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Sunny Hostin rips Obama for 'Defund the Police' criticism: 'He's wrong' @washtimes"I know who you voted for" 💀💀 Francisco Mayor London Breed attended French Laundry party one night after Gavin Newsom @washtimes mayor Eric Garcetti cancels COVID-19 testing site shutdown for movie shoot after backlash @washtimes Soviet Russia, hat wears you! people are a joke
AG Barr: No evidence of fraud that would change election outcome @washtimes police blockade drive-in church service: 'You are obstructing their rights!' @washtimes @chadfelixg I'm sorry...but if Elliot is actually a straight male, as a woman, I demand that an actual lesbian actr…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarIf you're wondering who Elliot Page is, you're not alone. Page came out less than an hour ago and the mob is alread… Sen. Joe Manchin rips AOC: 'She's more active on Twitter than anything else' @washtimes Foods CEO John Mackey: 'Capitalism is the greatest thing humanity's ever done' @washtimes County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl dined at restaurant hours after voting to ban outdoor dining @washtimes is so fascinating to watch The managerial class has talked itself into believing that masks solve this crisis…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarNormal things are afoot at the Circle K.
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar"A gas station is a bodega that also sells gas," the country mouse said to the city mouse.
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarShe knows the path of an invisible virus that infected a distant relative who was denied care at a PA hospital at a…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarAlyssa, facts matter. Dems have TWICE filibustered $500Bn in emergency COVID relief. EVERY SINGLE Senate Dem voted…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarSome of us have been saying this virtually from the start of the lockdowns. Dr. Atlas said it. Rand Paul said it. T…
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar🔥🔥🔥 bot’s tweets go down like tepid mayonnaise🧵Thread🧵 Today’s news about China’s poor and deceptive handling of the coronavirus outbreak should serve as a wake…
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Neera Tanden, Biden OMB pick, deletes 1000 tweets @washtimes’t they cute FINALLY REALIZES CHINA LIED 10 MONTHS LATER.
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar B slammed after hosting nearly 40 people for Thanksgiving: 'It was lit!' @WashTimes"media resentment" do you hear yourself? @JessicaChasmar @WashTimes We definitely should be employing comparable resources to reopen schools:
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarMac's Public House, N.Y. bar, declares itself 'autonomous zone' after liquor license revoked @washtimes spread conspiracies that Russia hacked the 2016 election through voting machines and changed votes fo…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarDeborah Birx urges Thanksgiving gatherers to get tested: 'You have to assume' you have COVID-19 @washtimes Biden isn't president-elect until Dec. 14 when electors elect him. It's an inarguable fact and yet acknowledgin…'Spider-Man' allowed to film at Atlanta schools while kids remain online @washtimes Paul: Dr. Anthony Fauci owes apology to 'every single parent and school-age child in America' @washtimes“Journalism”
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarShot Chaser
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarAn all female communications team? Is that 100% diversity or 0% diversity?
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Apparently this account is a random greeting card generator bot.
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarWalmart Thanks Government For Completely Obliterating Their Small Business Competition
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Sandusky Big Boy leaves franchise over Michigan coronavirus restrictions
Eric Clapton joins Van Morrison's anti-lockdown campaign with new song, 'Stand and Deliver' @washtimes they’re moving forward with this super spreader event? But we couldn’t have Thanksgiving with family?
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarConservatives assume most people want freedom. So we are baffled by leftwing arguments that limit *their own* libe…
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar“This is Canada, not North Korea!” protesters shouted as Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly was arrested for reopen… restaurant owner Adam Skelly hauled away in handcuffs as customers protest: 'Shame on you!' @washtimes Cuomo blasts Supreme Court ruling on religious gatherings as 'irrelevant' political statement @washtimes
Super weird pattern of politicians forcing regular people to live under draconian & unscientific lockdowns that the…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarReject authoritarianism in any form.
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar @PakkonenHybrid Florida too, unfortunatelyPeople making fun of this tweet forget that governors were setting up border checkpoints just months ago.🥱
absolutely hilarious after four years of "MR PRESIDENT, SIR, WE SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER, SIR" to see them *immediately…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarThis is a goddamn lie. #FuckChina
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarCan’t figure out if I’ve always had normal size plates and tiny dishwashers or normal size dishwashers and gigantic plates 🤔Ivanka Trump shares ‘absolutely amazing’ evidence that the dream of Donald Trump’s Israel-UAE peace deal is becomin…
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar“I’m urging you to refrain from travel this Thanksgiving holiday,” the mayor told city staff in a memo last week. “… “...the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts detainees, undocumented workers in cages… Vermont Agency of Education will direct schools to ask students if they were part of a multi-family gathering,… Mayor Michael Hancock tells others to 'avoid travel' right before boarding flight to visit daughter… outdoor dining prohibited by one of the few large counties in the country where it is pleasant to be outd…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarYou can hear the pain in the voice of restaurant owners who are forced to layoff employees after LA County announce…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarI didn’t fight two wars and lose two legs to be told I can’t spend time with my family. As a matter of fact, I did…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarWhat a difference 4 years makes.
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarObama blasts Trump for putting illegal immigrants in the 'cages' built by Obama @WashTimes Rips John Kerry: ‘Biden Made Him Climate Czar Because He Mistook Him For A Tree’
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarThis is shutting down outdoor dining which has been a way for some restaurants to remain open (at a loss) and for s…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarThese wannabe petty tyrant government officials know that the more they tell people to cancel Thanksgiving the more…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarAs of today, there have been 819 COVID-19 deaths in South Dakota and Governor Noem has not received an Emmy.
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmarwords and tweets and more words. like a platitude Rolodex. judge Bill Gravell fined $1,000 after violating own stay-at-home order @washtimes Gov. Phil Scott says Vermont schools will question kids about Thanksgiving plans @washtimes, this man abused his position of authority to engage in clear political activism displaying his profound a…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarI have no doubt Chris Hayes still considers this a "fun fact."
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar @sarafunkyoga I’m sorryYou spelled Stove Top wrong ready for at least a year of groveling #ObamaApologyTourTheSequel’t wait for the apology tour is astonishing, from @zeynep’s newsletter: 91% of Democrats think that the 2020 election was free and fair, up…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarThe rich part of course is that Peterson only exists as a social phenomena *because* young people do things like *l…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarThread.
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarShutting down public schools may well be remembered as one of the most devastating policy decisions of the pandemic.
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California sent jobless aid to Scott Peterson, other killers Rubio: Joe Biden's Cabinet picks 'will be polite & orderly caretakers of America's decline' @WashTimes stunning and so brave this. I don't know if I would personally participate but anything private businesses can do voluntarily to get…'You should fly': Southwest Airlines CEO said traveling by plane is safe, despite the CDC and infectious disease ex…
Retweeted by Jessica Chasmar you out of work and into food lines is only the beginning. Wake up. #resist Gov. Tom Wolf bans alcohol sales on Thanksgiving Eve, 'the biggest day for drinking' @WashTimes these people remind you of the elitists in "Hunger Games" you're not alone're witnessing the killing of an industry. Tell me what sane person would ever open a restaurant in the U.S. again?Did China write this?
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Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarMovie ends when Pete Davidson says he wishes he had never been born and everyone agrees.
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarQuick🧵(1/6) We haven’t talked much about it, but Biden’s cabinet is chock full of lobbyists. Here’s a quick rund…
Retweeted by Jessica ChasmarDem Rep. Jim Cooper clarifies 'extra chromosomes' dig at South Carolina voters was about racism @washtimes