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Writer of badass SFF stories. Published in @lightspeedmag, @bcsmagazine, & @escapepodcast, etc. Member of SFWA & Codex. She/her. Definitely deserves a hat. 🙂

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@Rati_Mehrotra That sounds like a feast!The problem with posting what time the vaccine appointments open again is that everyone is hammering on the site, a… @Wiswell I agree. It’s weird and dangerous. @Wiswell Oh, how weird. I don’t know if they’ve changed, but I’ve microwaved butter this past year, and haven’t had… @kuangrf My husband has far exceeded my expectations at trimming my hair this pandemic. It may turn out ok with your boyfriend. 🙂This is an unexpected headline, but good for them. @ij_ford One tweeter to rule them all?soon may the shellerman come
Retweeted by Jenny Rae RappaportBread. 😊 @Mikel_Jollett This: miss crowds & people & the godforsaken subway tunnel connecting Port Authority to the Times Square subway station… @marshallmaresca Ooh, nice! The harmonies! @marshallmaresca Like this: 🙂 (theoretically, the link works) @Merc_Wolfmoor @hottestsingles @talkwordy You... survived? @marshallmaresca I’m learning all these new songs this week. It’s funny because Twitter is like sea shanties, sea s… @CassieY4 Oh no. 🙁From your lips to G-d’s ears. @marshallmaresca I love it!This version of Wellerman is downright ethereal, and I completely dig it. @marshallmaresca @gaileyfrey There’s a version with a violin, too! 🙂 @writerunyoga Congratulations!!! @IndiaHolton I’ve preordered it! So soon! @courtneymilan Good lord. @DjangoWexler All of my windows are floor windows, whatever are you talking about? 🙃Ooooooh! So cool!!!!
@TJBerry I keep trying to find an appointment for myself, even though I'm eligible. It's difficult. I have tentativ… @TJBerry My nine and a half year old is sincerely upset that she can't get one yet. @MariaHaskins I really want to go run and play in it.By the way, you all know that @NathanEvanss, who pretty much jumpstarted 2021's love affair with sea shanties, is o… @RB_Lemberg Shabbat shalom! @ArtPseu @Spotify There is! @OntologicalQ Neat! @AtGreenblatt @deborah_c @michaeldthomas I would love to read that story over day. 🙂 @TheBarbarienne It is magic!This isn’t a traditional sea shanty, but it *is* excellent. @TheBarbarienne That makes sense.There’s always something inherently cheerful about bread dough. At least to me there is. @AtGreenblatt Chronic pain syndromes, like fibromyalgia or arthritis or chronic fatigue. @TheBarbarienne Honestly, the 3.5 qt won’t have a ton of kneading power. The motor strength (horsepower, I think?)… @loldoc I know! I need to make extra for you, next time I bake some. 🙂 @TheBarbarienne It’s a 7 qt KitchenAid mixer, and it is really heavy. It permanently lives on my counter. But the h… @pauljessup Ooh, that sounds yummy! This is sour cream bread, so sort of a mock sourdough-style. 🙂I have partially solved the ennui by making bread. 🍞 @That_MarcC So tempting! Clearly, there’s only one right choice. 🙂I know I should be writing things, but all I want to do right now is eat cookies, and I’m not sure that’s wrong?As this tumblr thread is going around again, I would like to point out that many Scottish immigrants settled in the…
Retweeted by Jenny Rae RappaportHas there actually been a final decision reached about whether @worldcon2021 will be held in person? I know there w… @WishingWontWork I do! 🙂 @aliettedb @nameshiv @Catrambo I used to have metal frames, which we could sort of bend ourselves, but the new ones… @nameshiv @Catrambo I got new glasses right before this all started. They need to be tightened after a year of kids… @TyLeisher @Spotify I think it’s most people at this point, but like all trends, it’ll eventually wane. We’re just all so bored right now. 🙂❤️❤️❤️ @ninocipri I mean, there are rotting fingers. 🙂 @ninocipri I really love “Battery Kinzie” by Fleet Foxes, which while not strictly horror, has awesome imagery in i… is 2021 in a nutshell. 😂 @KosherSoul She sounds like an incredible woman. May her memory be a blessing.Oh my god it's almost like masks are important and people who mock and refuse to wear them are spreading both germs…
