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Josh Sawyer @jesawyer Costa Mesa, CA

Video game designer/writer/director. Studio Design Director @obsidian Pillars of Eternity I & II, Fallout: New Vegas, Icewind Dale I & II. EN🇬🇧/DE🇩🇪 🚴♂⬅️⬅️

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Has anyone considered that Marvel characters are simply the mythological figures of our time. Ancient Greeks had th…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyerfelt Jute, might delete Picts later @jesawyer There are also gentle leader head collars and easy walk harnesses to help control larger animals. If your…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @bravemule new minion @Worm They were awful in a few ways, honestly. @Worm Pitbulls can be incredibly strong and I'm blown away when tiny people think they can handle them. I'm not eve… @themadgray @theshirtlessone Tangent, but there's a scene like that in Top of the Lake where an awful dude puts a c… @Podna86 @themadgray a sweet guy @theshirtlessone @themadgray terrible. so many people really do think it's perfectly normal and fine to kill a pet… @jesawyer I work at an animal hospital & ppl don’t understand well behaved dogs take WORK. Same when ppl euthanize…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @scantrahan In the 90s so many people in the US fell in love with JRTs because of Frasier and other shows, but many… @scantrahan Honestly I think they just needed a smaller dog. Even old dogs still have a lot of pull in them.Choke collars were not created to use when *walking dogs*. Even if you agree with their use in certain training con… understand everyone's trying to take care of their dogs and there are a lot of dogs that need care, but how can y… also had neighbors who got a German shepherd puppy. The tiny wife would train the dog in their basement. One day… I was a teen, my elderly grandparents got a German shepherd puppy, Penny. After Penny knocked my grandfather o… heard/saw a German shepherd mix being yanked on a choke chain because they saw another dog and were being walk… can see a recording of my zoom lecture here “Medieval people weren’t flat earthers”
Retweeted by Josh SawyerThe FBI is contacting anti-fascists, claiming they’re looking for info about fascists. Anything you say can and wi…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @randygdub @ebruenig the annoying flaw of being a murderer. @PCGamesN Sorry, the team is looking into this with IO. It’s never Epic’s intent to create a situation where someon…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer#Hitman3 on Epic will not import your Steam purchases of Hitman 1 and 2.
Retweeted by Josh SawyerThe process for *senior citizens* to get the vaccine in New York City involves a 51 step online questionnaire that…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @socialistdogmom they're becoming more powerful... @sprite_frog There was not an immediate talent drain after New Vegas, but we did lose a lot of the production staff… @olivia_account_ water u getting @Autolikescake @_taylorswope @Brad_Glasgow I love all of the tiny mixes. @ElSangito Joe Pera Talks to You cool prank you can play on someone is dropping a big prism on their planet and granting them higher order consciousness
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @b_figgy very nice. i only have one but i treasure it. @EmilyDickinsimp Agreed. I've always thought the Morgan Dollar was not great.They will also stand guard and bark at people who are literally a hundred yards away from your home.Important note for people who may be dachshund-wanters: they are stubborn, fearless, murderous, vigilant creatures.… @Mejwell it's because he looks like frank zappa.lmao this other guy just tried speaking to his dad through a medium speaking by his native language (that the mediu… is on the right. He's a dachshund/JRT mix. He generally behaves unless the House Bad Behaver (Schatzi) leads… my mom eventually got a dachshund, Schatzi, who is now about 13 years old and very cute (she's on the left). and more people are talking about dachshunds
