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Bridge builder/musical astronaut • R&B Artist • Album out now ⬇️

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@brikliam It’s so fascinating 😭I hate watch this lady's show almost every week 🤧 @ontheskrenf 😭 @Tendurag Not that I know of @Tendurag I believe so. There are some stipulations with PS Plus games but I only know of one. @joshuahsoup The fourth one 😭 @random_weighs
Kori Gauthier, 19. Missing LSU student. Her phone & wallet was found inside her vacant car. This story just doesn’t…
Retweeted by Jeremy Moon @its_dryx bread & fresh towels @its_dryx (But wow, he is so beautiful)Have expectations of how the people in your life should honor your relationship. Expect them to treat you well, and…
Retweeted by Jeremy MoonI know all the Twitter cool kids are ice cold and nonchalant and don’t feel things and have dream sold everyone tha…
Retweeted by Jeremy MoonI love me I was a big chubby queen !! Who was well known and earned my respect in New Orleans yesss that’s me I’m t…
Retweeted by Jeremy Moon @donnellmusic Y'all's avis are about to have me confused 😂 @7shadesofdope 🙏🏽💛💛💛The impact! was a waste of an episode😬Ok so I actually hated everybody's except Mik lmaoKandy what is that
@Phllp_Wnslw 🥴 @theerkj 😭*faints* love Nashville 😂 @ontheskrenf Next case!I forgot DMX did the intro to Aaliyah's video for Miss You 🥺I think about this so often lol yes, I do deserve new music from Miguel today. @joshuahsoup We thank him anyhow! @ddtchh The only other person who has done this is 🐝. The iconery!rest well, DMX. 💥💞
Retweeted by Jeremy MoonDMX, the iconic rapper who helped build the Ruff Ryders label into a powerhouse during the late 1990s, has died at…
Retweeted by Jeremy Moon @jantwinix Dsdkdshdskd idk what I was expecting this to refer to @Blike_Dante DjsbsbsndnfnfWasting yo tiiiiiiime Drinking that wiiiiiiine Smoking that smooooke Doing that cooooke not expecting DeRay to be caked up like that 😮 being friends with DMX feels right for some reason. They seem like they'd be amazing at Spades.
@luvleemelodie All 23 hours of it?? @ontheskrenf Mama said I know y'all's lil Twitter sayings! Mississippi 😂 zay tweet i think is triggering for many artists. cause it just supports this false narrative that numbers qua…
Retweeted by Jeremy Moon @stefanbertin A minute @SaintSmith_ I have to know where this is from 😭Lunar Session #003 Jeremy Moon - Don't Just Say (A Medley)
Retweeted by Jeremy Moon @XavierDLeau Like who are you tweeting this for because if I have 100K followers… @drycleandolo I hate it here lolThis is why independent artists go so hard about getting people to share music. You're pretty much invisible if you… @Onefourfiveone And yet so many labels operate the exact same way @Onefourfiveone🙃 @XavierDLeau HGTV host @Zsay_610 @jmill26_ Right. I’m guessing somebody’s meemaw got creative lol @jmill26_ If you’re making pudding from scratch you have to cook it in some way lol. That’s what makes it set. @ShutUpMurdy I’m actually a little bit intrigued lolI don’t eat bananas, but I could definitely see how a baked banana pudding could slap. @jmill26_ The first time I had ever heard of this was when Gladys Knight made it in that Verzuz commercialWhat a dumbass lmao @Tendurag 😭 @TatyanaJenene @XavierDLeau Heksksksbsbd @ontheskrenf I am truly unable lmao. @Tendurag The delusion that that has. @thelauratype I cannot. @jantwinix…’s a salmon-in-grits; nettles, echinacea & chamomile tea; & @jeremymoonmusic’s “Summerboy” type of morning. Yep,…
Retweeted by Jeremy Moon @WillieKinardIII 🙌🏽🌙 @jantwinix what it is about these particular edibles but I can feel my eyeballs in my head @MaybeMorque Ugh 🤢 @Rsoulstar 💀💀💀 @markchappelle Because you need both! And they were rightThe Isley Brothers kept a "Pts 1 & 2" 😂 I live @_JustinBobby @its_dryx I really only kept coffee because I enjoy a latte here and there. @its_dryx @MrAmbitious12 Let him speakC1Z
@its_dryx 🔥🔥🔥 @ScottieBeam 💀💀💀💀💀 @therobmilton Wh— @ScottieBeam Me when the math came out to a perfectly even $30,000.00 @alscottwrites Somebody quoted one of my tweets with that and I couldn’t stop laughing 😂IN THE WORDS OF A BROKEN HEART IT’S JUST EEEEEEEMOTIONS @theerkj 😭😭😭😭😭 @writelikeryan Having relationship skills? Yuck!🤣🤣🤣 the love has gone What used to be right is wrong Can love that’s lost be found? @ontheskrenf !!!!!!!!!!! The person who gave me the first injection basically put it in my shoulder joint 😭 so this…'s been 24 hours since I got Pfizer dose #2 and I haven't had any side effects other than my arm being mildly sor… @SaintSmith_ 😂Watching old concert videos pretending I'm at a show, shock it, break it, baby @therobmilton 😭 @its_dryx Yep! @its_dryx Yeah it is lol
It feels like there's a lot of creative energy in the atmosphere lately. Love to see it.