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Jeremy Baker @Jeremy_Baker Vancouver, British Columbia

I am a father, radio presenter, beat monger, and music nerd. I talk on @cfoxvan. I’ll DJ your party/wedding @SpinTBD

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@pablo069eh HeheheI am who I am! @rozalita are just dentists but for your eyes. @JoryMacKay heck yes Jory!Andrew Scheer looks like the kind of guy that would use Conservative Party money to pay for his children’s private education.
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @JtotheEVON Big Mac are tasty but.... Sandwich > burger It is known.Hitting for the Spin Cycle. was inspired last night after the gym to make a real good sandwich. Soppressata , spicy capocollo ham, provolone… @vancityrockgirl @paper_seas Maybe? If there’s a book somewhere I’d be betting on it! @ClickHole @Fearless_Fred DOTY right there. Inspiring.Father Of The Year: His Daughter Loves Frozen, So For Her Birthday This Awesome Dad Cursed The Land With Eternal Wi…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerThe next leader of the Conservative Party will be the comment section of a Greta Thunberg story come to life. @paper_seas @vancityrockgirl I think that conservativism as a movement is so broken they’ll double down and bring u… Andrew Scheer’s corruption “scandal” is boring.Respond to a man yelling for help in a mixed-use building. Several officers start knocking door-to-door. Turns ou…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerDonors offer tens of thousands of dollars to help cover Grinchly theft from Surrey Christmas charity - BC |…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerI get the feeling people who drink a lot of eggnog would probably try heroin #Christmas
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerYou have an abyss. Do you stare or scream into it?
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @ryderfm Protein bro. Protein. @ABeautifulLife Dude. Duuuuuude. @NestaMAZING Do what must be done. who think Greta Thunberg is a parrot of her "handlers" have never met a 16-year-old girl.
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerOn the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to meme: 12 double rainbows 11 blinking white guys 10 i like turtles…
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker🎵if you’re having car problems I feel bad for you son I got a Honda Maintenance Minder Alert and it’s a B1🎵 Which…! Way to go @CKNW and @simisara980! @Conjacerio @vancityrockgirl right, three things :P @vancityrockgirl husbands are literally good for maybe three things...and hunter/gather is two of them. @flinner30 it's so good.
@pablo069eh @Bed_pans I like my ex. Morcheeba? I'd ask her and her new husband <3 @flinner30 but then.... Your sword's grown old and rusty Burnt beneath the rising sun It's locked up like a trophy… said what I said. @therealDTRB I should get a tattoo that says that. @dotsam @klancashire got me. I’ll try them!I understand the controversy surrounding #GretaThurnberg being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and not… @mattthemascot I was 87% sure Baby Yoda was going to be person of the year. @klancashire Do you not think I already feel terrible about myself? No need to dog pile on. Besides, carrot cake O… @jstagrlwithacat I just want to hug each and every one of the them and whisper in their ear, “there there, you’ll b… wife gave me shit because I bought regular Oreos and not Double Stuff Oreos. Even though I felt uncomfortable be… news is contributing to my deteriorating mental health. press release you'll read this year
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerMe: huh Time Magazine named #GretaThunberg “Person of the Year.” Neat. *clicks on the story and sees the replies* Grinch has struck @SurreyChristmas Someone broke into the Toy Depot early this morning and stole 3 new laptops…
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @vancityrockgirl You did it!but seriously... how talented is @ThePieous? amazing.Thanks for listening Cindy!
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @tayramone We all lose that internet fight. Haha6-year-old me baked into a pie by the evil witch who lives in a large cottage built of gingerbread, cakes, and cand…
Will Ferrell Elf voice: DAVE! I know him! Watch Dave Grohl smash a beer with a fan dressed as Santa. - Jeremy
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerAll my Foo Fighters fantasies come true when Dave Grohl shotguns a beer with Jake Virtanen.2000 was 20 years ago which is really weird because 1980 was also 20 years ago
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @theblueyedsoul I am fortunate I'm at a place in my life where that offer would be a hard pass. I dunno, my first… @theblueyedsoul that's rough! @theblueyedsoul i'm sorry...but what bar pays DJs less than minimum wage and what self respecting DJ takes that gig? @Here_is_my_2 wait I work in abs!if russia is banned from the olympics and “all other major international competitions” can they still participate in american elections?
