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Cartoonist, musician. He/him. I will block you for the slightest offence.

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comic time
whenever Steam is like "You've played this game for 84 hours. Would you recommend it to other people?" I'm like "ho… @therealbuttart, a hack refuses to be edited so that he can graduate to not being read at all
Retweeted by Inugami Coronavirushow it started/how it's going @tommchenry I had a run the other night where I went all in on the Poseidon dash boon and that shit gets SILLYI'm sure someone's already done this but, uh, here's poorly edited yaoi paddle charon #HadesGame
Retweeted by Inugami Coronavirus @tommchenry for sure, especially if you get a strong special! The gameplay really busted open for me when I realize… @tommchenry hellll yes! spear is my favorite, throw a bunch of zeus boons on that shit and party @MaraWilson it has forever been replaced in my head with the melodica version @20000TinyJars now u should buy a cow print guitar, go full st vincent @kcgreenn the dark souls of lego @caylenb the dogs...are goodhhhhhhhhhhhh replies hahahahahahahaaahahahahahahhcomic time
@NPZR HeheheheheSeems like it. :( I've emailed twitter support, we'll see what happens @whitneyarner incredible formSo @sarahgraleyart and @tinyspells are streaming a pokemon randomizer and they KEEP RUNNING INTO LEGENDARIES and I… @krenshar_posts he looooves you @kvanh yes @krenshar_posts I saw this and what the FUCKHandsome @markpopham it's me, a dirtbag @zuph @markpopham you don't have to be! the centipede ate them all! @markpopham I mean, at least they'll eat the other bugs? @helenpierce @fleenguy it was a lot of chair poses and eagle poses and my ass is: destroyedYesterday I went to a proper yoga class for the first time since lockdown. I just tried to get out of bed and yelled OH GOD MY ASS HURTS @damnyouwillis Author Finds New Fetishcomic time
@RonDanChan Ron no that was a Home Depot!! @RonDanChan told you not to eat those bricks @alinapete no arm. only bird couch.he's doing the cool guy elbow @krenshar_posts hey guyyyyys, it's ya boi Tube_Jed here with another TOOB REVIEOOB. This time we're takin' a look a…, my dad's birthday is on Halloween. This year he moved from a retirement community back to Nashville. One thing…
Retweeted by Inugami Coronavirus @VoidBurger I understand if you block me for this @pixiekhatt VERY fluffy @VoidBurger mamaaaaa ooooooh I just wanna vote I sometimes wish that voting was mandatory carry on, carry on cuz voting really matters @VoidBurger VOTEhemian Rhapsody 🙃 @VoidBurger bohemian rhapsody but it's about how we need to vote instead of struggling with your sexuality @whitneyarner Whoa I wanna try that @whitneyarner BlorpOllie is BATTLING @FaithErinHicks a babby faith! A FAITHLET @THEKarlaPacheco NOand now, the moment we've all been waiting for: KEVIN think Tucker here might be part yak @therealbuttart I didn't like poodles for YEARS because I assumed their curly fur was super wiry. Then I petted one… will post more as the facebook updates. You can follow along here if u want is doing a CHOMP to Peach dog is named ELVIRA and it is THE PERFECT NAME FOR HER is fully 5G compatible is here to tell you about her hair care regimen so LISTEN UP would kill any one of you if Archer asked me to is Bisous, which is French for "smooches" is Sullivan. He is a Bigg Boie is bad today so instead of yelling about how bad things are I am going to introduce you to some of ollie… @ann_leckie bless @ann_leckie I want to smooch his big square headFitness Coach Vanburen says, "Doomscroll Not A Fitness. Instead do Walk Fitness, outside if you can. Even tiny Walk…
Retweeted by Inugami CoronavirusComing in April: a new picture book, Butterflies Are Pretty... Gross! It’s written by me, with art by @TwoFish, and…
Retweeted by Inugami Coronavirus @tinyspells The...bestoMy legs are noodles nowFirst actual yoga class since before lockdown (I’ve been doing online stuff but it’s not the same). This is gonna hurrrrrtcomic time
@20000TinyJars @ethansteele it all makes so much sense!!!A wine infant Also known as
Retweeted by Inugami Coronavirus @ethansteele @20000TinyJars sauce, a popular nickname for beer... @TheBlackNerd catboy twirling a big sign outside the catboy dealership @TheBlackNerd LOW mileage, FULLY refurbished and detailed catboystime to add "used catboy" to my list of extremely cursed phrases @TheBlackNerd Teddy Demons Used Cars And Catboys- "You'll Be Happy At Teddy Demon's™" @20000TinyJars waveing hello @FaithErinHicks hoarsesOLLIE @TheBlackNerd little bitch academiaThe Killer7 plot about controlling the American government through a single school district seems less dumb every day.
Retweeted by Inugami Coronaviruskinda nuts that this guy has done multiple hate crimes against multiple races and it’s never once affected his care…
Retweeted by Inugami CoronavirusAnyway just three days left to back Scarlet Hollow on Kickstarter😘
Retweeted by Inugami CoronavirusI just farted and DIDN'T look at my ass in surprise. Take THAT, ollie @markpopham @kendrawcandraw be the kendra wearing crocs you wish to see in the world @AstroKatie my office has a big light fixture that puts out a ton of heat and I am currently using it as a space heater so: I feel youollie just farted and looked at his ass like "wtf was that???" @ryanqnorth @ryanqnorth haha thanks manForgot to put the coffee grounds in the coffee maker againcomic time @yellowcardigan happy birthday my pal!!
gonna play some Hades Meatball Wanter @markpopham I'd guess it's either the cables or the turntable itself, then @markpopham you're getting good volume when you hook up your phone but not the turntable? @markpopham looking at the specs, it says it puts out 60w, which should be plenty @markpopham do you not have a power amp? the preamp alone isn't going to put out enough power to drive the speakersFather. It is time for my walk @UnburntWitch @TheBlackNerd for a few dollars whore