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Jesse Cox @JesseCox Los Angeles, CA

Executive Producer of @monsterprom and Max Gentlemen Sexy Business🦋Gaming Personality 🎮 Puckish Rogue 😉 business Inquiries:

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@TheHashtag0nist pssst I can think of a certain squad that wants to play @dexbonus @GloriousArcadum @Timmac_ @Kelli_Siren @Mimika____ I see you've uncovered my season 2 story arc
Echoes of Eternity Fans, the show is moving from Thursday nights to Monday. Same time, different day. Mondays at… @nossh_y @crendor Lmao this happened @BritKCaley If your dad is anything like my dad, when you’re paying off bills and rent it won’t really matter if th… know I said I’d stream more #FFXIV today, and it may happen but it also may not. My service tech for my internet… @ethanwitte Lmao reality @dowttie Damn, I backed the wrong horseThis is so interesting. Just looking at google trends always tells a story. Mostly that streamer culture moves ver… @Bianca_X23 Yoko Taro is my hero @JimSterling @Blobbles_DK Do we know anything about the mechanics, I mean the empires games were always changed up… shucks howdy! It's an all new episode of Cox n' @Crendor! Get it wherever you listen to podcasts or right her…
Playing on easy mode/story mode isn't bad and doesn't make you bad. Service starts right now! @Nine1ota Yeeessss @ericalindbeck Sure sure, you look great. Whatever. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS CLEAN BATHROOM. That's the sexiest thing in the photo.You should open multiple windows of this clip and just listen to all the joy and laughter of @jessecox's experience…
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TUESDAY @JesseCox joins @jpkarliak and I on Between 2 Nerds! Tune in @nerdsvote!
Retweeted by Jesse CoxI need to get my Saturdays back to this vibe. job everyone. #FFXIV @zakuraiah @FengZhuDesign you know, just the tale of a young girl and her friend the narrator with nothing insane or scary at all...…
@crendor The end of an era.This motha fucka right here. If someone tweets “just trying on blue makeup and admiral uniforms for no reason” I m… @Pokket @OsmiumAegis @shelby_young Did we ever get an answer?Not tonight, tomorrow at 2pm pst
I might need a whole team to help make this happen. I wouldn't even know where to begin with all the story reactio… @Bianca_X23 @itmeJP @renee Oh my god.Hear me out. What if @EidosMontreal @SquareEnixMtl @SquareEnix did Adam Jensen @EliasToufexis a solid and finishe… @itmeJP @renee I’m gonna need a size comparison
@ElspethEastman @ThatBronzeGirl @ElspethEastman @ThatBronzeGirl A redhead?! can't even look at the news anymore without being furious. My entire "what's happening" feed on the side of my… @gamebowski @ControlRemedy Emily Pope is my waifuToday's Sunfall Cycle Lesson: Don't eat old god bits and bone phone a whale. Thanks to Terragrim on discord for t… @Sonic_Kurosaki @bureji25 right but what if eventually it's 10 and 3 THEN time would prove me right, and isn't that… @PSA_Username @Strippin This is the most Sam tweet ever! Even my more insane theories are based on some sort of fact. I'm like the facebook of #FFXIV, except I won't… describe your DND characters: - drunk old pirate forced into the priesthood - recently broke asshole lordli… @IanMcG78 Well you definitely don’t need to do everything. Saving side quests for other jobs is I think the strat @Amanti_koko @RedMakuzawa Yo @MajorRoe That's exactly how I felt. The lvl 1-50 stuff is just world building and kinda boring, but then lvl that… @samgamgi Ya, pretty much. The lvl 1-50 story is like world building and slow. It's not much to write home about. H… @HattonJacob It's certainly got a weird start. The first base game is super hit and miss. Then suddenly in the firs… @KMDrinnon ARR is honestly, them kind of figuring out where they want to take things I think. But the run up to Hea… someone experiencing 6-7 years worth of content over a month, it is SO IMPRESSIVE that it all flows well. The ch… can't get over how #FFXIV is just out there putting every other MMORPG's (and maybe just general RPG) story telli… again for an amazing night of #FFXIV 3.4 is done, it was incredible Now to deal with "mask" issues :P @crendor Still no 7
Streaming some more FFXIV in an hour, but until then please to get weird with the last Dread X video from SGS, this previous tweet was really just in good fun, but I swear to god today I logged into youtube and the first t… sat in this for 6 minutes before I saw this tweet. 🙃 @Strippin But you did a loving wife and beautiful daughter.😎🧨💥
Retweeted by Jesse Cox @dexbonus I haven’t played either.#FFXIV stream jokes am worn out... but that was a fun day. Thank you for watching everyone!
@DaveGrecoArt TATARU!!!!And now, this @itmeJP Ya okay. @cinnamontoastk Happy birthday dudeI am having so much fun with the final fantasy XIV story, I’m now waking up with boss fight music stuck in my head.… @kwizten @urchin13 more like Veggie/POOPOO! Am I right? GUISE? RIGHT?It's time to get your nerd on with Cox n' @crendor: Listen here or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts
@dexbonus @kwizten Um.... NO. What kind of monster do you think I am?! She’s in the small chest behind my throne with the rest of the loot.Item drop when you kill me (I have a .01% chance to drop a minion 😋) @EvolveTom Starring at the ceiling between 2-3am every night since March. @dexbonus @Strippin @RubberNinja @KimplEClonE I would recognize the “im gonna say some short quick words” to test this, anywhere. Well, it looks great.Morning gang! We’ll start up the Sunday Service stream here in an hour, and then after a short break to Get in som… @GennaBain night ;)
Let's do this thing! #FFXIV 3.1+ continues @RepChuck What do you think republicans are doing RIGHT NOW Chuck? Jesus, you people are so corrupt you don't even… @albhtan i don't know who that is, I just took this from a google search :PI grew up here @MathasGames and I for a "how do you play this?!" romp through Crusader Kings III
Retweeted by Jesse CoxJoin @MathasGames and I for a "how do you play this?!" romp through Crusader Kings III @MilesKG21 @Asmongold Whatever he's doin, I need to be doing it. I'm highkey jealous :PThe youtube algorithm is laugh out loud funny. Who programed this?! Last night I watched the new WoW afterlives vi…, you asked for it. 2 hours of @MathasGames and I playing Crusader Kings 3 is upload now... and honestly I ha… @PamelaHorton13 You know just what to sayOKAY I NEED YOUR OPINION I've been trying to understand Crusader Kings 3 for Fan Friday for 2 weeks! I suck. But…
@HatsProductions oh wait...was this a compliment?! Oh I'd hate to be their friend. I'd feel TERRIBLE about myself all the time :P @HatsProductions ouchOh you mean on soundcloud, or itunes, or wherever you get podcasts? Maybe even youtube: just saw a couple that was so attractive it actually made me angry. Like she was beautiful, he was beautiful...… I tell you Shia LaBeouf was DEDICATED to this role. #FastTimesLive 😂😂
Retweeted by Jesse Cox @_Briaaaaaaaaaan @MadqueenShow And pantsless! @EricFawcett24 I have a feeling they don't have a Davis. @Pawel_Kapow @BasedDrWorm only way I accept this is if it's based off the old cartoon and Tom Holland says "well, excuuuuuuuse me princes… you to everyone for tuning into Echoes. I don't think I can do FFXIV tonight, got stuff that needs to get do… back baby!!! It's time to get all forcey up in here. You know when a force ghost shows up someone about to learn…
@Charalanahzard @CyberpunkGame @Charalanahzard @CyberpunkGame Crazily enough, that is EXACTLY what they told me. I think they said something abo…