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Jesskier @JessCluess Los Angeles

Author of Kingdom on Fire series for @randomhousekids. Rep'd by @byobrooks Next up, HOUSE OF DRAGONS out summer 20. Semi-pro pain in the ass.

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SCREAMSSSSSSS @JessicaBCooper It's like the universe is apologizing to y'all for TROS @TheAdamSass @bb_alston Amen.
@bexter2001 @derekbmiller @guardian You don't want to read a book that took a lot of hard work and determination? Okay. I guess. @glitzandshadows Okay I'm there @glitzandshadows What is this? @thomdunn God I wish you weren’t real @NBL2006 O...kay? Like I said I’m not even a supporter? It just all seems stupid?Actual footage of @Celeste_pewter comforting me through this political season @skrutskie I love 2 fictional men: the brooding warrior and the joyous himbo.From the point of view of fashion, I think 'To Catch a Thief' is my favorite of all the pictures I've ever done. E…
Retweeted by Jesskier @Celeste_pewter No no, I want to know what I don't know. Otherwise I never know. @RebeccaPodos NICE @Celeste_pewter Thank you. *squeeze* You make me feel calmer. HOLD ME. @LillianJClark This is why populism is on the rise on both left and right. People don't trust the system anymore. T… review of @kkletter’s absolutely brilliant new book, EAST COAST GIRLS! Spoiler alert: it’s even better than her…
Retweeted by Jesskier @thomdunn It was the best of times, it was the worst of Hot Pocket heiress. ONE NOUN, THOM.If Sanders does nothing else, he's proving how corrupt, inefficient, and stupid the DNC is. I'm not even a supporte… @derekbmiller @guardian That's not true. At all. I do agree that the time and space to think and write is more lim… @derekbmiller @guardian I do agree that certain things, enormous college debt especially, can hold someone back in… @derekbmiller @guardian I always say fifteen minutes a day. If you have even fifteen minutes a day to sit down and… @NotLikeFreddy @glitzandshadows The male lead of my adult fantasy WIP is the baddest of asses and all of 5'6. I am… @TheAdamSass Oh shit this is about me @RaeLoverde The world's strongest soldier who does not know how to talk to girls @mkelek @spoozendooker @sam_ieatboyss For me, there needs to be a balance. If everything is too perfectly happy and…
Ash Wednesday
Retweeted by Jesskier @specwill Well, fresh attacks = it's politics? Women shouldn't be treated with kid gloves in politics. The app thi… @thomdunn We live in an age of authoritarian worship. Everyone's a cop. Whose populist army can beat whose is all w… @mimi_albert I mean, same. @mimi_albert It just looks so happy to see me @specwill We've advanced so far we're now hurtling backwards @jmariewritest @garbage_citizen @06Emma123 @MarienneMaid No hate here, promise. People should enjoy things. @AlwynFJH I found a new dream job @jmariewritest @06Emma123 @garbage_citizen @MarienneMaid Right. Darcy was misunderstood, but he also was a jerk and… captured the asteroid, and the asteroid captured our hearts. @06Emma123 @garbage_citizen @MarienneMaid I have no problem with wanting to see a person redeemed and stay alive, o… @summywins It's like redemption is a word that means something. @PJRopp I have no problem with liking the bad guy. It's a kink. It's a fantasy. It's a thing. It's doing mental gym… @PJRopp Patrick, if I am attracted to someone that means that they are automatically perfect and blameless in everything. @rebeccarightnow WHY. IS THIS. HAPPENING.Good morning, here to drop a reminder that "Ben Solo was redeemable" and "Kylo never did anything wrong" are verrrrrry different things. @garbage_citizen @06Emma123 @MarienneMaid I do not remember that being in TFA. I remember him standing at the windo…"Colorized images by Sanna Dullaway of three Guadeloupéen women at Ellis Island Immigrant Station in 1911, New York…
Retweeted by Jesskier @06Emma123 @MarienneMaid Holy crap I forgot that movie even exists. Yow. Tho even then, “life of crime” and “genoc… @MarienneMaid Not to be That Guy, but Catwoman and Batman don't end up together at the end of Batman Returns. @BBolander Holy hell this is accurate @anafabregagood Lying about what a person meant and twisting their words is also very dangerous.Anakin murders toddlers.
