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Editor-in-chief @ghgshow. Presenter for television (@TheGadgetShow), radio (@BBC), podcasts (@Guardian, @talkingsimpod). Co-authored a philosophy book. She/her.

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Maggie and I played Man of Medan together – guess which one of us got scared?
okay going to bed now so I can get up early and vote!!!sorry everyone, I’m playing Life is Strange 2 and I needed a break to tweet something totally frivolousni,cenice'm after insights from UK game devs for something I'm writing. Have you had experience of being acquired, acquiri…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @PlayStarRocker @GHGshow haha me either, maybe I'll find someone smart to tell me about it @natethebradley @alexhern That's a nice idea! Do you have a plan of action? Are you going to buy more games from…'m thinking about gaming-related New Year's Resolutions, like @alexhern's attempt to go a year without playing gam… @PlayStarRocker @GHGshow Do you think the whole "back to the camera" thing also has to do with the idea of the play… @GHGshow @marijamdid And over here in France right now we are on strike and there's a strike twitch stream in solid…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @lammylott @GHGshow Good shout!Glass House Games is a new games media outlet founded by respected UK games journalists who are unapologetically *l…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @Brica6rac @GHGshow right??? @PlayStarRocker @GHGshow games are art @jericawebber @GHGshow This is a lot of David Casper Friedrich.
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @GHGshow lots of games advertised with characters looking out over the game world, I guess @alexhern @GHGshow you're right, I HAD forgotten this oneAt @GHGshow we're having a quick look back over the last decade in games. What big games or events might we have fo… a bit of a hectic morning I took a break to make some paper snow flakes. The first batch were a bit plain but…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)If any @TheGadgetShow viewers are thinking you can't be bothered to vote tomorrow, maybe this will convince you! @LucyRJV I’ve never actually been – I mail order it 😂 @KamSage I hope he’s not on Twitter
@tha_rami 🙏 @JocelynHooley @crinolinerobot @Deligracy Ooh I just bought that, haven’t tried it yet! @katbamkapow @notquitereal also a lot of bugs don't want to be outside and would rather be in my house today! @notquitereal a great day for people to be doing construction on my home with the door open to the elements @notquitereal it is VERY windy today @redbreastedbird he's got his head screwed on rightAny of you know anything about Children of Morta and able to help my pal help his mum? this becomes available in the UK from a place that is not Amazon, I am all over it should have pointed him towards our discussion of Blitzchung and the Hong Kong protests: @jericawebber we stan woke builder
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)man doing construction in my home: you’re not involved with this election stuff then? me: so? I’m going to v… @mikeBithell @dancparkes composed the music for one-touch indie platformer Bubbles the Cat ( few weeks ago, pro Hearthstone player @blitzchungHS was suspended for speaking in support of the protests in Hong…’t miss the latest #GHGshow episode where we discuss games and the HK protests with special guest Ma Jian! Check…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)I've been #nhsboy in the past year. Went in for emergency Appendix problems, bypassed a&e and straight to pre op wa…
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We covered a lot of ground in this episode! What are the protestors demands, and why? Why are video game companies… is very new, but we knew we wanted to talk about Blitzchung and the Hong Kong protests. So we invited Ma Jian t… no watched The Bin Show? What if I tell ye how you get to see me climbing in and out of a bin every episode?…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @crinolinerobot @Deligracy I wonder if I could get a panel of older women to come chat about this for @GHGshow... @spadgy_OTA well I'D read it @spadgy_OTA please let me know once you have done the requisite research @crinolinerobot @Deligracy Ugh I have so many feelings about this. @spadgy_OTA ahhh, weird! weird! complete with jams at Hamden Park? @kierongillen @alexhern @Deligracy week, Twitter announced plans to remove inactive accounts, and then halted those plans when people pointed out… @alexhern @kierongillen @Deligracy wow, please tell me someone has a copy of this @kierongillen @Deligracy ??? @kierongillen @Deligracy When I was a young teen looking for games like The Sims all I got was Space Colony… @kierongillen @Deligracy And spread the cost over the lifetime of the game/series and it's like a subscription mode… @caiitlinz Oooh I loved that book when I read it as a teen - let me know what you think! @kierongillen @Deligracy Sometimes I feel like The Sims doesn't fit into the same category as all other video games… wish there were more games like The Sims. It’s such an open landscape to be explored for gaming. It still think i…
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@katbamkapow oh my goshit's That Time of Year so i'm just gonna bring back my Every Christmas TV Rom-Com comic (1/3)
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @ChellaRamanan Sounds like a perfect weekend! @ChellaRamanan The one we watched last night is The Knight Before Christmas @ChellaRamanan Yup! That's The Princess Switch @ChellaRamanan @ChellaRamanan And also the star of this one is also the star (stars, really, she plays two characters) of another one @ChellaRamanan I guess??? But some of those movies also exist within it???
