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Associate Prof. of Dance, PhD, Author: Shapes of American Ballet (Oxford 2016). Posts on education, dance, feminism, dogs. She/her/hers.

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Idk who needs to hear this but
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@LaurenPorosoff @HumResPro Love this. I'm sure you had a part in it too, helping her see the value in the learning… as important as the gradeable items. The process. And of course the simple notion that we want students in cla… don’t relay that story to diminish the problem, but rather to ask how we might help students see the larger syste… important thread. Sometimes, though, students buck the system and surprise us: one who was sick at home and kn…
It’s almost 2020, did you say? What the everloving fuck is this, google? Do better. I’m tired. 🙄 morning. i know you’ve got a lot going on right now. so i wanted to mention. i think you’re doing great
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You need to watch truly extraordinary teachers carefully to figure out how they do what they do, but to appreciate…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @kawfeetalk Oh how I miss you too, in the midst of all the things. Sending lots of energy and love over the fence!…
@kawfeetalk This is amazing. Truly. 👏👏👏When you center kids as a teacher other adults in the building will not be happy with you. Your class will be loude…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @kawfeetalk Sending hugs and ease. We’ll miss you tonight
In case you need this today...
Today I had a student that wasn't working hard, hasn't been working hard. I was walking over to tell him to get to…
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerDear students, I am so very proud of you. That’s it. That’s the tweet. Cheers, JZ #truststudents
I’ve cried on and off the past few days. No reason. Or maybe there’s a reason but I can’t put my finger on it. Anyw…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller“To have that sense of one’s intrinsic worth which constitutes self-respect is potentially to have everything: the…
@gatorsdontbark #BabyYoda, I stopped at the door of my classroom and thought, “I can’t do this.” I was exhausted. Then I walked in…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @kawfeetalk Hang in there 💕 @morrismichaelj Absolutely, Michael! Thanks for this addition. There are so many layers to consider for a phrase th… important reminder:
Dying. I'm dying. I love this account. #Feminism
"We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are."
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The majority of higher education faculty have no preparation for the work of teaching. And most elite universities,…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller“Neither an Eeyore nor a Tigger be.”"The student is infinitely more important than the subject matter." --Nel Noddings
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerAaand, I’m dead 😂
“The emotionally intelligent person knows how to hope and be grateful, while remaining steadfast before the essenti…“I’m proud of you. I hope that you are proud of you too.”
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @skylarprimm @MakeThemMastrIt Hang in there, Skylar. Sending supportive thoughts your way.🙂
Maybe women just wear what they want to work out in and whatever you think about how it looks on their bodies is ir…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @ErmaLuis1 Absolutely! All hands on deck! #TG2chat @MikeSzczepanik @PaulSolarz Thanks to both of you for an inspiring hour! #TG2chatStudents! They're my biggest resources when it comes to empowering them. They know the conditions that will be most… By taking away the stigma of getting a certain grade, it becomes more about the learning. It takes away the ste…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @MikeSzczepanik LOVE that analogy!! #TG2chatYES. This. #tg2chat Feedback should be targeted and attainable. It should coach students toward their goals with questions; rather… @LaneWalker2 @MikeSzczepanik Right. And teachers clinging to their authority aren't likely to have the kind of peda… @MikeSzczepanik Ego. And fear. #tg2chat @MikeSzczepanik "Student success" is the other term I'd like to move on from. Whose version of success are we consi… @MikeSzczepanik It is a great question... #TG2chatA3: Empowerment asks us to make room for students to step from an engaged role into a place of power—of authority.… @NZedrow Right! Finding ways to use mistakes to inform future attempts is an inherently empowered approach. #TG2chat @MikeSzczepanik Exactly! And when grades aren't part of the equation, this gets so much easier! #TG2chat @Hahne_Elyse Love this! Modeling our process is so useful for students, to help them see that mistakes aren't the e… We can create (or co-create, ideally) spaces that don’t stigmatize failure, but look to it as a means of unders… Empowering learners, to me, means offering opportunities for them to develop and use agency, authority, and voi… @MikeSzczepanik Thanks, Mike! Delighted to be here #TG2chatHello! Jessica Zeller here from Fort Worth, TX. I'm a prof. of Dance Studies—studio-based and classroom-based—in hi…
