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Raffi told me to change my bio. True story.

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12 vs 12 @JohnKleinRegina @NoahWilson Exactly!.@NoahWilson texted to say that it is snowing. I refuse to look out the window.
TFW someone you haven’t talked to in like 17 years messages you and legit asks, how are you? Dude, I don’t even kno…
13yo asked us to get her bird a present for the bird’s birthday. Because paying for the water she drinks and the po… voters still have until tomorrow to apply for their mail in ballots: #sask #skpoli
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷Recycling truck came into the parking lot and threw me off. White like the purolator truck. No, I’m not impatient at all!I’m waiting for a package so of course I’m sitting (well, lying) on the couch by the window facing the door and loo… @NoahWilson to see if he would come home and get my book from upstairs for me. I haven’t heard back.Thursday is the final day to apply for a mail ballot in Saskatchewan | CBC News
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷 @marepants Oh no! Never a good sign!My internet bill. So it’s quite accurate. did I start an argument with an evil Trump voter on Instagram. 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is why @NoahWilson wants me to put my phone away.Legit laughed out loud. the Screen Time had to do with content rather than just apps I use it would have a lot of yelling at anti-masker… @schmutzie @believermag @Chookooloonks @BreneBrown @jenleedotnet Yes! I’d listen to a whole podcast season about her!Just turned on the Screen Time function on my phone and now I’m scared to look at what my first report will say. I’… @schmutzie @believermag @Chookooloonks @BreneBrown @jenleedotnet Oh my goodness I want to know more about the crossing guard!Got called a Karen for saying something about how crowding together tightly without masks isn’t wise. Um. Me and al… @schmutzie @believermag @Chookooloonks @BreneBrown @jenleedotnet Gonna check it out! Thanks!
@themikestand About 3 months.When a parent yells upstairs when there are crashing noises, “Are you doing something that is damaging the house?”… am I now following on Instagram women with many, many children‽ @schmutzie I need to do this.Good news for me since I (well, @NoahWilson) just returned a book I took out before the libraries closed in March.… mandatory, no. But like other vaccines, should be required to be able to go to school and other places with vul… Saturday, the #Saskatoon public library is hosting online forums for the candidates in each of the city's…
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷Has the venue where the #SKdebate is taking place tonight been cleared of flies? #skpoli
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷Saskatchewan FTW!"I saved your damn neighborhood." This is gross. I can't believe Americans and the WORLD have had to endure four y…
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷It’s like every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette has to have a token Canadian. I hope he’s not crazy this time.
@schmutzie @CBCAlerts And it’s showing. @CBCAlerts HOLY CRAP, ALBERTA. WHAT IS GOING ON.How about making it MANDATORY. @thinktankSK Ok, let’s continue to live like there is no covid so our numbers can rise and rise. Seems to be working.PS. October 15th is Saskatchewan's deadline for vote by mail applications. You'll have to check on the deadlines specific to your province.
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷If anybody has any bus tickets to donate, that would be great. I have some vulnerable persons needing safe transportation. #yeg
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷Bickering. ❤️ @schmutzie @tammyrobert @women4sask I have!I had a dream last night I was working for the Biden campaign. It’s what I’d be doing if I was American. Except we… else almost miss the quarantine of march/april where at least the rules were clear instead of this vague an…
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷Facebook should build a filter right now that no "memories" from 2020 ever get served up to us in the future.
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷 @ddgrunau @NoahWilson I doubt anything will change his mind.Trying to calm down after seeing someone post an anti-mask “article” with comments agreeing with it. I shouldn’t le… @Greeblehaus That really sucks. Thanks, covid.I asked @NoahWilson if he’d eat soup with kale in it. He said he would not like anything “with a big soggy leaf in… @ddgrunau You don’t like Drew Brees? @ddgrunau Just wear shorts over them!Me, making dinner: “Can you pass me that white thing?” .@NoahWilson, looking where I’m pointing: “You mean the spoo…
@mapleandsalsa Oh really? I gotta figure that out!Apparently you need to print a form to be able to register for mail-in ballots for Saskatoon? How is a printer-less… did this! how many will come after gatherings this thanksgiving weekend? @schmutzie CATS!Why are kids jeans/sweats/leggings always one leg right side out and one leg inside out when they go into the laund…
@schmutzie Maybe! Glad I’m not alone!I’ve had a nap three days in a row and slept a good amount all three nights and I’m still exhausted. Not sure what’s up.No turkey turking or yams yamming this year. I’m kinda sad about it. Thanks, covid.Uh, yup! @schmutzie It is. I wasn’t gonna send them back if masks were not mandatory. I am very pro-mask. @schmutzie My kids’ school is very strict. If you don’t wear a mask, you don’t come in the school. But I’m sure others can be different. @schmutzie Schools everyone masks up. Bars they don’t.Glad I didn’t go back to bed this morning because the day ended up being pretty dang good.
@schmutzie This made me chuckle.I’m done with this day. I’m going back to bed. @bexlogic @chasethefirefly @davidduchovny @GillianA Oy! I would too! @bexlogic @davidduchovny @GillianA Definitely not! @bexlogic @davidduchovny @GillianA That one is soooooo creepy.Good. Now let’s do this everywhere else.
40,000 people a day are coming down with the coronavirus. What is the matter with this guy?
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷 @ddgrunau Is it??? I don’t have pizza, but I’m gonna crack a beer ASAP! @ddgrunau I would too.I don’t care if it seems petty to keep unfriending and unfollowing people because they’re Trump supporters. I’m gon… roots are getting so long but I cannot sit in a salon chair long enough to get them done. Good thing I don’t see… wants to lay bets on the number of covid cases that will come out of Thanksgiving weekend? @schmutzie 🤦🏼‍♀️ GOOD news. Geez. @schmutzie Such food news!A week ago our daughter went for a run She was hit by a vehicle. In HSC with head injuries. Her mother hardly left…
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷
Maybe if you don’t know the rules on opening your place of business or worship then you shouldn’t open it. 20 year old cousin got his own apartment and it's going pretty well
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷 @ddgrunau The dentists are decked out!I didn’t yell at the maskless guy at the dentist today even though the sign on the door still says MASKS REQUIRED W… to the Saskatoon notifynow message on the way to the dentist and it said something about keeping track of… Trump has mocked the plan for presidential candidates to be in different locations for the next debate. He i…
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷People are basically idiots.He sounds like a toddler being asked to put his shoes on. President demands free-roaming fly environment for next debate #flyrights
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷 @themikestand Sounds about right.And the official winner of the debate: the fly sitting on Mike Pence’s head. #VPDebate
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷facts. one-sided. #VPDebate
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷 @schmutzie I went one step even further and washed my hair to take my kids to the dentist. Pandemics are weird.I loathe him so much. did however yell at a lady who accosted me with her perfumed hand sanitizer.Just staying Covid-safe wearing by the flayed skin of my younger self. Don't forget to wear your masks, kids.
Retweeted by Jen wear-a-dang-mask Wilson 😷 @Greeblehaus Like any other pro-life idiot.I didn’t yell at the lady refusing to wear a mask at the dentist office that had a big MASKS MANDATORY sign on the… at the dentist seeing 9yo’s hair: “Oh my goodness I love his hair! Is that natural?” Is that an automatic qu…
It’s a good thing I’m not working right now because taking kids to appointments is basically a full-time job.My word, booking medical appointments online instead of calling an office that never picks up is the best thing ever.