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Dr. Jenny Gove @jennylg Mountain View, CA

Born in Solihull, UK. Live in California. Work in User Experience.

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Fantastic - can not wait to watch this weeks (for me: tomorrow) @carolecadwalla @russellhoward ...
This Twitter content 😊 Thread👇 @argyleink 😘
@PyroTek3 Hahaha ... needed that one day earlier - just had to do my every 6 months answering of that first questio… out our recent video on creating easy-to-use online payments, with the use of autofill and Google Pay… fantastic stuff from @undertheraedar and @theboysmithy! Acetates, inequality maps, field-trips, qualitat…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveFobs for fops 😁Interesting to see these trials of biometric payment FOPs by RBS. #payments #biometrics @UrbanHikerSF @Skippyc Me too!! ...
We strive to make our products helpful and accessible for everyone. Starting today, there will be American Sign Lan…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveThis place sounds heartwarming. Same sort of philosophy as @OpenUniversity re: educational access; but it's achievi…'ve submitting nominations for two incredible Women in FinTech. What a phenomenal judging panel, including:… ahead... #ChristmasCountdown
@MissSpanner88 @AngelaBarnes @KerryAGodliman I just opened my computer to ask the same thing. Your Robin dress was…'m a long-time fan of Genevieve Bell @feraldata and given that she's launched and is nearly through the first year… @kosamari Colleague in the same team as me, @Chris29509589 may have good suggestions...
@tfadell @generalmagicmov Great film - seen it twice, and honored to speak on a panel following a showing last week… banking and mobile payments come together to raise donations: has pulled its bank charter application, proving fintech still has a way to go in navigating the maze tha…
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Congrats to the @OpenUniversity Producing more CEOs and MDs than any other UK university is impressive. Makes sense… @tomcoates Sorry - can't help☹️... Not eligible, been out the country 5 years too long (turns out the variability i… @caesars @thirdplacepro @peeyush @stochastix @Chris29509589 @lifeatgoogle ... and @Jl_Ugia @Lena_ @brandonherring @Marthalanefox Indeed ... hence "(Un)" :(Time to give thanks! ...coincides with my two years in Payments. Blessed with a fascinating project #GooglePay, gre… @Marthalanefox 😭😡 (Un)believableThe evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof 😬
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @davidbrear @RossGallagher07 @11FS Company culture - ftw! Congrats!! @kfury I believe you only live a mile or so away - I'll be round to help evaluate 😋😉 @tomcoates @benward ... and throwing muses, brings back lots of memories, and it seemed like everyone at uni owned… @tomcoates @benward Yey, yey ... saw them at Portsmouth Pyramids one time, some time early to mid 90's (given they… @tomcoates @benward Ah, it's feeling like home with all the rain, a nice cuppa tea, and two Brits passing the time… attendant: Is there a doctor on this flight? Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you Me: Not now Dad Da…
It’s sad how many of the problems of the modern web are exemplified by TBL’s article.
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveHow can *anyone* be thinking that this man should run the country ... summary overview: This is a mostly senior crowd. Meet the Top 25 Behavioral Economists of today, ❝The pionee…
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There's not many universities where you can enjoy watching dolphins jumping alongside the university research vesse… photo that includes my back(!), does though remind me of a wonderful evening, and being captivated by the wisd… an arrest was made. Note this though re: our collective responsibility: "Asma Shuweikh, from London, said… credit to the @FT for this investigation, particularly in presumably bringing their very own readers (Big Four…
@ade_oshineye @philgyford uh, uh - you two also know each other?! ... of course you do!!! (worlds colliding!)Successful annual Christmas pudding hunt! 😋🎄 in: UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ just announced her support of dropping the SAT and ACT as an admission…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny Gove @frauhauslee @LDconf Totally agree: high quality, single track conferences have long been my favourite, since it's… @TashaIsenberg @CCriadoPerez this one's perfect for your ongoing collection.Surprised not to have seen more news and media about this:
Woah - better renew that Audible subscription! ... @geekyouup @bgalbs @romainguy The number of Hummers on the roads 2002-2004ish was insane. I remember feeling very s… mince pie of the season!🎄 ... early; but when in England...😋 vice versa Developer Relations! We've seen a number of good UXD / UXR <-> DevRel collaborations by now. looks like a squished Hummer to me.