Retweeted by Jenny Rae RappaportMy husband: There are Brave Little Toaster sequels. The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars involves neo-Nazi applian… @RowennaM True! It’s still beautiful! 🙂 @RowennaM I’m enjoying watching you sew it! (You are leagues better than I’ll ever be as a sewer. 🙂)Also, singing it, essentially, in costume as Siena is *chef’s kiss*. 🙂I adore this. #BridgertonMusical
I mean, this is basically all of NJ. We don’t have enough vaccines to meet demand, @JoeBiden. @ECthetwit One by me is supposed to reopen for scheduling on Saturday, but doesn’t specify what time on Saturday.OMG, there was a vaccine appointment slot for my parents, and I stupidly called my mom to check if the time was ok.… @WriteTeachPlay Congratulations!!! And it’s your birthday, I hear? Happy Birthday! 🙂 @MiriamAnneW The police stand outside our synagogue, and check tickets and run security during the high holidays. They’ve always done this.There’s more! 😍 @BethCato This infuriates me. It’s not set up for anyone who’s neurodivergent. @lostdelirium @Hellethil Neither of those are the original TikTok people, fwiw. @NathanEvanss is on Twitter though. @tinaconnolly It's so good!"Once More Unto the Breach (But Don't Worry, the Inflatable Swords Are Latex-Free) by @tinaconnolly is one of the t… @bpladek Because the world is not all coups and sea shanties, I have more recommendations! "A Voyage to Queensthr… @gregvaneekhout I usually read what I wrote the day before, and sometimes go back to read other things, if I need t… ~10 months of relative quiescence we've started to see some striking evolution of SARS-CoV-2 with a repeated…
Retweeted by Jenny Rae RappaportYep. Also, sea shanties are bringing joy to so many people, at a time when joy is definitely in short supply, so ca… don’t talk about it much online anymore because there’s nothing I can do about it. But I will never stop being a… I don’t blame the teachers, because they are sincerely trying their absolute best. But I have sat here for mont… can’t replicate the youngest grades effectively through online school. They may be learning the academics, but t…’ve sat there this entire school year, & watched my 5 year old struggle with online school. He’s bored, he can’t s… entire thread. The tiny moments are getting lost in online school, especially because the teacher is trying to… @BenCKinney @kurtpankau Enjoying adventures that mere earthbound mortals can only dream about. @fozmeadows This is great!You like the Wellerman, right? Here’s the pandemic version that you didn’t know you needed. @katsudonburi @LauraJMG @nameshiv @Zeteram Glad to help. 🙂 @mikechenwriter I think she probably is the most goth one. @TessaDare @jodipicoult @abigailbarloww @bridgerton Yes! And a yearning Pen/utterly oblivious Colin song, where the… @pauljessup That looks delicious! @jodipicoult @abigailbarloww @bridgerton @TessaDare Oh good, you found her! I’d also like Anthony songs. And ones f… @Angelin98147858 @TessaDare It’s so good. @jodipicoult @TessaDare I haven’t found any yet! Although the originator of it (the purple haired songwriter, Abiga… @TessaDare There are so many more songs on TikTok! People are writing songs for Eloise and Penelope and Siena, and… are also people writing parts for Eloise, but many of the videos aren’t shareable; I’m too lazy to go through…, the eyebrows on this guy have game.I continue to follow the development of #BridgertonMusical with great interest, as various people audition for Simo… @wordsbycho Congratulations! @magpiekilljoy I’m basically doing that. Finding the sea shanties that I like has been fun. 🙂
More contest info:, science fiction authors, this short story contest looks cool, and the rates for the finalists range between 6-… @TheBarbarienne Oh, thank you so much for the brand! They’re definitely shaping Pelosi’s mask around the chin with darts; it’s beautiful!