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Host of ‘I’m Right’ on The First. Host of the nationally syndicated Jesse Kelly Show. Anti-Communist. Community college credits.

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The System is about to punish us for what we did. This will be much worse than anything under Obama. Get yourself… won’t President Biden disavow white supremacy
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly @FreedomRecon 💀Quite a lesson for girls around America wondering what it takes to make it to the top. The federal system is lost. Begin where Mao began: in the hinterlands. Win state and local elections. Ma… in a small town in Arkansas, there is an innocent baby girl with a deadbeat crackhead dad and a stripper…
Retweeted by Jesse Kellyhere's how hillary can still become president (1/264)
Retweeted by Jesse KellyTo get a grasp of just how old Biden is, he served in the U.S. Senate with six senators who were born in the 1800s.
Retweeted by Jesse KellyThanks for listening. Listen to The Jesse Kelly Show in a city near you. Or just catch the podcast after it’s done… @laurenboebert I’m a man.The Left won the culture war because the Left was the only one fighting it.Here is the main accomplishment of the Trump era IMO -- we now have clarity. We now know who everyone is. He's the…
Retweeted by Jesse KellyThey’re all saying it. All of them. The System does not tolerate disruptions. They don’t think they did a thing wro… see we’re back to Dental Dam Journalism things on Trump: 1. I don’t just forget about 4 years of a surprisingly outstanding presidency because I ha… you mind changing your other insane positions on things and becoming a Republican? We need people like you. Am I tending bar in South Beach or partying with Hunter Biden in Ukraine? We agree on something. This is a healthy start. Now we can begin to separate. As we should. bet. Thanks for watching. radio show is nationally syndicated and my TV show is on @TheFirstonTV every night at 9 pm ET and neither of tho… @Askylitships Really, any general seasoning will work. It ain’t the star of the show.My man. Proud of you. make sure it’s machine washable. @ajzeigler @JesseKellyDC has anti-communist gear, which I think should be our uniform
Retweeted by Jesse KellyI wish I wasn’t. @JackPosobiec PRESS FOUND A SCANDAL ALREADY!!!
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly
Good grief. Kamala in search of a job promotion wouldn’t even do what the media is doing to Biden.’s something else you can do. Focus on state and local races. They’re not sexy, but these are critical battles…’s never been more important to balkanize. Move to Red places. Patronize red businesses. Hire the people who thin… no idea the Army was doing it’s PT on the beaches now.
Retweeted by Jesse KellyThose the same millionaires who’ve been whining about how oppressed they are for the last year?’re not going to “heal” because you conducted yourselves like a rabies-addled chimpanzee for four years and now y… Obama press corps is back baby
Retweeted by Jesse KellyNo.’s about so much more than Trump and an election. And you’ll never get it until you realize that.Well, yeah. You’re a woman. have never once sold censorship as being for oppression. It is ALWAYS sold as being for the protection o…’s communists are no different than communists have always been. take: if not just a handful of kooks, but millions upon millions of Americans think that Alex Jones and Q are m…
Retweeted by Jesse KellyYou cannot lais·sez-faire your way to victory over communists. It’s not possible. Freedom is not something you acquire by practicing it.Over 2/3rds of Pennsylvania's covid deaths were in nursing homes. Rachel Levine's Health Department forced them to…
Retweeted by Jesse KellyThe Media Vs Reality
Retweeted by Jesse KellyGermany created a lockdown violator detainment center in a refugee camp... that’s reminiscent of something in histo…
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly @GojuDr That’s awesome. Mine too.Remember this? Remember when people told you to take it seriously?
Retweeted by Jesse KellyEvangelicals for Biden score their first win with new administration!
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly @braxton_mccoy My favorite part of taking my sons out is warning them not to pack too much and then watching them p… this again to yourself. 9-10 times if you have to. Do you see it yet? Try to focus. @braxton_mccoy This makes my knees hurt just looking at it.Yes don’t even know that guy so he has no effect on me. can’t re-educate me when I never got an education to begin with. Check mate. isn't preening smugness a glorious end of itself?
Retweeted by Jesse KellyRome crumbling at its foundation. No identity. Not culture. Fat, rich, and listless. Just a sea of people educated… she didn’t double bag it. System is about to criminalize opposition to it and you still have people on the Right who think Trump and his… of the great foreign policy presidents in American history and a gigantic canary in the coal mine for how entre… Trump was as much a rejection of them as he was a rejection of the Left. And they know it. took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.“Jesse, stop calling them communists. They aren’t communists.” As they set up their very own Ministry of State Sec… almost has to appreciate how insidious it is for The System to openly question Trump’s legitimacy for four year…’m tempted not to RT this cause I’m gonna drive down there and eat all this myself. thing those aren't congressmen being inconvenienced.
Retweeted by Jesse KellyDeport him to the middle of the Pacific and act like a nation that wants to continue for some time. riots are more equal than others.
Retweeted by Jesse KellyJesse.
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly
I still cannot believe we watched Antifa/BLM terrorize American cities for months without a single public arrest by… how many of these criminals will be tracked down by the FBI. Don’t tell me about “privilege”. can’t believe Andrew Yang didn’t take more heat for mocking Kamala. military is infested with commies. Are we allowed to talk about that or is that another “don’t die on this h… @braxton_mccoy They just assumed only women drive a Dodge. Frankly, so did I.Omg
Retweeted by Jesse KellyAfter one right wing riot, the Left impeached Trump, kicked him off social media, sent dozens to federal prison, an…
Retweeted by Jesse KellyVery fortunate, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, to have someone call and check in on me daily. But I do…
Retweeted by Jesse KellyIt was always totally clear that the Left wanted to cancel not only President Trump but the GOP. The only people w…
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly @_David_Edward this place is magical. ⁦@JesseKellyDC⁩
Retweeted by Jesse KellyYou simply cannot suffocate a belief. Doing so usually makes it stronger.
Retweeted by Jesse KellyI’d almost forgotten about Kamala draped in white. think I’m the only one on the Right who doesn’t care about the Lincoln Project. Their cycle was as predictable as… national "MLK would've agreed with all my political positions" day.
Retweeted by Jesse KellyThey already have it. They call it “flats”.’s communists are the same as communists have always been. it’s Kamala smoking weed for the first time?’s communists are no different than communists have always been. Remember that. Purges and the search for…“There is nothing new under the sun.” looking at this picture gives me anxiety.
Retweeted by Jesse KellyYou misunderstand. I don’t care what you call me at all. You’re my enemy. I hope you hate me. If you didn’t hate me… must take ACTION. After 9/11 we had the Patriot Act & TSA molestation, after school shootings the move for gun…
Retweeted by Jesse KellyPutting Kamala Harris in charge of criminal justice reform is like putting Pol Pot in charge of farming policy.
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly“They’re using the raid on the capitol as an excuse!” Well, yeah. Of course they are. But they were always gonna f… saw in real time how it went from “the rioters at the Capitol” to “anyone who didn’t vote for Biden.”
Retweeted by Jesse KellyIt’s so painfully clear that the Left is setting up a new narrative of “right wing terrorism” to justify cracking d… is hiring one of the most left wing school superintendents in the country; responsible for completely insane…
Retweeted by Jesse Kelly @JesseKellyDC "Hi, I'm looking for a new doctor, did you support lockdowns?" "Yes" -click
Retweeted by Jesse KellyAny doctor who pushed for lockdowns should have his medical license revoked.