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Uhg. I am cringing so hard at the Emmys production. Merp.
Butker is a legend.This Chiefs game is stressing me out. @JessicaBlevins Lets goooooo
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins💛💚 a crazy crazy STREAM! I have got to give big ups to @Ninja for the incredible host! Your community was so kind…
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsHappy birthday to one of my older brothers @BeardedBlevins Jon, you are a BLESSING to have in my life not only as a… to my insta stories I need to get closer with @JessicaBlevins bc she SENDS OUT CAKES TO HER FRIENDS 🤤
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsA reminder that everyone gets rolls when they sit certain ways. Even our puppy Cloud 😂 #BodyPositivity
@CristianDriver_ Love these! @LIRIK Haha this is great.👀 @SimbyBTW @Ninja 😘 we had to rep some Mixer fam. Xoxo!
@BobbiesWorld88 SAME LMAOWhy was this every kid in first grade when the “penis and vagina” videos were shown 😂 Windows open, fresh Fall breeze, and a caramel apple spice. Only in the 50s here today 🍂 @Logic301 @Ninja @UMG You’re a legend. We are trying!Too many of my gaming homies @Ninja included have wanted to play my music during stream and on YouTube but @UMG won…
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins @JessicaBlevins This applies too during the holidays when people give puppies as gifts. Many shelters are usually o…
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins @Elamite I know 🙁 @JessicaBlevins YES! I think in the first year alone I spent upwards of $2k on vet visits, vaccines, spay/neuter, e…
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsDo NOT get a dog/puppy if you are tight on money. I know it’s tempting and amazing to have a snuggly friend, but yo… just emailed me asking to buy them a puppy because they don’t have money. PSA-dogs are not a one-time cost.… snuggles @BeardedBlevins Twitch Sings before its gone? Kappa
IM OBSESSEDDDDDDD AM aLIVE!!!! Brand new Halloween branded EVERYTHING come hang! is starting in 15 minutes. Grab your drinks and get in here 👻 @ClashCalling79 LIESImma be streaming and drinking all day. Yeet. Quarantine Halloween. @VBI absolutely killed it with my Halloween alerts. DEBUTING THEM LIVE TONIGHT around 6-7 p.m. CST!Forever love this picture of @Ninja and I from Apple picking 3 years ago. It’s also the last time his hair was his…'ve convinced @Ninja to some Fortnite games tomorrow, prepare yourselves.
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins @NICKMERCS Big things!! Congrats!!
@BenBrunoRose Thanks doll! @BritanniJohnson I've actually been doing it for years (some days I cheat because traveling and time changes can ma… @jordanfisher Same! I want to build this town IRLWe need a spinoff show of David and Patrick from Schitts Creek. Retweet so we can make this happen.Also, Cloud is a very happy and loved boy. He gives mommy snuggles everyday 🥰 I intermittent fast, I never have breakfast and eat from noon-8. BUT TODAY I HAVE ORDERED A BREAKFAST BUFFE… YouTube video of setting up this year's Spooky Town! mange for Cloud!! Yay!! Party 🎉
I've never seen it like this with Kickers in the league.. & now @ninja's getting back into the game…
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsCloud has round worms now. Good news is that his tapeworms and coccidia are gone. Getting a skin test today to make… does @DisguisedToast YT videos? They're sick
Before ➡️ After⁠ ⁠ Our professional cleanup crews in Haiti recently recovered 1,553 pounds of trash from a coastlin…
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsYa'll leave Pokimane tf alone. @macawcaw123 yes queen get itHappy Monday. @kfc has already been ordered. I'm ready to talk sponsorships for @Ninja @kfcgaming @RYANHADJI YESSSS LIT @towelthetank 🙁 @sonii I have asthma and cannot imagine being there right now. @JERICHO @Pooshdaddy So interesting!! @Pooshdaddy I know it’s still really expensive. I’m just wondering if I’m 6 months we are going to see a bunch of p… @RYANHADJI Pick a state! Or just come move in. You know I got those guest rooms on fleek now @JessicaBlevins It really be your own wife sometimes
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins @JessicaBlevins
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins @Ninja I’m about to put you on blast. But everyone, @Ninja was so sad after the Lions lost that he ate his emotions… is quickly going from one of the most expensive and desirable places to live to GTFO it’s literally a st… was a great football Sunday here for 1/2 of this household.
Sobre* damn English autocorrect ruined my very elaborate Spanish tweet 🙄 @mexymex10 😏💃Estaré twitteando mucho sober Even Stevens y fútbol americano. De nada.Oh my gosh. Good morning. @Big__Blake50 I’m on a full Even Stevens Saturday night binger @allykitty24 I love this!! Good for you, girlfriend!This was me in high school 😂 is Even Stevens still one of the funniest shows even though I’m almost 30 😂
LMAO. Lex is so sweet “Jess be careful!” Me-*kills Lex* 😂😭💜 @JessicaBlevins @Ninja We know the feeling.
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsGotta stay reppin the homie -Time In @Ninja @TeamNINJA
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsHow I explain being the imposter to a new player in Among Us
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsWhen stuff like this happens, you know you have found the right stream!! Lol!! @JessicaBlevins
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins. @Ninja surprised me with Chipotle @MrsDrLupo I just said this on my stream today!! Just watching it gives me high anxiety lol. Not sure I can play again. @baesicderek omg why is this us EVERY Halloween a few drinks in LMAO @MorganWilkeyBeautiful @Ninja let’s goo #Timein
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsI’ve joined the #bangtrain Kappa come hang. Self-care Saturday @MorganWilkey having a movie night last night and bitching to @JessicaBlevins that I didn’t have cherries for old fashioned,…
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsTyler was a trooper all night taking care of our new pup. Little blood clot scare but I do not have one and am good… @JoshuaGoch Looks delicious!⁦@Ninja⁩ ⁦@JessicaBlevins⁩ my dog thoroughly enjoyed watching your new puppy hahaha
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins
Congrats on the return to Twitch, @Ninja! We uh.. We got you this cake. He's back:➡️
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsValorant to start, Among us with an incredible squad tonight. The grind begins.
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsPSA-3 WICK CANDLES BUY 1 GET ONE FREE AT BATH AND BODY. @Mike_Haracz When do you use granulated onion/garlic over powder and salt? @adeptthebest This was me two days ago. Watched every Britney Spears VMA performance, which turns out to be a lot 😂 @KEEMSTAR Yesss this is one of my favorite smaller pieces. Me and my girl when we are old raggedy bitches
Live! Audio was originally scuffed and video was at 720P but tweeked some things and we are good to go and back at…
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsIt's official: @Ninja is back on @Twitch.
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins @UniversalHorror @kathrynnewton omg @MorganWilkeyholy..... 12 PACIFIC/2 CENTRAL TODAY. @EmpressKitsune_ this and all I can do is give kudos for the move back and praise @JessicaBlevins because I swear she’s working…
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsTo new beginnings. @ninja
Retweeted by Jessica BlevinsNinja is back. Football is back. gamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has inked an exclusive multiyear deal with Twitch, the Amazon-owned game stre…
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins @Ninja @Twitch WELCOME BACK new chapter, only on @Twitch
Retweeted by Jessica Blevins