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Jesse James @JesseJamesComix Santa Barbara, CA

Comic book enthusiast. Trying to spread joy and positivity. Let’s talk comics!

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@chrisaskham Sooooo good! You’re a rockstar!! Thank you so much.I. Freakin. Love. It!!!!!!!!
@steve_lieber @TKOpresents
It’s just common sense!! About time!
@Paul_thePullbox @ScoutComics Had to read the article to make sure we were getting a Metal Shark Bro toy! is new to comics and twitter and it’s so fun to be a part of it! I’ve made suggestions here and there but the… @ShannonStamey A whole artbook of Stamey Nightmare Before Christmas drawings, please and thank you. @jfornes74 @TomKingTK I’ve been falling more and more in love with your work, Mr. Fornes! This book is going to blo… @Steph_Smash @craigcermak @deankotz Those are two great pages, congrats! I’ve been eyeing a page from A Man Among Ye also!I got my hands on the new Rorschach book from @TomKingTK and @jfornes74 and I can confirm: the hype is real. You… @Alex_Chung Thanks, I think so too! A little bit of everything. Slowly filling in the holes in my Amazing Spider-Man run
@MitchGerads It’s really great, Mitch. I won’t post any spoilers, I promise. @ABruine You’re going to love all three of those! I’m behind on Gideon Falls but what I read blew my mind. At least… @MitchGerads Oops., I love comics. It’s pretty much impossible to come home with a better pull than I did this week! Featuring:… @xtop Yeah, I get that. As sweet as she is she would definitely qualify for an emotional support animal, but I unde… @Doncates Omg @Doncates! My first tweet ever gets a retweet from you!? @JesseJamesTapia put the first trade in my h…
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@xtop Can you please make sure that she is licensed as a service dog so she can go to a con with you once they’re s… Looks. Perfect!!!! Congrats @RobertKirkman and the whole Invincible crew!!! @JoshCrewsReally @steve_lieber @JoshCrewsReally @steve_lieber It was you?!? I had been considering buying that page and then it was sold!! Congrat… @JosephGlass And then make it to the west coast, too! I miss cons so much. Can’t wait to go back once it’s safe
@CBCCPodcast @Arsenal_comics @tomscioli Been wanting the Kirby book since it was announced, avoided the amazon rout… #NCBD, friends! On one of my nerd adventures so didn’t pick up my pull but... ...thanks to the wonderful rec… @ConroyForReal @Kali_Leandra! Behind all the stories, the double page splashes, the goofy characters and costumes....grea… @CBCCPodcast @yardsaleartist A very cool idea, and a super talented artist...just don’t tell him his prices are way… out this awesome #Venom piece from @yardsaleartist! Jarrod is a genius, drawing commissions on recycled books…’m not ready to say goodbye to this perfect series but damnit am I excited for it to come back!! Now is the perfe…
If DWJ sells this, I will fight any and everyone that tries to buy it before me.
@DamianWassel I have 3 or 4 different covers ordered and it’s already on my pull list!
@CBCCPodcast I’ll follow you crazy kids on whatever adventure you go on!! Keep up the great work, Lisa and Brad! @Hello_Destiny Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great day! @mrmarkmillar Any of your series would be brilliant in this format. Wanted, Magic Order...all of your work should b…
@IVANSARNAGO Only 3?! I can’t imagine how big each one is. As it is, these volumes are massive. Would love to see a… @anthonylaatsch @CBCCPodcast @OriginalFunko Anthony and Lisa just rubbing it in that Brad and I haven’t been in an Allred comic... @anthonylaatsch @CBCCPodcast @OriginalFunko They. Have. Blacklight. Avengers. is trying so hard to get me to play. I mean...look at this Tradd Moore Doctor Doom!!! 😍🔥😍🔥 @sidewalksiren @CBCCPodcast @anthonylaatsch @OriginalFunko @anthonylaatsch @CBCCPodcast @OriginalFunko Oh, no. I just found the entire list of Marvel Funkos. This can’t end… @sidewalksiren @CBCCPodcast @OriginalFunko @nerdinthenoke You weren’t kidding about DD/E, gunna do a whole separate tweet just for that when I get a chance. M… @ABruine That looks like the same one we are getting next year, too. Amazon has it scheduled for next April. Bold o… @ABruine @zdarsky Are they the American editions and it just takes a while to get to you or are they entirely new editions? @ABruine He’s more edgy than you might think. He’s basically Marvel’s Batman with Spider-Man’s struggles. Either wa… @ABruine It’s really hard to go wrong with Daredevil. The man had had a consistent string of hall of fame writers.… @ABruine The oversized pages makes that art pop sooooo beautifully off the page. The Daredevil/Elektra is one that… @sidewalksiren a glaringly big hole in my collection by finally adding the GORGEOUS library edition Hellboy set. And if t… @JoshCrewsReally Oh definitely not!!! It’s only a game, anyone who makes it more than that can beat it. Only friend… @JoshCrewsReally I’ve always considered SD to be a friendly rivalry. I would love to avenge those losses you handed… @JoshCrewsReally We’ll see you soon. @CBCCPodcast @OriginalFunko Seriously!! It’s like, “Oh that’s a cool Ragnarok Stan. Obviously, I’d need the Grandma… @CBCCPodcast @OriginalFunko I love him. ...I need him.Me: I don’t need any more @OriginalFunko. Also me:
@sidewalksiren “It’s 11 am, Jesus!! I’m dehydrated, sometimes water is ok too!”
