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@Em69Got @billburr NoThank you Bill! You are the best!!!! for tickets!!!!
I think a lot of you will relate! Caption: Failure is not an option. #standup #comedian #overachiever #over #ache#…! See one of the greatest of all time! @JessicaKirson Feb 15th at Laugh it up!
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonWith a sensitive, extremely pc crowd, a woman can yell out and heckle the whole show and the audience will stay by… friend had a little work done and looked great. Then she kept getting more and more. Diana was a naturally prett…
ON SALE NOW! Jessica Kirson will be performing at the Biltmore Cabaret on Feb 17 for JFL NorthWest! Grab your tic…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonDo you think there’s a room in every mental hospital that has patients that just can’t stop watching the news? Tha…’s songs are addicting and can cause huge destruction in your brain.SAN FRANCISCO! Tomorrow night! Saturday, at @swedishhall, it’s @RISKshow with me and @JessicaKirson @GregFitzShow
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonExtreme religion makes people do extremely insane things.WHAT A JOKE!!! They made me read the announcements!!! #alwaysbesilly @richisfunny @KevinDombrowski @YonkersComedy Francisco! Come see RISK! live this Saturday 1/25 at 7:30 at @swedishhall at @SFSketchfest with me,…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonI will! 3rd!!! What a show!!! Make your res now! @TheStandNYC @VirtualComedy_ @karenbergreen @stollemache @CoryCajones @PhilanthropyGal and @JessicaKirson discuss Birthmark Israel on @sane_podcast Full episode at…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonSan Francisco!!!! Come see me tonight with @JessicaKirson and @AlexEdelman @CobbsComedyClub
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonMy kids are so cute. Sometimes I get the urge to bite them, but I don’t because they’re not cake.Thank you so much!!! 👏👏👏 just released the video of Artie Lange's Halfway House with @JessicaKirson on Youtube. Watch here:…
Retweeted by Jessica Kirson.@SamTonning will be opening for @JessicaKirson on Feb 17! #jflnw20
Retweeted by Jessica Kirson😘😘😘 you Cheryl! it, so glad! Thank you!!!’s not for lying, perverted, hypocrites, in gowns? IS THE CRAZIEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME ONSTAGE!!! #alwaysbesilly @richisfunny @KevinDombrowski see @GregFitzShow and me and Jessica Kirson @JessicaKirson Saturday at 4pm!
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonI NEED YOU!!!! Looking to fill Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale on February 19th for our First Comedy Night Fun…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonI really hope she’s ok!
Hahaha!!! 😉 21 of @artiequitter Halfway House with @JessicaKirson had me ROLLING. Great work to you two and of course @mikeBochetti
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonThis is the truth!!! you so much Rob! My Patreon!!! Patrons get Live Q&A’s, and special video/audio posts. You also get my podcast, “Relatively Sane…!!! you so much Tim!!! 😘 four year old just told me my breath stinks. I said, “wait until you have to change my diapers in five years, y… have no idea. Lol, I had a blast!!!! Thank you👏👏👏 world is ending! you Barry! NorthWest adds comedians Drew Lynch, Josh Thomas, Jessica Kirson, and Jacqueline Novak to the lineup #Vancouver
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonAwesome!!! are the best my friend!!! @artiequitter ❤️❤️❤️
heyNY @TheStandNYC 7:30pm tonight @marknorm @JoeListComedy @BenningtonShow @JessicaKirson @andrewschulz & more
Retweeted by Jessica Kirson @DavidJCriblez Be at govs in MarchHey I’ll be at governors and McGuire’s soon. 😘👏👏👏 SHOWS ADDED! @JessicaKirson! @Braunger! @PeterNChrisShow!
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonTroy? you so much Josh! 😘, thank you so much! Love #kirsonkills (album, @DanSoder (@HBO's "Son of a Gary"), @BenningtonShow (@KreepsWithKids),…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonORFJ’s Comedy Night is less than one month away! Come to the Parker Playhouse on February 19th for an evening of la…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonI love it!!!!!! @GiuliaRozzi Hahahaha!!!THIS WEEK AT COBB’S 🎤 TUE: SF Sketchfest Presents: Oh No, Ross and Carrie WED: SF Sketchfest Presents Found Footag…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonSF Sketchfest Threesome January 24 🤩 Three #SFSketchfest favorites, @AlexEdelman, @JessicaKirson, and @shanetorres
Retweeted by Jessica Kirson
Ep. 31 Corinne Fisher @PhilanthropyGal shares about dating addicts, pagen spells, keeping kosher for Passover and b…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonThe only time there’s traffic is when I’m running late.ATC is coming to NYC! Tuesday January 28th @TheStandNYC ATC Presents @mrseanpatton @AriShaffir @JessicaKirson
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonStan? loves this!
Check out our Patreon for tons of content from @JessicaKirson
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonMary?,2) Dear Friends, I have a favor to ask. We are less than 30 days from our Orange Ribbons for Jaime Comedy Fund…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonNora???, great!!! IT OUT!!! @VirtualComedy_ @sane_podcast tells @JessicaKirson how things changed when he became a father and his relationship with his father in…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonThis made my day!!!!!! 👏👏👏!!! I was even on Byron Allen’s show, “Comics Unleashed”. Also, my step Brother is, Zach Braff. I attended… ton! you! 😘 days and counting for ORFJ’s Comedy Night Fundraiser at the Parker Playhouse! Join us on February 19th to see co…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonAwesome! Thank you so much!!!
February 3 @thestandnyc I’m honored to be a part of this! Join us for a night of laughs as New York's best female…
Retweeted by Jessica KirsonThank you so much Steven!!!!!! Feb. 3rd at the Stand Comedy Club!!! Dershowitz has a constant smirk on his face. I think he’s addicted to Manishevitz.#CnnsotuI have never had the drive to run a marathon. I think If there were a coconut cream pie, a black jack table, and se… glad you came! 😘 Jen, Jesse, and I and ORFJ for an Evening of Laughter at our First Annual Comedy Night Fundraiser with…
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