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Comp SSBU Player/ NYC/ Cloud main/ SCS: Free Agent/ Free Agent/ Banner: @realsuperslime

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@fersalazar__ c: @fersalazar__ @fersalazar__ I can show you an unfortunate event @fersalazar__ we talking about unfortunate events fer??I cant stress this enough. I love Advent Children. one of the few movies i will sit down and watch at any given mom…'s why i never take a picture of my face
Retweeted by Jenova 凶 @Kazma8ttv He will give yall despair in the form of grape skittles @Kazma8ttv Thats the point tho. He wants you to suffercommission. Japanese Cloud alt from the 2GG Saga USA vs World Crew Battle. (idk why no one made this already)… ass fucking mood @KineticGame Everytime im in grafton i stg @_SladeSsb Im on mobile lol @_SladeSsb Looks fine to me lol @_SladeSsb I could try to help with Cloud sometime since we in the same state @Kayru_GFX Ye @Kayru_GFX Bet @Kayru_GFX You dont follow me LOL @Kayru_GFX No, were not mutuals LOL#FF7 ACクラウド
Retweeted by Jenova 凶 @Kayru_GFX Jokes on you. Im not even a spot LOL
@AEUOfficial hoodie ez @Mkleosb happy bday!
@RealSuperSlime Ghost hunting gamehavent had the game for a month yet c: @YezSSB c: yus @Sparg0ssb What is sleep?"On the scene" another wip, with various improvements.
Retweeted by Jenova 凶 @vizzey_g im so sorry ;-; if you ever need someone to talk to, dont hesitate to message me
@KirbyKensa a shitty Cloud main @KirbyKensa idk his name @KirbyKensa @KirbyKensa deez nutz @KirbyKensa follow deez @IppoDR i dont money match online ever. offline id consider if i had money and was confident in my play @715Noivern Pffft LOL @VesDegree at least hes got swagyall know who you are Man? wip
Retweeted by Jenova 凶 @deliboid CRYING LMFAOOOO @deliboid LMFAOOOO FYMMMMM @Kayru_GFX @Kuno_o_ @Argonaut004 So clean 👀
129th out of 472 in FPS.. im not proud of that at all LMFAO playing wifi just sucks ass. Yes the Cloud main hates wifi ik, shocking '-'the homie @Darthmitten is streaming my FPS run. come watch and drop a follow @Kazma8ttv idk about that one chief @Kazma8ttv lol im far from thatUnderrated bands yall should check out (not ordered) @VOTSbandMN @AEUOfficial @Lucrecia_Band @twmfband @InVisionstweets @Kazma8ttv Ive been solo Cloud for 5 years @RealSuperSlime 👀 yus @RealSuperSlime 👀 @IppoDR Byleth was poorly timed but Min Min was defffff the worst. Fucking stupid character @715Noivern welcome to the club LMFAO @715Noivern my parents would kick me out if i left the house LMFAO @715Noivern welcome to the club LMFAOOOO @Kazma8ttv id like to make him better, but my muscle memory doesnt allow that
@Kazma8ttv absolutely notMinMin is something Don't know if that thing should exist in the game but minmin is something
Retweeted by Jenova 凶 @Kazma8ttv Sephiroth @NubbyBair @_SladeSsb @Kayru_GFX Define existing
@715Noivern Mhm @715Noivern Uhm. Year before i csme to the school a teacher slept with a student, freshman year a kid got stabbed i… @King_Venia Theres so many people id love to team with for double Cloud
@IppoDR cap as fuckkkkkkk you OD @_TJHN lol thats up to you @_TJHN if you feel confident enough for one, yeah @BoleroSSB Im so sorry ;-; @BearJaer Im here for you if you need to talk to someone ^-^ @fersalazar__ It super armored through the fully charged flare blade✨BANNER GIVEAWAY ✨ Enter for a chance to win a custom banner with the character of your choice on it! To join 💛-Fol…
Retweeted by Jenova 凶FUCK ZARD (im not the chrom. I just dont like charizard LMFAO) @AFintastic I stand by what i said @715Noivern Streaming and not sending me the link? Crime @Kayru_GFX Sephiroth easily. Im struggling so much to learn him
@Kayru_GFX Cloud is -1 or -.5 as Sephiroth is -2 pain suffering torment @_TJHN Do itttttt @_TJHN Fight it my guy @_TJHN So you can get better with your nerves and learn shit from exp @_TJHN Do ittttttttt @Zepiczorua I didnt set it up. I ran parsec @KiksSSB Yikesss thats like 14-16 hour difference @KiksSSB I dont even know where that is. LOL were def farrr @KiksSSB Uh this was my speed. We got distance as fuck so idk how well itll be for us but im sure itll be better th… Yuzu today. Whats smash online? @715Noivern 13 year old me would try to talk to me all the time but me now would be super quiet LOLi love practicing stupid shit that's impossible to get in a real match lol
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@VesDegree teenage years man. LMFAO @KCtheREAPER get in on sephiroth and then he dies. falco advantage shits on sephiroth's disadvantage, but if you ar… @KCtheREAPER idk about that one. i think Sephiroth Cloud is even so far.i figured out why im struggling with Sephiroth. I am always fighting my muscle memory from cloud bc ive been playin… @VesDegree @Darthmitten Losing the people i care about @NinJamez_EGO Damn i was hoping it was my homie. I was gonna call him out LMFAOOOO @NinJamez_EGO Whos the tink? @paul_rek @Zatt0ri '-' pick a number @RoyalKingPerso1 @Zatt0ri No, i cant swim @Dragoonranger Coffee
@YoumuKid for my friends to have a better lifestolen have fun (i need to stay awake) god the ID
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