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Insta: raylla_stan I only made a twitter account to follow the motherland cast I have a highkey crush on Taylor Hickson & Amalia Holm #RenewMotherlandfortsalem

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@BuckinghamLilia Idk but i do know that its really gay :))
@taylorhickson U got me curious as to what ur writing. Hmmm🤔🤔
@ashleynicwill @kourtneykardash I- DAMNNNNN *chokes in gay*
@taylorhickson @MFSTHEO @ashleynicwill @warriorscylla Why is that me doe @tallycravens If only :( @ashleynicwill When the cast actually cares and listens to the fandom....we love to see it 😍😍😍 Thank you for the c… @taylorhickson @RayllaShipper Sexy weird ;)#switches say thank u to the #MotherlandFortSalem cast for working hard to bring us S2 even during a pandemic Tha… @taylorhickson @thaniellehicks Workin hard....we love to see/hear it but make sure you guys stay safe and healthy t… @taylorhickson @RoseParamore7 Ya'll*** We love youuuuuuuu Stay safe and healthy 💙💙
@abnormallyadam @Amaliajaja Are you trying to kill us???? We blessed omfg @aymmgreen That would be CHAOTIC I LOVE IT Where is it?
@Saturn0117 😝😝 @holysnixx @superhaughtvids Not normal....just gaySAVE TEENAGE BOUNTY HUNTERS FOR THEM
Retweeted by JessicaSo who's bright idea @netflix was it to cancel #TeenageBountyHunters ??? Who was it??? I just wanna talk. Yall rea… never cared for anything else the past two days SAVE TEENAGE BOUNTY HUNTERS
Retweeted by JessicaShe knows who she is 😝 @findingfletcher Ive never had any social skills so if youve developed them...whats that mean for me? Lmao @taylorhickson You aint wrong @Saturn0117 @taylorhickson Sweater weather 👀👀Not me still thinking about the video the person i have a crush on sent me a few days ago. I CANT HELP IT!!!! ITS… @smolsoftsapphic WHAT? SINCE WHEN??? WHERED YOU HEAR THIS? @aymmgreen Why you gotta call me out like that doe smh @HayleyKiyoko Camila Cabello and/or FLETCHER 👀 👉👈
@tiernanhickson 2020 is a lil bitch
@Saturn0117 Well make me speechless so i gotta return the favour :))) @BarbarenaEn ik what you meant but its fuckin funny as hell STAB LMAO @tallycravens Hopefully one day! @tallycravens Thats very true! I just wish i could show her in person @tallycravens I hate that i cant explain it properly. I wanna be able to explain to her what i mean and why she's so special eyeuheheueuHave u ever met some1 who makes u speechless? What makes me speechless is their eyes. Their eyes r so beautiful but…
@ashleynicwill And whats this supposed to mean? Hmmm??? 👀👀 @abnormallyadam @taylorhickson Thats the fandom when she notices us. We all die. Taylor's given me multiple heart attacks @Saturn0117 I didnt even fuckin think of thattttt Hopefully its to scylla @findingfletcher Me too :( Have a hug lovie ❤ @Saturn0117 @taylorhickson Its good but not. Im w u babyRAELLE, OUR GAYBIE IS COMIN BACK TO US YA'LL #MotherlandFortSalem #Switches Lets all say thank you to… @taylorhickson ITS NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!! I could spend every day watching videos of you. Hun i dont think you rea… @abnormallyadam NOT LONG ENOUGHIf you’re still wearing a mask when you go out, please retweet this tweet. I just want to see how much common sense is still out there.
Retweeted by Jessica @tiernanhickson Whats ur favourite book? Are you in college? If so, what're you studying? Do you have a favourite… @tiernanhickson See, i have questions and when the time comes to ask em i cant ever think of them smh but imma try
@Saturn0117 @smolsoftsapphic @sapphicgirljas They could be starting to film tho so they might be busy @taylorhickson Ok bare with me imma bouta make a joke You're my kink 😉😝😂 @taylorhickson Yea a few actually @Saturn0117 @taylorhickson Kink 👀😉 @tiernanhickson Make em public if u want love. Im sure we would love them @sheenar1382 @lgbtsagelyn I was already in love with her @simply2real4you @tiernanhickson Mhm sure i believe you 👀 @simply2real4you @tiernanhickson Mhm yea definitely scientific purposes mhm @tiernanhickson @simply2real4you This would be greatttttt @tiernanhickson You could literally do anything and we would love it @tiernanhickson Play among us Recreate tiktoks Yoga challenge A vlog Cooking challenge thing Q&A Try not to laugh(t… @tiernanhickson Could this question be related to a video possibly? Maybe? Hmm???
