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Assoc. Prof of Dance, PhD, MFA. Ungrader, ballet nerd, dog mom. Sometimes profane. Views my own. Author: Shapes of American Ballet (Oxford 2016). She/her/hers.

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“This mistake might not have been made in the first place if administrators at various colleges and universities ha…’s pretty clear there will be no “return to normal” in education. “No one has been trained for this,”…
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@amyignatow bless ambitious women. ❤️
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerBetsy DeVos should resign today. favorite account. Thanks, @brockkingsley.’m about to put a bunch of books on the floor so I can make a book angel too... 😂 educators...
This morning I deleted a tweet that I thought was too dark, but then I read this: "This virus does not care about o… for Care: Building Inclusive Learning Communities. The slides from a recent keynote.…
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerThese halls are full of women who think they are birds.
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @Jessifer Blocking as pedagogic self-preservation? Strong endorse.
This👇 ...because I’m thinking of taking up boxing so I’ll have somewhere to put mine.'t Let it Set in. Enjoy your weekend, and don't let it set in.
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerThis child is all of us.
@MonteSyrie Hang in there, friend. You're right--you're not at all alone. Sending lots of support.Delighted to be part of this @HumResPro podcast! Thanks to @CovingtonAHS and @mcnuttGISA for your thoughtful work… @LDBurnett This speaks to your perspective. And, also to your point, separating methods/models like QM from their p… time we're impressed by what non-human animals do, it's simply because we previously underestimated their intelligence.
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @MorganSetDesign That sounds delightful! Glad you had some time away.
@natalierobinLD YupDear Students... I hope you don't have profs who pull this kind of utter bullshit this fall. If you do, you can c… @Gr8FulLearner Try these sites as a starting place. There's no secret to telling students, really. I just come ou… @Gr8FulLearner Kristi: I’m leaving open days when we won’t meet if courses have synchronous elements. And for async…👇 And then we start 14 weeks without a break. The burnout I’m already feeling is why I’m prioritizing flexibil… be a lot of “resilience” talk in higher ed this year, which means we’re going to have a lot of opportunities…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @jamesjbrownjr @lecagle YES. Not dumb at all.
Imagine if we did this to every man who catcalled us
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @Jessifer Sigh... @DonnaBickford Oh that’s terrible... one of many ill-informed policy decisions, no doubt. @cskrzy @PhilippBayer @lingtax This is such a good point.The trolley problem but on one track you’ve got the livelihoods of thousands of university staff who won’t find ano…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @LauraSoracco You’re looking at equity of access, which is so important. The inequity I see arises when students a… @wsiebold @Jessifer Exactly. I couldn't even begin to express how disappointed I was that the training facilitators… now I’m crying
Just laid upside down on an exercise ball for 15 minutes. Went convex. It was glorious. #academicbodies @amyignatow It just never ends... let him have it.“We need to give students reasons less banal than points to do the work of learning.” —@Jessifer laying it down #ungradingTo dance faculty designing and enforcing dress codes for in-studio classes this fall, please remember that students… @DanielM45658630 Acknowledged. Hence the quotes.Did an online training for new classroom tech: "Best practices," say to have Zoom record automatically. "Best pra…
Thread. the martyrdom... I can’t. brief reminder that compliance training in workplace code of conduct, diversity and inclusion, harassment and dis… forward to this! @HybridPed you have impeccable timing. favorite account. @emayfarris How did you know...You know it’s bad when universities do slickly marketed campaigns targeting their own employees. The call is comin…
"What if we made space to acknowledge the fear, anxiety, frustration and confusion students, staff, and families ar…
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerIn today's heavy-handed metaphor... the anglerfish. "In some cases, the attachments are temporary — the boys hop o…“Hope must be tempered by the complex reality of the times and viewed as a project and condition for providing a se…“Educators should attempt to create the conditions that give students the opportunity to become critical and engage…
A little dystopian montage for your Sundays. No wonder I can't write a syllabus. #EndTimes Giroux (2020) offers solace: "I understand pedagogy as political because it is inherently productive and… thread is absolutely delightful.
