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staff writer @eater, available to write non-food things elsewhere. i have a newsletter called annotations that is always late

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Retweeted by jenny @angelica_frey like a rainbow sprite! @blm849 imo all clothes are for everyone, but here's a lemon print short sleeve button down! the secret to profitable pandemic fashion expensive fruit clothing? i want strawberry dress or am i just depressed @BenMathisLilley some people have the fortitude.... they've earned my salutenews blogging is the lifeblood of the digital media economy and i hate it
how dare this president so blatantly and stupidly bring to full blossom the corpse flower of rot repression and dec…
Retweeted by jennyTrump said he does not want to fund the Postal Service because Democrats are seeking to expand mail-in voting durin…
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@WeAreMel suing you for putting this picture in my tl
if anyone wants to know how i feel about anything moving forward, i will simply need to be paid
Retweeted by jennyI estimated the monthly revenue of the 25 biggest paid newsletters on Substack…
Retweeted by jennyeverything is a construct grant me the clout of a tiktok reporter
the duality of news about the chinese american experience update to this news story: Molly Baz has stepped down from Bon Appetit video, in solidarity with her coworkers P… @kittenwithawhip i'm so sorry
sorry to tweet about career stuff again, it's killing me that i'm so boringno offense to well-meaning organizations but why are temporary fellowships the means to "increase diversity" and no… @dogmeatsfood what is dog's name @theygotemma pop-up '90s kids blogspotit's 2020. you're starting a ___:
people on here like to talk about the relative privilege of asian americans, but that discourse belongs to the upwa… and then deleting a slack message so many times that all anyone in the channel else sees is "__ is typing" f… @garyhe risking it all for a $14 salad bowl.... the courage this takes
i've also seen too many instances of nonwhite people (including a lot of fellow east asians) pulling out "poc" as a… working out where i stand re: "people of color." my inclination is to be as specific as possible, as much as… sole purpose for being on this site is to be meancops kidnapped my friend off the street. literally all she was doing was pointing out the unmarked car
Retweeted by jennyoh to be a baby duck running on lily pads
Retweeted by jennyappreciate this model and definitely appreciate these writers, so I'm very much rooting for this. Also hoping that…
Retweeted by jenny @karonliu hahaha can't argue with that logicreally makes you think @WeAreMelseeking just enough light harassment to gain a ton of sympathy follows but not so much that things start to get rea…
"I am listening" has become the go-to self-absolving phrase for people who are sorry they got caught doing racist/s… @_grendan totally, i think both those things can exist concurrently. my analogy is tipping, a racist, sexist, broke… there are like 20 jobs left and hundreds of unemployed journalists, but what the fuck can you do? you amplify… you might know, Vox Media laid off 17 of our colleagues last week. These folks represent some of the strongest v…
Retweeted by jennyas close as i can get to wants to offer me my ideal job: zero activity for months at a time before dropping a surprise banger of a criti… more time i spend in food media the less i want to write about food for a living. interesting!this is one of my favorite profiles in a very long time @huahsu
"In general, fascism can best be understood as bringing the methods of imperial rule in the colonies into the metro…
Retweeted by jennynot sure whether the white stuff on my gas station gardetto's rye chips is salt buildup or the beginnings of mold,…
A lot of people at Vox Media/New York who did way better work than A*drew S*llivan—and not just on the editorial si…
Retweeted by jenny @theygotemma only about 17 years late, but i finally read The Namesake and liked it a lot!!Oregon Public Broadcasting confirms tweets today that federal officers in camouflage but no agency identification o…
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A statement from the Vox Media Union committees on today's layoffs
Retweeted by jenny @garyhe i want all of your reporting garyThere is a difference between "cultural criticism" and "journalism" that I think is lost on people who want to beli…
Retweeted by jennyi consider myself primarily a culture critic, not a reporter, but also the few instances i have done labor reportin… @plitter @CurbedNY f i'm so sorry
this reaction pic has really rocketed into the big leagues lately. we're typing too many words restaurant employees on what it's like returning to work during a pandemic. another compelling story by…
For @eater, I wrote about the life of quiet New Jersey reference librarian Lynne Olver, who was the humble founder…
Retweeted by jenny"For those who espouse white liberalism it has always been less destabilizing—and therefore more important—to embra…
Retweeted by jennyok! name: Diversity of Thought. core audience: whole bunch of them are going to start a podcast and/or new qu*llette-like publication funded by the koch broth… now would be a lucrative time to decamp for the intellectual dark webEater NY is looking for a new lead editor. Is it you?
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@jayasax @adamjmoussa you ricotta be kidding me........ @timothyjforster her mind..... @timothyjforster a "food" story isn't considered mainstream or consequential until like... the atl*ntic writes (badly) about itthe era of the girlboss is over but what about the sqirlboss from a week spent mostly offline and i'm already so mad. what the FUCK is a harpersit's not often that i'm early to a trend c'mon man can i get a crumb of a link
so many people have been coerced back to work in unsafe conditions for less money than unemployment we’re really in…
Retweeted by jenny"Websites are good, and then they die: Gawker, Deadspin, The Awl, Grantland, Splinter, too many others to mention.…
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@merxaus 🥰 @estarLA could even go down to $999,999.99talent guys i'm now open to being "talent." give me a chance to exude "talent" for you in a podcast/video capacity. price tag $100000000000accepting offers for jobs that will pay me one million dollars. i will fix your "diversity" problems by laying off… @nicolesjchung still sad :'(
@jayasax i love my name but not if it keeps netting me a thousand comparisons to a nationally renowned critically a… is violence guess you could say i became "radicalized" by the reality known as "life" which is very "bad"Is [pop star] a feminist? Is MasterCard a queer ally? Is this tv show my friend?
Retweeted by jenny @chrisecrowley mcdonald's: dismantle the gatekeeping of the cultural and economic elite, eat in solidarity the mcnu…, starting to see the word "decolonize" increasingly thrown about entirely divorced from meaning or context...…"They went up just enough to clear the six-story buildings and explode. In a city that often feels claustrophobic,…
Retweeted by jenny @aliciakennedy @jennystephensss @BeaconPressBks congrats!!
It was a “bit” your honor
Retweeted by jennyimpending end of extra unemployment aid + return of evictions + mounting bills + probably more layoffs + continued… @lenikacruz i will if they become honeypots of audience engagement! @Scaachi and something called dinner, too? first time i'm hearing of it ://// @lenikacruz learn from my lifetime of negligence :( finally ready to leave behind reptile flesh for Baby Foot Peel Summer @lenikacruz i'm happy for you! i'll tell anyone who wants to hear it when it's time to scrub their feet (every day)… @navalang this is the first time i have unclenched in 20 years, thank youyou're telling me that people are out here amassing clout from tweets like "stop scrolling time to log off" and "dr…’re renaming streets, stepping down from cartoon roles, tearing down statues. and still not defunding, reforming,…
Retweeted by jenny @BenMathisLilley very intriguing tip here... might be on the verge of a major scoop be like wow that’s so sad :( i totally stand against it :( if only someone could do something :(
Retweeted by jenny @TravelingAnna i don’t just pretend i do not see it, i truly do not see it!i welcome critique (except the kind where people call me a c*nt or ch*nk or send me photos of aborted fetuses, all…
@Muna_Mire i make this one all the time!!
@PadmaLakshmi thank you for your gracious response, @PadmaLakshmi. i hope for and look forward to your continued wo…
my position, generally, is that we as a society should be paid more to work less. i also believe money shouldn't exist–