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working mother of two girls and a terrible cook (but I keep trying)

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@Cernovich Really looking forward to this!!Not all hero’s wear capes @DrLucasBly @ThSilverSerpent 😂 that clears it up for me. Thanks! @DrLucasBly @ThSilverSerpent Just curious.. why date someone you will never get serious with? How long would you ha…, a cute rant I can get behind 🤣
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So everyone at the FBI & CIA who was involved in the coup against President Trump bought professional liability ins…
Retweeted by JenWen @DaygameCharisma @themultibeast @alpharivelino Omg I love this 😂 👍#BREAKING: FBI finds mail-in ballots discarded in Pennsylvania. All of them were cast for President Trump.…
Retweeted by JenWen @MZHemingway @bennyjohnson Wow. That was horrible. @adminnathan @Cernovich This is now impacting property transaction. This goes way further than just criminal actio…
@Cernovich UghIf Hunter Hiden wants to use his domestic earned money to pay for sex, hell yeah go for it. That’s not what thes…
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@FlowersHughes Biden is mentally unfit and it won’t be him making any decisions for this country. It will be the sa…
@NebraskaMegan You are a trash human.. 🗑 @limitlessleila This stuff makes me sick.. literally. Think it may have soy. Not sure. My family loves it and I g… @BevanneTX He is a good man and you will not find a better one. But he may find a better woman so do it! @SAP__00 Ahh you got me 😂 I guess such a costume doesn’t exist. @SAP__00 is groundbreaking. Watch. @kimKBaltimore is a rock star
Retweeted by JenWen @alpharivelino man was a volunteer for your campaign and a Marine. Please say and do something @realDonaldTrump
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BREAKING: Trump-supporting bar owner who defended his property from BLM rioter has taken his own life
Retweeted by JenWenD.A. Don Kleine couldn't handle BLM protesters at his house, so he fudged an indictment of a bar owner he'd already…
Retweeted by JenWen @Cernovich 🙏🙏🙏🙏Just had a heated debate with a liberal. I schooled the 💩 out him.
Retweeted by JenWen @AskForTaxAdvice Awesome! I am wanting to lease my house and if that goes well buy and rent our other houses. I wo… @AskForTaxAdvice Yes in Oklahoma they call them a series. (Maybe everywhere)I see a lot of real estate held by a se… @AskForTaxAdvice What about doing multiple Series in an LLC? @RyanAFournier (And win the Senate)
You can disagree with the McConnell rule, which was previously known as the Biden rule, but you should describe it…
Retweeted by JenWen @marinamaral2 So shortPres. Trump reacts to the passing of SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after hearing the news for the first time:
Retweeted by JenWen @megynkelly I can just see them at the dinner table with Scalia filling her in on heaven over a few bottles of wine… In Peace, Justice Ginsburg. You served your country beautifully. An inspiration for women everywhere, and an e…
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@TuckFyranny @Lukewearechange Have you even read it. It’s brilliant and worth fighting for
@SAP__00 @SteakAndIron 102 @Lukewearechange They are not free and they just realized it. There is no “for the people by the people”. We have… media is fair & balanced and not biased at all.
Retweeted by JenWenDUDE WHAT THE FUCK The numbers were so low that the covered it up. Nashville hoaxed the entire city. FUCK YO…
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@allicovington @TWayneHicks @romanopiumtales @JohnnyNoblebody @TheBrometheus @chris_boreteen Love Supernatural!!!
