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Donald Trump has neither the patience nor the mental capacity to appreciate, let alone sit through, "Gone with the… love to this young man right now.
We have the freedom to think big.
Retweeted by Greg JensenWith that, I have ended my @nytimes subscription (and yes, I was actually a subscriber). @MoustacheRollie @atrupar Are you sure about that? That's the scary part about all this. @billplunkettocr Red Sox gonna be mad they missed out on this.Wonderful
Retweeted by Greg JensenWindows 10 is starting to get new colorful icons today. It’s part of Microsoft’s Fluent Design effort to modernize…
Retweeted by Greg JensenIf you're a fan of his, don't worry. He'll get to relax in rich-people prison for 3 years. @JoshDO7 @JonHeyman Nobody cares about the Red Sox right now, Josh.Why you should submit your new/changed URLs to Bing ⁦@facan⁩ #smx #bing
Retweeted by Greg JensenI thought Roger Stone was a creepy guy before it was cool. @bobbyreardon1 @ReformedBroker Bing it next time.You gotta admit. Roger Stone has ALWAYS looked like a Bond and/or Batman villain. @lynnrusso88 @jackhutton @ABCPolitics Lynn, Roger Stone has looked the same way and acted the same way for the past… @BuzekGabriel @NFLonFOX @KingHenry_2 Dude that's the jokeVideo of Eddie Rosario getting hits on pitches he should not get hits on. #MnTwins
Retweeted by Greg Jensenif Apple allows default browsers and mail clients on iOS 14, you can bet it's related to increasing pressure from U…
Retweeted by Greg JensenWow. This is actually really surprising to me. @Lewan34 @voiceoversbytd Same! Disney has already tired out Star Wars for me, but I'm stoked for one more true Indiana Jones adventure.
I don't think I've ever seen anyone truly describe just how abysmal of a lyricist Swae Lee is. Random but true. @screenrant Delete your account, @screenrant @NFLonFOX @KingHenry_2 Let me know when he starts lifting some real weight. @JoshDO7 If only he wasn't a total sleazeball.Boomers: "Stop being broke." Also Boomers: "Stop saving money, you're going to ruin the Fed's interest rates and w… @Amy_Siskind Um, yeah?This is why I'm 100% OK tuning out the NFL during the offseason. Just drama and nothing of substance. Baseball tim… @CodyPirkl @NoDakTwinsFan @DrM2theJ Maybe pick out a headline that doesn't come from an op-ed?I like Teddy, but GTFO of here with this type of contract. @NathanSchultz79 Yes! Rear Window is an all-time great!Need to cry at night, but don't want others to know? Look up to the sky. Your tears won't fall, and the stars will make you smile.
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@TheRaiderNet Ugh, another release I know I'm going to HAVE to get @JoshDO7 I, for one, am absolutely shocked that you're a Taylor Swift fan.Love this! Site moves can be especially messy, and it's nice to have another tool helping clear things up for you a… @fostet_l @ErinFreel524 @tonyposnanski @SFGiants Lol OK, Irving. @fostet_l @ErinFreel524 @tonyposnanski @SFGiants I'm not a Giants fan, so... @JoshDO7 @masnNationals Get a room. @POPSUGAR @fostet_l @ErinFreel524 @tonyposnanski These two aren't mutually exclusive. Why can't they both be despicable in your mind? @MJK_NY31 @Aaron_says_SKOL @katienolan
@dvdnetflix "To my big brother George, the richest man in town." #DVDmeBy 2100, as many as 13 million people in the U.S. could be forced to move inland, according to a study published in…
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @HausSante @jackiegontarek @atrupar OK, boomer.
@AstrosKyle @JeffPassan *Your
@JoshDO7 Gotta stretch out those subscriptions... 😒😒😒Ford says he’s back to work as Indiana Jones in two months!
