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"I think there is a danger if you eat the chocolate, you may hurl..." Paul McKenna uses an interesting technique t… you're worried about your holiday plans, official advice is available here: #coronavirusHas Boris Johnson turned his back on the floods? Jeremy Corbyn has accused him of hiding from the crisis but the… we change our holiday plans to help contain the coronavirus? There are now more than 81,000 cases in 47 co… into my eyes. Look into my eyes. I’m on my way to @JeremyVineOn5 where the special guest is @ImPaulMcKenna Wat…
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Should supermarkets put sugary snacks on high shelves where children can't reach them? MPs are urging stores to ax… us tomorrow for hypnotherapist and author Paul Mckenna, broadcaster Jemma Forte and journalist Carole Malone a…"Queen of the nancy boys... I am styling that!" @TheJeremyVine doesn't take mean tweets about him to heart - but… years younger? Cherry Healey thinks Jeremy would be better off sticking with his silver fox look...… on your telly I’m back on @JeremyVineOn5 now!
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5Is it time to shut down Twitter? The social network just seems to be overwhelmingly negative. It's had 16 decent… the coronavirus now spreading through Europe, is it now time to panic? Schools are closing; travel plans are c…
Should an MP filmed dropping his trousers in a pub resign? James Grundy, the newly elected Tory MP for Leigh in G… you self-isolate to prevent spreading the coronavirus? We're being told that if you've visited an affected…"I think it's becoming an echo chamber for people to just be vile." James Max says he has no sympathy for Laurence… a team... @JeremyVineOn5 Better late than never 😂... ❤️
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5"I had a a horrific experience with someone and my instinct was to be cheerful with him." As Harvey Weinstein's co…"Incontinence is more common than hay fever." Comedian Shappi Khorsandi tells us why she's raising awareness of a… you feel sorry for Laurence Fox? The actor, who caused a row on Question Time when he said attacks on him as "a… Harvey Weinstein be jailed for life? The former Hollywood mogul is now a ruined man after being found guil…
Should boxing be banned? @thejamesmax is on our panel tomorrow and thinks it should be. With kids being banned fr… you back tax rises to bring austerity to an end? The Government's vowed to invest more in health, policing…"A little bit of gossip and tittle-tattle is about being human." Anthea Turner would be sorry to see the back of c…"To base your security on the way someone looks or acts is completely wrong... not all brown men are Muslim."… us in ten minutes on today's @JeremyVineOn5 With the legend @AntheaTurner1 , @andrejpwalker and of course our…
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5Is it okay for airports to profile passengers by religion? Ryanair's boss has been criticised for saying young Mu…
Is okay to pass off store-bought food as your own? Why spend hours slaving over the stove for a dinner party when y… we ban gossip magazines? Hairdressers around the country are saying they’re going to stop providing them aft…’t forget @thejeremyvine is back tomorrow @jeremyvineon5 taking your calls (quite literally) head on! If you f…
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5ICYMI: This week we found ourselves discussing everything from sharing baths to reclining seat etiquette! Plus our…
"This connects the Victorians with the 21st century. But unfortunately, it involved my two-year-old peeing in the b…"I've self-sabotaged with food. All my life." This week our panel got frank about their relationship with food wit… am very sad to hear this. Simon Warr brought huge energy to every appearance he made @BBCRadio2 and…
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This week we found ourselves discussing everything from sharing baths to reclining seat etiquette! Plus our caller…"If you're going to call me these things, be accountable for it. Let me know who you are." @NicolaMcLean says she…"Caroline was absolutely terrified of the trial... she was tried by the public before she was tried in front of a j…’ll be on Channel 5’s @JeremyVineOn5 with @theannediamond @NicolaMcLean @stormhuntley and @missamandalamb from 9.1…
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5Is the traditional coal fire about to go up in smoke? From next year, coal and some types of wood will no longer…
Should there be an outright ban on sunbeds? One skin cancer charity says there should but sunbed practitioners sa… the NHS refuse treatment for patients who behave in a racist, sexist or homophobic way towards staff? We h… McLean, Amanda Lamb and Iain Dale will be joining us tomorrow to discuss the day's biggest talking points wi…"How do you bully a vegan?" Our panel discuss vegan's rights in the workplace with our caller Anne, who says she w… fun co-presenting on the @JeremyVineOn5 show on @channel5_tv this morning 👔
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5"I stare at my two-year-old and I'm like... did you pee in Daddy's bath?" London Mayor candidate Rory Stewart spar… the UK survive without low-skilled migrants? Under the Government's new immigration policy, workers earning les… be joining @theannediamond on @JeremyVineOn5 tomorrow morning at 9.15 to discuss #ComeKipWithMe and more... 📺
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Should we all be reusing our bath water all help save the planet and cut our bills? Back in the day, when one fam… vegan workers' rights be protected? The Vegan Society says firms should crack down on jokes about vegan st… us tomorrow for London Mayor candidate Rory Stewart, along with broadcasters Nana Akua and Henry Bonsu discuss… put the cat amongst the pigeons with this one! There are some interesting responses.