Thank you to @SVC2UK and @CityAM for highlighting the 70 amazing fastest-growing #tech firms in the UK today - the…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveSummit kareoke?! Hmm: My vice ... and now I'm wayyy too late to bed 🙄 inspiring talks and panel discussions at #SVC2UK’s ‘The Next Frontier’ event - learnt so much in just a…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveNew managers of established product, design, or engineering teams get a short grace period before stakeholders get…
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@marcventresca @SarahKerruish @generalmagicmov @UniofOxford @thetompeach @paulaskokowski @cturner50 @SVC2UK're wrapping up @SVC2UK at LSE @LSEnews So many calls to action. We have completed 17 different events in the las… an incredible panel! Discussing the next frontier with @gaganbiyani @lindaavey @misanharriman @rainakumra mode… part of Q&A: Martha Lane Fox @Marthalanefox on Brexit: it was the wrong question to be asking. Neither 'leave' o… a delight to hear the reflections of Baroness Martha Lane Fox talking about responsible tech, national secur… to hear about the future of space travel: Engineering the Future w/ Dr. Anita Sengupta @Doctor_Astro've kicked off the London Thought Leadership Event at LSE @LSEnews with Professor Julia Black, Janet Coyle… of the many highlights of today: wise and learned advice from @GilmartinClare from the very successful… of my favourite @google products - now with more to explore...
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveThank you so much. It was wonderful. I hope to return - so much more to do!! a privilege to be part of the @SVC2UK team, opening the London Stock Exchange this morning (20th November, 201… we are at @GuildhallLondon for the @SVC2UK CEO Summit, talking about scaling up. With @janetcoyle2 and… an exciting day! Participated with @SVC2UK in opening the London Stock Exchange today! Thank you for your supp… St. James Palace yesterday, HRH Princess Beatrice @yorkiebea spoke with great insight, on her experience of Good… morning @SVC2UK has announced the UK’s 70 fastest growing #tech firms #startup #scaleup #SVC2UK #growth
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveAn FT investigation with former employees from the Big Four accounting firms has revealed a disturbing pattern of a…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveIt's true! ... a wonderful day in Cambridge, UK, on Tuesday - talking about financing, growth, user experience and more! Fant…
@SVC2UK @localglobevc @FutureSaenko @davidhornik @rainakumra @hmickell @jennylg @TechMandAMike @alainasloo
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveAnd that's a wrap on the #SVC2UK London Masterclass at @localglobevc! Thank you to our moderators and panelists w…
Retweeted by Dr. Jenny GoveDinner was at Jesus College, Cambridge last night. Lovely evening. @SVC2UK @L_Pbusiness @JesusCollegeCam talking about User Experience with @hmickell this morning at @localglobevc Thank you for hosting! @SVC2UK debate, in Cambridge Union debating chambers: "Does Technology have the right to influence our personal choices… we also had the pleasure of meeting Dame Sally Davies, who is the 39th Master of Trinity College Cambridge and… a great day yesterday in #Cambridge Thank you to the staff and students of Jesus College and Trinity College f…
There was such a wonderful lunch at Jesus College, where we heard from the co-founder of @SVC2UK Sherry Coutu… to participate in a panel at Trinity College Cambridge this afternoon in the topic of "Taking a consumer…
@DennisRoyWest @davidlehmann @marcventresca @organising_i Thank you so much @DennisRoyWest - a pleasure to meet you…! Divinity Hall, and also a tour of New College, where I was taken as a guest to a formal college dinner. Thank…, very true!... in 15 minutes. Do join us! ... Oxford 🐂 🏞️: Radcliffe Camera, the dining hall at Christ College Oxford, Christmas lights at on Broadstree…
Great breakfast at a lovely cafe in Camden, and now London>Oxford🚆 with unanticipated change at Didcot to avoid flo… is this not headline news??? Over 200 students homeless with absolutely nothing. Personally, all I have is the…
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This was written by a very good friend of mine, who always takes time for others, and enjoys the pleasures of makin… to the British sentiment that it has to get worse, before it gets better... overheard Boris on the telly saying that what he wants "for every child in this country is for them to have th… @jaffathecake So I wonder if that was aligned with gender (the stating they like working with customers, not being… @jaffathecake @aerotwist @Paul_Kinlan @DasSurma @TimvdLippe I once requested that you retweet a 'promo' tweet for a… @jaffathecake @aerotwist @Paul_Kinlan @DasSurma @TimvdLippe Oh, the novelty of in-flight wifi - when it works!
@rowan_m Yep. Marmite. part of @SVC2UK please join me for my (free!) Masterclass at Saïd Business School, Oxford University, on "Develo… to see so many @CUSDK8 schools in the list. Even better would be for our schools to be in lists of provision…
@EFulwiler Ditto vice versa! 😩🇺🇸