Retweeted by Jesskier @sarahrana769 I think the way manga is released is the key. Getting monthly installments of a story allows time to… @jennifercarolyn Trope subversion at its best gives you a new way of looking at previously codified, even cliched m… @glitzandshadows Kyle* *I have never watched this showLike perish the thought that hope exists or love can triumph, that's not *gritty* @jennifercarolyn The problem is all these studios and creators are addicted to the idea of subversion at all costs… @jennifercarolyn Like you know I'm not a Reylo fan, but I get why people who wanted there to be a big story about r… @jennifercarolyn This goes on the back of my 'romance doesn't exist in mainstream TV/film anymore' rant. People WAN… this point the most subversive thing you could put in a TV show or movie is an unabashedly happy ending. @jennifercarolyn Oh good they sUbVerTEd ur expectashionz @jennifercarolyn What happened?
@TheRuocchio @JP_Sullivan Griffith is one of the best characters ever, full stop. The Golden Age arc is near perfection. @TheRuocchio @JP_Sullivan I had not read the manga until recently, only watched the anime. What happens to Casca in… @sarahrana769 He's got to be so happy. People thought Eren was the worst character? Surprise, he's now one of the b… @TheRuocchio @JP_Sullivan I want this to be the ending of Berserk. Fifty years after it started, after arcs of pure… @sarahrana769 When you realize that Isayama was setting up the OG Ymir backstory in the very first chapter, knowing… @TheRuocchio @JP_Sullivan The friendship is quality @sarahrana769 Yes. @sarahrana769 My dark dark theory is that the baby is his...but it wasn't formed out of a loving relationship. He s… @sarahrana769 But yes every time I see an 'SNK IS FASCIST PROPAGANDA' take I die a little inside. Just...Sasha's da… @sarahrana769 I think he knows exactly where he is going. We're gaining momentum going into the finish line. I think he's got this. @sarahrana769 I feel like the one remaining puzzle piece is whatever's happening with Historia. Tho tbh I kind of w… @TheRuocchio @JP_Sullivan FINE @sarahrana769 Isayama is one of the current great SFF writers period full stop @sarahrana769 The genius of that moment in the story is that you completely sympathize and yet also get the first c… @sarahrana769 Thing is Eren had every reason and right to murder those poachers. They killed a little girl's parent… @sarahrana769 Eren as antagonist was hiding in plain sight for years because we as an audience just assumed it was… @sarahrana769 I love how we collectively brushed aside Eren's 9yo murder spree, however justified, as bad writing a… @sarahrana769 Current Eren is one of the most amazing and unsettling characters ever created. @tracichee Enormous things remind me that my problems are not the end of the world and let me feel awe.Anti communist propaganda that makes communism look awesome example 323
Retweeted by Jesskier @brandon_getz I think I would like this character @JP_Sullivan @TheRuocchio If a crossover is ever required don't know who needs to hear this but your decorum fetish is going to get us all killed
Retweeted by JesskierReader, it's working.Was feeling kind of overwhelmed today. My friend suggested I remember that one scene in Meatballs where Bill Murray… @glitzandshadows @byobrooks IS SO GOOD @alexhwrites @byobrooks I'm just sitting here going THIS IS SUCH GOOD BLOODY FOOD OMG @tracydeonn Sure!Ahem I have just received a copy of the ARC and started reading and OOOOOHHH BOY, ARE YOU HORROR FOLKS IN FOR A TRE… @glitzandshadows I will protect them with my life @chelseberly When you take it out of the microwave and take your first bite @glitzandshadows They want to have wholesome fun where no one can see the depravity of it all. @glitzandshadows God that is cuteThe Hot Pockets heiress arrived on a Saturday. @medievalhistory Let's agree that you can't presume to speak for other people and I think you're a tool (and am als… @medievalhistory It does, but if you think it is the ultimate battlefield, I agree. We should part ways. @medievalhistory You don’t tell me what I need. You don’t tell other people what they need, especially when it come… @medievalhistory Yes, we need to fix our problems. Having art that confronts those problems is good. Variety is nic… @rosamundhodge Who needs the sting of rejection when I have a bunch of friends whose exact movements will never cha… we just didn't have a lot of friends and needed something to fill the time. @darosmodernlife w h a t