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @DanaSchwartzzz Here's a wild idea:
@J_D_Cameron @Twins @Nike And when you can find them, they're like $300. Really kewl. @JoshDO7 @JoshDO7 @ him you coward!Exclusive: Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record. Brazilian scientists, who registered th…
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @deflategator @MarlyRiveraESPN @SportsCenter @MarlyRiveraESPN Astros hitters at the plate this year when they can’t steal signs:
Retweeted by Greg JensenThis isn’t an apology. Don’t think anyone who isn’t an Astros diehard finds this acceptable.
Retweeted by Greg JensenThis is perhaps the most dubious of the @GoogleAds Partner Program updates. There are a lot of recommendations th… Partners Program Puts New Requirements on Companies via @MattGSouthern: #PPC
Retweeted by Greg JensenI'm just gonna start sending out cryptic tweets to see if I can get some coverage from Skor North.“Yang didn't just make history -- he unquestionably put a sizable dent in the future as well.”
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @dbremer_pxp This is awesome! Any available online for us out-of-staters?
Whoa. The new Google Ads Partner Status requirements are hardcore. I like it. #SEM @JoshDO7 MLB is absolutely clueless about what it needs to change right now. @therealcliffyb Happy5⃣0⃣ days until baseball is back at Target Field! #MNTwins
Retweeted by Greg JensenMy endorsement killed the Yang campaign. Sorry @AndrewYang. No one can survive my support.
Retweeted by Greg Jensen.@AndrewYang ran an honorable campaign.
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @DelosSan4 @DefencePirc @AndrewYang Lol. You still thought it was "loose." Yikes! @DelosSan4 @DefencePirc @AndrewYang Lol "loose" @BWWings Good thing your food is so trash that I preemptively boycotted long before you tweeted this.Thank you @AndrewYang for transcending party lines and showing us the campaign of the future - Looking forward to what's next for you 🧢
Retweeted by Greg JensenForever #YangGang 🧢
"The idea of our president interfering with the criminal justice system in such a way is extraordinary and frighten…
Retweeted by Greg JensenThat feeling when baseball is back. 😄🙌🐢
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @SeanFaynor @DrEricDing Again, you're going to stan him hard no matter what, so there's no reasoning with you. @SeanFaynor @DrEricDing Environment? Trashed. Net neutrality? Gone. Migrant kids? Still in cages. Income disparity?… @SeanFaynor @DrEricDing You're obviously beyond reason if you believe that President Trump would never do anything… @S_Drapes @trevorplouffe What rules though? There's literally no reason to keep changing things because they can be… @SeanFaynor @DrEricDing Yeah, your explanation is gonna be a yikes from me. @SeanFaynor @DrEricDing Hey, siri. What's the definition of "whataboutism"? @halliburton50 @DrEricDing Lemme guess, you're an anti-vaxxer on top of all of your stupidity? @halliburton50 @DrEricDing @halliburton50 @DrEricDing thought I'd want Bud Selig back so badly...Why are we changing this loveable sport so much 🤔
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @Cyclos01 @heyimsolace @ZachBarenburg @h3h3productions @TeamYouTube @AndrewYang You say that now... @Emojipedia Cripes. Mine is an embarrassment. @heyimsolace @ZachBarenburg @h3h3productions @TeamYouTube @AndrewYang If it exists in 2020, it has some sort of pol… @matthewdavidDFW @JoshDO7 @trevorplouffe No, it really doesn't.Not a big fan of Trevor, but I'm a big fan of his for saying what needed to be said. @DaftMaus For real. Expanding the playoffs is whatever, but that other element is garbage.The last part of this is so, so dumb.
#PapaBless 🙏 @BallengerJc @mwc294 @MaryMcL68355551 @keithboykin @SenatorLeahy @Lewan34 The MacBook keyboard from like 4+ years ago is perfectly fine, and I never had any issues with it. It's th… @Lewan34 I have to use a MacBook Pro for work. I use a solid Logitech keyboard when I'm in the office, but when I'm… Waititi speaks the truth. Phoenix: "That's when we're at our best—when we support each other. Not when we cancel each other out for p…
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