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@lunarkats @whyperk @Twitch @PlayVALORANT actually so cringe and has the audacity to ask if he can call to apologiz… have something to tell you all 🥲 please come it is important
Retweeted by jessica🦋 @starsmitten_ i will take u around @AchillesHealNA @chikariTV the fFUCK @starsmitten_ come to whistler hehe @AchillesHealNA .............. dis why i hate u @AchillesHealNA U DIDNT LISTEN NICK
@krymasuru yesi had a zombie apocalypse dream and woke up to everyone getting DMCA emails from twitch, so same thing right @NeytiriTV i would let u ruin my lifemy weekly i am so bad at valorant tweet :< @Maineyxc HOHOHO @GreshyPoo LOL thats u pro cypherimagine ;-; @_SaraMooon u @TeanaKitten u r so freaking adorable and funny u r ur own little character in a movie i love u @portihoe u got this
@anikauwu 🤩🤩😍🥺 @floaromaa please stomp on my face @chikariTV so cute @ggfirefly yea i was looking at this one and wanted to get it but was wondering if there's anything cheaper @DekyFPS u got this I WILL BE THERE SUPPORTING @anniV4X AHHH THANK U my beautiful <3 @bunrissa says you!! @HINNAGAMI im so honoured i love u very much @Purilly omg puri 🥺 i am far from perfect that is u @melongorl ur doing great nat @alien_moons pls do ily @lol_meowwimacat 🥺🥺 @janee_liuu me love uuuu @wintermelyn says you bootiful @GreshyPoo YETHIRRR @hoajuu u are very special to me @bonbonangel_ THANK u my gorgeous @softeggie U HAVE ALL THE CHANCES @lunarkats TANK U my love @elenaleeart AHHH ELENA UR TOO SWEE T O M E @nabiplay ia ms o wet rn @karinerino omg shush @kiisumii i love u💕 @anikauwu im love u @hanubuu ur babie @risorins she loves u @chikariTV i hope soon 🥺 @xtamago_ LMAOOO do it @NeytiriTV me when i see u u gorgeous model @Asunaa 💯T Asuna @yoojpls LMAOOO i love u so much u cud take me out whenever u want @plooful U JUST DESCRIBED URSELF ME WUV U 🥺💕 @DekyFPS YETHIRRR🖤
@DekyFPS INSANEEEEE @plooful i am in love witchu 🥺👻 @starsmitten_ u r the opposite. @GreshyPoo u mean vtuber @ethanyyoon HAPPY BIRFDAY ETHANNN @poorIighting i wub u @risorins i will whenever i play ily @chikareEe OMG.... @anikauwu no i just love on u @kwistenkim cutieee @anikauwu omg this hair i love @fuslie so happy for you!!! you do deserve it !! @yoojpls GOD U ARE SO PRETTY THE FIRST PIC MADE ME SWOON AND THEN I SMILED AT THE SECOND
@iridscnts ur cracked @HUYNH_CS so happy for you! great plays 🤩🥳 @kiisumii i love these @Irenealing hello cutie @DekyFPS ur cracked out of ur mind sir
@kelseyremige so beauty @hoajuu me @risorins pwetty baby @DekyFPS @plooful LOOOOL @Valkyrae u are so beautiful jesus @duetlol LENAAAA THIS IS SO CUTE @chikariTV HII UR ADORABLE***** @lunarkats haPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFULY KATHY 💕💕💕🖤🖤🖤I HOPE U HAVE A GREAT DAY @kwistenkim tank u my cutie <3 @hoajuu wuv u @annoyingaria u look so cute @AriaSaki 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️no raids today thank you for the great stream 🥺💜 @hanubuu @nabiplay i love it when u wimpf or me @HappyLovePile @nabiplay no im vouching for myself sorryim supposed to get my period soon and i actually just cried on stream cause uber eats wouldn't let me order chicken… @milkyvitamin @elenaleeart so happy for u :) @lolArnav yes pure koreangod i can't stop eating soondubu jjigae 😍
@psalm @YouTube @jessicahkim @chikariTV @GreshyPoo i read it like tht too at first @Tiffae omg congwats AHHHHH <3333 @nabiplay u r so stunning @JosephRay671 i hate him @katieguo okok @chikariTV im so sorry. @QuarterJade i always found this so weird my top clip is me bending over during my baking stream :) like ok sure @plooful WHERE THE FUCKING PC SPONSOR AT @milkyvitamin LMFAOOOOO @milkyvitamin wow just so crackedme: dude i wish i had boobs so nice people thought they were fake gresh: yeah instead you get called the great wall…