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Jeremy Baker @Jeremy_Baker Vancouver, British Columbia

I am a father, radio presenter, beat monger, and music nerd. I talk on @cfoxvan. I’ll DJ your party/wedding @SpinTBD

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my days during the coronavirus are like star wars movies...every one is a little bit different but theyre all the same
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerI wish I were joking
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerLet’s LARP army mens and storm the legislature in Victoria. My sign will say “Peace, Order, and Good Haircuts!”’s infuriating to be surrounded by so many people not following the rules- and sneaking visits with people. I sti…
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @klancashire They are delicious. All sour patch kids are beautiful. I’ll just take tropical over crush is all.The only virus that spreads more efficiently than COVID-19 is Plandemic. @ryanawram Typical outrage engagement content.I hate to be controversial on twitter buuuuut tropical sour patch kids > Crush sour patch kids. @LindsayDianne 😳Week 8 - Work From Home With The Fox! 🎸 And @Jeremy_Baker @CFOXvan Keep connected to #Vancouver Radio w/…
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I wish white people protested when a Black man is murdered they way they do when they need a haircut. #AhmaudAubrey
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerGUYS! You might not have much time to show us you Isolation Hair at! Phase 2 openings are c…
Retweeted by Jeremy Bakeri wonder what shade of pink the @NHL will choose for the new womens jerseys they will release to demonstrate how th…
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @mattthemascot Kids are stupid. It saying it’s right...just that “it is what it is.™️” @Radioian Canada. Grad? No yeah bud? @LindsayDianne delightfully weird...hahaha @MolsonDryDave impossible. @martyzylstra @saidthewhale song makes a lot of sense right now.I have a small horde of children who firmly (and perhaps violently) disagree. don't think I would have sexual relations with someone who used the word "perf." But the rest of this list is pre…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerFew Faces and Big Spaces is my favourite Dr. Bonnie Henry album. - Jeremy
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerMy friend Tom made a funny
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @tysonelder KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! @LindsayDianne oh they don't like hearing that :PBreaking news from BC Premier John Horgan today: Under Phase One, 2-5 women are now allowed to beat the shit out of Brendan Leipsec.
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @LindsayDianne wow, who is that cry baby?I just need one day without American news. Just one. @James_LRR yeah same here Tanked up at .95 today and felt like an Albertan!The owner of a company decided to stop paying his drivers, so one of them parked their semi on-top of the owner's F…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerPandemics suck. No doubt...but I still take great please in watching the litres go up faster than the dollars when I have to fuel up. @LindsayDianne Wow. Haha @CharisHogg Oh man. Yeah that would be too much for a PM drive guy. FufffffWent to mail a package and Canada Post still charges a 5% fuel surcharge...which is curious because the oil compani… two-year-old...every morning at 6am. Every. Morning. @AlexOnAirAgain Middle of May.
What did Grimes and Elon Musk name their baby? Wrong answers only. - Jeremy
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerPirates - olden timesy - Disney - missing a leg because you're a drunk dummy who fell into a lagoon with sharks Co… death rate in the US due to COVID-19 is about 2:1 compared to Canada. That number is an improvement, it used to… @ReapersPlace Brad Musk. huh. @AlexOnAirAgain plus it goes with your rave outfit.Pearl Jam on the radio again....the radio was way better in the 90s when they played Pearl Jam.I wish The Weather Network would flash a trigger warning before showing the travel weather forecast. @LindsayDianne Real solid. @CFOXvan @Jeremy_Baker @TheCarmenCruz hey! it's my birthday today! I'm listening to CFOX all day at work... would y…
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @Larissa_B @CFOXvan @TheCarmenCruz Happy birthday! @thearashow Mocked up a logo. I love it. @heygregr @vancityrockgirl That was an incredible journey. @KLatremouille 🤘This global work from home regime coupled with a complete inability to travel, even locally, means you never get a…
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Stationary Robbery, I stole your pen, so you can't even write again. - Jeremy
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerOnly 8 new cases of COVID-19 discovered in BC today. Dr. Bonnie Henry channeled 70's AM gold rockers Toto when she…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerI'd be doing a lot more squats. - Jeremy
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerI am just barely wrapping my head around murder we have teenage mutant ninja virus? Fuck this noise,… @Tim_Ell @LindsayDianne such a great song!Beef shortage. Potato surplus. I'm sorry, but maybe @BurgerKing is on to something there @Wendys ?… government offers $250 some-odd-millions for the agriculture industry. A fraction of the billions they say… @AsaRehman @edgarseeya there are levels to that one. I love it so much! @Jeremy_Baker Murder Orcas
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @edgarseeya actually, that is low key an outstanding post.Make an animal way more awesome by throwing "murder' in front of it's name lol I'll start, Murder Penguins. ahhhhhhhhhh @as_per_danielle I still do it...I love those little sea turtle guys. @ItsDanSheehan @steph_mcca large parts of Canada?you either go to bed at a normal hour or stay awake long enough to see the automated emails roll into your inbox in…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerSometimes for a little added white person zip, I substitute sour cream for mayo in my Cinco de Mayo.When #CincoDeMayo and #TiktokTuesday fall on the same day 😂@Jeremy_Baker has no chance against #luchador
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerRemember normal baby names like Apple, Bear and Birdie?
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerCinco de Mayo is my favourite mayonnaise based day.Seattle Murder Hornets I’d buy a jersey. @NHL @NHLSeattle_ first drink at the airport chilis is gonna hit different when we can travel again
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @LindsayDianne What else am I feeling???? Kennyhoopla, Hot Mulligan, the UNEQUAL song featuring the dude from Band… @nightMairC Yes. Can you email me and I can sort this out tomorrow when I can see my notes? @LindsayDianne Because “soft punk with folk lyrics” is my JAM! @LindsayDianne Or frightened Rabbit. Or *maybe* Gang of Youths. @LindsayDianne You want Moose Blood.For my ally is the fourth, and a powerful ally it is. Right you guys?
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @JinkBc Families are getting $300 a kid on May 20th if you receive the Canadian child benifit. The rest of the post is just jokes. @shawn_ohara @chelsealou_who dude, where's your onlyfans? I have a credit cad!
@jr1970vintage Wait. @jstagrlwithacat but they like sticks! @shutupkolter @radiomccord May 20 my dude,. mardi gras!It's the Oakley sunglasses that make them so compelling in online arguments. are getting an extra $300 per kid in May for the Canada Child Benefit. Finally, my plan of, have kids ->… top 3 favourite Star Warses. 01) THE INNER LIGHT 02) SINS OF THE FATHER 03) DARMOK @LindsayDianne @LindsayDianne @BigNasty604 what happened to BigNasty?Looking for a new #athomeworkout? Look no further! @Jeremy_Baker @MeredithGeddes & @TheCarmenCruz share their…
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @BaileyParker_ cool! @jennafabulous let me know if you sort out "not eating snacks." Because during COVID....yeah....challenges abound over here.The good guys with guns™ are storming the capitol to protect us from tyranny. But where are the good guys with gun… @LindsayDianne huh... that chick went zero to wut? real fast. @vancolour @ErinUbels wow Mo. It is way too early in the week for this red hot takes. @kerflorian yeah maybe that is the best!