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerHeads up, folx. This is an atrocious violation, whether it's legal or not.
@mpwinslow Dread. That’s the word. The only emails that I don’t mind are from students. The rest... ugh.I wish there was a way to set fire to my email inbox.Students: we need your voices this fall! @MysterY186 I’m so sorry to hear this. What a terrible situation to be in. Thank you for your kind words—sending su… feel seen.
hey so sorry i haven’t responded to your text from april i have been screaming for three months
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @george_hess Yes. All of this. Hard agree. @george_hess Right there with you! I’m tempted to do just that as well. And at this point, frankly, why not?Saaaaaaame. Which doesn't mean I haven't been working my butt off preparing for that leap. I feel like I've done a…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @Burritoguy4 @Jessifer I'll have to look for GoReact. I haven't heard of it, but I'm always looking for ways to make this easier... thanks! @MonteSyrie I hear the weight of your anticipation—and your fear. And I’m hoping that being with students in any ca… @KK_thinks2much @Jessifer Oh I’m so sorry... that’s just devastating, whether you’re alone in it or not. @Burritoguy4 @Jessifer Here’s a glimpse: 10x10 squares taped off for distancing. Masks required. Some faculty & stu… @Burritoguy4 @Jessifer That's the plan. Subvert subvert subvert. #solidarity @jessicazeller @Jessifer I mean, I’ve *started* writing my syllabi with the full expectation that I’ll have to thro…
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerI used to own a vintage armchair, upholstered in cherry red crushed velvet, that I always thought would be perfect…
@KHGBirk The details of in-studio classes are just... breathtaking. I’m right there with you. @LJ_MI Solidarity indeed. Glad to know it’s not just me.For anyone who needs to hear this: I haven’t started writing my fall syllabi. You’re not alone. The paralysis is… imagine it will involve a fainting couch and a set of pearls
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerA society conditioned to distrust women will always see danger in their ambition.
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US instructors: working on your syllabus? 🇺🇸Election Day is Tuesday, November 3🇺🇸 Please plan an asynchronous op…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @allison_badar It's not luck :)The white male emotional outbursts in these hearings are so distracting. It's just constant nagging. Very shrill. Get ahold of yourselves.
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @DigPedLab @slamteacher Our bodies do not "go" online. Our students are not disembodied. Their/Our bodies are both…
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerIn my inbox this morning: "Dear Jessica, As a part of the University's ongoing compliance program, you are requir… All of it., Twitter. Here's 36 seconds of #Montauk NY in the mist. My Long Island heart is on this beach. Sound up.…
2020 "Part of the centering of whiteness in academia is that white faculty members are deemed t…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller"Once she's sixteen or seventeen it's not interesting anymore." Fuck you, George Lucas. Fuck you for this sparklin… have a joke about fall teaching, but first need to write a living will
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerWell... yes.
a ladybug has entered the household. and i. am on my way to introduce myself
Retweeted by Jessica ZellerTwitter algorithms this morning are either set to “gaslighting” or “denial via escapism.”
"Best practices, which aim to standardize teaching and flatten the differences between students, are anathema to pe…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller"There is no one-size-fits-all set of best practices for building a learning community... And there is no secret mi… question. have a joke about Betsy DeVos but it has no place in education.
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@brockkingsley What?New teaching philosophy statement. #truststudents“Meanwhile patriarchal power abuse remains so expected as to not be notable as a violation of norms or civility, as… @AOC were a man, she'd be covered like young Obama. She is a visionary politician, an inspiring orator and a sha…
Retweeted by Jessica Zeller @natalierobinLD @MediaLawProf I'm glad we had a survey, but I'll be damned if that's not the best argument against synchronous classes EVER. @MediaLawProf @LDBurnett Exactly. Hoping that's not a trend.