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Two on white bread. Three on sunflower bread. i actually don’t spread the mayo on my sandwiches just to feel alive again @danhacker i started to see when address the table issue. i stayed but it’s hilarious @jason0x21 it’s been updated!now i have to watch My Dinner with Andre(in case you wanted to know how my brain works)i forgot to turn the lights on before it got dark so now i’m sitting here deciding whether i should even eat dinner… @bgurlb i’m on season 2 and i’m enjoying it immensely @chutneyfandango i’m on season 2 of community right now. i won’t get to the chaos theory episode tonight though, wh… @chutneyfandango i’m trying not to skip right to that episode @runawaytonight fair enough. looks like it didn’t last long after that @Mimi_E my plants are 100% getting watered and my dishwasher is getting unloaded when i’m on the phoneapparently i’m obsessed with “bottle episodes” so now i have to watch each and everyone of these
@lgharding1 i successfully prevented a sad day by binge watching itomg the episode when Abed reads all the mean girls on campus ☠️ @fictionfree abed is the best! @solomonmissouri it’s kinda addictive! @notfolu i’m invested just to see how they keep them in community college for six yearshas anyone watched all six seasons? @lgharding1 @OliviaMilde i figured i’d give everyone ample time to plan and emotionally preparedoes anyone else pick up random things and move them to other rooms when they’re talking on the phone? @Warrennotg 53142 and mine are usually rotated slightlyyour life changes for the better when you realize “just cheese” can be a meal sometimes. thank you for coming to my TedTalk @SharkConnor @CaseFaccce aayyyye! i love this! @lgharding1 i’m now only watching just to find outleos are still gonna find a way to make #leoseason EXTRA extra this year @LuxePosh i knowwww birthday is in a month! 🤸🏿‍♂️Really proud of all the club kids for pivoting from going to bed at 8 am to waking up at 8 am. Good job everyone.
Retweeted by ✨Here Kitty Kitty Girl ✨they just got that table every afternoon on Communtiy?
the Texas ACP from El Rodeo, fam @NC3FOE lol i don’t think i’ve actually ever been @OmgAlex 💯 💯 💯 @Warrennotg EXACTLY @GPDrometer YESthis album is an orgy waiting to happen. we don’t need that right now. keep these tracks away from bottoms. lemme c…’all tried to tell me and now i’m crying to Remember Where You Are. i’ve been deliveredt. @DJsNotADJ i had to give it a few days because i wasn’t ready to receive and i’m so glad i did because i’m obsessedmiss ware really ate up the rest of these girls and i’m simply not well.yo if we ever get clubs back y’all are getting consensually made out with on the dance floor to “In Your Eyes” if you’re downis Skate Haven in Winston-Salem still open because bitch i’m in therehonestly HOW DARE JESSIE WARE @jason0x21 @redditships upon rereading i’m skeptical of the whole thing. if she wanted to lie she would’ve just sai… @jason0x21 @redditships my wholesome theory is that she thought she was pregnant and went to the doctor to confirm. @redditships @jason0x21 my guess is she’s pregnant @chutneyfandango loved that crazy showa friend informed me yesterday there are 8 Harry Potter movies and I laughed loudly until he said “how many… right now. 🤣 #90DayFiance @Zen1DC 🤣🤣🤣 you’re probably rightyo @TLC the fact that you haven’t dropped the Baby Cool ring tone already is criminal. #90DayFiance did string cheese fumble this relationship already?! Where was the emotional support cat?! #90DayFiance @PinkWyldflower i hope so! @RealiteaTV1 🤣 i jusy spit out my patron @1Band1D1Dream that song is already my ring tone @Theodosiaburn i’m preparing for the worst @yourwatchparty for all that crying! poor cat @LuxePosh no lie that song slaps!Biniyam has all the jobs that Syngin wants. #90DayFianceTLC is going to do Kenneth and Armando so dirty. I can feel it. I don’t want it. But I feel it. #90DayFiance stick is out of his depths. He’s learned nothing from this show. #90DayFiance @LuxePosh CHEESE STICKoh, boy. lots of man tears coming up. #90DayFiance you someone who looks at you the way Brittany looks at a bottle of Patron. #90DayFiance @90DayFiance get some wine and get ready for tonight’s #90DayFiance: The Other Way @smasheton_ it’s... i kinda can’t stop watching @SeftonIpock i have apple tv in my living room and wanted to try something different for my bedroom. i don’t hate it but it’s... somethingtrying to leave ANY app on a Fire Stick and get back to the home screen @samgavinLA it’s shocking really (i say completely hooked on the nonsense that is season 2)did anyone watch The CW’s iconic 2012-2016 series Beauty and The Beast?
I’ve had the best consecutive two days I’ve had in a very long time. I got to attend the black pride march yesterda… @90DayFiance also, i love you TLC. but the “first ladies of fierce” was a... choice. @SharkConnor @alexusescommas i never actually know what i ordered when i turn in my sheet but i’m always pleasantly surprised! @Warrennotg or because they wear glasses and don’t go to the bar 🤣 @90DayFiance @NC3FOE they’re both a MESS. i love it @LuxePosh it’s all i have @LuxePosh August 16th!!I’m ecstatic for the #90DayFiance spin off Darcey and Stacey. The train wreck continues!!
this to “Free Woman” today, gays. @s_p_e_n_a i need to know what ball toner does
ok TECHNICALLY Darcey started it when she put him in charge of the steak but then didn’t let him finish the steak…’m watching the “cut it on the bias” episode so i’ll be fully prepared to tell you who was more wrong shortly…
i know it’s in the name but sharp cheddar be doing the MOST sometimes @Mimi_E i’mma hold you to that! @Mimi_E i did decide today that i’m getting married on a boatoh so Darcey was NUTS nuts from the start! #90DayFiance @Mimi_E oooooh i might watch that next! @DaveyLatelyNC 😊😊😊So Paul just refuses to learn Portuguese? #90DayFiance found a season i haven’t seen 🎉🎉🎉 @LuxePosh i’ve seen all of those 🤣 @alexusescommas @JHUBB it’s literally always on in the background @alexusescommas thank you! (and that’s why i love it.) @enjolifromspace yes 😩the good news of the day: my butt looks super cute today. the bad news: i finish the #90DayFiance franchise today.Steven be like I don’t want to fight all the time but let’s fight about how we fight all time. #90DayFiance @enjolifromspace i almost fought my own TV screen @LuxePosh terrifying!Leida is the wackest of the season. Full stop. #90DayFiance