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Jerry Bembry @Jerrybembry United States

Senior writer/producer at ESPN's TheUndefeated. Ex professor. Brooklyn born and raised. Proud dad. Thoughts are my personal views. Don't @ me with #Fakenews.

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@sportingnews Looks nothing like the man...I asked my husband if I’m the only one he’s been with. He said yes, the others were all nines and tens. Send bail money.
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In addition to being a 2019 NBA champion, Serge Ibaka is a standout single father too ‘To me, to be a father, it’s…
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @Wright_One Young folks just don’t know all the great things they missed!On the eve of Father’s Day - checking on your favorite TV dad. Who da man?
This Jeremy Lin #NBAFinal2019 mixtape is everything! @JoeyRGarciaJr Agree.Not a good look for many.....harsh
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThe best back to back player profiles in Complete Handbook of Pro Basketball history ...
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I don't care if your political leanings are left or right, what the police did here was absolutely wrong. Incidents… Plant Guy has to be the funniest fan ever!
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Retweeted by Jerry BembryFor Toronto and for basketball north of the border, mission accomplished. #NBAFinals Leonard joins Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and LeBron James as the only players to win NBA Finals MVP awards on differ… Championship Victory Easily Takes Its Place Among Top 10 Moments In Toronto Raptors History…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryFred VanVleet saved Toronto. MVP of this game. #NBAFINALS @ShesApples23 Yes. The ball was in his lap.Can you call timeout without the ball?Wtf...Sure looks like Cousins held Serge. @Complex FakeDamn.
Good perspective here from RG3, who spoke to ⁦@JReidESPN⁩ about the risks injured athletes take. says #NBAFinals2019 game six. Trust me, this is game seven for Toronto. Can the @Raptors successfully danc… segment. One part that stood out: @GStephanopoulos said “you and your dad used to watch GMA.” Reply from Char…
“Are you at home?” “Yeah, why?” *incoming FaceTime call*
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @NYinLA2121 The royal penis is clean.Credentialed Canadian media were in the pressroom cheering as the Raptors soared ahead. Some even put on raincoats…
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@missacool Nope. Just a guy who got beyond drunk during a big game, and wound up turning his back to the court in t… @OFiggy @RaidersChatter @TheUndefeated @WorldWideWob You nothing but a rental anyway.Why tweet out a video that's obviously fake? It was dark outside when the game started, and it's light AF in this v… @richarddeitsch Likewise. Had the Raptors won the game, our friend would not have been able to share a single memory about being there!Right down the street (about three blocks) from my place in Brooklyn. call at game 5 of the #nbafinals2019 and guy next to the press section has three on standby and one in his han…
Exclusive to The Undefeated: Tony Parker bids adieu to the NBA. The point guard sits down w/@MarcJSpearsESPN:…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThe exclusive from @MarcJSpearsESPN on Tony Parker retiring from the NBA.
Have faith, Marc - you might get one more game. See you up north tomorrow.
@Chris_Broussard @SteinmetzNBA @Powell2daPeople @MikeWiseguy @RicBucher i agree -- @SteinmetzNBA was an extremely t…
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Rapper and #Warriors super fan ⁦@MistahFAB⁩ drops a freestyle for ⁦@TheUndefeated⁩ about the #NBAFinals. #nba
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @JoeCretz @MarcJSpearsESPN Bot.The love for Barack Obama has no boundaries.
@Paul__Jones Mark told me the Danny Ainge story! @googlyDouglas @Paul__Jones @yorkuniversity Known them both for years, and knew they hooped. Learned of their legen… appreciate, Paul. I knew you and Mark were broadcast legends. In doing the story, I also learned you were basketb… Rida lip synching his way through his halftime performance. @David_C_Steele The benefits of a long series. @Foxworth24 Oh, damn - hope it avoided my neighborhood. My car’s parked outside.
