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Rude ticket inspectors at Chessington South station today!!! @SW_Help
@JibbleBobble @sw_bingo @SW_Help would this count as meltdown @sw_bingo or is it to early in the week 😉 @sw_bingo @SW_Help @SW_Help Please help! @sw_bingo I’m on the card again!!! First time with to stamps! so proud!!! @sw_bingo @sw_bingo meant 2 @sw_bingo But Rule # 2 will never be looked as rule # 1 blocks it to come to rule # 1 @sw_bingo #SWRBingoRulesIs there a SWR bingo strike special planned in March? @sw_bingoThose are the Rules!!! @sw_bingo #SWRBingoRules @SW_Help @SW_Help Is the police dealing with am passenger alarm or disrupting passengers?! @sw_bingo @SW_Help Sorry don’t have the carriage number! This was the 4:08pm Chessington South to Wimbledon service. @SW_Help your Wi-Fi never works!!!!!!!! @sw_bingo @EyeScreemCone @gotrrb @SW_Help Hahahh a picnic😂 @TLRailUK I have submitted another claim and if it gets rejected I will contact the Ombudsman and the DFT so Thames… @TLRailUK Resubmitted 3 times!!! All rejected! @SW_Help poor island lineHorrible @TLRailUK delay repay!!! Every claim gets rejected!!! When is this company banned from operating trains in London?
@LidlGB Do you know if it’s coming back?! Really love this small package of meat for sandwiches 🥪 @LidlGB @LidlGB What about this?!? @LidlGB strike!!! @SW_Help @sw_bingo @swtrains_watch @SWR_failway @SW_unHELPful @SW_Hinder @SW_Railway @SW_Failways @LidlGB But why is the pricing sign still there? @gotrrb @SW_Help @sw_bingo 😩that was mineWhat’s going on with the 6:10am Wimbledon to Chessington South service? Is it still between Malden Manor and Tolwor… @lidlgb Hello? @sw_bingo And here is signal problem! @sw_bingo @SW_Help @sw_bingo Short formed train! @sw_bingo @SW_Help
@LidlGB When are the small Warren & Sons meat (Cooked / Honey Roast) coming back to the Peckham ranch? Missing them… @LidlGB Why was thr price raised on the Simply Medium sliced wholemeal bread?
Absolute disgusting! @TLRailUK Your delay repay team is horrible!!! I hope Thameslink will be banned from London f…
Is someone responding on Waiting for months for a response!!! I need a “deadlock” l… how bad the service is on @SW_Help Horrible customer service! Can’t believe how this is allowed by the… have a look at this great video @SW_Help Horrible, how many short formed services you guys operate! And th… @nsam91 @SW_Help They also reject screenshots from TfL Contactless online accountWhat kind of engineering works will be carried out on the Chessington South line this weekend? @SW_Help @NeilMossey @SW_Help On which line is the 442 running? I would like to test it
Hello @DBCargoUK why are you blocking the Chessington South line so many times!!! @SW_Help have their services canc… you @SouthernRailUK for cancelling the 5:49am East Dulwich to London Bridge!
@sw_bingo Thank you @sw_bingoWhen will Tulse Hill station shelter be built?! @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @sw_bingo I did Passenger Alarm @sw_bingo @SW_Help so the 444 have the big SWR logo onWhy don't you print more trains in the new colors? @SW_HelpNot again!!! @SW_Help would also be e great meltdown? @sw_bingo @swtrains_watch @SW_unHELPful @SW_Failways @SWRstrike @SWR_failway @sw_help - has this been delayed? It appears the account is still up and running? (unlike your trains)
Retweeted by Jennifer KellyWhy is the 6:33am Wimbledon to Chessington South delayed yet again!??! @SW_Help @SW_RailwayAnother one! Wimbledon station @SW_Help @swtrains_watch @SW_Help @railandroad @TransportFocus @GrumpNow @SWRants3 @chrisloder @AJRichardsonMP @CommonsTrans @SW_Railway @nickfarthing57 Why are you still using this account!!!