Any Twitter friends from Nashville following me? I’m gunna be there later in October. Would love to meet up or wou… @thevaultcomics As it should be!! Finally read it today, it’s perfect!! Very rarely do comics look this beautiful w… @afwassel @Martin_Simmonds @JamesTheFourth @DanielDKraus @ChrisShehanArt @WordieJason @CampbellLetters, Iman Vellani! I can’t wait to see what you bring to this fantastic character. Ms. Marvel is here!!! A h… @JSwayArt Congrats! So talented, this is so well deserved!!I just read Wynd #1 and I can once again confirm that @JamesTheFourth writes great comics! I love every single char… @AlexPaknadel I’ve preordered every available cover through my shop, too! Just saying... @thejensington Can’t wait to see where Lonely Receiver goes! (Would love to see you work with @xtop again, too!!) Y… @urbanbarbarian Great cover and writing, Dan! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed Marianna’s work until this issue but I lov… @ZacBeThompson @thejensington Great first issue! Fell in love with Jen’s work on Test and I really enjoy every book… #NCBD, friends! What do you do to brighten your day if you feel down? For me, I read comics! My world got a… also condemn white supremacy. @jonathanglapion @MitchGerads So many of us love you Mr Glapion! This country is in a terrible place but I really,… @CBCCPodcast Just following your example! Spreading love and positivity one issue at a time. are for everyone. Any “non-comic person” is just one great story away from being a fan.
@AnnieOmusly With patience and love. Be there for them but don’t push or try to diagnose their problems. Just sayin… @CBCCPodcast Thank you!!! Very proud of them! Can’t wait to frame some of them.Sal Buscema @Freddieart @joshixson @rileyrossmo1 Howard Chaykin @duncanfegredo @GeoffShaw12 @Oeming very happy birthday to the super talented @RachaelAtWork!!! Sakai. Dropping knowledge on fools. #Vote
@PatrickZircher So good!!! I’m pretty sure I have that mini, too! @PatrickZircher Have you drawn Beta Ray Bill? I’d love to see you draw some more cosmic Marvel characters. @DavidWalker1201 @takisoma Thank you for that! Made my day!
RT with your 4 comic book comfort movies ...since CBCC literally stole my top 4. @philhester @Inkdropinc I don’t know if you just coined that term or if I just haven’t heard it but that’s brilliant. @philhester @Inkdropinc I just have missed it last time I went in! Were they next to the Mrs Doubtfire DVD’s or the generic Oreos? @philhester @Inkdropinc What about a Phil Hester page, where does one go to score one of those??
@chrisaskham Hellboy?Calling all Daredevil comic readers in the Twitter-verse! It appears that there either is little DD discussion or a…
Retweeted by Jesse James @chrisaskham Great, is there a inktober list you’re going off or are you taking specific requests? @chrisaskham I would love one (or two?). Will you ship to California? @toypixx @starwars @Hasbro This is the take a great toy pic! @drew_moss Who do I call at @Marvel to get you on a Spider-Man/Sinister Six book???!! You were born to draw Spidey’s rogues’ gallery!
@nerdinthenoke Gettin pricey lol. This last Freddie Williams page was an expensive impulse buy...might need to slow… @Freddieart It was packaged perfectly. I’ve dealt w a few of art dealers but it’s great to be able to buy directly… @mattmlpdx Yeah, it’s a great issue with a bunch of cool stories from some big names. I gotta go thru the short bo… @ABruine I could only imagine how much shipping costs could be. The most I’ve ever had to pay was around $30 and it…, Watchmen and Lost are pretty great but the best thing Damon Lindelof ever wrote was this fantastic short stor… @ABruine @Freddieart It really, really is!!! The details are insane in person, I am sooooo happy. not only is @Freddieart an. Insanely talented artist, he is so generous he threw in a signed comic and THREE go…’m shell-shocked to be the proud owner of this radical @Freddieart Batman/TMNT page! He and @JamesTheFourth create…