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BAFTA winning composer, @bbcradio3 presenter, lover of all things Drag Race. Likes gin & swimming, often at the same time.

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A beautiful letter from Italy to the UK by Francesca Melandri. Such tender writing.
Can anyone recommend a digital thesaurus? I don’t mind buying or paying subscription. Writers and academics.
Retweeted by Jessica Curry @CliveWhitburn hey there, have just seen that you're shielding. How tough Clive. You're such a positive person and… other news our very beloved, very scruffy rescue pup was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia last year. She can'… @eco4190 @BBCRadio3 that made me laugh so much @eco4190 @BBCRadio3 I was thinking more this @RobOrchard your tweet made me laugh so much. Are you all doing ok? @Oghamsmith @Doctoe @BBCRadio3 debatable 😂 @mantagtj @BBCRadio3 It is mandatory @RichStokesy @BBCRadio3 Hey there, you are so lovely to ask me about Link's when there's so much going on. Yes, al… @jgmusic @BBCRadio3 They were probably joking with me- I am such an innocent 😂 @andrewscorgie @BBCRadio3 I'm going to keep telling myself this :-) @samito My family will NEVER let me forget this speech. My mum is still really mad that I swore! @dagadi hey there, our doc thinks that me and my lad have had the virus so we shall see. Feeling miles better now… was a joy to share my picks for Music for Troubled Times on @hereandnow today! Listen here for music by…
Retweeted by Jessica Curry @WSHUPublicRadio @RespawnShow @jeremyhobson @WBUR @hereandnow so kind and so appreciated- thank you :-) @SWFanAttic @ChineseRoom @BAFTAGames @daraobriain @ChineseRoom haha happy memories! @inkleStudios @ComposerChapman Hey there! YES I DID. So much so that I've included it in the Sound of Gaming BAFTA… of Gaming starts again tomorrow on @bbcradio3 at 3pm. Some amazing music inc. Yoko's Shimomura & Kanno,…
@dagadi Same here. Then we were added to the road’s WhatsApp group and got a list of local butchers, bakers, greeng…
@Jambags_UK @BBCRadio3 This made me laugh so much @musicologish oh that is so lovely. @cinsoundradio @BBCRadio3 Erm, I did that too and needed an ethernet connection so couldn't use a closet. The BBC… @Michael_French @samito @BBCRadio3 haha @_ShinySilvery @BBCRadio3 such a lovely tweet- thank you so much. Love, The Blanket Lady @bellheathers @BBCRadio3 that is just so lovely to hear- thank youand one last thing. I know it's such a tough time for so many at the moment, especially my musician and creative fr… can catch up on Sound of Gaming here - it may help to listen to some lovely tunes from the best VGM composers i… chums. Sound of Gaming is back on @BBCRadio3 this Saturday! Recorded from home yesterday & I don't know much bu… @JoannaLEstrange so good to know- thanks Jo and hope you're all safe and well. Sending huge hugs your way x𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕓𝕠𝕕𝕪'𝕤 𝔾𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 ℝ𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕖
Retweeted by Jessica Curry @CSPstuff love this- thanks so much for sharing x
@awintory @dannyBstyle @chipzel @grantkirkhope @DarrenKorb @kuraine @garethcoker @malukah @supershigi @jampants @eco4190 💫
@eco4190 yes, freedom will taste all the sweeter when it comes. In the meantime, please take care. @ChellaRamanan If you do, let me know what you think. x @SaxonKate am so sorry Kate. Are you ok?
