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Opinionated homosexual fellow working in a LGBTQ+ nonprofit. Married. Geeky. He/him/his

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Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡How does the cocaine figure into this analysis? Biden doesn't have to prove anything. This moving of the goalposts is called "shifting the burden o…
Just once, I’d love to see a city/state take just one of these “autonomous zones” by right wingers at face value an…’s that time of year when deep-fried turkey fires go waaaaaay up because of local fire departments demonstrating…
The fucking turkey tradition apparently jump-started the part of his lizard brain that remembered pardon power. Fro… @ZacharyZane_ I don't know about selling them, but you could always buy gift bags in bulk and pass them out as "tha…
Incorrect., it me. @mce1201 @mcecreations Damn!
It’s 2020. Anything can happen. Predictions for next Trump/Rudy presser:Biden’s easygoing “this is mostly embarrassing for him” approach to ending this election has run its course. We nee…
@NikkiHaley As was widely predicted months ago... Republicans suddenly give a shit about fiscal responsibility, aus…'s not Rudy Giuliani's fault, he told his assistant to make an appointment at SuperCuts and somehow ended up at S… Giuliani's hair: leaks Mike Pence's hair: attracts flies Stephen Miller's hair: flees from toxic racism in bra… it's bulking season. Also known as when muscular underwear models unironically call themselves fat. Joy.Dudeski, SOOOO many people saw this coming 5 years ago. But manny of the people screaming about it were black, brow… @ZacharyZane_ It's the wild wild west out there until Twitter gets enough complaintsAnimal Crossing has Stories now 🤯
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡
What did I ever do to convince YouTube and Google that I was interested in frequently occurring 6 minute Praeger U… when political fact-checkers were like "well, technically, there's no evidence the 3% decrease in marginal… York City has reached the 3% testing positivity 7-day average threshold. Unfortunately, this means public schoo…
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡 @allisonkilkenny Excellent points. Just to add: Cuomo shouldn’t think we’re letting the casual fat phobia slide, either. @tyler_cov A valid concern, but if my twitter is typical, no one has time to screenshot all of that
Maybe this is just the result of the thots I follow, but Twitter fleets appear to be for porn/onlyfans promos. I’m not complaining. @notcameronrose For the next 10 years...
@NKinRealLife Lol + Live TV is raising their price AGAIN? At the new rate, I'm only saving about $5/month versus basic cable with far more channels. @realDonaldTrump 250,000 people died on your watch. Unnecessarily and directly linked to your incompetence. Loser.AND I'M A TOP! @hectorGvega I'm trying, doesn't seem to be showing up on OF
I fully intend to criticize Biden when he deserves it. Our elected officials should always be held accountable. But… LeFt HaS tO rEaCh OuT tO tRuMp VoTeRs BeCaUsE tHeY’rE hUrTiNg ShOw SoMe CoMpAsSiOn
Ryan Murphy projects. Locker rooms. The underwear aisle at Target. TikTok.
Any attempt by Donald Trump to deny New York access to a lifesaving #COVID19 vaccine will be met with a lawsuit, pl…
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡Let's flip the script. It's great that Trump won't concede - it means every day we get a new, definitive piece of e… he nor any of his spawn better ever set foot in this state again. I want his name torn off buildings tomorr… consequences of actual looting and criminal mischief should be fines and maybe jail time. The average gun-totin… @SportsCenter Packing for a move @AndreDonovanXO Quick, let’s get some more on you! @davenewworld_2 He thought he would be in the clear if she threw the first punch, but I'm just going to leave this… knew there would be consequences to pulling guns on peaceful black protestors and then doubling on your 15 minu…
@doubledcooking Yes. Removing the stress of contemplating “how horny am I” later. @doubledcooking I’m going to eat a bunch of beans tonight and commit to a night of games and tv“People want to show up and have their voice heard.” It’s called voting, Kheyleighchester, and your guy had less pe… a demon who is like really motivated to work out take over my body for about 2 hours every morning?US coronavirus cases for each day in November: Nov. 1: 76,771 Nov. 2: 86,589 Nov. 3: 91,910 Nov. 4: 104,296 Nov. 5…
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡 @JAYxALEXANDER I'm making this my new home screen wallpaper @jakewil I don't have a specific artist, but Red Barron Ink did my last one and they've been wonderfully supportive of the community.I'm calling it: 7:31 pm EST on 11-11-20. With people claiming J Toobin's J'ing-the-Tube firing is just another part…