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerHer: tell me about yourself. Me: I think Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Her: know it does take place in… greatest trick the devil ever pulled was rebranding pleather to vegan leather. @mattthemascot Same. @BoBindsay Real good!It is how it is. @drex This gif is perfect.Marriage Story rly opened my eyes about divorce. tbh doesn’t look fun at all. don’t know why so many ppl get them.
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @jennafabulous Damn I was gunna apply but I present as not female. And I am a lot of fun too! His loss. @ABeautifulLife Some sort of ginger snap? Sure. @jamiefrickengib What a bizarre bizarre thought from this weird dude. Wow. I almost love it as performance troll art. @StephHammy Travel to see some bands? @alex_j_h That is friendship. @rhinoridge Omg I’m gunna stand up and cheer so loudly! Standing O! @bklyndrdgr Bless you! Hahaha @ABeautifulLife Puerto Adventuras which I believe is Spanish for Port Adventure! @wholegrainne Holy weird! @bklyndrdgr I refuse to get sick. Ever. But especially on this trip. @MisNix_ You’re doing it! You’re adulting!Starting to get stressed thinking of our upcoming family holiday. My wife and I will be flying with kids and I’m co…
.@Weezer teams up with @KristenBell to cover the Frozen 2 song "Lost in the Woods." - Jeremy
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerVancouver: Let's encourage people to not drive into the city by ramping up the costs of operating a car and parking… immediate release: @jpthemaurice crafted this gorgeous #Christmas album featuring his many friends…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerNever go full Bob Bratina. @drex @Fearless_Fred ‘Tis the month! HahaHow about free parking downtown? riding, WHERE ARE THE PEDICABS IN THIS CITY? @Fearless_Fred I love triggering the cons, I scream HAPPY HOLIDAYS at them!I’m thankful for the Foo Fighters because I’ve never felt threatened by a foo and that means they’re doing a heck of a job on the frontlines
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @BrittVanH @tameimpala @perfumegenius GO SO FULL!
@Andrew_Beckler A weird and wonderful experience. @tforshner @CaptScottty @jeffoneilshow Thank you Trevor! @LMG2112 @TheNewPornos @kathryncalder is a Victoria person. If it can work for them to play the island I am sure they wlll. @ABeautifulLife @BootsNScarves_ Bless you both. My wife and I were pretending that we still sleep in. But that mean… @mattthemascot @CaptScottty @GlobalBC You first! @CaptScottty @GlobalBC So good.[eats soup] [has bath] [becomes soup]
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerWent to visit @Jeremy_Baker at the Santa Fox Food Drive today at @coquitlamcentre. We brought food and cash donatio…
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker
@TeamLeoREMAX @Jeremy_Baker at @coquitlamcentre on @CFOXvan - a couple awesome Coquitlam boys giving back to their…
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerSmashing it out at the #SantaFoxFoodDrive. Over $19,000 and piles of food. Thank you! enjoy these “Santa hats” drawn by my child. #MerryChristmas
Retweeted by Jeremy Baker @youngbombs This thread is so out of control. And I love it. @RobTheHockeyGuy I mean I am trying to think about a hockey trade that would be fair to NJ too. You know? @RobTheHockeyGuy Goldobin, Ballard and a 2nd to New Jersey for Hall (and Canucks also throw in Eriksson and Luongo’… Pelosi should impeach the entire NFC East from the playoffs
Retweeted by Jeremy BakerDon’t even pretend to like music if you are not familiar with every song on this list.