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‘Ft Ty Dolla Sign’, is an automatic banger
Retweeted by EvxngelineYou’re dumped I didn’t win the house.Been in south London 10 minutes and I’ve fallen in love 3 times... this place is ridiculous
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@TurnDaNextPaige Lmao of course you are tfI just need someone to fuel my eating addictionI want my children to grow up seeing what real genuine love is between two people
Retweeted by Evxngelinerelationships should be 50/50. I look like a snack & he eats me like one
Retweeted by EvxngelineI need someone to adopt me on Sunday’sYour relationship with God is sooo important because it is the template for all your relationships
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I’m cutting off anything that makes me feel less than
Retweeted by EvxngelineGo and ask the non-black owners why they called their "Caribbean" restaurant Cottons pls.
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@DecruzJemma Ffs we are going to be wrecked10am??! LOOOL erm @JessEvxngeline
Retweeted by Evxngeline2 months from now YOU gone be in a better situation 👩🏽‍🎓🏡🚗👨‍👩‍👧💰🗣CLAIMIT
Retweeted by EvxngelineI haven’t been this drunk in the longest 😂
Quarantining with someone this time, let me start picking out possible applicants
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Move in silence🙏🏽 you don’t like women who expect expensive gifts, nice dinners, 5 star hotels and a luxury life style date a plai…
Retweeted by EvxngelineI actually need to be taken to Dubailife is short, wife her TODAY
Retweeted by Evxngeline2020.
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Retweeted by Evxngeline @GrindShineLDN X @AriTheDon Wearing KARLAE
Retweeted by EvxngelineI have a mad craving for fruit and I couldn’t be more proud 🥺 @TurnDaNextPaige I think it’s the easiest and visually easy to understandOk so who’s coming to live with meAffirm: Taurus • Leo • Scorpio • Aquarius I am opening up the doors to success, wealth, and stability. I break th…
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@ChikaJennay You’re lyingggggg! nah I don’t know then 😂 @ChikaJennay I want to but the whole keeping of my dna I don’t feel comfortable 😂Omg sameeee thirty on this room, we ain't gon' sleep for shit. If I catch you nodding off, then it's gon' be some shit.
Don’t disrespect quiet people. You gone find out why we keep our volume down.
Retweeted by EvxngelineWhy is Bryson Tiller so fine?I just realised, my husband better be creative when it comes my kids school projects cos I can’t draw for shit.All I want to do is eat. But I don’t deserve toi pray my friends get through the battles that they don't tell me about
Retweeted by EvxngelineGod, thank you
Happy Birthday Boo 🥳💞 older I get, i realise that putting myself first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary
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Every body getting engaged and I’m back to what’s ya favorite color 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by EvxngelineI don’t even have time nomore straight block. Bye man!
Retweeted by EvxngelinePeople make the effort for who they want to.
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Twitter got it 😂🔥
Retweeted by Evxngeline695,000 jobs cut since March, my goodness me those numbers are terrifying. If you got a stable job at these unprece…
Retweeted by Evxngelinesend her 5K today, life’s been tough
Retweeted by EvxngelineGood hair day ✨
Retweeted by Evxngelinerule #1: never expect anything from anybody
Retweeted by Evxngelinechoose people who choose you.
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I miss photographyYou could literally play dot to dot on my face 😪Almost 7 months into a pandemic and my family and friends are doing well. God, I thank you.
Retweeted by EvxngelineEverything alright over there?
Why am I still up?How I’m trying to be up on my man knees gave up on meSometimes u just gotta wish a mf the best & never talk to them again.
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Your hair has its own postcode part about being a overthinker is most times you right
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Flat makeover pending @bovd__ @LBMM__ Time out @bovd__ @LBMM__ Sigh.I wanna learn how to do this but how do I stop my joints from sounding like rice krispies
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Y’all deserve Crsitan Dor
Retweeted by Evxngelineno link up = loss of interest
Retweeted by Evxngeline @DecruzJemma I’m sorry 🥺😩Jem LOOOOOOOOOOL what have I created @bovd__ That’s when it’s the bestNando’s got jokes huh want you. i want us. i want it all. with you. only you.
Retweeted by Evxngeline*gets paid* HMRC:
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@BaitFaceNate Had to put your two cents in @BaitFaceNate You couldn’t wait could yaIn bed before 9, this is new @BaitFaceNate Sorry YeahSometimeishthinking about snoh aalegra in mugler
Retweeted by EvxngelineWhy is twitter so funny? @NadineSterling @TurnDaNextPaige 😩😩😩 @ChikaJennay For my mental health I can’t do that again lol @TurnDaNextPaige Is this what happens when you turn 27? I cannot. @BaitFaceNate we go back into lockdown someone had to come live with me @MarkieMogul No lies told here, ite brbYou cannot be INTERESTED and INCONSISTENT.
Retweeted by EvxngelineThis girl in the gym can’t squat 🥺 should I teach her @BaitFaceNate Wow you’re trying to fight? @bovd__ Why are we friendsMy knees are fuckkkked
Retweeted by Evxngeline @TurnDaNextPaige Kmt I’m telling on you.I bought candy floss grapes, why can’t I taste it Kmt @TurnDaNextPaige is defo a fuckboyNormal no more crime dramas/shows for min...