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chamber fangirl @jesibears 22 | she/her | USA

streamer | 🇵🇭/🇺🇸| | art: @jesibears_art | @tastywaffle ♡

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Probably in a few monthsContemplating dying my hair black
need me a man that is okay with my lux support @iiXEROM I’ll fight u @iiXEROM who’s cuter: the cat or ui love you buddy <3
Retweeted by chamber fangirl @1SakuraFPS I’m fat @tweeeneee_ omg 🙈 im single 🙄😳😼😼 @tweeeneee_ hello kitten @1SakuraFPS Viper @Angelvinaa mommy has her milkies 👶🏻👩🏻‍🍼 @Prodigy_osu ong need me a giant man bf @1SakuraFPS Short mom vibes @1aidn I FUCKED UP YHE HEIGHT THAT POV IS MORE LIKE 6’5” 😭😭😭 IM LITERALLH 5’7” @staticcval honestly the caption should have been 6’5” or smthing bc I’m 5’7 LMFAOOO @Angelvinaa HJDHDJWJF STOP I FORGOT TO AHHH @Angelvinaa rn pucker up @moonstonegf god u can step on me then 🥰🥺pov ur like 6 ft tall or smthing and looking down at me @JellybeanPP @chamber ill never be happy bc ill never have chamber @ezurahlol @zuckrs i would never date a jett playerwhere is my eboyfriendjk multiple men have already done that for mebe a girlboss and ruin your own perception of love @tastywaffle lemme kiss u @ZadroLoL are u an adc player @tweeeneee_ i love u sm < 3time to stop wasting on smthing that’ll never comeim just in utter shocki just got blamed for losing a plat game b/c i was bot frag when 3 of our players 1 by 1 peaked a jett op that was 32/12 @ZadroLoL i literally played league for 3 years prior to valorant coming out stay in your lane
does anyone wanna play valorant @1SakuraFPS Terrible thanks for askingmaybe if i stopped pushing away people that i get close to in life i would be happy @bbsopii cat said u ashy @1SakuraFPS hi aleks how are you @kittyfangsx (^v^) @Australissss based but I like blastx knife bc it goes zip ziphi valorant gamers @Angelvinaa god i love womenhow to stop being needy @nicolethepeach @riotgames @Jimbasco @K6robbie The opening and ending for season 2 >>> @wrathofmiki me and whobabe are u ok??? you’ve barely manipulated me and gaslit me today im concerned
Retweeted by chamber fangirl @Asagiwii HAPPY BORTHDAY @666daunt it’s a horror show??? Wdf do you mean weirdmovie time in the mommycord sitting in a call w/ someone in silence just existingme and who and who
I feel like I’m gonna throw up @Shiro_Rz what… is that. @iiXEROM @iiXEROM FJISBFONFKFnah but sammy just unironically sent me ":3"
Retweeted by chamber fangirlperma sleepy gf 🤝 insomniac bf @staticcval I dnt want ur lunch money bro @frwrded no shot . @wadejpeg BEAUITUFLVICTORY GRAPHIC ON THE BOARD BABY WWWWWW
Retweeted by chamber fangirl @phoFPS 1k @phoFPS i will not spend money on this game.PLEASE I NEED THIS SO BAD @pfitter_ can you hook me up with them pico park drinking head hurt @Jxckels :3c @ProfessorSoop who is he. @DekyFPS @ricesooo i take back saying reyna players r nice @ezurahlol no :3 @venusluvvr BASEDif you date someone who plays Valorant, you better make sure theyre at least immortal bc what ... they cant text yo…
Retweeted by chamber fangirli trust no man that uses ":3"yeah I’m a simp @Iaauryn TWINS
@ProfessorSoop i have the attention span of a wendy's chicken 4 for 4 meal i have to do smthing or else im falling asleep during the movie @ProfessorSoop omg us the movie as it's happening >>> silence @staticcval @staticcval UR A CHILD BRO IM GONNA BLOCK U @shoukrrrr HAPPY BIRTHDAY im gonna cryim convinced diamond players are the most boosted out of all ranks @moonstonegf @dracoiwnl HOW ARE YOU AN ACTUAL DISNEY PRIN CESS???you have my heart 🥰
Retweeted by chamber fangirl
someone please tell me who the actor is w golden retriever personality >>>
Retweeted by chamber fangirl @GoobyEUW I’ll end it rn @GoobyEUW thoughtsneed a man to boost me to d1 in league thank u @iiXEROM wish u wer there instead @ZadroLoL proof @ZadroLoL ezreal aint a short kingmaybe i like cat boys @Angelvinaa I want uAnyone wanna come practice kissing with me or?
Retweeted by chamber fangirl @tastywaffle u live like a state and a half from me bb @Angelvinaa “That’s so pogger dude wanna see my pussy?” @Angelvinaa ID JUSG SEND THEM BUT I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD ASK FOR CONSENT FIRST AND I FEEL SO AWKWARD ASKING