@SW_unHELPful @sw_bingo @SW_Help Is this red card for me? Hope not😥 I want to be on future cards @ali365dash Ah, I see. So I do Wimbledon to Chessington South, so I just submit screenshots from the TFL account? @SW_Help @SW_Help Why does it matter to change trains? @sw_bingo @SW_Help I’m so sorry @sw_bingo I hope I don’t get disqualified for future cards. @SW_Help Can Oystercard or Contactless passengers proof it with their bank statement?! Or can we send screenshots o… @SW_Help @sw_bingo landslip?Return train from Southampton to Leeds circa £140 and over 4 hours Return flight from Southampton to Leeds circa £…
Retweeted by Jennifer Kelly @sw_bingo @davidg_uk_uk @SW_Help You’re the best!!!Wimbledon station! @SW_Help @SW_Help @sw_bingo engineering works!#sw_tweeps Love it so much!!! @sw_bingo @grantshapps *much @sw_bingo @grantshapps I’m on it!!!! Thank you so mich! I’m proud to be on the card!!! Love you
The 7:54pm Hampton Court to WAT has 4 coaches instead of 10 and the 8:08pm Chessington South to WAT has 6 coaches i… @sw_bingo Found the Hopppwark Porky! @SW_Bingo @SW_Failways Delay Repay update: @SW_Help 6 open claims ❌❌ @TLRailUK 4 open claims ❌ @SouthernRailUK 1 open claim ✅ @TLRailUK Great! Will delay repay be rejected?!?! @TLRailUK what fault?Great @TLRailUK !!!! Why is the 4:37pm Wimbledon to Tulse Hill cancelled?!?!Lovely to see seven separate #sw_tweeps stamping the #SWRBingo card already this morning. Current state of play at…
Retweeted by Jennifer Kelly @sw_bingo Love it!!! @sw_bingo @SW_Help Thank you so much! So happy to be on the card again!! I was missing to be on the card last week! Thanks @sw_bingo @SW_Help @sw_bingo Thank you. @sw_bingo Does this count as Vandalism?! @SW_Help @sw_bingo Is this vandalism?! Please confirm? @SW_Help @sw_bingo @SW_Help @sw_bingo @SW_Help Carriage 71564 start to a new week! Why are these services cancelled?! @SW_Help @sw_bingo Pic: Wimbledon station @sw_bingo vandalism on 6:33am Wimbledon to Chessington South! @SW_Help @sw_bingo @SW_Help @405DRlVE meltdown @sw_bingo @SW_Help @Lockhouse2 tree on the tracks @sw_bingo @SW_Help level crossing @sw_bingo @sw_bingo I hope I’m going to be on the card this week!
Is the 6:33am Wimbledon to Chessington South running? @SW_Help @ThreeUKSupport Is this fraud?! @KevinLucioni3 @SW_Help @swtrains_watch @Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK I hope @SouthernRailUK London suburban 455 will be replaced by 707 @KevinLucioni3 @SW_Help @swtrains_watch @Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK How do you know @SouthernRailUK will get 465 from @Se_Railway ?!I have added the Chessington South line to the @SW_Help logo! So, you guys don’t forget this line!!! Please print i… did HB-JNE fly to LHR and back on Feb 15? LX2718 / LX2719 @FlySWISSReally sad to see the 707 go! Why are you replacing new trains with new trains?! @sw_help These 707 could be used o…
@FlySWISS What is this flight?! #LX2718 @SW_HelpDo you have any 442 at Waterloo on the weekend? @SW_Help
... while the station is literally falling apart! @SW_Help is the update to Chessington South station! A new sign! Thanks so much for this!!! @sw_help @andymcaleer @swtrains_watch @SW_Help @grantshapps @railandroad @TransportFocus @CommonsTrans Can I take your image… @sw_bingo @Handyhat01 @TristanStato So sad not to be on the card this week😢 @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK Sad...! @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK When will the shelter be finished?! @SW_Help So why was there no announcement at Chessington South station?! And why do you show the train on the way t…’m asking again: What happened to the 4:08pm Chessington South to Wimbledon service?! @SW_Help @SW_Help disruptive passenger @sw_bingo