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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! @jojidune of yall have incredible stories inside your head and you think its trash but maybe you're not the person to ma…
Retweeted by Jeroen @NetflixFilm I was 15, economy teacher comes in, puts on Easy Rider. We ask him why, he answers "I'm hung over and I love Harleys." @VictoriaCot Tom knows all the choreography @xavierck3d I used to work on an WebAPI that had a method buried somewhere deep, it was not referenced by any line… @TigerGD @Lord_Sunday @StephanReilly @adashtra
💪 @johnpavlovitz @realDonaldTrump And his base cheers him on @http2jxson @ScottWamplerBMD I mean, it's so unapologetically weird, it completely leans into the absurdity of a vigilante bill… @SaschaJanssen @EdgeOfEurope @_je_suis_John 🎵och Lieve oma Ik verloor je... aan corona Als we toen wisten Wat we zo… @peterdej Ik moest er ook meteen aan denken 😂😂 @marcelbar8 "er zijn al een hele hoop grote namen aan boord" Dat je een lange Twitter handle hebt betekent niet dat… de piepol! #ikdoenietmeermeegrapjeindepraktijkhebiknatuurlijkvetveelvoordeelvandeoverheid
Retweeted by Jeroen @AOC @_SJPeace_ I'm at about 12 @Voyager19 @queerBengali The GOP didn't suddenly came up with Trump, it's the culmination of DECADES of Republican… Assange's extradition hearings are frankly terrifying, and if you care about the free press, you should be w…
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@SenTedCruz I see your principles are still are firm as a dog's diarrhea. @ChrisMurphyCT @GeorgeTakei Four more years of Trump and most Americans won't need ACA, because they're all in the ground. @geoffkeighley @majornelson @XboxP3 Xbox, now with exclusive bugs! @JodieStrickla18 @davelanger2k @geoffkeighley @XboxP3 You have no idea what you're talking about, are you? @RotomSwitch @geoffkeighley @XboxP3 @clarkewolfe This shit may be way darker than anyone was anticipating. I'm into it. @the_moviebob @HeeraTarantino Our mutual love for each other @Iron_Spike @the_moviebob "kids, time to visit grandma, we're going to Disneyland!" @A_Herkenhoff @AOC "I know RBG just died, but can't you smile more?" is one hell of a take, but go on. @ElectileDysfx @NilesGApol @daveweigel @AOC Only if you're mentally handicapped. @BlueBoxDave I see reading comprehension isn't a requirement to work for the Federalist. Consider me shocked. this looks interesting
Retweeted by Jeroen @VictoriaCot u are feeling sad pls look at this cute duck 💜
Retweeted by Jeroen @JillKrajewski @VictoriaCot Or, and hear me out: Spice Up Your Life
@GailSimone"The Chinese government calls us Terrorists. We are not terrorists. We are students, we are mothers, we are fathers…
Retweeted by Jeroen @ZenOfDesign So, when's the divorce? @the_moviebob @JRehling @ryanstruyk Vice versa, if your God is that weak, why do you worship him?
@CyberpunkGame JFC, my laptop can run this game twice. That's one hell of an achievement! @bgrat24 @aimeecarrero She, Keanu and Keith are going to inherit the earth when humanity is extinctFuck this guy specifically @EscapVelocity @SedonajaneRocks @RevilFox @RexChapman @KwesiW1 I'm 7ft and I can say with absolute certainty that t… @VictoriaCot Same
Caution - vicious dog attack. This little one’s laugh is the Twitter content I needed today...
Retweeted by Jeroen @Stonekettle "it's not like he's gonna get anybody killed" -republicans, 2016 @amarutuf @VyceVictus He got patched out, he was OP AFShia is off his face! @RexChapman That ain't weed, bruh.I'm not crying, you're crying! would like to second this motion @OhNoSheTwitnt Perfecto @AmazonChique This is my plan, and i hope the charity they support is an organization for trans-rights as a big FU to JK. @AmyMcGrathKY @pattonoswalt We're looking at the US on what not to do.My queer horror short film LABRYS has played in festivals all across the globe, and today, I'm making the film avai…
Retweeted by Jeroen @bjcolangelo It's 8 in the morning here, but I'm definitely giving this a watch tonight. Heard good things! @ZenOfDesign I don't want to buy a Harry Potter game because I don't want to give my money to a transphobic woman w… @xantiaanthem November 12th? @marcbernardin Facts have a liberal bias. @GailSimone @SonyPS4 No, you're actually just in time for the ps6 pre-order @RexChapman Bamboo?
Retweeted by JeroenPanda. Carrot. Get some...
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@queerBengali Every single day @NateIsARudo @CarlosAlonzoM Oh it will happen. My brother works retail and had people come back with a Xbox One gam… @FilmClickbait @getFANDOM Eh, they'd both end up in the waste paper bin. WGAF? @CNNPolitics The party of law and order, peeps. I can only assume that federal agents are en route to his house to… @james_koffler @ManMadeMoon Red states be like: September 10: fuck those liberal elites in NYC September 11: united… @RuthFosterDead @mistergeezy After eating pieces of apple sprinkled with cinnamon with my bare hands, I went to the… @nhagur @PlayStationNL Ja, was binnen een half uur uitverkocht @WiredP @VictoriaCot you called me honey <3 @VictoriaCot @RuthFosterDead @mistergeezy As someone who accidentally had cinnamon there... @dresdendoll @Bosslogic @Jon_Favreau Brad Pitt. @Bosslogic @Jon_Favreau He's the reason I discovered Roy Choi's Mojo Pork. @cassidoo Because I can't do the pen twirly thingy like that. @bol_com_games Ik op 19 november @Bosslogic Same. This is the way. @VictoriaCot There is no alternate reality where you like Clueless more than me, Tors.For some reason, this isn’t getting much play. “The FBI has announced that Steven Carrillo, the Air Force sergeant…
Retweeted by Jeroen @shanselman LOL shaving. is the content I'm here for again today
Retweeted by Jeroen @bol_com_games Blij dat ik één van de lucky few ben :D @PlayStationNL Yes, ik heb hem besteld. See you in November!Firefighters: literally fight fire Also firefighters: fighting conspiracy theories on TikTok
Retweeted by Jeroen @garywhitta Looks at my PS5 pre-order.... I'm special? of advice for my Dutch friends; @bol_com_games has the pre-orders up for #PlayStation5 @nhagur @PlayStationNL Hij staat er op ;) @RexChapman I said it 4 years ago: maga means back to the 1950s @queerBengali
@EmilyGorcenski @Damac1214 @CarlosAlonzoM the one hand, Hogwarts Legacy looks absolutely mental,on the other hand, fuck that TERF bitch Rowling #hogwartslegacy #PlayStation5 @CarlosAlonzoM @the_nerdlounge SONY JUST CASUALLY ANNOUNCING A NEW GOOD OF WAR IS SUCH A BALLER MOVE @queerBengali Sex is all about gametes. No fun allowed.