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@AndyLunique Wait I lied, Il pastaio also gets the pass @AndyLunique Jones in weho is the only one I’d go back to @EliLikesRice @LUCALUSH I'll sign someone named VVRVVN pronounced AARAN before I ever sign you, you disgusting tweet deletery @LUCALUSH I delete my vowels because I hate everyone @Di3seL_ this dude threw a full game in 4 innings LOL @ckaliforniia yes wtf @ckaliforniia shut up pool gremlin @ckaliforniia I had to drink beer, soju, and sake at the same time. My poor head tomorrow @twerlbeats Nailed it LMAO @JERICHO
Retweeted by TUCKER @KUUROmusic It was green grape but I agree @sonii Just do like me and buy eth 4 years ago and forget about it lmao #NotFinancialAdvice @sonii Hahahahaha let’s gooooo @Peterhchau Black roses @Peterhchau An hour later and 6 green grape bottles deep, you realize you haven’t had water and you’re going to die tomorrowSoju is such a dangerous drink I swear @jordanfisher Christ. I stopped at 15 you’re an animalBig dummy .... when u see it.
Retweeted by TUCKER @Skrillex Is it time yet 🥺👉👈 @Juicetra You have a place to stay at mine if it doesn’t work out, but in exchange I’d like a place on your yacht in Croatia if it does @Juicetra Marc LOL @Uber_Support I’ve been requesting cars for 10 mins now in DTLA and it keeps trying to find drivers. Is the app dow… @Clayster handsome mf @laxmike022 I ship from papas @laxmike022 missin this
@dancingastro @starseedsound @OpheliaRecords @TSUNAMIMUSICx fire 🔥You literally can't ask for a better way to kick off the weekend then whatever the hell you're about to watch by cl… NOW // @leotrixofficial - Honesty Trax EP // STREAM+DL -
Retweeted by TUCKER @AvaGG @LuluLuvely bring home the bacon and then get us the suite for ship @JerichoClips shoulda used the wheels @boxrZhu @NIGHTMODE @leotrixofficial anything for you my dear @fl0mtv could you show a little more enthusiasm @MrBeast Hap birth @JDawgInTheMist @Wario64 We legit beat the game and all dlc haha @NIGHTMODE @leotrixofficial its REAL fuckin bleep bloop szn// OUT NOW ON SPOTIFY // @leotrixofficial - Honesty Trax EP
Retweeted by TUCKER @PaladinAmber I think it's against TOS to die on stream and I don't wanna get banned :/I volunteer @bxily_xrmstrxng Saturday! @JoshOG This is siiiiick congrats
@NIGHTMODE thats the same as blaming it on myself at a this point with how people view our convos// LIVE oh my lord are you telling me that I will be getting lessons from @n0thing in CSGO today? No shot // TWIT… @BritanniJohnson If they'll have me back for the Winter Olympics, curling is my favoriteGot to sit down with @hecz for his series ‘Origin Stories’ the other day. I sat like this the entire time and expos… @NIGHTMODE legal has informed me I'm not allowed to do this lmfao @NIGHTMODE 10,000 likes on the post and I leak it early @JERICHO Sign me up to see two dudes beating up one cock while someone named Boner commentates
Retweeted by TUCKER @Nischalshresth4 .....LOL @JLA_be thats winter olympics and is my favorite olympic sport not even jokingIf I don't get to co-stream and commentate some of this I swear. Let me jump on the mic for some hard core Badminton just woke up and was trying to speak motivation into myself, clearly to no availSIEZE THE DAY. CONQUER IT. GO TO DENNYS WITH IT. FORCE IT TO FILE YOUR TAXES IN A TIMELY MANNER. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENESS. @jadudala 9 minute want it opus editOUT FRIDAY // @leotrixofficial - Honesty Trax EP PRESAVE //
Retweeted by TUCKER @zzackkzackk1 My quads would be incredibleI can climb my apartment stairs 2 at a time all the way until the 4th floor and then they slip an extra one in beca… @hutchinson It’s only really convoluted and difficult for the first 1000 hours I promise @pansy I call it Madonna
// LIVE big day today where you get to watch two humans slowly try to solve puzzles and their impending divorce /… @OMENbyHP can you check with legal please? I don't wanna be sued @brucegreene Imagine having basic reading comprehension skills @NIGHTMODE @leotrixofficial Wins the award for best song titles, hands downHEY YOU we're giving away this OMEN 15 laptop + the chance to stream with me, and all you gotta do to enter is like… @4760Sq Thanks, I dunno how I messed that upFinals week coming up for a lot of people and I just wanna say you better not fuck this up lmao the weight of your…
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@LuxieGames I'm so public about it, just pay better attention to me 4Head// LIVE if you're happy and you know it, click this link and share your serotonin with me cause wtf // TWITCH - birthday to my best friend @craymusic you son of a bitch, I love you and would probably be dead in a ditch so… @dansalvato I regret supporting you @henloworld__ @BillGates I would go get wings with himHey @BillGates I’m single too, wanna hit up the wing bar tomorrow and kick it? @leotrixofficial Your demos playlist is 37 hours long @SnuggleKingHS Let people be awkward lolI forgot how weird it is to go to a new gym for the first time, I’m wandering around like a goober looking for the… @BigbyTV @NIGHTMODE No.
So happy for him 🖤🔥
Retweeted by TUCKER#WeWatchThings with @itmeJP and our guest @LuxieGames, we're watching Invincible lets GOOOOOO // TWITCH - LIVE omg sick its the start to a new week and that means CSGO + We Watch Things later // TWITCH - the man @peekaboobeats for coming through and hooking it up with a gfx card to replace my dead one. Say thank you mr. peekaboo pleaseLeotrix - Honesty Trax EP // OUT FRIDAY @leotrixofficial makes his Night Mode debut with 2 new age cuts. The futur…
Retweeted by TUCKER @sonii I WILL DO THIS AND SURELY MY BODY WILL THANK ME @AvaGG He’s got a way with words @NIGHTMODE @leotrixofficial Leotrix is your favorite producers favorite producer, so stoked to do an ep @NIGHTMODE We should do short shorts @oreeeo I’m going to the gym and it has a dj booth what don’t you understandGod I hate working out at homeFor the first time in 14 months I’m going to the gym today and I think I might tear up a little bit getting to do leg presses @EliLikesRice Pathetic @EliLikesRice Whatever you think our friendship is, it’s way less than you think. Literally inconsequential. I hope… @KUUROmusic all time high ETH tweet, I’m audibly pogging as we speakwe’re going bowling for @Di3seL_ bday and I’m fucking AMPED. Minimum 140s all night. At least 2 turkeys. It’s going…
// LIVE omg wow Titanfall 2, the greatest game on planet earth, is having a free weekend?!? thanks @VinceZampella on #WeWatchThings at 6pm Eastern we are starting @InvincibleHQ with @JERICHO and special guest @LuxieGames
Retweeted by TUCKER @astateofhalil @GhostofiO its fucking Squnto that giant piece of actual trash, he's the only one liking the tweets good lord @oreeeo None once we watched MK, I’m just old nowI’m hangover, simply not built to drink anymoreI really loved living in a loft until I asked @astateofhalil to come stay over. This bison snores so fucking loud I swear to Ymir