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Jeremy Kaplowitz @jeremysmiles New York City (Big Apple)

editor in chief @HardDriveMag & campaign manager @GamerPres20XX & podcast @showshowpod

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@arvalis @leslieleeiii Detroiters is really funny if that counts bc it's 50% Sam Richardson
@alecrobbins congrats!wrote this article for @HardDriveMag @OneTrickTofani yesgonna start telling people i moved to LA so when i tweet at 3am its less sadINSANE!!! My Ex-Wife Gave Birth [REACTION VIDEO]
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@realmessyboy @ArianaGrandethe film is produced by John Mulaney and Lorne Michaels in a desperate attempt to convince Pete that people care ab… a 🤢sick🤮 day so you can have a 😎sick🛹 dayi fuckin gottem dude!!!!!!!! @edzitron @edzitron @MattSaincome plz!!!!! i already deleted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @MattSaincome just rated Matt Saincome 1 star on Frienderboxd @Mark_Roebuck this can be our skill in the apocalypsethe newest episode of The Hard Drive Podcast is now live! we wrote an episode of 1989's The Super Mario Bros Super…
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@AnyaVolz thank you for your supportinside the terrifying new conspiracy theory CuteAnon in which deranged cultists insist that the girl reading this is cutemy special is out may 1st WORLDWIDE on @PrimeVideo. probably got a virus downloading the software to rip this trail…
Retweeted by Jeremy Kaplowitzhow long before elon musk tries to fund a covid vaccine that is exactly 69% effective?
@OneMisterJones 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸i think this is my 311th article for The Hard Times, which is funny because its the name of a band or some shit @hingers what is your favorite water?
@philip_rom me too! @jeremythunder @spectordeforce @PtakJokes people thought that it was "alex 'no seatbelts' ptak" because his comedy… @yourGODFRIEND I'm so sorry, Sam <3thinking about my buddy Jesse who passed away a few years ago. this pic was ~2-3 months after we both started doing… @RealMsTeaParty turkeyshit* @donnylumpkins yeah I treated the story stuff of BOTW as kind of a side thing lol @MarioPrime it looks cool! but not for anything close to the reasons why i like BOTW
@NikolasMurdock it's so weird because the game looks potentially fun in its own right, but just not for the reasons… @arvalis "square piece has kidnapped t-piece! only you can rescue her, L-piece"i have to remind myself that i'm not going to be depressed forever as soon as it's slightly more marketable for br…
Retweeted by Jeremy Kaplowitzthe audacity of online stores to even give you the option to sort by "price: high to low"
if we don't have thanksgiving, then the turkeys winHad the weirdest zoom call today.
Retweeted by Jeremy KaplowitzShared an old picture of myself in the Hard Drive slack and got this back from @jeremysmiles
Retweeted by Jeremy Kaplowitz @thlstmnstndng @REALpunknews i write the video game jokes @thlstmnstndng @REALpunknews thanks! i'll forward this to the website peoplei 100% believe in the mandela effect. they were absolutely not called "mcdonalds 10 piece chicken mcnuggets" when i…[Abbott and Costello if they were modern alt comics] Costello: Who did 9/11? Abbott: Yes, Who.
I saw there was a helpful website making the rounds that calculated how much your student loan debt would be under…
Retweeted by Jeremy Kaplowitz @3thanguy7 reason i like using thispersondoesnotexist photos for @HardDriveMag characters is that the people look just non…
😇 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓽𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓽𝓼... ...𝓭𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓵 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓽𝓼 😈 @seaninallcaps @SeanClements i probably rip him off once a day @CroftonSteers Jeremys Posting Their L's Onlinewhy would i watch "The Queens Gambit" every day of my life is a chess match everybody around me are the pawns...… @arvalis is he cosplaying as the game of thrones chair
@whoiskevinflynn you should make a baba version of that old long cat meme't let the left feminize masculinity @jourdayen i love him but prob wes anderson
@jeremythunder loljust made my second ever internet meme!! 🥰 @jamesetchison is it populism?
@GenePark @GenePark holy fucking shit @david_d_tyler this is so fucking funny @PtakJokes @liamcomalley thank you @presidenteTX i have! it rules. i really liked the series but after seeing the movie, it feels like the series was… @PtakJokes thank you @chiefthotpatrol it's very very good"don't you worry that you have no reason to live and you should just die? that no one will ever love you?" "yeah a… binge watching neon genesis evangelion and immediately thought to this make this for some reason you tell Zoom you have a greenscreen but you don't it will just erase your walls and transport you to a magical…
@MadelineAwesome @HarHarHargrave idk if you were setting yourself up for that or not but it was well done @MadelineAwesome me and @HarHarHargrave @ItsTimJames your boss thinking about this video video is 2 years old and only more relevant now a very smart political satire @mynameisntdave damn that's crazy. just a few years ago he was doing some goofy alt show where he and his friend played old guys! @benwassertweet i would legitimately love to watch john mulaney's solo show that's only for your momdamn do u think he like knew one of the writers or something @AnyaVolz i should have just done it
@MGrosserLArch they were home to the Legion of Skanks podcast, which has a large Proud Boy audience, and it was a b… @colbyjsmith lol one of the craziest shows i was ever a part of. the worst was when he improvised one of the lines… @snugcrow lol i guess the irony of this article is that i wrote in Ace Watkinsvery much bums me out that i wrote this article 5 months ago 🙃
Retweeted by Jeremy Kaplowitz @BrettRedacted sorry but you're not a REAL COMIC if you need a seat to poopnow that the creek & the cave is closed i wanna say i always thought it would have been funny to just start taping… @business great thanks a lot now im the jokeryoutube is down because they are deleting every single video except for Evolution of Dance @hauntologically katie that's austin powers
Facebook has alerted me to some fake news being passed around in something called "The Hard Times Pitch Group" tha… @KyleErf no what is it @Fred_Delicious today we honor all of those who have fought for our country vibe @MattSaincome i think my sample article for The Hard Times was about someone thinking they saw one of those scary c… @MattSaincome damn you liked your own status? @SunderCR thank you! xoxo Jeremyjust made my first meme 🤗
@zippkode @JasonEAlt so they're comparing her to beloved media figure Alex Trebek? may not agree politically but this guy knows how to tell a joke!! @feraljokes i also have this anxiety anytime i talk about politics Online and then remember and laugh at the idea t…
I think about this bit weekly
Retweeted by Jeremy Kaplowitz @OneTrickTofani knowledge is powerthe newest episode of our podcast is now out on all the apps! @skydart joins to talk about an episode of Mario 3, b…
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