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This thing now has 1000 words and Act 1 is outlined. I guess we're doing this. @thisislitblog Oh there's certainly room for those stories too, though I feel like too often, they're the only ones… $3 water sums up what we've found this year: @realdonaldtrump set up a hidden business relationship with his ow…
Retweeted by Jenny HoweI loooovvveee this book. It gave me so much joy. @DistractLaura @megfuzzle @LA_Ouimet That is next for me once I finish The Babysitters Club and I can't wait!I was not prepared for how much Hush is stressing me out. @RebeccaPodos Omg we all need this
@Court_Kae It's not going to be exciting. I am not a very fancy outliner. Lol @KatieGolding_Tx Yum. Brownies @KatieGolding_Tx What kind of trouble are you causing over there?Tonight I might do something truly whacky (for me) and OUTLINE.Could not be happier. Get ready for another amazing graphic novel by @nilaffle 🥰🎉 Dream team 🙌🏾🔥 @Polo_Orozco_
Retweeted by Jenny HoweThis sounds AMAZING. BOOKS BY JOY. We are all very lucky! @Samantha_Eaton3 You must be a treat at work. LOLOL @roheartswriting I have it but haven't read it yet! I can't wait. @rreynoldswrites I am giving your state a big hug.10,000 Retweets. One simple message. Get out the #VOTE . If we can hit that milestone, I will recap the ENTIRE STAR…
Retweeted by Jenny Howe @rreynoldswrites You are all doing great things down there. @RebeccaPodos These are all amazing. @jennylhowe I can't wait for people to meet Elijah in my book GHOST GIRL. He's a happy smart fat kid with the bigge…
Retweeted by Jenny Howe @AllyMalinenko Amazing! I can't wait to read it! @appifanie SAME SAME SAME.If you are writing a fat character whose only trait is worrying about their weight, you're grabbing for the low han… me it meant never expecting anyone to see me as someone of value, even as I value myself. I want to see all th… plus-sized in this world means being simultaneously invisible and TOO visible all at once. For some people,… of these things don't intersect w/ my fat body. There are days where I don't think about myself as a fat perso… am a fat woman. But I am also a professor, a writer, a wife, a daughter, a dog owner, a very bad knitter, a cool… books with plus-sized MCs that aren't about their bodies but show their lived experiences. PLEASE. @SG_Marsh YESSS. MY GIRLS.EVERYONE PREPARE YOURSELF. LINDSAY’S BOOK WILL MAKE YOU SWOOOONN. wrote 400 words of something new. Take that self-doubt. is disgusting. The number of people whose rights will be put in jeopardy by this appointment, the number of… @RosieeThor Adding it to my TBR immediately.McConnell adjourned the Senate until 11/9 with no COVID relief.
Retweeted by Jenny Howe @_AnissaMaxwell The only ones I've ever encountered had raisins! @LindsayLHess Bc they can use the b-roll in any episode then @_AnissaMaxwell I have never tried it bc of the raisins! @LindsayLHess I demand to be first reader. @HetalWrites This sounds amazing, Hetal! @LindsayLHess OMG. RASHEED. He is so great. @nicwillwrites I swear I've been rage donating for 3 months now. @_AnissaMaxwell Yeah I am not into red velvet either but raisins are my nemesis. @lifebreakingin UNDERSTANDS. @KatieGolding_Tx They're gross. THIRSTY GRAPES.See ya, carrot cake. You probably have raisins. @MsAnnetteMC @Court_Kae Me too @LindsayLHess I had some really delicious ice cream. @ashleyhblake I can only imagine how great that audio book is. @MirandaWriteNow I wish you could understand how much seeing them on my TL makes my dayToday has been a crappy one for me for a lot of reasons but this senate vote is just the icing on the crap cake.Every single Senator who votes tonight to confirm Amy Coney Barrett is willing to risk taking away health care for…
Retweeted by Jenny HoweThis, because my next step is to say: Outside of kicking GOP senators out of office, please make it a priority to…
Retweeted by Jenny Howe @ashleyhblake The voice is like nothing else I've ever read. I'm afraid to start Harrow bc once it's done it will b… @ashleyhblake That book is amazing! @RosieeThor I'm probably going to cancel all the homework I had planned to have due that day. Both for them and for me.
We stan good Latin word play. sounds so great!❤️❤️ COVER REVEAL ❤️❤️ So excited to reveal the cover of my adult romcom, HEARTBREAK FOR HIRE! If you love: • al…
Retweeted by Jenny Howe @SoniaHartl1 IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! @lifebreakingin Oh we do. Our yard is not fenced in so he is never outside alone and with his duffle bag harness we… @Samantha_Eaton3 You definitely have more enticing meals in your yard than I do. @Samantha_Eaton3 We never see them in the summer.HELLO I LOVE THIS BOOK. AGENT FRIENDS, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK. @KRwriter We didn't start seeing them until last winter but hubs says they're big for sure. @appifanie The chonk helps. lol @Samantha_Eaton3 I think it is both! lolOh great, coyote season seems to be starting early this year. Thank goodness Murray is basically a purse at this point. @LindsayLHess OKAY GOOD @KRwriter My heart @LindsayLHess DO I KNOW THIS NEWS?! @LzLwsn I will be all eyeballs until you can tell me! @jaydee_ell @CScotka @DistractLaura @imbarnes WITHOUT ME THERE WOULD BE NO MRS. HOWE...and well...we know what that means... 😂 @LzLwsn I'm so excited for you for whatever this is!! @SG_Marsh This is heaven @lifebreakingin @jaydee_ell @DistractLaura @imbarnes 😂 @jaydee_ell @DistractLaura @imbarnes I just need to make sure I matter in this area. lol
@jaydee_ell @DistractLaura @imbarnes I AM OFFENDED.The feelings I am having lately: How is there only one week left in October? Also how is it STILL October? @literarilyjess Just @ me next time, Jessica @LillianJClark Like it hurts to look at it's so accurateEspecially the hardworking one. OOF.Omg this is too real. on tick tock for one day algorithm: this bitch is gonna love this tutorial on how to pick up a sheep
Retweeted by Jenny HoweHappy #AceWeek!💜 Time for book recs!!
Retweeted by Jenny HoweHappy #AceWeek, everyone! Check out this thread for lots of other great ace reads! ☺️
Retweeted by Jenny Howethis took a turn 😂😂
Retweeted by Jenny HoweI thought the last episode of Bly Manor was beautiful and sad and haunting 😭 @jaydee_ell 😍😍😍Maybe the sixth time can be the charm...🤞A Saturday evening good boy. @C_L_McCollum This sounds delightful. @aurianedesombre Thank YOU.@lisamurkowski just announced she will vote no on moving forward with the nomination, but is a YES vote on the fin…
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@jaydee_ell The belly, Jen.For the record, @aurianedesombre is the fairy godmother of synopses.