So many questions. The main one: why you have a service dog at a strip club? Did the club provide a lap dance and a… statement by @IsiahThomas. I was on the other end of that battle fighting with editors,line up producers,repor…
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @WhenOctoberEnds @EdMayfield2 @MarkJonesESPN @TheKinghandles Yes, and covered in the story. @JeremySchaap Thank you! It's not like Joshua was this great, imposing champion!I agree. That was one of my favorite NBA cities.“It’s a whole country behind this team, that’s 30 or 40 million people.” -@chrisbosh It feels like the Raptors, a…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThanks for your time, Isiah. Always appreciated. article - The Finals frontier: How the Raptors are turning Toronto into a basketball city…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryIt was a tweet from @MarkJonesESPN that gave me the idea for this story. If you didn't know, Mark and his brother,…"The order of the (TV) highlights would be hockey, hockey, hockey, Blue Jays, Argonauts, tennis, curling. After cur… @MR_STiXX Thank you, sir, for reading.I know people get pissed when someone is in their assigned parking space, but damn! You just gonna run your cruise… Paak killing it at Echo Beach in Toronto. Yes, lawd!
@MikeDSykes What are those!!!!!
#Raptors forward Pascal Siakam “has the spirit” our game needs. Recent story from @TheUndefeated.…
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @MarcJSpearsESPN @SHAQ @MontePooleNBCS @TheSteinLine @ThompsonScribe @ChrisBHaynes @mspears96 Too Funny!!! @JustinTinsley Not bad. But M.O.P.'s "Ante Up" by Bert and Ernie is G.O.A.T: @TheKinghandles Please check your email.🗣️ LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK‼️ Still feeling inspired from yesterday 💯 #TogetherDC #AtlanticAthletes
Retweeted by Jerry BembryWonder what @Martenzie thinks about this:'O Canada. Oh what a night for Toronto. Canada's pride - and diversity - was on full display during Raptors' histor…
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry#NBAFinals veteran @Jerrybembry writes about how #NBA commissioner Adam Silver Adam Silver won’t tolerate hate spee…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryAdam Silver warns fans hate speech won't be tolerated: 'We're going to catch you' @suggswriter That’s cold...
Bend the Knee: #kingofthenorth @Ryan_Cortes Stephen A sign you to a deal? @CoachDWMarshall OK, I'm gonna have to check it out!
@tammigaw Give me Dulles any day over this gate. There is a lengthy delay. Every. Time.Sitting on the runway for an hour with no announcements at Washington DCA Gate 35X. Departing from #35X is ALWAYS a…
Three years in the league, three trips to the NBA finals, Two teams, two rings. Patrick McCaw of the @Raptors is th…
Gregg Popovich approves this message: Howard going back to coach his alma mater is phenomenal for college basketball. But for the NBA, it’s also di…
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@geoffreyCarnold @warriors @trailblazers Good job, Geoffrey. Maybe my @Knick can get you on board for some much-needed good luck!“That was tough, one of the hardest moments of my life. But I felt that I had a bigger purpose and I was doing the…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryMost amazing part of this story: he was flying Spirit. #bravery #roughride
@MarcJSpearsESPN @TheUndefeated @KDTrey5 @Dame_Lillard @ESPNNBA @E60 @DeAndre @JordanClarksons Great job! Can’t wai… @TheUndefeated @jessewashington Was that Fred Vanvleet? @David_C_Steele Instant classic. @SuperSai_1 Exactly what I was thinking. Lin must have fallen off quite a bit if he’s losing minutes to Fred.If Danny Green can’t hit a wide open jumper, than he’s of little use on the floor and should be relegated to the be…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryHave to remember that. Woods didn't make the cut. But Harold Varner has played himself into the final group (alongside Brooks Koepka… @missacool Magic goes in deep!Respect. If more people with the means would make this type of gesture. this what would have been the 94th birthday of Malcolm X, I want to tip my hat to my uncle, John Elton Bembry. H… is brilliant! @MikeDSykes Mike Bibby finds this insultingWow. How does he do this?
And I meant block OR charge!