"We're gonna make sure that every one of those people goes on record and is held accountable for the illnesses of o…
Retweeted by JenWenThe Abraham Accords—in English, Hebrew, and Arabic—have been signed! 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 🇧🇭 🇦🇪
Retweeted by JenWen @stormidxe Omg I love this! @Breaking911 Out of respect for the families I will not be watching this footage @DoctorTro @elonmusk If trump loses we will have a one party system and your anti partisan protest will mean nothin… price for insulin 600.00$ a month. New price of insulin 35.00$ a month. Thank you @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by JenWenOMG @IngrahamAngle 😱 Thank you so much for featuring the MAGA YMCA song on the #1 News Station @FoxNews!!…
Retweeted by JenWenMy father’s lifelong friend was attacked by #BLM animals when he tried to stop them from damaging the park in Queen…
Retweeted by JenWenThese young men are brave future leaders. RT this video to show America stands with first responders and law enfo…
Retweeted by JenWenThis is so great.
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Retweeted by JenWenFor Real (credit Sue H.)
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Sweet!! is our era's best example of "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain."
Retweeted by JenWen @SAP__00 I have rolled and sprained my left ankle 4 times. I have to be so careful. Sucks
Say good-bye to a strong economy if Biden wins.
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BREAKING: The Afghan government and the Tal­iban begin di­rect talks to end nearly two decades of conflict in talks…
Retweeted by JenWenTime flies so fast: 18y-I don't want a man, I want to have fun 25y- I don't want a man, I'm building my career 30y…
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@taylorburrowes You look great in both! @marinamaral2 Moms and dads raising their kids @Cernovich He probably thinks if he can bring peace to the Middle East then he can bring peace between liberals and… is why he always sits with his back against the wall and his eyes outward.
Retweeted by JenWenThat’s a FACT. Trump immediately offered support as he always did to the NYPD for many years. @realDonaldTrump
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Finally got a doctor to order HCQ for our patients who are in early stages of covid, but was told by our pharmacist…
Retweeted by JenWen @bennyjohnson My brain can’t process Jake Tapper actually doing his job. This may be the “hardest” interview Joe Biden ever does.Did you uphold your honor today?
Retweeted by JenWen @jumblejim Because it was all a lie. @NEWS9 After bouts huh... 🙄 @NEWS9 Translation: Trump shut down travel with China among other precautions in order to not cause a public panic… 👇🏼
Retweeted by JenWen @SebGorka Their souls @dovidfeldman It helps me when I can sleep on it. I hate fighting. Would rather love, introspect and try harder the next day.President @realDonaldTrump sent federal support to Chicago five weeks ago. Since then, murders have dropped 50%.…
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Retweeted by JenWenEXCLUSIVE: President Trump has been nominated for a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.
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Retweeted by JenWenKANYE: “What has Biden done for me that’s so special?”
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Portland suspect waited in garage before shooting pro-Trump protester
Retweeted by JenWenEventually we're going to have to discuss the reality that thousands of people in the United States were probably t…
Retweeted by JenWen @JordanSchachtel @Cernovich Yes. This needs to trend. So many souls lost that could have been saved.
As good today as the day he said it...
Retweeted by JenWen @Cernovich @Cernovich . Are we finding these sex trafficked kids because of info Ghislaine Maxwell is giving?Generals lose wars and then retire to 7-figure defense industry jobs. Trump is saying what every enlisted soldier h…
Retweeted by JenWen @Cernovich Sick“Blessed are the peacemakers.”
Retweeted by JenWen @gehrig38 @Cernovich @POTUS @Cernovich could this be due to info they are getting from Ghislain Maxwell?
Sweet!!!!! @NEWS9 Your dog can vote too!
@KenyadianGooner @DoctorTro Having an R next to their name isn’t a super power. But these terrible districts keep… Mother of God...
Retweeted by JenWen @DoctorTro They need a Kim Klacik. But thank you for bringing more awareness to this issue. No one should have to live like that! @DoctorTro Good! But the residents did though. All these democratic run cities are destroying their communities an… told me today that if @realDonaldTrump had said he didn’t want to visit Aisne-Marne because the int…
Retweeted by JenWen @DoctorTro Also democratic run district. You keep voting for it. Why?
What is your CashApp? Who needs dinner?
Retweeted by JenWenSAVAGE @RichardGrenell 🔥
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