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Presenter for television (@TheGadgetShow), radio (@BBC), and podcasts (@Guardian, @talkingsimpod). Writer, author. Baker, singer. She/her.

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@lilmissphillips Oh nooo, I’m sorry you have it too :( hope you can drink lots of water, that’s what I’m doingwoke with a headache that is roaming my skull, dropped my glasses on the train and had to put on other glasses to find them – how’re you?
glacé house ( ) is out today! I'm really liking it so far. Want to know more? I talked about it… @PeteEtchells designers are making games about abortion. But can they actually change people's minds? We spoke to…
@PeteEtchells Did you ever play the game? @emilybflynn Let me know how it goes! @ChellaRamanan oh no :(
@emilybflynn Yes, this one!: @hollygramazio @hollygramazio Pitting the cherries without a “cherry pitter” took... a while @hollygramazio It was amazing. And no soggy bottom! The juice immediately leaked out when it was cut but I could’ve…’s cherry season!!! 🍒 friends who have a kid and there is some wild stuff happening in Fortnite right now
@keefstuart @katbamkapow I love flowers but I do not like spiders! I’m conflicted!! @twitgera omg I love itDon't forget to book your place at the July POC in Play Monthly Meeting (London). Spaces are filling up, with lots…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @LorenzoPilia @lucyamorris @ana_droid @8bitbeard I still use mine 😁 @AlysiaJudge this looks amazing 😍If you missed it, here’s my article on how the @NASA moon missions inspired game designers in the 1970s. I speak to…
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I'm looking for a new writer to come and work with us on Zombies, Run! Are you this person? Do you know this person…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)🙏 to the businessmen who moved seats on the train so @magpoitweets and I could play video games @wilcoclahas @glassbottommeg 👋🏻 thanks for the kind words, Meg!This is a really excellent and valuable book - highly recommended (disclaimer: I made a small contribution to it, b…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @Alyx_Jones @GriddleOctopus So unfashionable 😉 @twitgera @GriddleOctopus 😍😍😍 @samito @GriddleOctopus Yay!Soon: a BRAND NEW edition of mine and @GriddleOctopus' book about video games and philosophy! I love the new cover 😍 @shringcy Looking forward to hearing about it!
@maggiemou @jonbentley90 @GeorgieBarrat @WhitePaperGames I hope she enjoys it! @maggiemou @jonbentley90 @GeorgieBarrat It’s The Occupation, from @WhitePaperGames! big deal for us this one. Help us shape the future of our little company!
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @notquitereal Ahhh congrats Bea!🏆UKGFA NOMINEES ANNOUNCED🏆 Last week the #UKGFA judges got together at @developconf to decide the shortlist and wi…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)Last weekend I took a bunch of friends to science-themed afternoon tea – have you ever seen anyone so happy to see… @NidaAhmad_ @JDWasabi @magpoitweets Bun House is VERY good @JDWasabi @magpoitweets and I went to a new place the other day that had mango sago (as a dessert and as a drink!): Wun’s Tea RoomI never dreamed a job could exist that requires my game-writing skills AND my extensive #kpop knowledge, but here…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)It’s happening tonight! Come say hello at our first Checkpoint meet-up at The Royal Pug if you’re in the games indu…
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We're looking for speakers for @pocinplay monthly meetups at @ustwogames. Talks can be on any aspect of games- deve…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)I wrote a short feature for @Medium about whether epic narrative games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted or Assassin's Cr…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @krislyssara Oh YIKES, I’m sorry to hear thatThe wonderful @magpoitweets and @jericawebber talked about the game I have a god-tier crush on and want to encapsul…
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To play or not to play? Video game critic @jericawebber reviews #Elsinore, a new computer game based on the world o…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)don’t let your imminent death impact your productivity, I guessThe Sims 4 just notified me my Sim was dying, immediately followed by another notification telling me her freelance deadline was coming upTomorrow’s Talking Sim features the wonderful @magpoitweets – can you guess what game she came to talk about?
