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Senior writer/producer at ESPN's TheUndefeated. Ex professor. Brooklyn born and raised. Proud dad. Thoughts are my personal views. Don't @ me with #Fakenews.

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he said "america first." not "americans first."
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry⁦@michaelb4jordan⁩ on becoming a boxer and being the People’s Champ #Creed2
Retweeted by Jerry BembryFor all the people who told me ⁦@LeVeonBell⁩ should have played this season, think about what happened to Alex Smit…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThanks for having me on today, Enjoyed my time talking with @jessob_reisbeck about the @EDMONDSONHS students respon…
@JustinTinsley @SHOsports Big time! @JustinTinsley @E60 Thank you, my brother. Total team effort with super producer Eddie McGee and stats/numbers expert @TKellyAnalytics.
Marvin Webster will be inducted into the @CBHOF today. Here's the story of the assist he got to get there via @E60.
Retweeted by Jerry BembryFormer @nuggets / @nyknicks / @MorganStBears hoops star Marvin Webster enters the @CBHOF tonight. Here’s the incred… @samminurse89146 @unsuckdcmetro @wmata The T is old! But the times I’ve taken it, the system has never let me down!… about how a group of Baltimore High School kids got Marvin Webster into the @CBHOF. Airing right now on ESPNE… @_ChadBowen @unsuckdcmetro @wmata I’m from NYC. That system is grimy. But, in my mind, it’s a lot more reliable than DC.
@David_C_Steele Can I get him on my fantasy football team?The DC @wmata is, without a doubt, the worst big city public transportation system in America. Not even close. Some… @JustinTinsley Best season by far. You have to read the book by @Jpdabrams on The Wire-“All the Pieces matter.” A great read.Vivian Stringer’s road to greatness. “As coach at the nation’s first historically black college, Stringer shared an…
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She's not funny. the sports analytics club from Baltimore's Edmondson-Westside HS helped get @MorganStateU legend Marvin Webster…
“When you get to a certain point in life, you have to accept that you’re not what you once were. It is OK to be a r…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThis is crazy. Somebody giving you problems on the court, give him buckets! Embarrass him! Not this... funny! @TrueHoop @SherwoodStrauss Hadn’t read that until this morning. What a great piece! @Cheyney30 @cvivianstringer @CheyneyUniv @RutgersWBB I stand corrected! Thank you (it’s right in the story!) Kiana Patterson. The Central Connecticut guard scored her 1,000th career point tonite. Unfortunately,that…
“Father Time don’t wait for no one, man. We try to fight it, but you just can’t fight it. The competitiveness kind…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThank you! you! 1972 @cvivianstringer once took the oldest #HBCU, @CheyneyUniv to the NCAA national title game. Tonight the… is just no one else like Coach Stringer! 🏀❣️
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @jessewashington Less than a mile away, but a world apart. Long Island City is all high rise office buildings, hote…“Just walking into the gym, smelling new sneakers and hearing the ball bounce, I still get excited... I love what I… you notice that @missjillscott is trending, and then you see the reason why... of the Black NFL Fan Part III:
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I see you @CaryChow. Looking good handling the sports on @NBC4Sports!Wow, Stan Lee dead. I'm going to miss his cameos in all the #Marvel movies.
