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Plus, why would you settle for some unwanted kid? Hello, no one wants them. It’s right there in the name. I’ll take… @michaeljknowles @tedcruz What’s your appeal?What a petty little column. is telling of where we are - constantly trying to use government to fix problems that don’t exist. Of course,…
do not do this
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingKilling a baby after it's born is..."religious freedom"? The Democrat platform now includes ritual child sacrifice?
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingOkay. I’ll go. What is the ideal climate? Like, specifically. in this analogy we are all helpless wanderers in the wilderness desperately pleading with Mark Zuckerberg to sho…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingKill what, Liz? @GhostStalker451 GuiltyYou’re missing the point, Lila. The pregnant Bloomberg employee WANTED her child, thus conferring value upon it bec… dare she. said the vaccine for the corona Virus is in some kid's head in West Virgina. Find this goddam kid. NOW!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingAnd whatever they don’t take away from someone else and give to you, they will ban outright. For you and me, anyway… give Democrats power and ego-gratification, and they’ll pay you off with “free” healthcare and education and c…’s entire democrat platform is bribery. ‘Vote for me, and I’ll take someone else’s money and give it to you! Y… would pay one of these debate moderators 10 thousand dollars to ask the candidates to define the word “woman”
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People who won’t actually pay a new tax always see it as modest. There is nothing so painless, sensible, and unobje… the case. a man who holds the entire population of a country as his prisoners—and punishes the families of those who esca…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingThis is correct. @BridgetPhetasy GrossNot at everyone. I can’t get arrested. think the saying is #YouAreWhatYouEat, which in your case is quite literally true. @Harry1T6 @MichaelB_RN @andrewklavan It’s true that @andrewklavan would look good in all three of these. Alas, he is a cheap bastard.Nah. Communists have great jokes. Like: What did communists use for light before candles? Electricity. matter how hard I try, these Bernie Bro’s everyone speaks of won’t come blow up my replies. I really need to get… president does put ketchup on steak, so Bernie isn’t all wrong. less fun somehow.!!! the plague hits Rome and we still have two Popes are we technically living in the Middle Ages
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingYes
More than a little odd that “American” doesn’t make the list. Wonder why? She is a sitting member of the US Congre…
Retweeted by Jeremy Boreing @VareckDemon @GhostStalker451 @MargoCatholic @drmc0628, doesn’t America also have a literacy program?These are the moments Twitter was made for. I have to pay for other people to have children. buried those words? And why haven't the media hammered him on, you know, his words of support for EVERY COMMUNI…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingAre you American?
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingI heart this so much. does it mean that @BernieSanders sees the best in Castro’s Cuba (teaching anti-American slogans “improved lite…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingI rejected and continue to reject the notion that stopping Hillary Clinton - who of course would have been a terrib… @HotlineJosh “Castro tortured political prisoners, imprisoned nuns, executed homosexuals, but he had a literacy pro…
Retweeted by Jeremy Boreing @Strangeland_Elf Huge hit. @Strangeland_Elf @AOC Well that, sure.
@nicooolness @Noah_John16 Why? Because most men prefer long hair on most women in most instances. Simple fact. @nicooolness @Noah_John16 But let’s not go pretending that reality isn’t reality. It isn’t just this poll. It’s eve… @nicooolness @Noah_John16 It does not suggest a woman with short hair cannot be beautiful or that men won’t find he… @nicooolness @Noah_John16 This is absurd. My original tweet very clearly says MOST men prefer long hair on MOST wom… are these NeverTrumpers? Even during the last cycle when I was I most certainly would not have voted for a soci…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingBernie Sanders is a communist & saying he's a "Democratic socialist" gives him a pass 1) Wants govt to take over e…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingI’m not one to defend @AOC, but ‘famous woman wears nice clothes on national television’ is a garbage attack. @NotBlindfolded @Strangeland_Elf This tweet pretty much sums it up.Plastic bag bans are almost as stupid as nuclear power bans, which are almost as counterproductive as recycling law…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingSo... the real coronavirus is the friends we made along the way? @Strangeland_Elf @TheMiddleborne But let’s not pretend that the majority of them don’t prefer what they prefer just… @Strangeland_Elf @TheMiddleborne I’m always tickled that many women get upset by this every time it comes up. It wo… @Strangeland_Elf @TheMiddleborne Of course both can be beautiful. The question Lauren asked is which do men prefer,…👇. Will Bernie win? I certainly hope not. Can Bernie win, of course he can. they’ll all vote for Sanders.
Retweeted by Jeremy Boreing @BridgetPhetasy Take that, haters.
Thank goodness. staggering disrespect these two keep showing to the Queen is outrageous. Who the hell do they think they are?
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingIt’s called “The View”... I am paid to give another view. If you’re deeply triggered by a diversity of opinions and…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingDo we really need Jane Austen movies? I have found is that many women blame men for ‘impossible’ beauty standards that are actually perpetuated, not… a woman make every decision to please a man? Of course not, but at least own the choice.Men overwhelmingly prefer long-hair. Women cut their hair because they may prefer it - power to ya’, it’s more util… at its best…
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@bennyjohnson I didn’t see it. You’re no boomer, but you got skills any boomer would be proud to have! Well done.Sometimes the boomers really deliver. @Republicanuck I am. I really am. @Strangeland_Elf @drmc0628 @VareckDemon She's not, people. She's really not. @Cernovich That's true enough. @CurtisHouck That's certainly true - because there is an inherent anonymity to social media, even when you put your… @GenXCrank I’m not unsympathetic, though I will say if every conservative just owned it publicly, it would be the end of cancel culture. @tom_spanish I’ll take it. @hgl6336 Thank you anonymous person too afraid to even be identified with your own beliefs IRL and who risks nothin… @Harry1T6 This is why the One Ring makes a man invisible - anonymity breeds deception. @Harry1T6 Sure. It may start that way. But once you start down the path of anonymity, your public face begins to tr…’t worry, Trump is going to have a lot more flexibility with Putin during his second term. Buzz off, clowns.
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingReading people’s shock about something called PropOp. People, every single anonymous account is fake to some degree… Dove is as good as it gets. WILL COMPLY!!, it's been the very worst of times, and totally understandable that in a booming economy, peace, and the highes…
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingSeriously... have they even watched my speeches? When have I ever knocked the value of human dignity and importance?
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingI feel like anyone who mistakes memes or jokes for "doctored videos" should be removed from the franchise
Retweeted by Jeremy Boreing @GhostStalker451 I’m a ninja.Between this and those new candles Gwyneth Paltrow is selling-- Nope. Can't do it. I had a great punchline about m…
This is actually pretty funny
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingShe's right. We should go back to the internet before there was any private money in it. That way, we never have to… just saw a PSA asking me to do my part to stop the spread of coronavirus. So, not to be a sell-out, but I intend… a rich, white woman for a hard-scrabble American Indian. @Strangeland_Elf Nah. Let your hair down. It’s good for you.A primary is, in the end, a referendum on whoever the front runner is. If they can’t get a majority, they should -… perspective will likely prevail, but it is completely wrong. When you‘re the clear front runner and you don’t… An actual inverse of Biblical morality. am conditionally declaring Mike Bloomberg winner of the debate, pending notification from my Venmo
Retweeted by Jeremy BoreingUm... All of them.