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)It's always fun to team up with the @guardianscience team, and this week @jericawebber and I joined forces with…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)Elsinore ( is an upcoming time-looping tragedy game in which you play as Ophelia trying to… you ever been "confirm shamed"? Find out about this and other dark patterns used by online stores in the lates… Advocacy's 50 over 50 list is back! a couple of days to go to the first Checkpoint social in Leamington Spa - come say hello and hang out with us…
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@lilmissphillips @Nele_St @babelfishwars Hope you recover fully soon!!! @Nele_St @babelfishwars You were missed! @teachyscience @babelfishwars The Ampersand Hotel!Thanks to @jericawebber I experienced extraordinary high tea.
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)This is where I got the one I was wearing the other day tho: @Doctoe
I’m at the theatre so please listen for me! me on @BBCFrontRow tonight! @bonzrat Me too! Maybe next time @TeamCatsNBears You’ll have to listen tonight! 7:15pm! @shringcy It was such an interesting talk! I’ve been telling everyone about it!Ever been manipulated online? Catch our latest podcast on the dark art of online manipulation:…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @bonzrat Congratulations!!!I’m looking forward to getting back to Leamington for a bit, but first I’m stopping off at the BBC to play a video game 🎮🎙Importantly, I had some lovely food and got to have my annual Shakeaway milkshake 😍My tweets were originally prompted in turn by a talk given by Mette Andersen about social simulation in Hitman: idle twitter musings got quoted in a talk! bye Brighton! I just spilled tea over myself, but aside from that and some other downers (illness etc), I’ve had a lovely Develop. @florencesn Oh my gosh! This sounds so interesting! I’m touched to be quoted!
that @agAitcheson is a genius 1st episode is here! Catriona talks to an amazing fellow survivor Tom, about how he copes day-to-day. Listen to…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @keefstuart @moods_jpg ☹️❤️We made it! month's travel bursary is open for applications for our 26 July meet-up. If you're outside London and want to…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @RobVicars Hope you’re having a good Develop!
@mtrc okay that’s it! I think the talk will be online for some people? @mtrc e.g. choices in a text adventure are semi-hidden (do you go to the cave or the mountain – you know what caves… @mtrc a consideration: are the choices hidden (e.g. pick a face-down card) or open (choose a meal from these in front of you) @mtrc a difficulty: with no magician present to force you to make a choice, the player usually has more time to think things over @mtrc equivocation, where the magician says “touch one” and then moves the plate forwards or backwards depending if… @mtrc so maybe you accentuate the route you want players to take (e.g. through lighting) @mtrc people are FAR more likely to pick a card that is shown for slightly longer @mtrc so maybe you focus most of your resources in that third of four choices, or you rearrange them randomly to ensure more variety @mtrc next: stereotypical choice patterns, e.g. right-handed people are likely to pick the card third from the right @mtrc (this only really works for single-play games) @mtrc now we’re onto forcing players to make a particular choice, like “pick any card” but the deck is all the same… @mtrc so far it’s about setting up expectations of logical causal relationships as patterns you then break to surprise the player (I think) @mtrc @shringcy I’m sorry, I’ve been so caught up in it I’ve forgotten to live tweet!the first talk I’ve decided to go to at Develop this year has a hell of a concept @Lef0nda I’ll try ❤️ @SamMGreer 🙏😭Unfortunately I can’t just stay in my hotel room because a) I’ve got stuff to do and b) it’s like a sauna in thereDevelop friends, I feel VERY unwell today – if you see me, please be kind
@bonzrat What do you look like with your new hair??? Have I blanked you already?Can confirm @jericawebber makes the nom-iest biscuits. (Secret ingredients include tahini). Was lovely chatting t…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @NerdPirates So glad you liked them! @NerdPirates @developconf Say hi if you see me! I’ve brought plenty