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Jesse Hawken @jessehawken Toronto, Ontario

Son of Earth. Writer/filmmaker. Host and producer of @junkfilterpod. Resident of Bloordale. Inquiries: jessehawken @ gmail dot com

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Just want to point out that speaking of “Back then” at the start of the pandemic, Scrawler was concerned about the… @gordperks @jwPencilAndPad I am a joke machine I will always take the baitThat’s right @AxelKuschevatzk @CoreyAtad Yeah I was thrilled that George Hamilton got the gig actually, he was fine in the role @jwPencilAndPad Bethlehem Sisters @shuqing333 Oh for sure, the whole thing depended on the production line being operational and the suspension of th… @nerdo_politica I can see that being a possibility actually, maybe if I ever watch it again I will keep that in mind @KidCreole3 Yeah, three gangster movie classics and a Godfather sequel, who could have predicted this outcome @CoreyAtad It has a few good moments but it's overwrought, underpowered and somewhat pretentious. Andy Garcia gets out alive @alkerton It's probably the best way to watch it because it's supposedly Coppola's dream version (they had to rush… 3 is a giant misfire and this seems like a psy-op to trick people into watching it again (over the years… had to laugh watching the trailer for MARIO PUZO'S THE GODFATHER: CODA: THE DEATH OF MICHAEL CORLEONE (aka GODFAT… @funkoporp THAT'S RIGHTMe after seeing that even a year later Extremely Online people are still angry about THE IRISHMAN episode of Junk Filter! The bits re: Sharon (just)living Cliff (possibly)killing were exceptional! Those j…
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenRemember how AVENGERS:ENDGAME was supposed to be a cultural reset/you were uncultured swine if you didn't like it a… @FakeLauraLouise Perhaps that photo of him on stage with Billy Ray Cyrus?Mention the Tinseltown classic CITIZEN KANE and you’re likely to get an earful about the triple threat who directed…
Retweeted by Jesse Hawken"PLUS lockdown clobbers sports memorabilia store" tells you all you need to know about the priorities of this tabloidIf there were to be a meltdown at the Pickering nuclear power plant, the Sun would urge the Province to reopen the… Sun isn't happy that the COVID cases linked to retail are only 0.1%, urges the Province to reopen all stores du… am completely in support of the President defunding the US military Trump considering Presidential Pardon of the Hamburglar
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenI actually often agree with LCJ. He’s a very hard markerIt seems like only yesterday @johnsemley3000 All you are doing is questioning the rules, and there is nothing wrong with that, not even during a pandemic @johnsemley3000 You know with “Metro’s Finest” all gathered out at 7 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard protecting me from e… @johnsemley3000 Do they offer curbside pickup at least? @johnsemley3000 It’s truly outrageousDid Christ not stan the cancelled? Did he, in the darkness of Gethsemane, ask his Father to miss him with that?
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenDay two of Scrawler demanding Premier Ford reopen the sports memorabilia / framing store in a strip mall near his h… Spotify list of my most played songs of the year would just be “Income Tax” by P’tit Belliveau reports from Mulligan’s a lot“Mulligan’s Pub”! some wild bullshit brought to you by the “hugs over masks” death cultists that someone found in their mailb…
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenTwo kings definition of conservatism remains the same: it doesn't matter until it happens to me.
