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Dr. Jenny Gove @jennylg Mountain View, CA

Born in Solihull, UK. Live in California. Work in User Experience.

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@SVC2UK @ComputerWeekly @janetcoyle2 Fantastic news! Congratulations @janetcoyle2 🎉 @johnhopebryant Heard you on @FinTechInsiders - and so the wonderful team at @11FS brought me here!
Backyard, sunshine, relaxin'... @BBCNews I'd be like: #sorrynotsorry @marktechson Fantastic! Congratulations and welcome!! @HenriHelvetica Ooh, enjoyed those on my holidays last year in Slovenia, and remember it being particular good afte… @katyarnie @HODigital Congratulations Katy!Party at home please! And thank you to all our essential workers on this weekend. "Independence Day: a star-spangl… activity ... got my Nexus One working! Seems so cute and fits in my hand! #android #Nexus #Google
@jterleski Congratulations!!!! ❤️💐"There’s not one reason California’s covid-19 cases are soaring—there are many" @michaelschwab13 @RexChapman The way 2020 is going, the bird and shark are going to breed and then we are going to…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @dalmaer @owencm +1 - many possibilities and opportunities @owencm ☺️🔒 Security 🕶️ Privacy 💳 Payments 🤝 Identity That's the 🕵️ S.P.P.I team! Join our SPPI movie watch party on…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveHello home-schooling for the fall...
@geekyouup @StarshipRobots @TortoiseHQ Agree! You're living in the zone for it all @geekyouup! Enjoy the test and iterate! @geekyouup @StarshipRobots @TortoiseHQ As I saw a good friend of ours say on a completely different thread: it's no… @VPoltrack Take it as flattery, a nod to your expertise, or at a minimum, your great visual comms, that it was of c…
@Annie3H @JanetHughes Indulge! @JanetHughes Ah! Surprisingly - the same year as Damon and Debbie held their mock marriage in the Brookie spinoff.…'m looking to hire two senior level UX Researchers for the Google Payments team in Sunnyvale, CA. Lots of scope fo… watched 13th, Just Mercy, Selma, and the stage play, Small Island in the last three or four weeks. There's som…
@jterleski SO exciting! Congratulations!!!Female researchers' publishing success slumped after coronavirus forced closure of schools around the world, shows…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @VPoltrack I recall the internal courage you found to see all those treatments through @VPoltrack . You were scared…
Most depressing night shift in a while: drink & drugs from post covid parties. Must have missed the memo on that one.
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveA letter for Honor, our newborn American daughter @BBCFooC
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove"'We've bought the wrong satellites': UK tech gamble baffles experts" @taloppenheimer @__apf__ @justinschuh @schmidtzone And welcome to the team again @taloppenheimer ... Too bad we're…
"The Black-White Wage Gap Is as Big as It Was in 1950" barriers for undocumented immigrants raised in the UK, are well described here: "Raised in the UK - barred from…
@steveportigal @Tobias_Ellwood Can't say it's not worrying from a 'spreading COVID19' through the local community t… @steveportigal @Tobias_Ellwood My family will just stay indoors while the tourists visit. They get to enjoy the are… @steveportigal @Tobias_Ellwood I have family in that county, and on the coast; but luckily not right there! Where… daughter is doing a 'product development' class for middle schoolers for some structure during summer. She's dev…😢 @duncankristy @sammaule Not the problem. Unfortunately so much else is. @brad_frost Aw Brad, I hope you're ok. Watching an episode of this is always a stress-reliever for me: @davidbrear @Dr_Black Ah - wonderful choice for a guest! Hi Sue! Also check out her Desert Island Discs! decades we have worked with publishers to grow audiences and build value. We continue that progress today with…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveBrexit will have soon cost the UK more than all its payments to the EU over the past 47 years put together… @jonwiley
@tomskitomski @philgyford Do I get to applaud and whoop, or does it all just cancel out? (because honestly, these days, I just don't know).Will be interesting to see if social-life choices fall out binary: those whose exit strategy aligns with government…
I took a break and I'm back with T-shirt #7 and I've gone all the way back to Take your child to work day 2012. Alw… @gauntface @ashleykseo I'm trying to imagine. I think I might even have paid to hear you do that. @and_joy_ What about the immigrants that bring no value? What do we do with them? Let them drown in the sea? We don…
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@VPoltrack These are lovely! Lively! Dramatic! Fun! 🪲🐞"As driving and walking start to rebound around the world, public transit use has barely returned in many places."… is fabulous news. Can't wait to see what comes next! @johnhopebryant @TheaGaron @Wemimo11 @sammaule This was absolutely great. Thank you all for taking the time for it.
