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Jesse Cox @JesseCox Los Angeles, CA

Executive Producer of @monsterprom and Max Gentlemen Sexy Business🧟‍♀️ Co-creator of Good Game 🎞 Puckish Rogue 🎮 WGA 📧 Inquiries:

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@CristinaVee Oh poop, my gif didn’t send 😉 @CristinaVee Oh ya super inspo @PMGPSW This isn't Dr Dekker ;)What are friends for? New video up! @supardanil @kwizten What does this mean?! @AndyLunique @BeeYooHQ Maaaaybe? @jeroenroding With the SNKRS app every day is 2020... 🙃I cannot explain for the life of me why the dream I had last night was showing my dad and an old college friend a c… was a laugh riot. Thank you to everyone who suffered with us. @CristinaVee WTB Vera ASMR kthnx
IT BEGINS!!!! And somehow @crendor is in charge once again.... yep. @michelemorrow I meant it as a title? I think @timleftwich @davekki @PoeAndMunro Depends on if they want to see me after the fool I’ve made of myself hitting on… @Morthauros Power bottomI’m so jealous of my friends who are natural “hosts”. I’m terrible at hosting... well, anything really. I can’t sta… @gamebowski That third picture is basically the most recent AstartesI hope this Memorial Day you find some semblance of normalcy. But whatever you do, stay safe, be kind, and think of others too. @CrankGameplays @NaiveSkull @ReelBigFish Facts @tcoonz @kwizten @ReelBigFish “Cheer Up” @itmeJP They almost move like the raptors in Horizon Zero Dawn @TwoPaddocks @lomadia Pretty sure I dated a cell phone like this once...CONTROL (2019)
Retweeted by Jesse CoxI guess I'm streaming with @crendor Saints Row Remastered week we've got a new Max Gentlemen Sexy Business video headed your way. Very excited to date @KaggyFilms lmao… this dude solve an impossible sudoku is maybe the best thing I've seen all week. I woke up at 4pm. How’s your stay-at-home going?
@rudeism @Anarosabutler @darrenhall1980 Gotta find out if you got that tea @devolore I liked it more when it was a dig against YouTube @Abuus1993 I would rather it look good than paint it myself LMAO @AnnaProsser @StJudePLAYLIVE Congrats! You did a great thingThank you all for coming to hang out. Keep being kind to each other! @Yggdrasilius We noticed, I don't know why we didn't have an audible reaction.Well you know, I feel like it's time for a Saturday Night stream. Let's get wild. @Revvan83 @crendor Seen it. I have no wordsPeople out there complaining about masks who don’t even have a beard....
@Needlessbob LMFAO @briantylercohen I'm not saying it justifies gettig anyone sick or anything like that. Definitely wear your damn ma… @briantylercohen Ignore everything she says about the mask for a second, cause it's nonsense. Instead focus on th… @CristinaVee I saw a little girl at the store dressed up as LadyBug. I really wanted to be like 'I know her!" but t… @TeamDavis @FacianeA have three monitors. Today I thought, "man, I could use another monitor" help me, I'm sick @HollieB I can see it in your eyes @HollieB This series of pictures tells a story, that's for sure 🤣 @JWonggg @dezctop @AddiceInc I love that it has shelving in the back... very nice desk dude @DMullinsGames Give me this game already! @DoctorJohn_MD Looking for a nice red anywayI’m both scared and intrigued, so of course I bought it. @ISeeUThar I can’t imagine being outraged enough to post that shit daily. Sounds taxingDrama on YouTube is fascinating. Person 1 posts a drama video on Person 2. Person 2 posts reaction video. Pers… @AislinnDeAth @dexbonus @davekki Maybe you can tell us what an ESPO is? @AislinnDeAth @dexbonus @davekki I can’t stop thinking about how it was all a trap. Cause I refuse to move on til we save this boy! @AislinnDeAth @dexbonus @davekki 🤣 My love for you is also my shame😂 @dexbonus @ThomasSanders And what about my CABBAGES!!?!?! i did it
Retweeted by Jesse Cox @an_apowell @dexbonus 🤣I often wonder what would happen if I switched the battle music of FF7R with Dynasty Warriors 7. Would anyone care? Would anyone notice?
Comedy gold. #MonsterProm #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Jesse Cox @JesseCox your mom looks so cute i was so inspired to draw her. happy birthday to your mom, i hope she likes this i…
Retweeted by Jesse Cox @illusbykels I love this!I see dressing your child crazily runs in the family. My mom Why did they dress me up like this?! 🤣 is my mom’s birthday! She brought out a long lost baby book cause I was born 4 days before. According to th… @OJessicaNigri And now I'm in debt. @BrizzyVoices @monsterprom <3 @feliciaday @theAlienistTNT @TheRealLukevans @tntdrama Friday ever! My new @JesseCox enamel pin just came 🥰. The center piece of my collection now obviously.
Retweeted by Jesse Cox @PlusFiveAttack There’s most likely a guide online alreadyThere’s someone on Moon Guard planning how they’ll get their new blood elf, NutCracker, to the Goldshire Inn right… still think about that fact that Samwise Gamgee traveled across the world and carried his best friend up a volcan…
Retweeted by Jesse Cox @dexbonus hear they're DTF. Down on the Farm ;) @aksfjh Definitely. @SkyWilliams’re gonna see my profile on every damn dating site from tinder to jdate to ourtime 🤣 @SkyWilliams Sky, I would break you. And you’d thank me for it. 😉When this stay-at-home LA shit is over, the dating world simply will not be prepared for my high levels of thirst.… all for tuning into another episode of Echoes of Eternity! Tonight was a fun start to another great quest! C… @BizarroBob @FacianeA @ControlRemedy YUP @ThatBronzeGirl That's cause you know me too well ;)It begins right now! Join us on all our channels for that sweeeeet simulcast!
Since I know a few of you are dying to know, here’s a quick update on @FacianeA losing his mind to @ControlRemedy @AnnaProsser @RollPlay @BikeMan @Pokket @Strippin It’s fiiiiiine Trust me @crendor @crendor Wait, so you get curls and I get a fuckin potato quote?! @Strippin @dexbonus Good luck in the hunt dude @SkyWilliams @h3h3productions With grace and tact I’m sure @conorloftus @ChilluminatiPod It’s hard to dispute this new evidenceMonster Prom, the only online competitive monster dating sim, is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch! ❤️ GET IT:…
Retweeted by Jesse CoxI stayed up all night. Video is up. I'm going to pass out now.Thank you @JKCompletesIt for swooping in like super man. Video saved. Instead of hours of footage we only needed…'ll try and save everything I can audio wise and see if I can't mix it with new stuff. But I'm legit heart broken right now.I guess I'll see you all in the AM for a stream where I redo literally 10+ hours of grinding and questing in chapte… I went to edit the last 3 chapters of FF7R and ALL of it is corrupted. ALL OF IT. Video is one stat…
@Ezekiel_III happy birthday dude 😎🤙Strange Roads Ep. 2 ft. @dexbonus @CryWasTaken @Kelli_Siren @BikeMan @JesseCox @Timmac_ at
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