btw while I’m at it, if you like bad Christmas movies I genuinely recommend seeing Last Christmasthis is like that time a character in a Marvel movie mentioned Star Warswe just watched The Knight Before Christmas, a Netflix Christmas movie that features an object from Aldovia, the fi… in May of this year, my 19 year old daughter was admitted to our local acute psychiatric ward. On admission, w…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @charlottejee Well deserved!!!Kat is trying to get you into the holiday spirit with some free games! -
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)Best use of thermochromics in mugs I’ve ever seen Source: Physicsfun
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Tonight’s our @thegadgetshow Christmas special and I’m cooking the dins 😛 it’s a festive treat of an episode! 🎄 7pm…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @Fohnicus I actually haven’t played any of his games 🤷🏻‍♀️ you should totally email your thoughts to community@glas… @Fohnicus How come? @guardian And at @chooselove you can buy gifts for refugees: food, clothing, warmth, and support to start a new lif… to spend some money well this winter? The @guardian #GDNCharityappeal2019 is supporting four charities help… scenes of @TheGadgetShow family shooting tonight’s Christmas special 7pm C5 with @CCfunkandsoul
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)I've submitted my nominations - if you know someone fantastic working in the games industry, make sure you take fiv…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)Who's planning to play Death Stranding over the weekend? We're filming our Reflection on it next week, and we want… @AlysiaJudge @netflix Hey this is so cool! And sounds like loads of fun - I'm so happy for you ☺️
[cw: depression] them: “wow you do so much!” me: “it stems from a feeling of inherent worthlessness where i am tr…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)note to editors: I’m currently available to be flown to little known European principalities to profile handsome bu…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @Fohnicus @GHGshow I’m so glad you like them!#HairLove is live! It’s an animated short film about an African American father learning how to do his daughters ha…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)We considered not doing a longform review of Untitled Goose Game – how much could there be to talk about, really???… if you love #UntitledGooseGame because that's what Maggie, @sammgreer, Alex CG and Kit talk about on the lates…
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Hive-mind I need you! I really want to play track Enemy Zero from game Enemy Zero by Michael Nyman on Sound of Gami…
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I will also be baking my own gingerbread, but this ye olde tradition secret recipe stuff is just divine‘tis the season for mail-order Grasmere gingerbread warmed in the oven cities finally winning their fights against the likes of Uber and Airbnb? listen to me talk about my trash husband Sylvain and the ethics of dating your students in our Fire Emblem ref…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber)Will Half-Life: Alyx convert people to VR? Is VR a cult? Is Half-Life? ye missed the latest GHG show, check it out now. This week talking about Half Life Alyx, VR and why half life fa…
Retweeted by Jerica (Jordan Erica Webber) @alexhern @katbamkapow okay then @alexhern @katbamkapow well @alexhern @katbamkapow you should come to Christmas Maraoke @alexhern @katbamkapow this tweet is incredible @katbamkapow @alexhern the dream! @katbamkapow @alexhern if only there was a podcast that provided a space for these kinds of conversations @katbamkapow @alexhern tax breaksss
In the newest episode of the #GHGshow, @jericawebber, @sammgreer, Alex CG and Alex P discuss the recent announcemen…
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