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Jessica Garrigan @jesgarrigan Pennsylvania, USA

Coordinator of Instructional Technology @SDoLancaster | I like to make things. | #ADE2019 |  #AppleTeacher | #SDOLTECH

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It's day 7!! Holiday Travel w/ @its_morgancave! Fun Tip: Use Keynote to create and export w/ transparent (PNG) or… @LancDoesMath @BkHower @mobilecsp Did you see the Dance Party on on My Girl Scouts liked it!Day 7 #12daysofcreativity Holiday Travel! Today students used the green screen tool on #iMovie to create a scene ab…
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganI can’t exactly explain how full of joy this makes me. Technology is all about bringing learning to life, making it… can’t stop watching this! So funny! Surf’s up!! Can’t wait to see all your green screen vacations with #iMovie! D… @robynmixkle So original!! Love your colors! 🤩Got to code with the @McCaskeyCampus Computer Science students today! Thanks for letting me jump in and not making… student question of the day, “Can I make Keynote animations on my iPhone too?” Yes...yes you can. 🤩 @AppleEDU #sdoltechDay 5 of #12daysofcreativity in #Pages
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganI can’t wait to see how this turns out! I think he’s snowboarding? 🤷‍♀️😂 @WMSTechTeam1 #12DaysofCreativity #sdoltech
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @jboylan19 @AppleEDU #12daysofcreativity!!! @jboylan19 @AppleEDU Are you kidding me!?!? This is beautiful!!! And a great integration idea!! @wemlet @GDerrSDOL#sdoltech #12DaysofCreativity
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @wemlet @techclassrocks @kheiladunkerly @RonitShapiro @autumn_zam @AppleEDU #12DaysofCreativity
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan#sdoltech #12DaysofCreativity
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @MsDelaneyWMS @WMSTechTeam1 Hahahaha!! Hunchin!!! 🤣🤩 @WMSTechTeam1 does #12daysofcreativity #sdoltech
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganOur kids are making the #12daysofcreativity magic happen!!! #sdoltech!!! Our tech team leading the charge!! #everyonecancreate @MsDelaneyWMS @WMSTechTeam1 Can’t wait to see what they create!!!!Kids coding Play that Tune. #HourofCode2019 @mobilecsp
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan#HourofCode2019 #beebots #stem #Kindergarten ❤️🐝 @jesgarrigan @giasjones
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganNo holiday travel plans? No problem! Check out day 7️⃣ of #12daysofcreativity and use #iMovie green screen to go an…
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganIn #SwiftPlaygrounds, a bug in your code can send Byte off-course. Step Through My Code lets you follow along as yo…
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganFree clothing give away this Saturday 9-12 at @KinginSDoL open to the entire community!
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganI know this is a little late but one of my students worked really hard on it and I just had to share! Great job Ti…
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @LancDoesMath Thanks for all your creating!!This commercial is 20 years old this year - a total classic! Plus Almond Hershey Kisses are my favorite, in case a…
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @LancDoesMath Awww! I remember that commercial! Beautiful work!! @AleishaBrixius @nearpod @SlidesCarnival @Cropperl03 Love slides carnival!!Coding custom @Google logos for #HourOfCode today at @Wharton_Elem #sdoltech 🤩🤩
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan#12DaysofCreativity Day 6! I overcame my fear of GarageBand and figured out how to play one of my favorite winter m… @mrjustinreese @buchanan_sdol We can’t WAIT for your leadership and vision at Buchanan!!!
@fischgill @meesterkurt @cricket Beautiful!!! 😍I have the best, most creative friends! with Clips, Pages and Numbers at our Pop Up Classroom @ Carter Macrae! Lots of empowered teachers!! #SDOLTECH
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganGarageBand is the app I am most insecure about using. I love all the instructional possibilities, but I stick to li… Inside The Box by @gcouros and @KatieNovakUDL A great read to refocus teachers on what is important in t…
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganParticipating in hour of code. Bit of a rocky start but many engaged and helping others.
