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@Ryn0ceros @getFANDOM @EW Hamsters C carry a grudge man @SteveForbesCEO Steve Forbes accidentally proves he's a dumbass @b00Walk @BonerWizard @FilmCritHULK Oh God I didn't even see that! @GeorgeTakei This was part of The Running Man's plot @the_moviebob It's always fun to watch Jolie go full out on her characters. Can't wait for this and the Eternals. @pj_campbell @WilliamBibbiani What a waste of MJW. Spawn really did a number on his career. @BonerWizard @FilmCritHULK Why is the burger King topless, why is tuxedo guy smoking around a pregnant woman, why i… @pj_campbell @WilliamBibbiani Wait, what, seriously@ @shanselman @Hanselminutes Also on Stitcher! @WilliamBibbiani I didn't even know they were making oneRT if you had absolutely no idea that the sequel to INSIDE MAN came out a couple weeks ago.
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@SonOfEl115 @Jvnco @bag_bombastic @getFANDOM Don't smoke your lines. @CarlosAlonzoM Venom: *causing trouble in San Francisco* Peter: *eh, the West Coast Avengers can handle it* @SonOfEl115 @Jvnco @bag_bombastic @getFANDOM Dafuq are you smoking? @starwars @disneyplus Considering I've already binged the OT on Disney+, imma go with The Mandalorian. @EscapistMag @scottEweinberg @WilliamBibbiani Can confirm, it's 1997 @DisneyPlusHelp 4K content is longer supported on LG webos? Netflix has no issue displaying 4K Dolby Vision. @Jvnco @bag_bombastic @getFANDOM Venom is pretty damn close though. @getFANDOM I can't wait for this symbiote with no ties to Spider-Man at all to have a grudge against Spider-Man. @bag_bombastic @getFANDOM I don't want to see that with the current incarnation of venom. I wanted a Batman v Supes… @Mediaite @brianstelter It's not a mistake. It's completely intentional. Everything that's happening now was foreseen and intended. @ErikWattne @OhNoSheTwitnt He never set foot on what now is US soil @FoldableHuman He's the Qibi target audience @ManMadeMoon He's just bitter that Iron Man 2 is a bigger box office hit than The Irishman will ever be. @RemainerNow @GloriaDePiero She simply doesn't hear it on the doorstep, like, every single day. I'm sure the Brit… @TrevDon Eh, I'm not living on canned food. Gimme fresh food delivered on a weekly basis and I'm down. @Karlarei2003 @nathandasilva42 @Sheep2Wolves @TannerVolz @MarkDice @maggieNYT @nytmike He hasn't exactly started a… @TannerVolz @MarkDice @maggieNYT @nytmike Unfortunately. The country would do so much better on gin & juice @raven7111 @DevinCow The US doesn't recognize the International Justice Court. I can't imagine why.
At first I thought - Ugh, now I actually have to apologize. But then ... @VancityReynolds
Retweeted by Jeroen @TitusNation @DevinCow And just think, they all know the way to America. @alex_cattoo Ponder on 1 while getting 2. Two birds one stone! @RealHughJackman @VancityReynolds Apologize for what? What did I miss? @CarlosAlonzoM Star Wars never made any sense @DamienWilkens @9_volt_ I don't think Robert DeNiro is fit enough for Johnny Blaze @susan55698023 @samswey @ava Coming to? This is what it's always been. It's just more visible now. @MeritLaw line up! That beard! Hey this on my retina tomorrow! @cevangelista413 @the_moviebob A lot of housewives are watching this trailer and think "hmm, I never knew I could get this tingle from a woman" @jimsciutto @the_moviebob I would also like to thank the Bernie voters who had decided to sit 2016 out in protest.… @the_moviebob The Life of Pets? @_TheBestDogs Why does it not surprise me that this is a bull terrier? Mine would get into the same kinds of situations.Wot in the HECK?