Watching this new/old Giselle on opening night was like seeing a faded painting regain its colors. My review of thi…
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerTa-Nehisi Coates: “It would be nice to live in a more forgiving world, one where dissenting from groupthink does no…
This morning at #NCTE19, I talked about navigating #selfiepedagogy as we work to recenter students in our pedagogy.…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @kawfeetalk Absolutely! @kawfeetalk Omg thank you for not writing that out... 😂
In case you need this today 💙 the professor in question were a woman and/or a person of color, they would be removed for incompetence. His vie…, friends, stop promoting & rewarding a work culture of self-sacrifice & exhaustion in academia. Sleepless ni…
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerThis little love note was in the all-gender loo in my department today. Thank you to the thoughtful human who left…
💜 is it: dance world, we need you to advocate & support. See or hear something rotten? Speak up. Got a shoe endo…
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@kawfeetalk @DearWhitePeople You know it does 😊 @kawfeetalk @DearWhitePeople YESSSS..... 😍 @MonteSyrie Thanks, Monte. I appreciate it. 🙏🏻🙂You guys. Impostor syndrome is real. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. #Monday
Today's Helpful Diagram
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerGrades: - Reduce Ss interest in learning & preference for challenging tasks - Reduce the quality of Ss thinking -…
Retweeted by Jessica Zellerat the park today. i noticed the human glancing at another human. so i made my way over. and sat on their foot. for…
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“We can’t be expected to leave the unhappy and angry parts of ourselves at the door before coming in. We all need t…
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A 12-week-old husky/shepherd mix just walked off an arriving flight at PHL. The whole waiting area was reduced to m…
White male twitter friends: be like @ian_chadd who is sending this note out to his students ahead of teaching evalu…
Retweeted by Jessica Zellergooooob morning. i’ve given it some thought. and i’m going to be the best today
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerWelp. This is what #ballet should aspire to be. #balletforall #thisiswhywedance my talk at the Temple University Dance Studies Colloquium, Nov. 12. #liminalspace #humanity #dancestudies
She concludes that pedagogies rooted in a liminal, transitional space offer opportunities for individual learners t… measures. In this lecture, Dr. Jessica Zeller examines the implications of this incongruous situatio… theorists have emphasized the process-oriented nature of learning. Yet the contemporary university, follo…! At 5:30 Eastern/4:30 Central, I'll be speaking at the Temple University Dance Studies Colloquium. Catch t…
If grades must be given, make all grades negotiable and redoable. Focus on growth over perfection. Guide students…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @MrCoppola Yes! They absolutely do. They have so many ideas about learning processes that it’s made me rethink my r… @skylarprimm Exactly!! @AaronSBlackwel1 @mrmakemathsense @MikeSzczepanik @PaulSolarz Likewise. I'll see you on the 24th. @AaronSBlackwel1 @mrmakemathsense @MikeSzczepanik @PaulSolarz Thanks, Aaron, for hosting yet another inspiring chat! #TG2chat @mrmakemathsense Thanks for hosting, J! Great chat! #TG2chat @Hessteacherest @LearningGiant @mrmakemathsense That's problematic. It doesn't consider the contexts for students'… @brian_arnot @eibenteaching Ha! Love this. That level of transparency and subversion is a beautiful thing. #TG2chat @LearningGiant @Hessteacherest @mrmakemathsense Right. But the time constraints are always arbitrary. They have not… We're asking Ss to embrace a new paradigm, so we have to help them work through their feelings about the old on… @jessicazeller Stories speak to our humanity which helps us to connect with one another.
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @AaronSBlackwel1 That's beautiful, Aaron. Truly. @szwildcat Absolutely! When they hear about our experiences they see that we understand where they are. That we've… @mrmakemathsense Our experience and our memory dictates so much of how we go forward. It seems important to work th… @skylarprimm The community element here is critical. I love "fellow travelers" too, Skylar. Such an apt phrase. #TG2chatWe have to build a culture of trust and collaboration, not competition, in our classrooms. Learning is not a zero-s…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @szwildcat They are so aware. It's amazing. #TG2Chat @awfrench1 Those are some of my favorite faces too!A4: Share stories. I've shared my own assessment stories with students, and they've shared theirs with me. Sometime… This is everything. #TG2Chat @MelMAEdCUI @mrmakemathsense This is so useful to get some insight into how they think about the work. Great idea. #tg2chat