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenWhen the timeline comes together to defend Martin Scorsese’s 2019 masterpiece The Irishman
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenReports: Trump considering Presidential Pardon of the HamburglarCommitting a felony to own the libs honor of MANK, reupping this classic thread of me and @WillSloanEsq’s Kevin Smith remake of CITIZEN KANE
Retweeted by Jesse Hawken @johnsemley3000 @DavideMastracci Yeah someone saying “Okay when Hoffa tells Frank to leave the hotel door open just… @johnsemley3000 Yeah it’s not high culture, certainly the setting of Philadelphia mobsters isn’t high culture, unle… @johnsemley3000 Lois Lane smoked a lot in the seventies Superman @misskubelik This is a constant cycle, constantly complaining about how irrelevant the Oscars are and then doing ca… @johnsemley3000 The Last Screen OutlawThinking about the boys again... @misskubelik That's when you hurl this photo at them has lost the election so many times this month, but the man cannot stop savouring the taste of defeat @misskubelik "I didn't like it, therefore I have been vindicated by history" "Uh, it just came out on Criterion thi… @misskubelik Remember the movie no one talks about anymore that I'm still angry about one year later and constantly bring up? @misskubelik I mean you could say the same thing about Marriage StoryI use this GIF about 6 times a month, what are you even talking about? @benschwartz_ Jed Leland of the New York Inquirer says: “It’s Terrific!”The Hearst papers could sure use the ad revenue and lord knows Netflix has plenty of cash to throw around but when… Scrawler culinary tour of Toronto would be great: Adamson's BBQ Asian Buffet Steak Queen Halibut House Swatow…
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenNetflix has a marketing challenge on their hands with their new Tinseltown drama MANK: the Hearst newspaper chain,…“Rosebud”. The last words of Charles Foster Kane. For nearly eighty years, movie fans and film scholars have been t…’t he literally the dude’s campaign manager? Why is anyone talking to this guy* Young Vito Andolini got off the boat in Ellis Island and got his surname changed by the uncaring guy at the immig… this anything)Call Me By The Name Of My Town In Italy thread.
Please let it be Dinesh D’Souza. PLEASE let it be Dinesh D’Souza. (Kidding, it’s Roger Stone) hope WKW puts the “Jedi Rocks” scene from Return of the Jedi into his new version of Fallen Angels @WillSloanEsq And if my painting is hanging in the museum I can’t go up to it with some paint and keep working on itFantastic, let them tear each other to ribbons @WillSloanEsq Do whatever the fuck you want to your movie I say, but do not erase the original version. It is part…’s right say this as someone who thinks CHUNGKING EXPRESS is a crowning achievement in cinemaalso I believe WKW & Christopher Doyle are no longer on speaking terms? But I think the cinematographer needs to be… @ashleynaftule He’s putting the “Jedi Rocks” sequence back in @dmmorningstar @andykat2 Cool!Basically WKW made a run of masterpieces and they should be restored and not revised, if they’re going to be change…’s WKW’s rationale for changes for the new restorations. I’m familiar with seeing CHUNGKING and ITMFL in 1.66,… @benschwartz_ source?Movie fans are going absolutely berserk after discovering the doctor from EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES played swashbuckli… Barr will have weirdos outside his house and coming up to him at the airport for the rest of his life rest of Barr’s life, he’ll be looking over his shoulder, because he tricked the most dangerous people in the wo… podcast @JunkFilterPod is now available to listen to on Stitcher
Retweeted by Jesse Hawken @jrichardson2150 Holy SHITIn honor of MANK, reupping this classic thread of me and @WillSloanEsq’s Kevin Smith remake of CITIZEN KANE @JamesUrbaniak “I am going to become a man who owns a newspaper” @lorawhyte He’s unfit for the Presidency @johnsemley3000 For sale: baby boots, never wornFans are going absolutely berserk that the lady from Schitt's Creek was also in After Hours
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenJon Kay tweeted this and then deleted it.
Retweeted by Jesse Hawken @robrousseau #ReleaseTheKrakenI am suddenly in favour of the Supreme Court declaring a do-over of the 2020 US election mean you could start @junkfilterpod with the latest one, me and @cushbomb talking about THE 15:17 TO PARIS... you…’s the real deal, folks - and not just because it provided me with a platform to talk about Al Goldstein for over…
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenMy podcast @JunkFilterPod is now available to listen to on Stitcher Scrawler culinary tour of Toronto would be great: Adamson's BBQ Asian Buffet Steak Queen Halibut House Swatow… say, Doug Ford working the phones to secure a drug supply has got to bring back memories
Retweeted by Jesse HawkenLegit LOL sorry but this remains just one of the best tweets of all time
Retweeted by Jesse Hawken @toohodtotrot No! If you’re smart and careful, no @toohodtotrot I don’t know if we’ve ever had daily numbers this high in Toronto so far727 cases in Toronto! That’s bad.