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Rest easy. I’m gonna miss you brother. @laxmike022 the most AFCN thing would be to have us win this game with a practice squad + LJ + Dez// LIVE we out here. we really really out here. // TWITCH - @WillCarmichael0 should be good, guess it was still processing! @AvaGG remove bob show clothBehold my streamer loot in #Godfall. Finally got a legendary big boi and boy is it strong. Check out the full video… @laxmike022 cant believe Im hoping for more positives at this pointNot sure how I’m supposed to get the full enjoyment of Thanksgiving dinner this year. It’s not fun to argue about p… @theGunrun @VShojoOfficial Love this @paulineherr German and Russian, not cute but very coolfor fucks sake why am I awake - a memoir
Retweeted by TUCKER @kylegirardmusic Yes, come get bullied over here @craymusic me: coffee is one meal and also this entire Applebee’s dinner for 2 is one mealTuff day of CSGO but nothing will get in between me and building these fucking lockers tonight.
@aureylian looool// LIVE I cant believe we've got 38 days left in the year and I've accomplished nothing of value // TWITCH - the season in the trash, I can not handle this didn't think it was possible for me to get any harder @wannlund this is so bizarre what the hell @FOURCOLORZACK chaotic energy for 2 minutes straightlook at these big brained idiots. just look at them. @JERICHO 🧠🧠
Retweeted by TUCKERI'm gassed up on coffee and overcast hoodie weather, unstoppable conditions. Peak performance. @H3CZ @scump how much for you to do my wall @JerichoClips okay well this is in context technically
Retweeted by TUCKERAlso there is no #WeWatchThings today wifh me @JERICHO snd @dexbonus because I’m moving to Azeroth for a couple days
Retweeted by TUCKERLA officially back to lockdown woo we did it, no more serotonin for Tucker for a whileAs new COVID-19 cases remain at alarming levels and the number of people hospitalized continue to increase, the LA…
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// LIVE running through #Godfall in search of the largest hammer available to me. Also learning to block for once.…’m always unsure what type of @ravens team will show up to the game. Is it MVP Jackson? #1 defense? Awful play cal… @feedme What in the fuck LOL @brosafari Quarantine ep or elseI need a haircut just as we enter the worst part of the pandemic yet. I’m about to run the bowl cut back
Retweeted by TUCKER @astateofhalil Yes anything for youCome celebrate the release of 'This Is Cyberpunk' with us all tonight! 2 hours of mixes from @Heimanu_
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@NIGHTMODE @killabytemusic @NICKMERCS hap birth @GoldGloveTV Get used to it papa @ErnestLe @TheHankBaskett @HB_Customs Oh my godI love DTLA on weekend mornings, it's so quiet and chill. Living in the "city" of WeHo was entirely different and s… did not slumber well @Daichiomg blursed @astronautuk @Eptic Pasquale is me rn @safehaven__hq @Eptic im punching the air @beewhyan @CinderSlays hosted Twitchcon last year after eating shit and looking like this @beewhyan I was SCARFING down them mints, thanks for carrying some of the dead air between yourself and… @hasanthehun bad ending best ending @Hiko ask for another 1/8th @notcloakzy1 This didn’t work but I appreciate the help
It's time for a @PizzaHut party! My new series Friday Night Bites starts tonight and I have @jonsandman and… you know, you know ⬇️
Retweeted by TUCKERThis Is Cyberpunk // OUT NOW Listen to the full album here:
Retweeted by TUCKERWhiskey and honey, gargle warm salt water, Chloroseptic spray, throat lozenges. Any other suggestions? @Electra @craymusic Next week, selling straight up dick @fl0mtv @NIGHTMODE GAS GAS GASMy voice is shot dude, why today of all days @arengoldd @NIGHTMODE There’s something in there for you i promise @safehaven__hq Dude. Big bold title with red kanji overlay is my entire life’s aesthetic @Pastrytime @NIGHTMODE I hope you love itThank you thank you thank you @Heimanu_ @letslinkmusic @devdcrow @PRXZM_ @neunosiem @JACKNIFEmusic @tottodubz FUCKING OUT BABY! @NIGHTMODE ‘This Is Cyberpunk’ compilation is available everywhere! I can’t tell you how exci… @ShannonZKiller the tiling is so hot @tylerthecreator aye @cyndr22 Nintendo can deem any use of their game for rebroadcast as illegal. They're well within their rights to do… god you know I go to bat for the Melee community. I fully understand Nintendo's desire to keep their IP on lock,… @itsVincent_ looks cold @Lone_wanderer8 nobody knows that, get your brain out of hereThat’s it I’m gonna fist fight daylight savings time. Give me the sun back it’s 4:45 pm @NotI3rainwashed @7ehex Under 10 people, all work from home, all tested, you have more risk going to the grocery store. @insomniacevents @InsomniacTV93 @NIGHTMODE @drezomusic @ODEAmusic @OneTrueGod666 can't wait! @aubernutter @RealMikePeebles @iPHoeNiK Listen, I'm a New York Times sited Zillow extraordinaire. If you need help, lmk
@ImJustGav @n0thing @fl0mtv my chat thanks you @BritanniJohnson Legit. I don't even think I've spent time outside past 8 pm in the last month @NIGHTMODE @InsomniacTV93 @drezomusic @ODEAmusic @OneTrueGod666 LETS RUN IT BACKExcited to announce our second livestream show with @InsomniacTV93 next week! W/ @drezomusic @ODEAmusic &…
Retweeted by TUCKER @kevinlin my brother, I will forever remember our fun timesNEWS California Governor @GavinNewsom has issued a limited stay at home order which goes into effect this Saturday…
Retweeted by TUCKER @BritanniJohnson yeah thats...fine// LIVE I'm losing my voice so come help me find it - chill stream // TWITCH - @willystaley @TheOCGM @TaylorLorenz As if I’d have any problem with people making jokes about it @NotI3rainwashed Because I am going to hang out with people who are also being tested and we are being responsible @shawnwasabi Twinning @i_oofficial This is a very upsetting tweet0-2 😔 @TeamBandL @ProximityM @iamTchami @NGHTMRE @LouisTheChild @craymusic @bbnoodz @theglitchmob @CosmosMidnight @tiesto @GoogleStadia 🥵 @arCtyC Old ass manBIG chillin, straight up laxin, absolutely slouched @ Da Chill Zone!! @VegaVandal @MylesUdland I'm naming my son Harry and nobody can stop me.2 HOURS LEFT TO ENTER OUR #Cyberpunk2077 GIVEAWAY! Our 'This Is Cyberpunk' compilation is out at midnight tonight,…
Retweeted by TUCKERBig ups to @CDPROJEKTRED for adding a 'Streamer Mode' to remove potential DMCA songs from the game. LOVE IT. Still… @NSSteph incredible option, thank you for including it! @joshpan @awaynotfound !!!Hey it’s me @Nadeshot Walk the block for 30 mins while listening to my Spotify anthems @Froste Hope you monetized this vid so I can take all ya earnings next poker nightI BROKE SPIDERMAN LMFAOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by TUCKER @The___Erik @agentbizzle @pizzahut @gravityblankets NOBODY. OUT PIZZA’S THE HUT.