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Greg Jensen @JensenGregory Watching baseball, probably

Come for the tweets about digital marketing and data science. Stay for the tweets about the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Microsoft and technology.

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Is Angel Hernandez reffing #Vikings football games now, too?
@Chuck_Lief @DanHayesMLB Sox fans are the most sensitive bunch, I swear to God.
It's so nice of MLB to let Angel Hernandez get the call behind home plate for two games in a row. ...oh, you mean…
Bump. pro baseball players can make a running 🏃 play to catch a fly ball in middle of wildfire fumes, you can wear a d…
Retweeted by Greg JensenOh, look. He made me bump this tweet no fewer than 5 minutes later. all of the insanity of 2020, at least we can count on Angel Hernandez to be a complete dumpster fire behind the plate. #mntwins
Have to jump on to say that I think it's wild MLB handed out a bigger suspension for players trash-talking than it…
For my fellow #mntwins fans who care, replica baby blue jerseys are finally in stock through Fanatics/MLB shop. I k…
@SoloCamo @therealcliffyb I'm SoloCamo and I ignore my own senses whenever it's convenient.
Surely an unwarranted oversimplification at this point, but I'm of the opinion that it's tough to generate runs whe…
For a team that hasn't won a World Series since before the invention of color TV, the Indians always seem to have q…
Imagine being a power hitter complaining about a phantom catcher's interference. Yikes, Jorge Soler. Just yikes.…
I sign off again knowing in my heart of hearts that the #MNTwins got mugged by umpiring tonight.I'm sorry, I have to break my silence. Jerry Meals is having the worst game by an umpire I've seen in years. Good lord. #MNTwins
@34badger34 Miller High Life kind of day if you ask me!Alright, peeps. Here's my totally unnecessary ✌️ out to y'all until after the election. If we play baseball this y… what's happening in Florida, Texas and Arizona, I've concluded Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Jews, C…
Retweeted by Greg JensenDisgusting. @nyymz3 @ItsElijahCiali @tomwarren @4intheeye @tlschwerz @aubrey_huff Yeah because THAT'S the only thing separating anyone from Aubrey Huff these days. 🙄 @Xbox Manny Calavera reapsAs a gamer, what is my opinion about Dr. Disrespect? Do I need to have an opinion? Also who is Dr. Disrespect and what did he do?
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @TFTwins Sure, I was stoked about Josh Donaldson, but I was one of the few who was even more hyped about Maeda.
Further proof that you can be on the top of the world but can't escape your mind or your body. Hoping Andrew gets… @thezigpc @thurrott Even more unfortunately, the nonsense doesn't just end when the calendar changes.What a day. Actually, what a week. Really, what a month. Oh right. A year. What a f$%*ing year.
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @BawseNick @Truth33truth @mcuban For Microsoft? If only! Right, @JoshDO7?! @JTThomas57 @TerryTate_ @beatmaker978 @darrenrovell I'm not disagreeing with those facts. What I'm trying to unders… @BawseNick @Truth33truth @mcuban I'm not going to apologize for preferring superior operating systems. @Truth33truth @mcuban Trump is clearly mentally declining and can barely speak it is embarrassing @JTThomas57 @TerryTate_ @beatmaker978 @darrenrovell What are you talking about? Nike has been a publicly traded com… @Alonzo_Evening It's especially ironic because Trump's entire administration is made up of people who were hired fo… can totally respect and appreciate G-Eazy's willingness to evolve, but I do find myself questioning the execution on his latest album.There were quite a few people (including myself) who got caught up in the misconceptions about Apple's upcoming Saf… @thurrott Why do you have to keep reminding me that I sold all my Microsoft stock at $35?!Thanks. I hate it. #Microsoft @thurrott This sucks. @JTThomas57 @beatmaker978 @darrenrovell Right, he took a risk getting what was, at the time, the richest NBA shoe deal ever... 🤨 @JCTSports @AAJAsports @aaja Those people are an absolute disgrace to humanity, and I'm so sorry that you — or anyo…
@thaswatmikesaid @realnickparker @ByTimBooth @NHLSeattle_ But Little Caesars is 🔥 @TyedUpAt24 @tectonicmatzo @darrenrovell Please be joking, Tyler.The Arctic heatwave: here's what we know | Tamsin Edwards
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Retweeted by Greg Jensen @MylesOffTheEdge @neauxah @MLB As a Baker Mayfield stan, you would know all about overhyped players, so you might be on to something. @chloeg_13 @MLB I so hope this wasn't intentional. @JoseWithOranges @Maliki2 @Reuters Actually, no. Getting the manufacturing and distribution figured out first means that the vaccine…
@albert_paoli @BNightengale That's quite the theory. It's wrong, but it is a theory. @RealLucasHarvey @BNightengale Yeah, Brazil's sports scene is lit right now.Um... wait....
