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@thunter86 nfnfnnff this scene still... @TheWindGodVonte @DecodnLyfe @Marvel @universoxmen @ororoswind @CertifiedFool_ @MrGOKI_ would love for it to be a real battle! @KING_CORY lemme grab my socks and recordand no, I can’t do it. but neither can they skksks.
that “Body” leg wobble in the beginning be really eating the girls up 💀Beyoncé got 9 Grammy nominations on her off year. ain’t nobody seeing my girl
Retweeted by Lois Grippin. IMA LET YOU HIT IT, I AINT SCARED, I AINT SHY IT’S COOL WITH ME i’m not, so I will. 🤓Stay single until your appreciated.
Retweeted by Lois GrippinCalled her the vocal Bible and the Grammys said that's the old testament
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @CdashRICH_ 😭 thanks friend! @ishcontent thanks friend!! likewise my fav Cap 💛 @DecodnLyfe @Marvel @universoxmen @ororoswind @CertifiedFool_ @MrGOKI_ @TheWindGodVonte i hope she wins 💀Who do you think will be victorious in this week's #XofSwords matchup? ⚔️ Find out if Annihilation or Apocalypse w…
Retweeted by Lois Grippintweeting things in such a nonsensical way that the local contrarians are too slow to catch on > @twinkofdaken chileee @jfreshakarico2 lol i’m up to some goodI be seeing things and ignoring them bc i’m more important 🥰 @twinkofdaken maybe we really are in hell?oop. bigger than I thought. @twinkofdaken wait —Grammy-nominated artists only 💋
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @twinkofdaken lmaooooo and did! @ItsJam_Ok this a spinoff?tiny penis slander @eeikuobaj they be so mad sksksks @DecodnLyfe nsjshddhdh @DeShaunTheArtis 🤣🤣🙏🏾Atlantis!
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @roseinharlem period pooh @roseinharlem 💀 this is one of their favorite lines.when Blue sings live for the BSG performance > @peepgawd1 this shit hideousbitch stop tryna flirt, you can’t fuck with me.honestly so glad it’s over. @brandodagr8t lmaoo not tryna hear that shit!if it’s not giving “Christmas & Chill” tho...cause... @DamnYouKakarot they do this every year like, aren’t they tired? 😂wait omg! @theestallion omg sis you know we—- $JERMES6 😍Hotties let’s celebrate the GRAMMY nominations and my new album!!! Drop your cashapp and #GoodNewsMegan to win some…
Retweeted by Lois Grippinmy virginity grew back
Retweeted by Lois Grippini am not your bottom - james baldwin (1979)
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @_Doodster I see it i’m screaming @_Doodster ndnddnddj wait —I'm relocating in 2021🏡 I'm relocating in 2021💜 I'm relocating in 2021🙇‍♂️ I'm relocating in 2021💚 I'm relocating i…
Retweeted by Lois GrippinAs a Cap, if we fall off, u are dead to me
Retweeted by Lois Grippinhow often do you tap into your personal magik without your tools? like straight words of power or strength of will…
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @quethemusic_ hehehe that part @quethemusic_ period! love it lmao the girls can seethe @quethemusic_ periodLMAOOOO PARADE STANS MAKE SOME MF NOISE 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by Lois Grippinlistening to a FOUR time Grammy nominated critical negro SMASH
Retweeted by Lois Grippinyou ain’t teachin’ me no new shit!top notch bitch @ScreamZaii this is robinhood i’d recommend WeBull thoOOOOBAMA WINDOW DOWN LET EM SEE WHO IN IT CRACK A BIG SMILE!
Retweeted by Lois GrippinOn this day 27 years ago, Goku returned to Earth and met his son, Goten, for the first time. 🐉 #DragonBallZ
Retweeted by Lois Grippinthe way i’m clearing the market today, I have laugh. $TSLA $RKT @WholeGlass0fB 😋Beyoncé just collected NINE GRAMMY nominations, moving her up to 79 total, surpassing her husband at 77, and placin…
Retweeted by Lois Grippinnot another IASF sweep?! @Beyonce @beyonseh ready to CLEAR!BLACK PARADE FOUR NOMINATIONS I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @_sumkoolassname don’t let him use this moment to disguise his misogyny sisBeyoncé's nominations so far: • Best Music Video — Brown Skin Girl • Best Music Film — Black Is King • Best R&B So…
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @SupermanKash 😭😭 @Xanax360 @nickystizzy 🤣🤣Blue Ivy got her first Grammy nomination at 8. Monica is shaking.KWEEN IVY stan a living legend with a fully grammy nominated discography
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @wakeupmrwes__ 🤣🤣🤣find your way back. @Beyonce @MayceVassago our minds > @jordan_pbp 💀💀when he doesn’t know how to *** my *** so hard, saving up the paper, now we get to lay back 😌Black Mirror: Black Museum (2017)
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Retweeted by Lois Grippin @kaypeaux nnnnshdhshg you know they’ll clear it! @kaypeaux the way the girls will crowd Trader Joe’s on Vine omg @markusrafferty have you tried WeBull? it may be availableonce the girls see the Lion King and Ozymandias 🔥🔥🔥when I say Fate fans get FED. that’s why it’s fav. 😌 Certifies US Election Results
Retweeted by Lois Grippin @KingKoat FEEDING. they’re already in production for Fate/Grand Order: Solomon which should come next year with FGO Camelot part 2 🙌🏾😌 @Private_Encore check out 9anime or animefreak @KingKoat same but i’m also more excited for the Fate Grand Order Camelot movies. the first one comes out next week!omg I need the streamers to upload asap. @_BDhandsome1 omg 💀 @dre__cole she really slid!! @alscottwrites omg 😭😭 lemme practice @alscottwrites lmaoo i’m practicing the art of stillness 😌 @KingBobbyDeal yess!$XRP #Ripple life is good
Retweeted by Lois Grippinmeg’s whole album makes me feel sexy likeee >I love muscles.I like muscles
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