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5Was award-winning rapper Dave wrong to call the Prime Minister "racist" at last night's Brits? James Max doesn't t…"I have insulted a national TV legend!" James Max can barely contain his glee as he kicks off our debate on whethe…’re live on @channel5_tv @JeremyVineOn5 #JeremyVine Now! @MrsAmandaProwse @Nigelclarketv @theannediamond @StormHuntley
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5Should you ask permission before reclining your seat on planes? Delta Airlines' CEO has sparked outrage after sugge… new immigration laws too tough? The Government has published proposals for a new post-Brexit system, which mean…
Should men get six and a half months' paid paternity leave? Finland is set to introduce this, meaning men are ent… Nandy has said she would vote for the monarchy to be abolished - would you? #JeremyVineShould the monarchy be abolished? Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy has said she would vote to scrap the mon… @TheAnneDiamond in the studio tomorrow: Children's TV presenter Nigel Clarke, best-selling author Amanda Pr…"It was so wrong of me and I have to live with that for the rest of my life." Our caller spoke of the deep regret…"I wake up every single morning thinking about how much I'm going to eat today." Anne Diamond and the panel open u… @jillreidy Hi Jill, thanks for your comment - would you like to call in now to tell us more? The number's 0207 862 2222.Should Boris Johnson visit people affected by flooding? Labour say it's a "disgrace" the Prime Minister's not goi…
Should grandparents be paid to look after their grandchildren? After all, if they weren't around parents would be… Martin Freeman has said he regrets smacking his children in moments of anger when they were younger. Is it…"Sadly a lot of vulnerable people carry out some very serious crimes, so you can't automatically drop a case becaus…"I decided to message Caroline... she came back and said 'I'm struggling'." Former Blue Peter presenter @IAmRadzi the Government doing enough to help people affected by two severe storms in as many weeks? Storms Ciara and De… university tuition fees be scrapped? Every single Labour leadership candidate backs the policy; the party sa…
If you have been affected by this story, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit we all responsible for the tragic death of Caroline Flack? Do we blame the tabloids for printing endless stor… Diamond's in the hot seat next week - and here's some of the faces that'll be joining her on the panel.…
Stuck in a rut? Relationships expert @TraceyCox tells us why sex can be better than ever over the age of 50 👇 your pooch impossible? 🐶 Check out our dog behavioral clinic with @GraemeDogfather 👇 was in the air this week, with a fair amount of flirtation... but it wasn't all warm and fuzzy! @StormHuntley
"I am very human, very flawed - as you can see, showing up in my pyjamas!" Author Marian Keyes says like her chara…"I think now I'm in a much happier place because I'm not being trolled on social media for having strong opinions."…'s been fired and who's been hired? Jeremy and our audience break down Boris Johnson's cabinet reshuffle.… excited to be back on @JeremyVineOn5 w/ @officialJasonG @MarianKeyes @theJeremyVine @StormHuntley Catch us at 9.…
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5Should you change your travel plans because of the coronavirus? Stormzy has cancelled tour dates in Asia because… Boris Johnson lost the plot? His cabinet reshuffle was thrown into chaos yesterday after he sacked eight key pl…
Is it acceptable to send a text on Valentine's Day? Forget flowers and fancy gifts, how would you feel if your ot… week our panel chose their top five romantic films... but which is your favourite? Let us know by taking par…"It would be like being in a dream all the time 'cus you see them in your dreams." As we take a look at the virtua… @CarolineFlint this morning discovering that life beyond politics can include soul music ... that's…
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5Jeremy's ready for Valentine's Day after getting a few flirting tips from love coach Cate Mackenzie... Would any o… it okay to flirt with other people when you're married? Is it a bit of harmless fun or a dangerous game that c… Jeremy Corbyn right to criticise the Prime Minister over deportation? He's claiming the Government has learnt…
What do you make of the South Korean TV show which 'reunited' a grieving mother with her dead seven-year-old daught… at our William! 👇 Lottie doesn't trust that vaccinating her children is safe, despite @DoctorChristian's assurances that… Typhoid Mary, the original super-spreader. Although the cook had no symptoms, she was a carrier of the disea… this show so much. Great panel today. And JV sharp as ever.
Retweeted by Jeremy Vine On 5"Shame on you!" Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is appalled as Andrew from our audience tells us why he backs the Government… it right to deport Jamaicans convicted of a single crime in their teens back to a country they might not have be…
Should vaccinations be compulsory? The anti-vaxxing movement is growing on social media and has been blamed for a… it time for schools to stop dictating how pupils wear their hair? An 18-year-old girl has just won damages fro…, who won't stop barking at the sound of a doorbell, was just one of a few pooches our Dogfather helped this…"We may be on par with what happened with the 1918 Spanish flu." Virologist Dr Chris Smith tells us in simple term…"I spoke to the staff here and they have categorically said that nobody has tried to abscond." Teacher…