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I didn't really want to DM or know what it was going to solve anyway, because I was specific about the problems I'd… thinking about this interaction a month later lol is the single greatest thing I’ve ever created and, 19 months later, I still feel it didn’t get the recognitio…
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@NickRowler I like your grundo av!I will not abide these abusive comments about my giant spider @ItsVegard I was shocked when they announced mads mikkelsen because it seemed like they were teeing up a perfect se… @ItsVegard The pandemic gives them the perfect excuse to put it on hold and then never resume it, so maybe? They're… booooiiii be framed by the incredible hulk at night
@hannahschenk3d They're completely booked @wrinaldo I understand if they're swamped and don't need it by a certain time but I wish there was some communicati… the most egregious moment is the way he says "Atlanta" at 0:53 like whyHOW DID THIS HAPPEN @worr Duh, you ordered in the next hour after my ad for limited time savings @ElWongo2 I don't remember her name but you could find out because I do remember that he specifically namedrops her… @rique_soaress @niki_rakauskas @karkassklark Logan seems to have matured and be trying, and has been on that trajec… Paul is an adult man who still complains habitually about his high school english teacher because she told him… @Akaeii The soundtrack that defined a generationHere's my cover of the commercial for the DVD box set of China Beach a vampire diaries video is in the pipeline but there might be another video before it, my notes are already 18… when I post a hot take about pop culture on the internet @On_Insanity @bb_kate_art I didn't know that was an option (also all the CVS around here were totally booked today)…
@Flippo9204 I have asthma and I have a cough and am not going home for Thanksgiving but thank you for assuming the worst! @bb_kate_art Me too! And it was the same swab which intellectually I realise isn't gross but felt gross (I assume i… @OneYearWorld It's not, it just feels weird, mostly because they keep swabbing long enough for you to really think… did a covid test as a precaution and I feel so violated lol they really went in there, also had to drive like… @mariah_scary_ too soonElena's family really has a picture of a fence framed on the wall man traits like "crazy" and "impulsive" must really stand out in the vampire community @whatziffy No Remy the Ratatouille is the cornerstone it staysRatatouille the musical for best new musical've met many of the "big" imagineers in passing, both in my time working at the parks and at fan things like D23,… retirement to Joe Rohde, the father of avatarland like that if it was used like "I'm meeting him Earl" it's shorthand, but the way he has them using it, "I'm meeti… I might start using this need to get back to that bygone era of Hollywood when men were men and those men all wanted to adopt 6 year olds…
This is from a ride in marvel land which would've been open by now if not for covid and probably would've been the… you have a website you guys a heavily promoted irl merch drop
@elnachato Ah I loved this comic! ClassicDon't forget to reply to OP w which drawing you like best @Davidav32376512 I really like the first oneNeeds to be more fanart of Thomas meeting the chao
@getchanoodlewet Why is he looking like an Italiano race-a car-aBy high school people recognized him so when they saw him they'd be like "are you going to sing" but he'd just smil… teachers all hated him because they'd come back like "well I prepared a lesson plan but I'm aware you had the l… was a substitute teacher in my district who was a local legend for never having you do any classwork. He was… @Jaye_42 He's such a good design. Whenever I have him behind me in a video people ask about what he is because he's so cute @Jaye_42 Yesss @emilythegoof Is that the one that got recalled for eating kids' hair @cybergum Omg is this a mold o matic @_Ztavia_ I like that one but I wish there was a plush of mr dairy :( @smbmovie Truly would not have guessed there was merch of this @_Ztavia_ No! There's a small eggplant (I've seen it for sale but not for a good price) and legends tell of a big b… @alebrelle Whoa my aunt has one of these in her basement! From when my great grandpa (?) had a general store. I've… @pezhead53 OMG @batshaped They're from an old Epcot show! @sadtheropod Wow @BROserade WHOA his name was Gino right @realTomCody WtfPost your biggest flex but from a really niche fandom nobody else cares about, I'll start related, the few tweets I've had go kind of viral are ones I think are only marginally funny and it's really w…'ve seen a lot of people also make this joke and it feels like one of those thoughts that's basic enough that peop… you look at old portraits of George Washington you're like "either human faces have really changed or they're…
I'm only here for my diamond reindeer
This protagonist is like RIP to your creepypasta narrator but I'm differentI just listened to a creepypasta where a guy is walking home and an invisible monster starts punching him in the he… @TheChrisGlass Pixar Fest 2 and hastily retheming marvel land to pixar3) let's admit that the only reason they didn't start doing this months ago when Knott's Berry Farm did was because… 2) I just saw a vid where a manager is literally walking the line of people like "let's prove the parks should… kind of can't believe California Adventure opened for food today, like it's not any more dangerous than outdoor p… want to complain about that certain type of youtube video where if you watch one all the way through it eats your…
@marysuewriter I like when giant closets have like an entire kitchen island in the middle, seemingly to throw cloth… @marysuewriter This is a weird answer but mansions have incredible walk in closets1) look at these highlights from the article lol 2) so far only @AmericanAir has put flights with these planes bac… @Jasoaks I added it originally but I removed all songs about cars crashing or being damagedI'm so excited for Chaos Walking because it's already had such a fraught production and releasing it in January is…
2020 I hope you guys like my Gina Carano cosplay I worked really hard on it @TheodoreHusky From Cars; about cars
Retweeted by Jenny NicholsonAlso yes I saw the pics of figment in his imagination pavilion christmas sweater and thought it was v cute but didn… Christmas Boy saying she had lasik at 20 haven't had glasses and it shows, you're supposed to have a stable prescription f… get that it being straightened chemically is about all that makes sense but the glasses do NOT, she is too YOUNG… you guys think it's weird that in the Princess Diaries 2 they never put her back in her old hair texture, or eve…
@NateCuri Imagine the entire riverboat finale hidden behind a wrinkly black tarp for a year because the star animat… nobody is asking them to do a rush job, and I can't imagine why they think it's good PR to fire tons of e… @dawn_kestrel @TheChrisGlass Ok split between 50 people is $200/person and since this includes rooms at the hotel a… @TheChrisGlass Whose covid bubble is 500 people @piratey Finn is I guess Mater because he was popular and marketed as a big part of the franchise and then they ult… @piratey It's beautifulThey just laid everybody off but sure I can't wait to see what the tumbleweeds rolling around the imagineering offi… @piratey We just rewatched this a few days ago, have you found me a reylo cars 3 AU yet @ShadowTodd Unrelated, but also the school was built on what was formerly a grassy hilltop where thousands of taran… @ShadowTodd He printed off sheet music and wrote numbers under the notes for which valves to press. I should maybe…