@lgbtsagelyn THE SHADE!! IM SCREAMING!! You're right, even after all these years Lexa is still Clarke's greatest l… would like to say thank you to the bellarke fandom. you spent four seasons tirelessly campaigning for this show’s…
Retweeted by Jessica @lesbiankiller9 Lmao ME @Saturn0117 Are trying to make sure im responsible??? Smh @Saturn0117 You've been working really hard on it. Im proud of you💙 Imma read it tmr(prolly instead of paying atte… @Saturn0117 FINALLY!!! GEEZ IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER BABY. MAN YOU REALLY LIKE MAKING ME WAIT. And i cajt even read… @DebnamCarey @lgbtsagelyn WE LOVE YOUUUUUU. We dont deserve you ughhh. This was the best thing ever. You're still everyone's favourite :))if my future gf doesn’t cry with happiness whenever i mention clexa endgame then i don’t want her
Retweeted by Jessica @lgbtsagelyn SAMEalycia debnam-carey. that’s it. that’s the tweet.
Retweeted by Jessica @lgbtsagelyn Yessss. A lexa spin off 😍😍😍 we can see lexa with costia maybe??
Stop asking candidates if they “believe in” climate change and start asking if they understand it. It’s science, not Santa Claus.
Retweeted by Jessica @aymmgreen Thats a whole mood and i love it @tiernanhickson "Bluberbutt" im using that as an insult now @annesophie029 @taylorhickson They really were @taylorhickson But but but YOU'RE SO CUTEEEEEEE BABY TAYLOR OMFGGGG 😍😍😍 @tiernanhickson I relate a lot to "before i was dead inside" me too love, me tooI will forever be bitter about it 😠
Retweeted by Jessica
@RaelleHaenel @RayllaThirst I think they're switches but i get top vibes from rae @BryantmKaylee I- YOU DIDNT YES YOU DID!!!! @Saturn0117 Finally after so fuckin long!!! @adoraluzorel @tiernanhickson @JessLauraSutton @BENSONN221 @taylorhickson @kelceymawema Hapoy birthday!!Guess who got their new phone :)) @RaelleHaenel @taylorhickson @JessLauraSutton lmao mood @Saturn0117 @RaelleHaenel you were an aggressive child damn. You threw it at people's faces???? love, you use your… @RaelleHaenel @taylorhickson @JessLauraSutton you're funny af own it!!! 💙💙 @taylorhickson @RaelleHaenel @JessLauraSutton SEEEEEEEE @RaelleHaenel I TOLD YOU IT WAS TAG WORTHY!!!! @smolsoftsapphic @taylorhickson I think they cut her hair @RaelleHaenel we love that for her @RaelleHaenel @JessLauraSutton 😂😂😂😂 @RaelleHaenel its so tag worthy, its fuckin funny as hell. @majesdane literally thoimma just leave this here for you while i continue to work on my moosic 👀🙈
Retweeted by Jessica @RaelleHaenel OMFG YOU DIDNTTT!!!! This is great! Jess should see this, can I tag her?
@motherlandcrack @Motherland @Amaliajaja this is a great one lmaooo#TeenageBountyHunters does not deserve to become another one-and-done niche Netflix series. Renewing it for a secon…
Retweeted by Jessica @tiernanhickson @kelceymawema @taylorhickson I would love to see taylor accidentally flash a kid again lmao @tiernanhickson @kelceymawema @taylorhickson yes please yes!!! @Saturn0117 @tiernanhickson @kelceymawema @taylorhickson yes
@BENSONN221 @tiernanhickson @JessLauraSutton @taylorhickson @kelceymawema yea! and thats why I love the #switches fam @BENSONN221 @tiernanhickson @JessLauraSutton @taylorhickson @kelceymawema ah ok just checkin lol don't want anyone left out @BENSONN221 @tiernanhickson @JessLauraSutton @taylorhickson @kelceymawema ayeee others inspired the thought I just… @Saturn0117 lmao @Saturn0117 @tiernanhickson @JessLauraSutton @BENSONN221 @taylorhickson @kelceymawema and Ashley @Saturn0117 @tiernanhickson @JessLauraSutton @BENSONN221 @taylorhickson @kelceymawema yes!!!