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trying to figure out this thing called life...

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"We love you Kobe." @aliciakeys and Boyz II Men sing in tribute to Kobe Bryant and his family at the opening of the…
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Mamba Forever.
Retweeted by jessieIn the end we got to see a man who loved his daughter sharing his love for basketball and even those of us who aren…
Retweeted by jessieRockets and Nuggets hold a moment of silence to mourn Kobe Bryant's death before their game today.
Retweeted by jessieThere’s no words to express the pain Im going through with this tragedy of loosing my neice Gigi & my brother…
Retweeted by jessieSend that text. Tell somebody you love them. Miss them. Or just glad they're around. Like that post you've ignored.…
Retweeted by jessieA collective pain, a collective loss, a collective reminder that we are all human happening during Aquarius season.
Retweeted by jessieThe Grammys are a mess this year anyway. Cancel the broadcast and award the winners off air. They’re at Staples Center for God’s sake.
Retweeted by jessieKobe talking about one of his daughters. My heart.
Retweeted by jessieIt’s moments like this that you remember just how precious life is and how we must cherish every lasting moment! I…
Retweeted by jessieLament Soul cries & stirs that ache in ways you can’t explain but you know they have to be felt & take notice of w…
Retweeted by jessieThe only thing I know about dealing with days like today is that it's a great time to reach out to your loved ones…
Retweeted by jessieJay Williams gets emotional speaking on Kobe Bryant ♥️
Retweeted by jessieIve shared this before because I loved it so much. I’m sharing it again for the same reason 💔 all just need to take a break until we get credible sources of information! There is way too much going on right now!
Retweeted by jessieI keep thinking about this. The pride he’s taking in explaining the game he loves, the joy on his daughter’s face.
Retweeted by jessieAny day can be our last. But if we live each day with the #MambaMentality--ambitiousness, fearlessness, studiousnes…
Retweeted by jessieI am completely shocked doesn’t have to betray you in order for you to cut them off. sometimes you just grow out of the relationshi…
Retweeted by jessieRemember when we had to tell people to call us after 7 or 9 because it would be free then! Ha! The good ole days!
Retweeted by jessie🤣❤️😂🤷🏼‍♀️ stray cat in Wisconsin had her ears removed due to chronic and painful infections. When shelter employees worried…
Retweeted by jessieDon’t allow “over saturation” to hold you back. No one can do what you are doing like you! There is enough room for…
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immature love makes excuses, mature love tries to find a way.
Retweeted by jessie3. In 2020 we don't say "Frickin" or "Friggin" anymore. (I never did) Just say Fuckin' - it's ok.
Retweeted by jessieIn a state prison near San Diego, Patrick Acuña rests in Savasana with Zeus, a service dog he’s training with the n…
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Date in private. Love in private. Be happy in private. Live in private. Make money in private. Take ur losses in pr…
Retweeted by jessieWhere’s a traffic cop when you need one?
Retweeted by jessieThe poet. The poem.
Retweeted by jessie1/24/2020 Energy of the Day 🔮 : There’s no more limits keeping you from attaining your goals. Your fully supported…
Retweeted by jessie🌜HAPPY NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS🌛 it will occur @ 4:43 pm est bringing us fresh air after the eclipses. expect the unex…
Retweeted by jessie @ghoulieschool I used to listen to the soundtrack over and over. Which I downloaded and burned, illegally 🤷🏼‍♀️
Today’s Energy Reading 1/23/20
Retweeted by jessiefor someone: you haven’t lost your way. you just got distracted by focusing on someone else’s.
Retweeted by jessiecancers when they’re done w being crossed
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erase guilt that comes with holding someone accountable for something they said they would do. drown fear that hold…
Retweeted by jessieGet you a woman who can do it all 😉
Retweeted by jessie✉️ 10:10 “When a door closes, a window gently opens.” Let some fresh energy in & give yourself some time to breathe. Renewal is forthcoming
Retweeted by jessiePersonal growth is uncomfortable for you, but it's also uncomfortable for the people around you — that's why they q…
Retweeted by jessie
Friendship depends on trust and trust depends on having a strong sense of concern for the welfare of others. Be hon…
Retweeted by jessieJessie 2020: I know, I know, me too Major blessings are moving into my life for me and I am open to receiving them.
Retweeted by jessieBe you more often.