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @roessejh i've been to a bunch. @JigglyAir *resumes patrol* @FreeTheWolfVO though usually the trigger is TOO MUCH SCIENCE AND RATIONALISM. @FreeTheWolfVO probably."ah... a brother, yes?" "no." "mm but there's somethin going through im, right?" "no?" "but i see someone you're li… a show about MEDIUMS and losing it at this dude trying to cold read a guy who desperately just wants to ta… @jayleofresh @Housecat5000 I mean it went beyond emotionally hating them. People would actually attack dachshunds i…, it is not good when dachshunds are trending in a political context. so a janitor should make $15 an hour? me: yes conservative: and i guess kids flipping burgers shoul…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @lucaviftw *waves from the back row* @tom_dowd @netzwerkdurch My grappling rules though... they're truly dense AND untested... the perfect combo... @netzwerkdurch @tom_dowd I mean, I think these rules are pretty simple.Updated/simplified the restrictions for Free xp from the Wild Setting and added a Prison Setting so Audrey can make… Stevens - Wallowa Lake Monster (Just the Outro After "We Knew She Had Died" [10 HOURS])Face study from ref to practice painting
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @AlecAFrey you're the guy out of frame, buddy!!!! @NINEIRON08 I am highly skeptical that it's necessary to simulate. Like, does that dog look like it shows any signs…, grausam, und unnötig. Die Polizei erschießt die Hunde der Bürger und schlägt die Polizeihunde. i guess i'm doing grenade rules now too
@_taylorswope new type of guy just dropped @ElCicCampeador I'm trying to make some of the rules less intimidating while still retaining the other goals I have… @jesawyer you may already know this, but you can get a dachshund bobblehead for your truck in Snowrunner
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @KuOfTheCentury syphilis and potatoes are like the graduation presents of medieval europe on its way to the early modern period. @_r_o_n_e_ @Graydeeus this is the correct vegas with 0 equip load
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @annacwebs Jumping down the throat of any Ars Magica player that mentions potatoes in play is a favorite pastime.every job i did for minimum wage was harder than the job i get paid well for now
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @netzwerkdurch they were identical except that pollaxe did strictly worse damage. @ElCicCampeador That's what I'm working's Pillars TTRPG work notes. let's see if i can get through them. @zerkla_ !! @RecreationalAn1 They are stubborn peebodies.I have loved dachshunds since I was a kid even though my family never had one. When I took my driving test in HS I… @jasonxbergman @letterboxd So good. @ElSangito hoLy shitme writing this document about video games and half a dozen other things all at once
Retweeted by Josh Sawyerif you’re an artist/graphic designer can you please dm me some of your work i have a project i need to commission
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @JonBolds @jackgraham That's a good point. Warcraft probably popularized it WAY more than Salvatore.Most of these high profile companies never publicly face-plant. When they do, there are almost invariably immediate… you can't point to a reliable, coherent process, because there never was one. So you have Game Dev of Theseus t… when good devs leave and you never had a good process to begin with, you just churn/bleed devs, especially at th… go through hell, they get a high profile title to put on their resume, and they move on. While a good process…, there's another aspect to that dumb "dev magic" bullshit that's less obvious from the outside: talent drain. A… friend Cindy's dog needs expensive spine surgery. Please give this a gander and consider donating if you're so i…
Retweeted by Josh Sawyer @bnlandor Whether you want to think about it as "nothing more to add" or "nothing more to remove", it still comes d… @bnlandor Which one of these watches is the "best designed"? It's impossible to answer without establishing what th… @Liam_Padraic_ @notmrmartin421 higher number = better than @xavierck3d A lot of game designers simply don't do critical design work, full stop. @bnlandor I think it sort of sidesteps the essential point: you're done designing when you've fulfilled your needs… system that "works better" but that players can't engage with does not, in practice "work better".Armor Rating/Penetration in Deadfire are a good example of this. In a purely *~ intellectual ~* sense, AR/Pen does… I see that most/all players don't understand the point of a design, it's usually because the intent is not act… personal design standard I try to follow is that good design in the end product is evident to someone who interac… @suika_soft Timelines always change. Part of game dev pre-production involves making educated estimations about pro… you direct or design by throwing things at a wall until you like it, that's not really directing or designing. B… *are* responsible for the content they're creating. You're building experiences for people. You want them… Eames said (paraphrased) that being a good designer is like being the host of a party who perceives, unders…