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Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of @oxidecomputer

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Our job description for Product Engineering and Design Roles has been updated, check it out if you are interested! @jonmasters @oxidecomputer Was awesome having you!!!If you missed the news about the launch of Oxide by @jessfraz, @bcantrill, and @sdtuck, then @cpswan has you covere…
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@robn A manual would be dope!Love seeing the site evolve!
@thejasongerard @bcantrill Can't stop, won't stop! @OrangeCMS @bcantrill @oxidecomputer I keep saying this is the one true way to pronounce LAN!After a few episodes, I already love the On The Metal #podcast by @jessfraz and @bcantrill from @oxidecomputer. Esp…
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Getting some really awesome patches on It is looking so much more awesome now! Thank you all, keep them coming!ICYMI we dropped a new episode of On the Metal on Friday! All subsequent episodes will be dropped on Monday morni…
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@kc8apf @wavedrom @bcantrill Omg omg omg yes @sarah_edo That seems like a stretch goal for me is my love language
More banter 😂 @bcantrill: Jess, do you know what the Turbo button is? @jessfraz: I OF COURSE know what the Turbo Bu…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @noopkat 😂s/ thing / / I blame the typo on anger.What kind of sociopath makes a -h flag thing do anything other than print "help" text @TubeTimeUS Very true it might explode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯You can comment directly on a schematic 🤯 looks awesome a social hub for hardware like the GitHub of open kicad, etc schematics! recognize real 🤝
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🚨 New On the Metal episode w/ @digiamir 🚨 Join us as we listen to stories of growing up & coming up in Silicon Vall…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle🤤 is a placeholder for a hot take about @Quickbooks
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@Kensan42 @bcantrill It was this tweet :) @0xGradius I also have a blog post with some of my favorites @0xGradius Dealers of lightning and soul of a new machine :) @Kensan42 @bcantrill I had no idea where he was going with that hahah I was legit trying to explain itAlso, @bcantrill cutting in on @jessfraz explaining the ridiculous UEFI networking/DMA error is like a modern perfo…
Retweeted by Jessie FrazelleThis first episode from @oxidecomputer is just 🤯. Thank God we are talking about computers from the bottoms up & th…
Retweeted by Jessie FrazelleIf you want a bit of a glimpse into how vital open source firmware is, read @jessfraz's great write-up in the ACM.…
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@dhh apropos of nothing, you might be interested in the fact Ruby on Rails is being used on @chris_swenson favorite part of @oxidecomputer and On The Metal podcast is their insistence in correctly using "on premises"…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @anaisbetts @davidfowl @oxidecomputer It's definitely not ops :) well we are providing tools for operators but writ… @davidfowl @oxidecomputer We put a lot of thought into it :) @noopkat @holtbt MOST FUN DAY EVER HAHAHAH but seriously love sitting next to you hacking on hardware getting super…
@jassmith87 <3 @joonas_fi @oxidecomputer It's supposed to be fun :) it's definitely not required but an application is required! @nohinder @oxidecomputer Yeah definitely something we should think about, would need a fun way to go about it :) any ideas?We are looking for designers who code to help build a new user experience for computing for @oxidecomputer! Interes… @bigmstone @bcantrill @oxidecomputer @sdtuck Actually that's pretty accurate ;)FAANG is BUNCH, writing in octal machine code is nuts, LOCUS dist unix!!! @oxidecomputer AMAZING podcast with engag…
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A deck. A garage. A small team and a big idea. It's the origin of tech AND the future. @oxidecomputer launches toda…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @chimeracoder Thank you!!🎉 Next up for #devadvent: Can you friend also be your hero? Yes! @jessfraz is announcing today that she is the cofo…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @sarah_edo Thank you Sarah!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @allinison ♥️♥️♥️ @peterbourgon @oxidecomputer Let me know and I will! It's private for now!Join us as we hear Jeff Rothschild’s stories from his impressive technical endeavors including disassembling MS-DOS…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @left_pad @oxidecomputer <3 thank you!! @hjharnis @oxidecomputer Thank you!!!We started @oxidecomputer! On the soul of a new computer company:
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @oxidecomputer You will not want to miss this first podcast with Jeff Rothschild! STARTED @oxidecomputer IN MY GARAGE!!! Read my blog post about it: @jxxf @sdtuck @bcantrill Ooooo fun!!!
I've had a sneak peek into the upcoming guest list here and oh wow! A who's-who of full-stack pioneers. Pumped for…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @ehashdn ♥️♥️♥️ thank you!So, I have been busy starting some big things with @jessfraz and @sdtuck. More details coming tomorrow, but for now…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @JmsDnns @sdtuck @bcantrill @Kensan42 @sdtuck @bcantrill <3 @sdtuck @bcantrill More links to the podcast on various services: NEWS EVERYONE! @sdtuck, @bcantrill, and I have been working really hard on something awesome! Subscribe and lis… @ashleymcnamara @girlsnamewillis CONGRATS!!! @editingemily Ship her to me!!! I have an extra room hehe @editingemily If you lived in Oakland I'd offer to babysit while you get a massage ;)
OH: "back in my day, modem was what we'd say when we needed to mow the lawn... Mow-dem lawn"My niece, future little mathlete
@simpsoka ♥️ thanks, grateful for you too!
I've learned more in the past year than any other previous years. I can't think of anything more fun or better than…
Flight attendant: Is there a speculative execution unit onboard? AMD: *nudging me* that should've been you Me: No…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @imcdnzl Was literally just talking about calculators two days ago! :) @imcdnzl I don't!!!Awesome set of computer architecture videos h/t @jonmasters new ground, Mary Coombs the first female programmer at #LEOcomputers in the 1950s. Special thanks to…
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @Samson_Goddy YOU ARE THE AMAZING ONE, thanks for taking the time!! @smoakin @icecrime Congrats!!realhats – Put real hats on symbols instead of ^ This LATEX package makes \hat put real hats on symbols. @BenTheElder @icecrime Seems like it would be good for lynx tooFound it! The horror!! your website fit on a floppy!?!? @icecrime, reminds me of our talk where the floppy d…
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Some thoughts on Open Source Firmware:
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@Samson_Goddy @film_girl Will DM! @Samson_Goddy @film_girl I would love to hear it :) @Samson_Goddy @film_girl That's amazing!!!A chapter into this book and I can already tell it's going to be 🔥, starts at the Davos 🙄 and the description of "c… @Disneyland Take my money 🤤😋You people have a lot of opinions. Here's mine. Cryptography code should be significantly more readable and simple…
Retweeted by Jessie FrazelleRoll your own. Totally kidding. Totally kidding. @smittyhalibut Thank you!! @mschoening Pics to come!Soldering is soothing... Or maybe it's the fumes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Also pssh 11/23/19 isn’t Fibonacci day. Get at me on November 23, 5813.
Retweeted by Jessie Frazelle @film_girl Whoa okay! @smittyhalibut That looks amazing!! Was it hard to get tickets? @kartar @film_girl @dizzyd @sarah_edo Fair :) @kartar @film_girl @dizzyd @sarah_edo I like the smell of paper, kids