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“I gotta add this to my tinder profile” #SAGAwards
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Overheard: “We have to think about the world we will leave behind for Betty White once we’re all gone.”
Retweeted by jessieEach pig has its merits, but only one can be the chosen pig.
Retweeted by jessie @serenetarot 1🌅Shame on me for changing, shame on you for staying the same
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the world’s an awful place but also have you seen this video of a tiny deer meeting a tiny human
Retweeted by jessiemarilyn monroe photographed by mischa pelz, 1953
Retweeted by jessie✉️Reminder✉️ You are here to experience how life can be experienced and you are here to always express yourself in…
Retweeted by jessieThis #adidasxIVYPARK is a lesson that who you are now is not who you have to be in the future! The first launch of…
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Get out of your own way. Once & for all.
Retweeted by jessieYou can always love again. Love is the entire point of all of this.
Retweeted by jessieJerry is the best person ever ❤️ is definitely an “are you fucking kidding me?” kinda day.
Retweeted by jessie“Remember, to step away from something means to move towards something else.” ~ Lauren Aletta
Retweeted by jessieWhich Avenger am I? You won’t believe the SHOCKING result 🤣
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I love this energy! And @TaneshaPriest’s Australian accent makes it even better.
Retweeted by jessieNot everything from the past needs to be tossed away or attempted to be forgotten. There is beauty in what has alr…
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A best friend should be both ruthlessly loyal and loyal enough to be ruthless. In other words, they should always h…
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"Miners said they worked from mid-December until now without getting paid for that work. They said they came home l…
Retweeted by jessieTuesday affirmations ❤️🔮 I am putting my best foot forward, ready to claim my victory. I am healthier, happier &…
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@ghoulieschool My 3rd graders do that. Actually say the letters when they say lol. @PethDerek as a dog
Retweeted by jessiestarted watching CHEER on netflix and i’ve come to the conclusion that Jerry is the best person in the world. #CheerNetflix
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Don't wait for spring to do your cleaning. If there's something/someone that needs to go, do it now. Holding on to…
Retweeted by jessieIn case you didn't know, Australian people are going into the forests ahead of the fires to save the koalas. #Heros
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My favorite part of being a girl is saying “sorry” as I hold the door for another woman as she replies sorry”
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As a reporter, you do your best to shake off all the bad things you have to write about. But this, about 2 couples…
Retweeted by jessieThe first surviving Koala Bear born in 28 years at Miami's zoo appeared from it's mom's pouch on Wednesday. It was…
Retweeted by jessieToday a karmic chapter In all of our lives is ending, this has been years and years of guilt, frustration and feeli…
Retweeted by jessie @OGEmpress ♒️ @OGEmpress ♋️This is a disgrace!Heartbreaking EST: Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces. Strong feelings, emotion and intuition. Listen for messages from your soul.
Retweeted by jessie🔮💡 The universe is loud with the messages. Major Awakening. Major wake up call for you. It’s time to make space fo…
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❤️❤️❤️❤️’s Energy Reading 1/9/20
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When it comes to war, we see talking heads on television and graphics and maps. But on the ground the truth of war…
Retweeted by jessieNone of this had to happen. None of this had to happen. None of this had to happen. None of this had to happen. Non…
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that escalated quickly (gustheenglishbulldog IG)
Retweeted by jessieOh man ❤️❤️❤️❤️ know eclipses are emotionally charged periods of time. This one in Cancer can be particularly emotional. Cancer…
Retweeted by jessieThis CNN Hero is saving America's donkeys by the thousands. Go inside @DonkeyRescue and get involved at…
Retweeted by jessieHeartbreaking. He is so young @CosmicGoddess__ All 3 of my signs, sun moon and rising 🤦🏼‍♀️
@BachelorABC Can’t wait 😬💃🏼Happy first full week of 2020. If you’re anxious or stressed about the world, so am I. Let’s all try and do one…
Retweeted by jessie🔮🔮 Peace. That’s the key. Being at peace with what is at this moment, will free you. It is what it is. & you don’t…
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remember when you had to pay for ringtones now i would throw my phone out the window if it made a single sound
Retweeted by jessieThis Australian Magpie has been hearing fire engines so often it has started to mimic the sound Wildlife adjusting…
Retweeted by jessieA fundraiser by Australian comedian Celeste Barber for firefighters battling deadly wildfires in New South Wales ha…
Retweeted by jessiedont look away
Retweeted by jessieLearn how you can help:
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