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Jesse James @JesseJamesComix Santa Barbara, CA

Comic book enthusiast. Trying to spread joy and positivity. Let’s talk comics!

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@drew_moss @drew_moss Great idea, such a cool commission!! I want one like that now- but of the best F4! Pena in Crash. Every. Damn. Time.
Thanks for all the stories, @vertigo_comics. Some of the very best literature ever written, comics or otherwise,…
@CharlesSoule @JamesTheFourth Something’s killing them, Charles!! winter afternoon in SoCal. Spending it outside with my kid, catching up on @JHickman and @leinilyu X-me… freakin’ love @GailSimone. That’s it, send tweet. @MouthDork A)What?! B)Thank god we never saw Arsenio as Mike Lowry C)Yeah, I’m gunna need to see those Carvey test shoots.Yes!! I love Barracuda, can’t wait to see @declanshalvey and @edbrisson take on him!! I always thought he would hav…, enough of this sh*t. Frank Castle would blow your idiot heads off, Q-losers. And piss down your necks.
Retweeted by Jesse JamesHell yes.
@ian_on_comics Ugh, comics. They’ll break your heart...and your wallet. @ian_on_comics Is that 1 of 2 volumes? @ian_on_comics That’s a gorgeous Sandman, embarrassingly I’ve yet to read it. Been meaning to but don’t know how to start.I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye, but I finally sat down and read all of @jasonaaron & @eribic King Thor. It was… haven’t watched WWE since around 2001 but somehow @AlexaBliss_WWE showed up on my twitter feed....I think I have… @SequentialStory @Savage_Inks @kmichaelrussell @MarshallDillon @IDWPublishing That fun and energy absolutely showed… @SequentialStory @Savage_Inks @kmichaelrussell @MarshallDillon @IDWPublishing Such a fun read! Please tell me we ar…
Happy Birthday @Ssnyder1835! One of the greatest comic book writers of all time. I definitely put Scott on my Mt Ru… you like stories about monsters, yakuza, and zombie mammoths with dark magic and a ton of blood...stop what you’… were these for Thanksgiving!? @Mandyrmk Ok, I’ll keep an eye out for the email! Thanks @Mandyrmk Save me a spot on Mitch’s Wondercon list!!
@ComicBossTimmy Spoiler: it’s not Vulture. That’s Batman, Timmy.I have watched the Morbius trailer so many times and I still have no idea how I feel about it! Love this shot, tho… has been long overdue for another solo series!! So stoked to hear @jedmackay and @AlessandroVitti are br… @TheIYouMe A very different type of Batman story, I definitely suggest checking it out! I’ve ordered Secret Identit…, you just know Taskmaster is gunna do that scissor kick-flippy thing to Black Widow!!! @KurtBusiek @johnpaulleon I loved it! Thank you for the incredible story, I can’t wait to read Secret Identity next.With so much fantastic Batman content coming out I almost missed Creature of the Night. Better late than never!…
If Marvel doesn’t give us a Brute Force movie in their next phase WE RIOT. think today’s mail is a clear indication that my comicbooking is pretty eclectic.
Today at the comic shop a sweet tiny old lady asked her tween granddaughter "Did we get the latest Doctor Doom?" T…
Retweeted by Jesse James @OKatrinaFox See ya then, enjoy the rest of the show! @Alex_Chung @HackinTimSeeley @LBComicCon That was yours!? I saw him working on it, congrats!!! Great piece @OKatrinaFox It was so great to finally meet you in person today! See you at Wonder Con? @CBCCPodcast @GWillowWilson @jakewyattriot @JoeCaramagna Everybody with good comic book taste is telling me the sam… @CBCCPodcast I had to get back home in time for JessFest2020 celebrations but still got to meet Duggan, Seeley, Sie…
Finally met the incredible writer of Blackbird, @samhumphries! my birthday in the most on brand way: Woke up at 4 am and went to Long Beach Comic Expo! Sure it was to wo… Birthday @declanshalvey!! An artist who’s style is in a league of its own! One of the best storytellers to ev… @nerdinthenoke @GWillowWilson @jakewyattriot @JoeCaramagna Good! I’m excited to check it out, flipping thru and it looked really fun.
Allred! Romita Jr! Portacio! Golden! Conway....the list keeps going! HOW HAD I NOT HEARD ABOUT COMIC CON REVOLUTIO… to finally check out what Ms Kamala Khan is all about!! Written by @GWillowWilson Art by Adrian Alphona,… Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams! @AllredMD Laura & @tropicalsteve made something so special that perf… @Alex_Chung A Lobster Johnson solo film?!
