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HBO Max boss calls 'The Snyder Cut' creation process a 'radical rethinking' and 'wildly expensive' 'It does not ex…
Retweeted by Jeroen @getFANDOM @businessinsider In the end, swamp thing finds out he's the son of Lex Luthor AND they're in the afterlife @Ceilidhann @renfamous Yes. I like this and if this isn't an option, may I suggest @NakatomiTim Makes perfect senseDonald Trump killed his personal assistant, Carolyn Gombell, in October 2000. He strangled her because he'd gotten…
Retweeted by Jeroen @videodrew @Real_AlexMac Fucking awesome! @therealsamad_ @VanLathan She'll probably explain she was on Ambien. @Real_AlexMac @videodrew Those boots! @queerBengali Same here. I blame COVID-19 and it started 24 years ago. @magi_jay @queerBengali That, and how she changed her voice to sound more panicked, and telling them that he was th… @rossallen3 @radleybalko is fucking WILD. I hope they get the fucker who pulled this shit. @NakatomiTim You know what we call the people who stood idly by as Hitler and his party rose to power? Nazis. We c… @RepSwalwell @QasimRashid This happens far too often though. @NakatomiTim @dog_rates @EricDSnider Kevin has trained his master well @QasimRashid You say reckless, I say racist @ConservativeLA @nytimes Footage of cla at the comedy club @queerBengali It also, again, shines a light on what US cops are. They are not to protect and serve the public. The… @getFANDOM @jk_rowling And in 2039 she'll reveal which characters were secretly gay, trans, and bi. @erufailon4 @getFANDOM @jk_rowling @atrupar I'm not the only one sees Colin Robinson, right? @atrupar He seems so happy to send others into harm's way. I bet he had a quick walk before the interview too. @business So what you're saying is we can just camp at the docks and they'll come to us? @portaliot @shannonrwatts Well, America was an amazing country where people treated each other with respect and then in 1492.... @TerryMoran I mean, I could go on, but you get my point. @TerryMoran Or perhaps this? @TerryMoran Or maybe this? @TerryMoran Or this? @TerryMoran Do you think this is a good look? @chloebennet @getFANDOM @Collider @dyllyp First rule of handling a gun: always have the safety on unless you mean to fire Second rule: never point yo… @jonathonj1970 @dyllyp Showing us what a responsible gun owner he is. @VictoriaCot I knew you would be. It's fricking amazing @VictoriaCot Check out Blood Machines, it's 50 minutes of essentially this. @GeorgeTakei I hope they hang Trump's portrait where in belongs. A museum dedicated to WW2, with a plaque that says… @VictoriaCot Have some Carpenter Brut to cheer you up @VictoriaCot HumanityNo one ever said animating was safe. Follow us on #tiktok to see more! #fightlaikaanimator #fightchallenge
Retweeted by Jeroen @empiremagazine I'd rather watch Green Lantern again @the_moviebob Burnt chicken wings @angrybooklady @jsways12 @the_moviebob @d34thfr0m4b0v3_ Isn't that where all that big corp tax cuts and support programs are for? @GailSimone @GailSimone And he drank all the hotdog flavored water. @WitneySeibold #ReleaseTheSeiboldCutSpoke with Mike Schultz who has gone viral for sharing a before/after photo of his six weeks in the hospital after…
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Retweeted by Jeroen @Stonekettle OAN has nothing but raving reviews for Dear Leader @funder @realDonaldTrump This awesome clip of Obama sticking it to Trump needs to be retweeted ‘til the end of time!
Retweeted by JeroenThis brother helping his sister get buckets is definitely the Twitter content I’m here for...🌎❤️🏀❤️
Retweeted by Jeroen @DragonTat2 @WishForJoy @nowthisnews @CathyJoeGPT He's giving them the finger
@farhip @brianstelter "only one hundred thousand? Optimist." And "Very soon we'll be down to zero, our dear leader said so." @GailSimone That Master Chief cameo though @WiredP @SHAQ @DeliverTheMoon Dante from Devil May Cry in Viva Pinata @MGM_Studios Heat @smartalek180 @MikePrevost3 @JoshuaPotash Oh, they're consistent principles, just not the ones they're saying it loud. @CaseyExplosion @the_moviebob They would have to acknowledge LGBT exists first @shivasdancefit @McauleyHolmes Well, you're right about one thing... @queerBengali @BWDR Avengers Endgame. I lived with these characters since 2008, the same year I met my wife, see that saga come t… @OhNoSheTwitnt "much very good"? This wordsalad is so bad, Gordon Ramsey would throw in his face, plate and all. @adamnaser @DanSlott Rises wasn't planned. Nolan wanted to make The Dark Knight, but he knew in order to tell that… @NakatomiTim I wouldn't call them mediocre, but they definitely have flaws. @BlackDoom234 @HaydnElmore @WilliamBibbiani and @WitneySeibold have a great podcast called @CriticAcclaim highly re… @JamesGunn Mulholland Dr @shaenongarrity @jhdore @OhNoSheTwitnt They literally pulled the tiger from their safari playset and painted it gre…
@getFANDOM Go to GameStop and trade in my kid for a PS4 pro @JohnFromCranber @soledadobrien You might want to look up what Freedom of Religion actually means, bub. @BobChipman_1981 @the_moviebob Who wants to bet they still look both ways when crossing the road? @GunsAkimboMovie fucking rules. A non-stop adrenaline rush like Crank, topped off with some crazy camera work and a… @ashleylynch @WilliamBibbiani It's so good. It's film elevated to it's purest form. I read a review calling it "a m… @NakatomiTim @VanLathan Taika WaititiContext: Biden’s agenda for black America. Doesn’t get much attention but it’s quite broad.
Retweeted by Jeroen @spideysona24 @renfamous Rock hard to flaccid in 0.2 seconds and denial if service for at least a monthPretty great: Dana Perino thinks she’s gonna stump @SymoneDSanders into a viral moment of being unable to name chec…
Retweeted by Jeroen @KashJackson2018 @tonyposnanski You can't even spell your own name right, Ben. @ericafett @DarthLux Enchanting eyes @NikkiHaley You have defended a president who mocked disabled people, uses racist dog whistles, calls white nationa… @realDonaldTrump @jack please explain how this is not in violation of your terms of service? @johnpavlovitz I see a big boom in the funerals industryThis was my favorite part of the night TBH #DigicelAFiMiCell #VERZUZ
Retweeted by Jeroen @KathysDaughter5 @VeryToughScene @realDonaldTrump Unfortunately, it's not even in my top 10 @Eugene_Scott @tonyposnanski Walk into traffic blindfolded, God got you covered. @atrupar He hires only the best people @eurogamer My Friend Pedro is essentially Deadpool meets Happy! I'd watch the living shit out of that. @djrothkopf @the_moviebob Undertakers at the exit taking measurements. @NeilNevins @Collider Jurassic World: Mar-a-lago @reidepstein Focusing on the important things here, I see. @JuliusGoat Great times for funeral homes. @ScottMendelson I loved how the movie started small and then BAM UNDERWATER WAR BITCHES! RAYS, SHARKS, WHALES, SEAHORSES, CRABS! @metaplexmovies @ScottMendelson There's always one @Lilfilm Enjoy! @Rosie @mattzollerseitz Remember when 3000 dead was a tragedy? @GameSpot Great, more reasons to keep the fps below 28 @Xbox But what about games? I hate how much focus is being put on how many gazillions of triangles and physics simu… @OhNoSheTwitnt Imagine calling out Biden for his remark and proving his point in a single tweet. @HistoryInPics Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. In the making of doc, the bandmembers recall seeing him get out of his t…