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganNeed to get caught up on Kurt’s awesome challenges! @techclassrocks @meesterkurt It’s beautiful!!!!! @LancDoesMath I love him. He needs to be printed!!!What a great way to personalize a holiday project! It's like you read my mind for Day 6 of #12daysofcreativity (hi…
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @RonitShapiro @techclassrocks Beautiful friend! @its_morgancave Looks so authentic! @autumn_zam AWWWW!!A4: Been LOVING doing sketchnotes in #Keynote because shapes and drawings make it so much more fun and it’s helpful… Fun Tip! If you take a photo in Portrait Mode > Stage Light you can easily Insta Alpha it in Keynote! No need f… We built lego homes (with a budget of course) for Girl Scouts last week. Love using markup to label info to hel… And...drawing is one of those essential entry points into learning. It’s how we started as kids and something w… Hey #AppleEDUchat! Joining from Lancaster, PA! My #12daysofcreativity Pages design shows how we all feel about…
We were busy coding today! #SDOLTECH #HourofCode2019
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @GDerrSDOL @wemlet a great conversation about this graphic at #iu13stc @tmmartindell @IU13
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganThe #applepips doing their thing!! Apple Pip style! #sdoltechteam @SDoLancaster
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @sdavidsontech @RonitShapiro @kheiladunkerly @techclassrocks @autumn_zam @its_morgancave Ahhh!! Go Scott!!! Smash those apps!!! 🤣It’s #appleeduchat night! 9 PM EST! Join @bethany_nugent & @bbucktech to celebrate creativity with @appleedu! Share… @MrsSwavely Your session was AWESOME!!! Your energy is infectious!! 🙌Students begging to code during indoor recess = 2,634 lines of code written by my 4th graders so far this week!…
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @BenJack67371914 @charnock_l @SDoLancaster Awesome news Ben!! It’s amazing to see how many skills they gain from co… for another great conference @IU13IMS!! #iu13etc #iu13stc @Cropperl03 @LizLubeskie @SDoLancaster @GDerrSDOL @wemlet @ManheimCentral She also got a button!! :-)! Creative! Digital! Learners! Great day of learning at #iu13stc #sdoltechteam @SDoLancaster our #sdoltechteam! Great day at #iu13stc!! #sdoltech tech leaders sharing their expertise on Keynote. We have awesome tech leaders. @SDoLancaster @jesgarrigan
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @GDerrSDOL deep in @Metaverse creation! #iu13stc @MsGMDeJesus @kfhunt2 I just met her in person too!!!!! @MrsSwavely @ARMakrApp @infolibrarian @MsGMDeJesus @WhartonSDoLIt all starts with CHOICE! Even the seemlingly smallest choice matters because our kids matter. @ajjuliani #iu13stc @MsDelaneyWMS @ajjuliani And empowering!! 🙌ELs coding! What could be better than this? #hourofcode ⁦@kodable⁩ #swiftplaygound #sdoltech ⁦@WickSdol⁩
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganAre we preparing our learners for their future or ours? ⁦@ajjuliani⁩ #iu13stc @j_davis253 WONDERFUL!!! Space!!Day 5 with #Pages using shapes, drawings, and a twist! Thanks @autumn_zam for the fun, the practice, and the templa…
Retweeted by Jessica GarriganMerry Christmas! #12daysofcreativity
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @EduCroupe @its_morgancave @RonitShapiro WOAH!!!! NEXT LEVEL!! GORGEOUS!!They just keep coming!! Thanks for creating Laura!!! 🙌 us today for the launch of our new book - 20 Keynote Creations! Come get a free copy and MAKE STUFF with us! S…’t believe it’s day 5 already!! Pages is for so much more than word processing! Let’s make snowmen (er...snowPEO…’s #iu13stc day!!!!!!! #sdoltechteam!!! @BenJack67371914 @wemlet Love the looks on their faces! 🤔 @LancDoesMath Hahaha! So good!Sometimes I’m literal. I wanted to add Sant’s sleigh with a glowing Rudolph nose flying across... maybe tomorrow..…
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @autumn_zam ok. just one... and chew debriefing #iu13etc
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @MsDelaneyWMS That rascal!#12daysofcreativity #sdol
Retweeted by Jessica Garrigan @charnock_l BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it! @eljaymanzo @wemlet @ARMakrApp @Procreate @RemoveBG @AppleEDU @MissEly @EastonAreaSD @Roversuper1 @BOE_EASD @SDoLPreK @LakersHughes @Flipgrid February PREK PD. @MrPerezSDoL @GDerrSDOL @wemlet HAHAHAHA! I guess the Derr family Xmas card is DONE! ✅Jeepers! Everyone is making day 4 of #12daysofcreativity EPIC!! So inspired! #EVERYONEcancreate!! UP with @eljaymanzo!! So cool and a great example of combining apps! dear PA friend getting in the holiday spirit! 🤣🤣🤣 #12daysofcreativity @eljaymanzo @MissEly @EASDDrSymia @PrincipalEAMS @EastonAreaSD @AppleEDU @RonitShapiro Hahahaha! Great job!Better late than never! DAY 4 #12DaysofCreativity #sdoltech Thanks for the inspiration @RonitShapiro! #ADE2019