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Did you catch Audible on @Jeopardy? Can you identify all the comedians from these Audible clues?
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Who is @Jeopardy's greatest of all time? The top champions will finally square off in prime time in January and…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Watch out, Paul and Jamie Buchman might be coming for the @Jeopardy crown. #MadAboutYou returns for a new limited s…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Today's game had a category full of comedians! @audible_com @SteveMartinToGo @KevinHart4real @smrtgrls @mindykaling like the contestants left you hanging, @KenJennings. ⛰️ your bets, folks. Which one is it going to be today? 1. Thanks, Johnny! 2. Thank you, Johnny! 3. Thank you,…
Srsly tho everybody knows the real @Jeopardy GOAT is the guy in the top half of the frame.
Retweeted by Jeopardy!All proceeds go to buying @James_Holzhauer a nice sport coat or blazer, and maybe even a necktie
Retweeted by Jeopardy!This January, watch two Tournament of Champions winners take on a third player brought in to fill out the lineup.
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Who will win the #JeopardyGOAT Tournament?
Retweeted by Jeopardy! @thepowernerd We’ll do you one better ... @Suzc143 granted! top three contestants in JEOPARDY! history will face off in an epic primetime special event: “JEOPARDY! The Gre…
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Audible returns to @Jeopardy! on Monday, November 18. Check your local listings and test your @audible_com knowledg…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Sometimes a picture is worth 250,000 words. Congratulations, James! #TournamentOfChampions you miss this year's #TournamentOfChampions finals? We've got full episodes on our YouTube channel for 1 week o… to relive the magic? Here's a recap of the #TournamentOfChampions finals, presented by @Consumer_Cell.
Before tonight’s episode of #FreshOffTheBoat, we are going to be a clue on @Jeopardy!
Retweeted by Jeopardy!It's about to go down! The last day of the #TournamentOfChampions is today.'s Day Two of the @Jeopardy #TournamentOfChampions Final! Who will follow in @buzztronics's footsteps? Will it…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Emma, James, Francois – who's going to win the #TournamentOfChampions? Tune in today to find out!'re halfway through the finals! Tune in tomorrow to see who comes out on top! #TournamentOfChampions
.@Jeopardy contestant Dhruv Gaur was here to tell me about my favorite answer of all time.
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Get pumped! The #TournamentOfChampions finals start today! the shippers celebrate getting their Emma-James OTP, Francois calmly dominates his match and claims pole posi…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Fierce or friendly competition? Good luck to the #TournamentOfChampions finalists! @jeopardy tomorrow is gonna be LIT 🔥
Retweeted by Jeopardy!High school physics teachers everywhere #Jeopardy #TournamentOfChampions
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Francois, James, and Emma are our #TournamentOfChampions finalists! Tune in tomorrow for Game 1!, comedian, super spy! Here's today's @CharliesAngels clue featuring @ElizabethBanks!'ll take, "Alex Trebek is a national treasure" for 500, please.
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'Jeopardy!' rivals James Holzhauer, Emma Boettcher face off again for 'Tournament of Champions'…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!We post #BeyondTheClue on our Facebook, too! and the Angels are back – and they'll be a clue #TodayOnJ! @CharliesAngels @ElizabethBanks @ellabalinska finals await one of these three contestants! #TournamentOfChampions ready for James vs. Emma: Part II.’ll take “Too Soon” for $1,000, Alex.
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Papa's going to be even more popular if he gets the win today. Good luck to all of the competitors!… Cohen, our last #TournamentOfChampions winner, called in and gave this year's competitors some advice! Thanks… is so touching. I love when we are moved. It gives me hope. #weloveyoualex @Jeopardy
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Yup.
Retweeted by Jeopardy!#Jeopardy host Alex Trebek gets emotional over contestant's message of support. #PlayoftheDay
Retweeted by Jeopardy!First of all...what a surprise to see that I was a @Jeopardy clue last night but what was truly special was one con…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!James, Steven, and Rachel are up next! #TournamentOfChampions’m just very grateful I got the opportunity to say what I know everyone was thinking. Sending all the love. #weloveyoualex
Retweeted by Jeopardy! @whoisalexjacob In case you missed the original: see your 30 genres, @whoisalexjacob, and raise you a few more.'s Final Jeopardy! includes a heartfelt moment with Alex and another win for Emma! #TournamentOfChampions👏👏👏 Couldn't have said it better ourselves, Dhruv! #WeLoveYouAlex
Good morning this is now an Emma Boettcher fan account. #JeopardyEmma #TournamentOfChampions
Retweeted by Jeopardy!On this #VeteransDay, we look back on the Clue Crew's trip to the CENTER FOR THE INTREPID. 🇺🇸 @BrookeArmyMed, Dhruv, Kyle – you're up! #TournamentOfChampions
Onward and upward! 🚀 Here are your #TournamentOfChampions semifinalists! the full Reddit thread, click here!