How hoops legend Henry Logan overcame injuries, alcoholism and illiteracy by @Jerrybembry
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThis was well played by #SNL Just wow. pointed out to me that Too Short did slip a bad word in! I retract the previous tweet!Just Too Short do a rap show at halftime of @Lakers/@SacramentoKings that was absent of cussing! That, my friend, i… @wojespn Melo's time with Houston:
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @wojespn Fultz: *open on the perimeter* Jimmy: “SHOOT THE DAMN BALL!” Fultz:
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‘What a stupid question’: Trump demeans three black female reporters in three days - The Washington Post
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @JoeyRGarciaJr @JRBlake It’s James Blake.A large part of the reason I wrote this is because I’ve never, and will never, be able to get the mental picture of…
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For @JRBlake, activism wasn't on the radar in terms of a post-tennis career. That changed after he was slammed to t… Lowry promises not to get too emotional when DeRozan and Casey return to #Toronto. The #Raptors star opens up…
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Don't care how much you might despise the man and his message. This is not the right tactic. Don't mess with people… that’s a well done video to get your fans hyped tweet is a year old. The error? Oh, my... Ollie and Jim Calhoun both won national titles at Connecticut. Two coaches. One school. And vastly different…
To quote @Deacon_Schiele: "Dat boy Good!" Good luck. Great reel! @MarkJonesESPN Then there's this: 👏👏 to @jessewashington for this. If Kyrie's mad, we all should be mad that the Celtics doubled Jamal Murray off… @AmericanAir I'd like to think I was told otherwise I could change my ticket just to get me off the plane. When I w…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryWonder how media reporter @HowardKurtz will cover this: @AmericanAir It was a weight imbalance issue. I volunteered to get off, but I’m now getting the runaround to get my… day: 11:02 am scheduled flight on @AmericanAir delayed because of weather. Finally board under clear skies, but…“They don’t take away your right to pay taxes. They’re taking money from me, but not giving me the right to say wha…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThis is journalism at Fox News.’s only November and my Knicks are already breaking my heart. For the most part, good effort from a young team. B…
Foxconn promised 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin and then decided (!) to automate the factory, which will require only 3,0…
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @JoeyRGarciaJr @nhannahjones Who posted anything about Democrats or Republicans? This was simply a post to urge peo… thread about the importance of voting is worth your read. Well done, @nhannahjones:
A pastor speaks on the connections between faith and sports. Latest in a #God series from ⁦@KelleySthrnGrl⁩.
Retweeted by Jerry BembryThis... And the mother bear, with the message to her cub of having to be able to navigate life on your own. baby bear with the best inspirational video you’ll see this year:
The Wizards Experience #DCFamily
Retweeted by Jerry BembrySaw Roy Hargrove live many times, and met him after a show in New York. An incredibly talented musician. So sad. spent the day with ⁦@J_No24⁩, who was busy working on education issues with ⁦@playercoalition⁩. A lot of p…
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry @ProfBlackistone @WashWizards @NBA At least you aren’t here...
Yes, yes, yes!!! CHECK: The cop-killer featured in Trump's incendiary video blaming Democrats for his release was actually rele…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryAsked whether the military at southern border might fire on migrants, Pres. Trump says, "I hope not." "I hope ther…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryCan Trae Young be the biggest star for the Hawks since the days of Dominique Wilkins? The Human Highlight Film thin…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryI was looking for the Thursday night NFL game, but I can’t find it...
A month ago, @drose told @TheUndefeated “most guys would have retired” after going through what he has. Tonight, th…
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Down goes Hue Jackson and diversity in the NFL From @JReidESPN and the @TheUndefeated
Halloween costume of the year...
@N_Seewang Doesn't make any sense.7:15 a.m. - Student shot and killed at Butler HS in North Carolina 7:22 a.m. - Police arrive and make arrest 9:30 a… @Martenzie Get that link up so I can share it!Having shook the huge hand of @Colts TE Mo Alie-Cox, I understand how his first NFL TD on Sunday—a one-hand-grab—lo… Reid’s comments are worth the listen... is obvious I guess, but if you want to cut down on bothsidesism, put people on TV who have subject-matter expe…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryIM READY!!!! Oh my bad I thought, maybe u were, umm never mind back to my regular schedule program
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Tyronn Lue statement obtained by @espn @TheUndefeated
Retweeted by Jerry BembryWatching the bickering politicians this morning on @MeetThePress had me wishing we could fire them all and start an… from Charlie Sykes: "We live in combustible times and the president is the arsonist in chief." Norman of the @Redskins is featured in the latest in a series on sports, faith and religion. From…
Oh, yes - a time for jokes. @JReidESPN Sign of the Times. Sad. @CoreyECohen What happened today is horrible. I’ve seen wrong photos posted in similar instances.This piece on how a guy Bought Used Voting Machines on eBay for $100 Apiece, and figured out a way to easily manipu… on how rapper and #Hawks fan @KillerMike is killing the game with the first in arena barber shop.…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryIn the early 1960s, NBA teams had limits on the number of black players and how good they could be. Filmmaker and b…
Retweeted by Jerry Bembry"If Major League Baseball wants to re-establish its connection with talented young black athletes, it must show the…
Retweeted by Jerry BembryI was so excited when my ⁦@nyknicks⁩ beat the Atlanta Hawks on opening night. Then we started to play teams in the…