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Artist; have written, and curated, also. Currently Acting Head of MA Writing at the Royal College of Art, London, though our views may differ 🤷

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Guess I should’ve watched the video first! Doesn’t mention it, but I wonder from where I got that idea. @SaraDSantos_ @season_butler?Alice Notley's book-length poem charts the journey during which we assess the value of words and their historical c…
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @moirajeffrey That's very true. But also so scary, too. I think there's something so troublingly American in his wo… @moirajeffrey Now that’s laying down a marker. My favourite piece is when he flew a small balsa plane down the ai… @moirajeffrey And he was *so* young when he did that stuff — wasn’t the locker piece his degree show? @seanlclancy All about the drama, was Chris, all about the drama. @MinxMarple Best work that Murakami has ever made. @SmunroMccall @Tim_Etchells Doesn't look like it will be, though. Not good that DCMS decides in consultation with ACE, BFI, etc.Am I right in thinking that the guy with the rifle was the ex-boyfriend of Burden's then girlfriend? I seem to reca… @MinxMarple I said nothing. @MinxMarple 😳 @MinxMarple #3 would say: This paper simply combines running and bike riding, neither of which is considered new.
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @emmaZbolland @vilmastuttle @saintsoftness Actually, if Deepak Chopra had shown up that might have improved matters… @jenniferhodgson It'll just be him and Gove sharing their dealer's contact with some gallerists. @emmaZbolland @vilmastuttle @saintsoftness I'd saved that photo of me, looking like something from a Munch painting, that Paddy Langley took in that Anne Carson workshop. @MjTurner_ @MinxMarple Maybe on his day off. @SovayB I don’t know who I am anymore @SovayB Maybe mine is, too. @SovayB 😘🧐🎶🤞🤡❤️Don’t think he was married when that photo was taken. 🤔 @fedpowell @PhelpsieSarah Not just — some time ago… Plenty of other dodgy examples. @MinxMarple @MjTurner_ Yes!🧐 @MjTurner_ @sara_mcalpine Not any more!Nick and Abi want to be your mentors! We can offer: 💥 Free mentoring for up to a year 💥 Experience in arts, litera…
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @DavidCollard1 I wrote about it a little when Marker passed away. all professionals in the film, television, theatre, entertainment and arts world, join the challenge to post a p… all professionals in the film, television, theatre, entertainment and arts world, join the challenge to post a p… @LParker_tweets fact that someone like Toby Young gets to write his 'cancel culture' article over and over again is fairly conc… @StacyBoldrick *shudders*“2020 Vision,” a 2015 cover by Barry Blitt.
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @SovayB I suspect it's columns.“I’d like to go to that high place,” she says — and beach san­dals are so soft. Yuzo Ono talks on the perfect impe…
Retweeted by Jeremy MillarGlad you seem to be enjoying such a horrific scene. Perhaps you could now tell us what you are doing to save the ar…😘😬🤷👍🙄🧐 @DavidCollard1 From ‘La Jetée’, both films based on the same book.
2020 his 2002 essay on the history of the Six Grandfathers, Matthew Buckingham worked with geologists to imagine what…
Retweeted by Jeremy MillarAh, go on then. @Tomwmarks Start with the best @LParker_tweets 🎶 Fuck Off 🎶 Yes, it was similar @hannah_redler @LParker_tweets Better than ‘Lohengrin’ I suppose. 😬 @jphew66 Yes, the whole thing is dodgy as fuck.Might be Brahms.I’m not sure what kind of modern composition @LParker_tweets is playing on the piano next door but it is accompanie… @jenniferhodgson Come ON Jen, Boris has lit a candle, what more do you WANT @weszssz @kentpolice7oaks Grassing to the police Grassing Farage to the police streaming NOW
Retweeted by Jeremy MillarRemembering CRAIG OWENS, who died 30 years ago today.
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar🧐 @PeterFoolen @profdanhicks You do many wonderful things.Day 95 Abandonment & Empty Spaces #MuseumsUnlocked @profdanhicks Lesley Kerman, a former student of Richard Hamilto…
Retweeted by Jeremy MillarThis’ll show ‘em @willjennings80 Uncanny @CuriosoTheGreat 😋this original story, Pangolin, by @junecaldwell is a sensory rollercoaster from start to finish. thank you June for…
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @katysender But the seniors are who vote for them 🤷What could possibly go wrong in the meantime? 🤷🥰 months later than planned, & subject to all that 2020 still has in store, but it looks like @jeremy_millar_1 an…
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @PeterFoolen Given how much the individual lithographs are, either I dread to think how much it was, or you got an extremely good bargain. @katysender But why then be photographed in a pub? Why be so closely associated with it? Makes no sense. They could… better advice: imagine that you are the one who might be carrying the virus & act with care for everyone else.
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @LParker_tweets😈 @arcmagazine1 😈Thanks to Royal College of Art, London for publishing my story. They've re-launched ARK mag (now ARC) that ran from…
Retweeted by Jeremy MillarI hate it when people come here from other countries spreading their diseases..@kentpolice7oaks Someone has broken quarantine after being in the country with the highest infection rate. Can you… @steffanjh @DavidHasselhoff No, this is David Hasselhoff. Can you please explain why this is the case? do Johnson, Gove, and Patel want to be so closely associated with reopening the pubs, and the inevitable fatal consequences? @chamiltonemery No, it’s Jim Morrison, this is The Hoff. @sarahgperry1 I started at a poly and one of my classmates became a Tory MP. 🤷 @Grindrod I’m sure we must’ve spoken of this: @Grindrod I did play football and cricket, too, but… Thinking back I would’ve been 11. Remember reading that the de… Morrison died #OTD 1971. RIP Lizard King 🦎
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @Grindrod My first ever 'research project' — aged 10? 11? — was on the redevelopment of the city centre, and spent… @Grindrod This takes me back. @potnast @RCA_Writing @jenniferhodgson Innit
🧐 a student at the @RCA, George Hardie was paid £60 for his Rapidograph dot-stippled drawing used on the front…
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Jeremy Millar @OutoftheCube1 Lamb Momo. @ratwoman Done. @ratwoman I hope you’re not disappointed in me 😕 @Tai_Shani Yummy. Not as good as the other place, though.😋 mean, will you just look at this… Outrageous doesn’t even begin to cover it. @AnnebellaPollen @JohnCageTrust Ooh, lucky you. And yes, it's a beaut.