How does Jeopardy! impact a contestant's life? ToC semifinalist Steven Grade gave a fantastic response to that ques…'s 8pm Pacific, so I can officially cry my eyes out here now... I'm crying because of all of you who have been i…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!How crazy were those quarterfinal games?! Tune in Monday for the semifinals of the #TournamentOfChampions presented… channeled his inner Dean Martin on this lovely clue.
Wishing Pat a speedy recovery! looks like @muse served as the muse for two of today's categories.👋
Retweeted by Jeopardy! @ask_Steven is the last day of the quarterfinals! Here's the matchup. #TournamentOfChampions gets the W! We'll see her again in the semifinals! #TournamentOfChampions, @5SOS fans, Alex got the pronunciation right this time. Please don't come for us. @Luke5SOS
Beautifully blurring the border between country and pop! @FLAGALine @PlayBkPlay @THubbmusic turned the volume all the way up but I think he says “what is John Mulaney?” Which is a good question.
Retweeted by Jeopardy!HE’S BAAACK! “Jeopardy James” returns to the iconic game show for the Tournament of Champions and he’s already domi…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Who will advance to the semis? Tune in today to see Emma, Josh, and Eric compete! #TournamentOfChampions your hand if James tricked you, too. 🙋🙋‍♂️ #TournamentOfChampions don't need to tell James twice to go "ALL" IN. What a game! #TournamentOfChampions could it be?? 🧐🤔 @Jeopardy
Retweeted by Jeopardy! @azajacks @cavs @James_Holzhauer all the fans out there: It's "Brianne," not "Anne." @KellyClarkson
The C stands for Consistency! @ADaniels3PO @UChicago Looking forward to having her back!James is back! Will Alan and Lindsey give him a run for his money? #TournamentOfChampions gets the win! Thank you to all 3 champs for a hard-fought game. #TournamentOfChampions
Things are getting strange around here ... First Anneke's #JusticeForBarb Final Jeopardy! response, and now today…’t let anyone tell you that @bradrutter is the only undefeated @Jeopardy contestant. Larry Martin never lost eit…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!#TournamentOfChampions Day 2!!! Yesterday was an exciting game with Gilbert squeaking out a close win over…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!The #Jeopardy Tournament of Champions competitors are organizing a charitable play along to help fight pancreatic c…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Alex took a trip to THE HARVARD LAMPOON in Cambridge, MA, to give you some comedic clues! @harvardlampoon opened today's show with a special message about last year's Teachers Tournament champion, Larry Martin. The don… is off to a great start ... and so is the tournament! Tune in tomorrow for the next quarterfinal match.…
@buzztronics @buzztronics @annekem I talked to James Holzhauer back in April, he was already thinking about the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions.…
Retweeted by Jeopardy!This #PancreaticCancerAwarenessMonth, join us in the fight to #EndCancer. Working with Alex on @Jeopardy was an hon…
Retweeted by Jeopardy! @joshtigerhill've got Champ³ ... Champ vs. Champ vs. Champ! Here are this week's #TournamentOfChampions matchups!
Alex was made an honorary member of The @harvardlampoon and even got behind one of the lecterns to play a mock game…
Deuces! ✌️The #TournamentOfChampions starts in 2 days!“I’ll take ‘Halloween Costumes’ for $1,000, Alex.” @Jeopardy
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Who is #AlexTrebek? @Jeopardy #Halloween #costume #TrebekOrTreat #BabiesHateWigs
Retweeted by Jeopardy!Congratulations to our fearless leader, Harry Friedman, who received his star on the Hollywood #WalkofFame!
Someone special joined us in the audience today! Category: Hollywood Icon "V_NN_ W_I_E" @TheVannaWhite