@nelsonjenny but yes to a skype session- so much to ask you and tell you! Will email x @nelsonjenny Jenny- I have something very serious to say to you. WE HAVE RUN OUT OF GIN. I'm not even joking. @SaxonKate @JustineBarker12 @Rachel_Tackley @JaneClaireOBE @Sini_in_Studio Just seen this- thank you Kate. Thinkin… @MTylerJones so cool- thanks for letting me know! Well done for answering correctly :)) @ollstweets so cool- thanks for letting me know! @nelsonjenny miss you terribly @ChellaRamanan Sorry lovely one- only just seen this. So much to say about this- would love to sit with a cup of t… @Emmavieceli Haha- we were ahead of our time @Carobir Miss yo face xxxx @itsJuliaHardy IKR! Hope all is well with you missus x @Catmoo I know! Hope you are okay x @eco4190 sending everything good your way Massimo @dfordalrymple @thorney_h hurray! @Single_T_Mat so kind of you- thank you so much @SoundSpam @danpinchbeck @ChineseRoom That's so cool- thank you! @Emmavieceli @danpinchbeck @ChineseRoom hope all is well with you xxx @mittopotahis @chanchacolin @midiplex @winphillips so kind- thank you @MmmSoGross @samdzimmerman cheers! @samdzimmerman @MmmSoGross thank you so much @ZappaSzep thank you @gamesl10n @jabberworks thank you so much @SammyReiSchwarz @edward_cantor thank you :).@HelpMusiciansUK are offering a free therapy service through their #MusicMindsMatter helpline if you are strugglin…
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@peterkyle @PureGym Thank you Peter- I really appreciate that. Know how hard you work for us all. Was just suprised…
@AnnaHMeredith Really sorry to hear - so tough for you all 😔 @peterkyle @PureGym an oddly aggressive tweet & not one I'd expect from your normally brilliant account. I'm on imm…
@JoeThwaites @Spotify @samito @Doctoe @barog Really sorry to hear- know how much hard work goes into it. You are champions xIn other lovely news was very astounded & proud of husband @danpinchbeck and all the lovely people of @chineseroom inspired and cheered by @dorotheabyrne's #DesertIslandDiscs. She is amazing. Cried happy tears listening to why…
@aduabinns Never seen Buck Palace like this... @davez182 Yes, I’m so sorry. Sending all good thoughts in the direction of your beautiful countryI am in London for work today and I had absolutely no idea how empty the city would be. It’s like 28 days Later! Hu…
@ChellaRamanan I’ve been off Twitter and have missed our little film club. Just finished She’s Gotta Have It (Netfl… @ChellaRamanan You’ve probably already seen it though! @ChellaRamanan I loved Captain Fantastic- smart, funny and full of heart 💓 @keefstuart amazing @nelsonjenny was my producer at Classic & since then she's become a great friend. She's now smashing it…
@EhrgeizTV @BAFTAGames @BBCRadio3 so many fantastic game OST's this year! @LuciHolland @oderiviere @JJIpsen @JimFowlerMusic @JoeThwaites @ComposerChapman @nainitadesai @guyjacksonmusic so true! @WeLoveGameMusic @oderiviere @JJIpsen @JimFowlerMusic @JoeThwaites @ComposerChapman yes, so right with those too. Too much good music!
@kuraine @Spotify @hildurness @JocelynPook @SarahSchachner ❤️Thank you so much- what a line-up ❤️ update on the score to Pendragon - featuring a preview of some @Leos_Strings performance... and, time lapses. No…
Retweeted by Jessica CurryUnbelievably touched to have been added to this @Spotify editorial playlist- "Women of Soundtracks": nestled alongs…
@keefstuart That makes me sad. Did you get a reply yet?Thanks so much for all your help everyone who answered- you're amazing... @kuraine So odd to me why they don't release it! (I find so much odd these days though so probably just my age.) T… @RichStokesy really helpful- thank you @RichStokesy @samhughes88 all sorted thanks :) @cakeandcomics @jounwin Haha- I laughed too! @Peppepappa @knutsfordchap Thanks for the DM
VGM people of the world- is there an OST release for 2019 Legend of Zelda: Link's awakening? Want to play it on th… @ComposerChapman @oderiviere @JJIpsen @JimFowlerMusic @JoeThwaites I love that man @JJIpsen @oderiviere @JimFowlerMusic @JoeThwaites @ComposerChapman I love everything about that score. You're amazing <3 @samito @BAFTAGames it's all I want to talk about really.if you could DM me that would be great. Congrats again. @Peppepappa huge congrats on the BAFTA nom :-) I present a show on games music for the BBC and would love to play…
My sourdough starter needs to be named in order to continue living a meaningful life Vote early & often people! Con…
Retweeted by Jessica Curry @BAFTAGames Lovely BAFTA peeps- I know the massive amount of hard work that goes into getting all those noms out to… would have also loved to have seen nominations for @oderiviere for A Plague Tale, @JJIpsen for Planet Zoo,…