I think I'm going to get a tank and start keeping fish in the new year. I'm hoping that 2020's plant gays will be r… @ParkerMolloy He lost me at "Orange Hitler wasn't a threat to the republic" because, like, he TOTALLY WAS. It's jus… how quickly the lies about voter fraud evaporate when there are *consequences* to the careers and reputatio… @AndreDonovanXO @2013Moonlight These are art. Sexy art.Look, give me a big Thanksgiving dinner with friends or give me a sloppy late night of boozing and messing around w… let people recognize this quote and not think I've become a crazy.) #theatrekidI danced for the Devil; I saw him, I wrote in his book; ... I saw Joe Biden with the Devil! I saw Goody Harris with… trying to get my favorite NYC OnlyFans creators to collab American recognize that Biden won. 6/10 Republican voters get it. Only 3% of Americans think Trump won (13% "n…"Jere in Paris" (JAIR-ee in PAH-ree) is a somewhat better rhyme than Emily, so in the spirit of things, I'll go wit… @tyler_cov @mcecreations Let’s see 🧐 @ForecasterEnten I don’t think people have given enough thought to what replaces polls if they were gone. Political… @MSignorile Oh, so saying things that may not be completely accurate which arguably cause some people to not vote i… @darrylstephens Yes! Fill up those beds with “white collar” criminals who’ve done so much more to hard society than… train our volunteers making mental health 911 calls with "We need an ambulance, not police, for a mental health… @Liiiii_Liiiii And look amazing wearing it @tyler_cov @mcecreations Petition for @mcecreations to hire Tyler as an official model for his clothing line. Especially the bottoms. @tyler_cov @mcecreations Got damn!Can we just make a rule that Democrat senators from swingy states and/or special election states are off limits for Biden appointments?
Apropos of nothing in particular, remember when I got to meet Patti LaBelle and watch her perform from backstage at… when Patti LaBelle posthumously outed Luther Vandross as gay and afraid of coming out and disappointing hi… this a thing? Did I do a thing? least he's a consistently brazen about his lies. thing I've learned from looking through a year of sign-in data to de-duplicate it is that many people don't kno…'s right about one thing: there's no reason to have a Senate. Let's get rid of this anti-Democratic racist holdov…
It’s always “activists and their demands to stop killing black ppl almost cost us the election” Never “white wome…
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡If anyone is shocked at @senatemajldr's hypocrisy in accepting the Senate and House election outcomes, but not the…"Good afternoon, Federation dignitaries. I'd like to welcome you all to the Enterprise... Rent-A-Car parking lot."…
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡I'm predicting it - NYC schools won't come back after Thanksgiving until at least January. Pfizer news means the value of avoiding infections over the next few months has gone way up. That in turn shoul…
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡 Chappell monologue from last night’s #SNL is like the opposite of the joy we were all feeling yesterday. It’s…
@mce1201 Just drop an autographed glossy print in my latest order instead. 😈 @DeanBrowningPA And we couldn't be more thrilled. y'all thought his shady inauguration fundraising, self-dealing through the government, and jail-worthy violation… @alexg0ldberg Or he announces his candidacy for 2024 and starts raking in the donation money again. Or uses the ALW… said, the ones who do believe his desperate, incendiary lies are also the most deranged, violent, gun-toting,… yourselves, I'm going to say something out of character. Not ALL Trump supporters are complete brainwashed id… @kayleighmcenany "They weren't" isn't a satisfactory answer? Every election department in every city in the country… Trump is determined to go out as pathetically as possible, right? Tune in tomorrow at the Doubletree A/C Repai… know what we get to look forward to? 4 years in which the President's surrogates aren't out shilling for a rand… @marcorubio Where is this clear evidence you keep bringing up? Seems like that would be a good thing to show the Am… has a GIF made me cry. Until tonight. [origin unknown]
Retweeted by Jere Keys @🏡 @marcorubio 1) Recounts RARELY change outcomes. 2) The "if" is doing ALL the heavy lifting here. So far, i multipl… can’t believe they called this guy sleepy. She’s showing what sleepy really looks like. 💤 @Mas0nj4r @mce1201 @mcecreations Phat ass tops are the best. Gives me something pleasant to grab onto when I want i… bath got cold while we waited, so instead I’m showing my daughter our first female Vice President. @Boomer_Banks @DanielJDuggan Okay, but who is he, Boomer? Because... @mce1201