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @MLBDeadlineNews @IamTrevorMay I have zero faith Manfred doesn't try to implement this a rule next year, too.This a really interesting beta from #Microsoft. MSFT benefits from being able to upsell its advertising products, b… of the 40 Tight Ends in 2019 with at least 30 targets only 1 has 0 drops... Kyle Rudolph #Vikings #SKOL
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @Jimtara I totally get that, but I have absolutely no faith that Manfred won't take this opportunity to turn this i… @SaintNicholas71 @IamTrevorMay Might as well make every game 3 innings if "anything to speed up the game is good."Take: shortening games by 5-10 minutes on average will do nothing to “bring younger eyes” to the game. This is not…
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @thurrott @mehedih_ Blutooth-enabled PCs are my favorite. is SUCH a good thread (from someone who very consistently makes good threads). It takes a seemingly simple tre…
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @ToddQuest @tomwarren To be fair, Microsoft saved Lionhead first. @ViktorsReality @tomwarren Zune was way ahead of its time both as a device and a service, and no one will be able to tell me different. @Jimtara Because it's not baseball! Just end the game in a tie if we're so over-the-top worried about the length of games. @Jimtara Why? @koch_ajkoch9231 I would've been happier had they canned the season at this point. @nysanta718 @frankymartin93 @BNightengale That's OK. Liking soccer that much is pretty embarrassing already. @BNightengale Undo that like right now, @topps. This is nonsense. was a lot more excited before I realized extra inning games now start with a man automatically in scoring positio… @34badger34 Oh, I missed "season opener" in your tweet. I had it in my head you were talking about the championship game 😬 @34badger34 He's been trying to track you down ever since!
"One of the fundamental flaws of contemporary virtue signaling is it doesn’t recognize that the actual attainment o…😍😍😍 @GetRammed69 @BleacherReport @swishcultures_ Love the wording lol @G_Eazy Almost Famous, no doubt. But there really aren't any skips I can think of!Let me be very clear. Google Analytics, or really any web-based analytics system, is a great equalizer between la…
Retweeted by Greg Jensen @AathifMahir @rcb_evans @mehedih_ 100% agreed. @rcb_evans @AathifMahir @mehedih_ Of course not. But to say that "Apple is ahead" is bizarre. Ahead of what, exactl… @kuba_suder @ParallelPhilly @fj2c @jeffjarvis @benedictevans That's completely unrelated to Google Analytics. @kuba_suder @ParallelPhilly @fj2c @jeffjarvis @benedictevans But it's not like I'm able to go into GA and identify… @castrovince @philgrogers @BauerOutage @aubrey_huff Welp, you got me to pull the trigger on buying a copy. @aprivacytutor @benedictevans @Apple Absolutely ironic that you're saying this while you use both a Facebook Pixel… @fj2c @ParallelPhilly @jeffjarvis @benedictevans Makes sense. If you can't see how users are behaving on a website, it must be doing great! @jimcramer Haha bumblebees don't sting, Jim! @AathifMahir @mehedih_ Market share continues to say otherwise.If the #MNTwins win the World Series, it will be as legitimate as ever. If any other team wins, it will have an asterisk by it.
Retweeted by Greg JensenLook, I'm excited about seeing the #mntwins take the field again soon, but I can't help but feel a little...empty.… @paperexperiment @kyledcheney I do, yes. But the testimony will be unintelligible to anyone with a normal IQ. @paperexperiment @kyledcheney I am definitely predicting B here. @Dadof2girls1 @riviVonTweetSOn @LincolnKupchak @noonbeers @_DunnDeal How about you have a little sympathy? If a mi… @Dadof2girls1 @riviVonTweetSOn @LincolnKupchak @noonbeers @_DunnDeal You're right, it's totally his bad for signing… @kyledcheney I know he's going to be absolutely insufferable to listen to when he's in front of the committee... @Dadof2girls1 @riviVonTweetSOn @LincolnKupchak @noonbeers @_DunnDeal OK, now do all the people who work in grocery… @LiamMcBaen @CNBC
@SailorChristy @Agk3los @ItsPixietweet @WatchMixer @FacebookGaming Says someone who's a Twitch affiliate, which is… just installed iOS 14, and wow
Retweeted by Greg JensenLarry Kudlow, with his extensive epidemiological background, ladies and gentlemen. @michaeljosh @journeydan Nah, that's not why. It's because they're not that useful in general. @BleacherReport @NBA2K @brfootball 2077 delayed yet again???