Retweeted by JeroenJump around. Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍🎶😏
Retweeted by Jeroen @VictoriaCot Power couple @randileeharper @the_moviebob If it is, let's be weird together#Grouch #SesameStreet #SNL
Retweeted by JeroenIn physics class, we were handed a switch board that, according to the teacher, was impossible to short. I managed… @Joyce_Karam @NakatomiTim Their blood is on American hands. I hope you're ready to face the new wave of terrorists you've bred. @JennyENicholson @FoldableHuman I can't stand those people. Go home then, let me enjoy my rides, stop being a buzzkill. @PissedOffTexan7 @tonyposnanski @KamalaHarris Apparently, it's considered presidential these days.
Pure Art. @thehill This is how you create your own enemies. @allen_kimble @Lexialex You expected better from a people that elected Trump? @disneyplus @themandalorian responses are almost as good as the tweet itself @starwars @themandalorian @disneyplus I can't wait! @fozmeadows @CarlosAlonzoM This same chart can be applied to Pirates Of The Caribbean 1, which will quickly make yo… @Ambuehlance @thetoddberger Honestly, I'm surprised they haven't already @disneyplus Meanwhile, in the Netherlands Netflix comedy category, very few things I find funny. It's depressing as fuck. @A_Human_Crisis @PopChassid @JuliusGoat Imagine being pedantic on Twitter @Gravydog316 @Mediaite @brianstelter Tbf, few people aren't too liberal for Ingraham @VictoriaCot Black Eggs. Over easy. @PopChassid @JuliusGoat Imagine being a Somali refugee and seeing your neighbor in that cheering crowd. @HelenKennedy Ladies and gentlemen of the armed services, your Commander in Chief. @the_moviebob The WHITE SINGLE INCEL men @Mediaite @brianstelter I wonder what the final straw was, because it's the same Fox News as when he signed his fat contact. @the_moviebob One of the lowest voices in science vs the highest pitched voice in science denial, the harmonies will be off the scales @realDailyWire @benshapiro I hope they discuss the coastal housing market @the_moviebob His pants are too short @VictoriaCot
@MagsVisaggs That's a threat right there. @ThatKevinSmith @JayMewes What were your expectations when you started this project and has it lived up to that? @JasonSCampbell He will pick up a gun...😂😂😂😂 He can't even load it! And even if he could, the kickback would send him flying. 😂😂😂 @FoldableHuman All-in, anything to distract you from how mediocre this movie actually is. @cevangelista413 TLJ is the best Star Wars by any metric, EXPECT maybe nostalgia. That goes to Force Awakens. @DanaSchwartzzz It's true. @the_moviebob @EscapistMag The one reason I don't watch them on Escapist is the player doesn't support streaming to… @VictoriaCot And blow-dryers and fluffy towels and on occasions even a unicorn. @NME @ManMadeMoon @WeeMissBea @NetflixUK I'm so glad I got to hear this story. @Lorenzo90 @NME @WeeMissBea @NetflixUK Isn't that his natural look? @edgarwright Could be worse. It took them 30 minutes to get the projector working when we went and saw Endgame. The… @VictoriaCot Girl, you've never seen my after shower routine. @VictoriaCot @shanselman Constantine has always been great what are you on about? @the_moviebob These are also the accents you've been using for villains 🤷🏼‍♂️
@WilliamBibbiani Terry Gilliam @OhNoSheTwitnt The self awareness of a dog licking it's own balls @JimSterling But, hey, let's go download only consoles, amirite? @VictoriaCot My hair is €50, but I'm a naturally ravishing Viking, less maintenance 🤷🏼‍♂️ @jezuswatslecht Stelletje beesten @TheWolfsCall The full video is a thing of beauty @davechensky @the_moviebob Haven't listened to the entire podcast yet, but I went in expecting debate, and you quic…
@DeLadysigner Always enable vsync, tearing is awful, during gameplay, but especially when you're recording. @DeLadysigner Looks like screen tearing, did you turn on vsync in the options? @getFANDOM @djvlad Smart @the_moviebob