Ok, I am totally in. Birds of Prey looks like a ton of fun!!!! #BirdsOfPrey #BoP for a spontaneous travel buddy to fly to Washington last minute. Serious inquiries only. It’s even on my… @FabianNicieza Nobody asked but my Mount Rushmore of Batman artists would be: Jerry Robinson Neal Adams Frank Miller Bruce Timm
Retweeted by Jesse James @ComicBossTimmy @olivetti_ariel I really think this cover is gunna be the one that makes @rianbowart a household na… the hype: Venom Island is insane! @Doncates has straight up spoiled us these last few weeks! Thor is craz…
Congrats to Crowded, Bloom, Wicked & Divine and the many more who were nominated for GLAAD’s “Outstanding Comic Boo… psyched to check out this collection of short stories! Thanks @Ssnyder1835 for putting it on my radar!! ...yes… #NCBD, friends! Might be my smallest pull in recent memory but just look at all that awesomeness and talent!… Birthday David Bowie!! Gone too soon, your legacy will live on til the end of time!! Art by: (L)@AllredMD (R… @nerdinthenoke I know, I know. I’m working on catching up.!! This looks so good!! I will be unavailable all day Feb 7th, do not attempt to reach me. #LockeAndKey @nerdinthenoke I skipped that DD mini too! I also stupidly dropped Chip’s series a few issues back and have been sc… @nerdinthenoke Joelle is incredible, if I remember right think another artist filling in might have been the reason… @nerdinthenoke Black Cat and Catwoman are pretty good? I picked up #1 of BC and fell off Catwoman after first arc..… Birthday Nic Cage!!! @AnnieOmusly
You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!! #LockeAndKey @RickCelis is a brilliant artist. B) @TomKingTK delivered incredible arcs throughout his entire run! Can’t wai… Birthday @david_baldeon!! One of my very favorite artists working today, always excited to see what he puts o… @AshcanPress BRB. Don’t jinx it Matt!
2020 @CBCCPodcast @battleground_k @Marvel I doubt Marvel would allow it with one of their characters but you better believe I’ll be o…, an unfinished Barry Windsor Smith Thing graphic novel!! Hey, ⁦@Marvel⁩!! Throw some of that Endgame money at… Mutants!! I can’t believe it’s finally happening!! Opening night, I’m there.
@KalelData @david_baldeon @GailSimone song just came on in the bar as I was closing, now I have to stay up all night binging Umbrella Academy!!! 2020 isn’t off to such a bad start after all.... Brute Force by @david_baldeon!!!!! @squirrel_talker I. Love. That. Even. More!!!! I would like to formally change my vote to Goodman as well! @sidewalksiren @kevinpanetta @Srganuch Oooh, looks interesting. Adding to the ol’ wishlist! @sidewalksiren @kevinpanetta @Srganuch So good!!! Like the movie Chef, I got very hungry reading it!
I just saw somebody suggest Nathan Lane as Granny Goodness in the New Gods movie.... I mean, Kathy Bates was born… moment I started I couldn’t put it down! Just read Bloom from @kevinpanetta and @Srganuch and loved it. So rela… @MitchGerads Yes!!!!!! This.
I always love the @DCComics anthology specials!! This year’s looks to continue that streak!! freakin loved X-men:Grand Design. I was crazy about Hip Hop Family Tree.... But everything that @EdPiskor has be… @SequentialStory @kelkuu @Savage_Inks @MarshallDillon @kmichaelrussell @mattmanbegins Thanks go to Kelly! The gal h… @kelkuu @SequentialStory @Savage_Inks @MarshallDillon @kmichaelrussell @mattmanbegins ....aaaaaand ordered!!! Thank… @kelkuu @SequentialStory @Savage_Inks @MarshallDillon @kmichaelrussell I haven’t heard of that one but that name an… @saladinahmed @cjwardart Forever, my man!! @saladinahmed @cjwardart Update: Got it. Love it!!! day at the ol’ LCS today...small but stellar pull for the last two weeks! Perfect debuts from: @Doncates now and then a creative team will come along and make you fall in love with a character you barely knew. Th…
@saladinahmed @cjwardart Bought all the single issues and the hardcover is in my pull to be picked up today!! Canno… who thinks hyenas are adorable And super awesome obviously never saw Lion King. #NeverForget Savage Avengers @mikedeodato Thor @DeadlyMike Absolute Carnage @RyanStegman HoX @PepeLarraz Conan…
Happy Birthday @sanfordgreene! Such a brilliant artist and storyteller, can’t wait to see what you have in store fo… goodbye to 2019 in style.... Glass full of mimosa, fireplace lit, enjoying The Vision by @TomKingTK @Teerack @TomTaylorMade @jorge_molinam @leinilyu @KimJacinto01 The Cap: Steve Rogers. Bucky is cool too, but don’t sleep on this issue!! @TomTaylorMade @jorge_molinam @Adr_Ben @Wil_Moss @MightyBrunstad Yes!!! That cover had sold me on it already!!! Had… CBM: Nope. Wasn’t Endgame, wasn’t that Space Fight movie...Hellboy! This was a batshit crazy, swing-for-the-…