Just watched "Just Mercy". The facts at the end are staggering. For those in the US, it is free to view for the mon…'s a review from last year: @NTLive play 'Small Island' is on until the 25th. It's captivating - a must watch. Don't miss it. @mwichary @KeyboardSecrets Fantastic news @mwichary A wonderful milestone!
This seems the easiest way to catch up on all the Android updates around People and Identity: everything in one art… Live is next week. Register for free to hear from innovative speakers like author and journalist…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveWanna cry over something adorable? My colleagues at @ipswich_library have a 102-year-old customer who they've been…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @davidbrear @johnhopebryant @TheaGaron @11FS @sammaule Just on my way out the door with the dog so perfect timing! @__apf__ And why are you thinking of chocolate covered strawberries before 8am? I don't fancy them for breakfast either! 🍓🍫It would make such a difference if the southern end of the Stevens Creek Trail was completed. The latest updates ca… so good: "California, Arizona, Florida and Texas all report record spikes in coronavirus cases" room next door - Dominic Raab and Taking a Knee
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @marcventresca @MMaryMcKenna Let's hope so! @MMaryMcKenna - would be great to meet you!I'm donating: "40 Irish women artists sing 'Dreams' by The Cranberries to raise funds for domestic abuse victims."…
@tomskitomski @ianbetteridge @matlock @philgyford @scaryredhair @mildlydiverting Haha, I think you're getting me mu… @tomskitomski @philgyford @scaryredhair @matlock @ianbetteridge Secrets? From our parents? Never! 🤭Some are calling for Juneteenth to be a national holiday. How about we go further & pass healthcare & living wages…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @ianbetteridge @tomskitomski @philgyford @scaryredhair @matlock @mildlydiverting Is Spectrum Boy and BBCMicro Girl… @tomskitomski @philgyford @scaryredhair @matlock @ianbetteridge Oh Prefect Loosemore - you kept that one quiet 🤯🤣
Heartened by today's SCOTUS decision on the #DACA program. For millions of immigrants, America represents a land of…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveEmergency sirens set the dogs at the house-at-the-back off howling: every-single-time. 🚨
Today we are announcing a set of concrete commitments to build sustainable equity for Google’s Black community, and…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveLook what the @OpenUniversity have been doing. The impact really stacks up: @tomskitomski @jystewart @PublicDigitalHQ Tom - I'm not familiar w/ the reading age scale: grade 121, grade 191 (fo… @davidbrear @11FS Hard to do; but done in the best way I've seen. Sending much support to those impacted today, and… thread for many people, not only designers ...
"City Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Over"
My kids gave me Android earrings this Mother's Day. Seems a good week to wear them! #Android11 #android11beta! 🤯 work of building inclusive products is from end-to-end, from developing product ideas, through product landings…
hello, I am giving a remote talk about remote research tomorrow! & because there's no travel, you still have time t…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveWhat a quacking story:
@caesars @Google Congratulations Caesar! 🎉So much more for us to all work on together! @jaffathecake @umaar For some reason Kimi's story came up at our dinner time conversation today, and I ended up rea…
When you don't use your car for weeks, wasps might find it a good place to build a nest!
Wow. 😐 congrats bernadine but... wow 😐
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @gauntface Aw Matt 💕🤗 So sorry. Just know that we all can't wait to see you when lockdown ends ... article is from May 16 about America opening back up. Second article is from June 9 about rapid increases in…
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If you’re at @cognition_x, tune in at 17.00 BST to watch our #SVC2UK alumni talk about @generalmagicmov📱 We are lo…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveCheck out the news updates in episode #433 of Fintech Insider podcast. There's so much that #banking #fintech and… have a friend in the UK who can only count a handful of 'good' days since she became unwell early March. She also… has made "13th" available free to watch via YouTube. Keep learning, keep listening, keep understanding, kee…"Majority of UK cabinet want to cut 2m social distancing" via @financialtimesSimple & elegant “if it is not diverse is not ethical” @DameWendyDBE #CogX2020 #AIEthics
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @Prof_LMHarris @AILANational @UDCLaw Congratulations!! I don't have personal experience - but it makes so much sen…
Take a listen to NPR's Perspectives today: Ebony Haight, 8th June: "It's your turn" #BlackLivesMatter most common advise to Product Managers: Meet your customers as often as possible. Whether you are doing user r…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveMy driveway... #BlackLivesMatter @geekyouup Same. Our org cancelled all regular meetings on Friday and all leads scheduled listening sessions instea…