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Cartoonist, musician. He/him. I will block you for the slightest offence.

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@StrawberrySiren ha ha ha ha yepppppjust remembered the time my high school health teacher drew a diagram of the vulva and put the clitoris where the u… @ethansteele a clippy app that vibrates your phone violently, causing you to drop it @kittywithguitar @pawfetish I have no idea what Mesa Boogie is thinking with their bass control @Bishkebab a miserable careerbring back Clippy so he can pop up all "it looks like you're doomscrolling, would you like me to turn off your wifi?"all news websites should have a splash page that says "nah man it's all bad, you SURE?" that you have to click through before it loads @AstroKatie ffffffffff @AbbyHoward MEGANUBS @kittywithguitar @pawfetish put a Tube Screamer in front, turn the bass down, and discover that none of the other c… have you disturbed my slumber @Bouletcorp now I'm imagining sauropods just being giant pigeons and am VERY happy about it @kittywithguitar @pawfetish god, Mark series amps are such a bastard to dial in but once you find the sweet spot they're so good @damnyouwillis fucking YIKESSHIT @TheBlackNerd Somehow the red makes it less upsetting to meThe most poorly targeted Instagram ad of all time @TheBlackNerd Nightmare @UnburntWitch Comfyits friday night and u know what that means time 2 read the wikipedia article on magnetic monopoles 😈😈😈😈😈😈
I'm writing a video essay about Puzzle of Flesh and I'd like to have a couple of LGBT+ peeps age 30+ to read it ove…
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Retweeted by Francis 'Bjork' Morgan @cyelatm @kendrawcandraw God, if only @jas8522 @lizmacdraws I got a wifi extender @lizmacdraws @jas8522 Please leave me alone, I am comfortable in there @TheBlackNerd NO kisses @kittywithguitar @jeezusgutierrez he's a good boy whom just wants to play a pantera riff @kittywithguitar @jeezusgutierrez I'm subtweeting literally every guitarist on youtube except ola englund*five minutes later* sup y'all, Guitar Youtube Guy, back in the saddle again! Today I'm reviewing the newest produc… y'all, Guitar Youtube Guy here. just wanted to check in and let you know I'm doing okay what with the recent de… @TheBlackNerd ritual suicide, a cult favoriteHey, it's Guitar Youtube Guy. In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves, s… @TheBlackNerd bubonic plague, a cult classicWelcome back, fans and subscribers! It's me, Guitar Youtube Guy, with a HILARIOUS new song that parodies a genre of…'S UP MOTHERFUCKERS it's Guitar Youtube Guy, back with an absolutely KILLER 34/47"multiscale bass for the TIGHT… everyone guitar youtube guy here with some bad news blarpo guitars stopped answering my emails and i cant get y… y'all! It's Guitar Youtube Guy here with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm proud to be partnering with Blarpo Guitars to… NERDS it's Guitar Youtube Guy here at NAMM 2020! Just hangin out with some of my buds, like, heh, a guy you m… EVERYONE, it's ya boi Guitar Youtube Guy, back with another review of this $400 handmade boutique overdrive peda… fam, Guitar Youtube Guy here again, trying out a *record scratch* 8 STRING GUITAR?!?!?!?!?!?!?! anyway here's some blues riffshey what's up it's me, Guitar Youtube Guy, here with another demo video for a $4000 amp I'm going to set up to soun… 'vibing' await you
Retweeted by Francis 'Bjork' Morganfor instance, all of the entries for gas-giant planets have a specific bit about how there might be rainfalls of di… of my favorite pastimes is reading astrophysics pages on wikipedia and tracking the prevalence of unlikely and/… @alinapete beeperholy shit @christianaellis Both long but in different waysSleepy @whitneyarner the only good thing that racist old murderer ever did was inspire this incredibly hilarious statue @whitneyarner god I laugh literally every time I see that fuckin face @nevervikki @namshubofenki mine too! @TheBlackNerd I played myselfYesterday I fixed all the typos in today's comic (thank you, Patreon subscribers, for pointing them out- after draw… @20000TinyJars mairead here with a lettuce play of garden simulator 2020 @ryanqnorth @skrishna the contact lens equivalent of forgetting to put water in the coffee makerAnita White rules, that dipshit country band can go fuck themselves @whitneyarner LAAAAAAAAAcomic time
@ethansteele It’s SO funand the Polymoon gets REAL weird once you start twiddling the knobs clip of the Darkglass using my fender jazz bass 5 string. This is a roughly 50/50 blend of the distorted and… @vasilethedeal I'm in love! @ethansteele it bass time @atdavidhex @MagnoliaPearl omg @MagnoliaPearl aw dang I sold it for rare candy :< @MagnoliaPearl mine's weird, not sure what he's gonna evolve into @F_ckingAwesome when you turn the feedback all the way up it just repeats forever so: probably @F_ckingAwesome I seriously considered picking up an Ottobit too but I didn't want to drop TOO much cash at once, lol @mcloaferpants it's so good, with the graphic EQ I don't even need a preamp anymore, just plug that shit straight i… these pedals fuckin OWN, the polymoon basically turns anything you connect to it into a space alien and the… pedal day 😈 @Neala_Draws squash and stretchhe looks extra weird when he's next to a normal dog @sarahgraleyart What is Stef but a large Toby @alinapete hot @DreamsRestless Yeah that’s super disappointing :( @DreamsRestless that seems wild after Swery's last game! @DreamsRestless oh dearI love that all the reviews for Deadly Premonition 2 are like "the game runs like garbage and I feel like I should… @haven2dotnet I love this dog @namshubofenki @npdemers lol what the fuck are you onone eye sees the present (wanting treats). the other eye sees the future (getting treats) @Dosbilliam maybe they should start webcomics @Jake_R_G seriouspost: it's very bad but every other social media is worsetruth @namshubofenki lol it's been my full time job for 17 yearsI sincerely believe it betrays a deep personal despair, it's a kind of lowkey self-harm knows if you go through my archives, you can see the comic has radically shifted focus multiple times over the years.… @tinyspells @sarahgraleyart I know the truth @DVanillannie there's not really that many, they're just loud about itit takes a special kind of dilbert-ass mentality to imagine someone dedicating their entire adult life to a creativ… @KBSpangler absolutely miserable thinking about my many idiot childrenI HAD a job I hated and was only doing for the money. Turns out that made me extremely bad at it, so I started doing QC insteadmy favorite QC conspiracy theory is that I secretly hate doing it and am only in it for the money. Sorry to the dum… @whitneyarner @TheBlackNerd that was my ENTIRE jam when I was still doing long-distance with my wife @whitneyarner @TheBlackNerd I've been meaning to watch this! @TheBlackNerd NoTfw u were listening to music