difficulty paying the #rent (compared to 12% of tho…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzThe COVID19 economic/health crisis has hit low-wage renters hard. And the longer it lasts, the more financial stres…
Hypothesis: the degree to which brownies fall apart coming out the the pan is positively correlated with deliciousn…
New housing development causes gentrification.
Homeownership shouldn’t be the primary (only?) wealth building strategy. talk about millennials lagging behind in household wealth, but I don't think people fully comprehend how far beh…
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@AlsoknownasElia Thanks for reading! Lots of the strategies came from my coauthor @hchoyt - check out her longer report too! @ANCJonah I voted in DC’s primary! There’s a competitive Council race in Ward 4 (among others). Now’s a pretty impo…
(Oh, and please enjoy the subheaders in the blogpost...gotta find humor where we can these days.) 😀Schools are just one example of how demographics affects policy. Also matters for jobs, housing, tax revenues...wan… course, where kids live is really important for policy. Schools tend to stay in the same place, even as populati… w/ kids are becoming scarcer pretty much everywhere. Suburbs & exurbs still have more families with kids t… is aging pretty much in all jurisdictions within the Capital Region, but share of older folks is growing… most of the US, the DC metro area is getting older. Share of pop age 59+ has doubled since 1970. (Just wait un… now for some completely non-COVID19 research (well, mostly): 2020 State of the Capital Region report! My co-aut… @uscensusbureau Pulse survey data for May 7 to May 12 is out ( data here (…
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On site selection, narrow lots, existing structures and the policy changes we need to build affordably....excited t…
Retweeted by Jenny SchuetzAwesome. Let's start by building more apartments in high-opportunity neighborhoods. @beyondchron At the moment most local govts are overwhelmed by immediate needs (health + services + revenue hits).…