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Jessica Sutton @JessLauraSutton Cape Town, South Africa

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@ifuraccoon Yes please send along!! Always in need 🙏 @Jessica51051 @BENSONN221 @taylorhickson @tiernanhickson @kelceymawema @tiernanhickson you down??? @Saturn0117 @BENSONN221 @taylorhickson @tiernanhickson @kelceymawema I cannot wait...although I'm not a big dessert… @simply2real4you @RaelleHaenel @BENSONN221 Recipes!
@lukkuuus Actually grateful for the time to sleep off the jetlag, settle into new apartment and prep for season 2!.@Motherland stars @taylorhickson and @Amaliajaja discussed the rarity of their characters' queer relationship duri…
Retweeted by Jessica Sutton @skadvia 🤣 @BENSONN221 @jandracs @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland @nadtheclown Gonna have to think on that... @ifuraccoon @BENSONN221 🤣 yeah yeah @BENSONN221 @taylorhickson @tiernanhickson @kelceymawema Send me the receipts!! All of them @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland I'M IMPATIENTLY WAITING ...10 days and counting @rayllasgf 2 weeks... @Saturn0117 Only in transit! I LOVE THAT CITYYY @meryl_sawagh @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland Yes yes it is!! 😅 @BENSONN221 @ifuraccoon It soooo catchy! Haha it was literally our set theme song
@redknight111 @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland No I don't think so! We are set to begin 6th of October @meryl_sawagh @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland ok so unfortunately there is no d… @ifuraccoon @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland Yeeeeeeeessss!!!! Ok. It's on. This weekend?
@Saturn0117 @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland Lebanese food is my FAVORITE @Saturn0117 @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland yes and yes and YES 🤣😘 @EMTAmanda88 @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland 3 flights ✈️ INTENSE but I didn't…!!! we need your help to manifest baby bird @JessLauraSutton here!! her flights keep getting cancelled!!! by th…
Retweeted by Jessica Suttonhere’s a pitchy rendition of my fave @Disney song i did awhile ago bc i didn’t have time to do it during the sing-a…
Retweeted by Jessica Sutton @KruAnino @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney @Motherland You bought it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FO… @tini161229 jetlagged but in Vancouver and that's all I could hope for @azaratheda yes!!!! @Eliska_Basson @PCulturalist And?! @ifuraccoon @ashleynicwill @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @demimckinney always 💫💫💫 @alymorganhicksn @ashleynicwill @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @demimckinney the minute I'm outta quarantine you better believe it! @Saturn0117 @ashleynicwill @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @demimckinney You called it!!!ffffinally... @simply2real4you Thank you for saying that!! So glad you enjoyed it. My heart is so happyyyyyWe are soon to be full series regular cast in Vancouver with @JessLauraSutton finally flying in (!) and all kinds o…
Retweeted by Jessica Sutton @GentilGuadalupe @ifuraccoon @ashleynicwill @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @demimckinney yeeees I SHOULD HAVE USED THIS!!! 🤣🤣🤣 @teresa_mar_mad @ashleynicwill @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @demimckinney 🤣🤣🤣 love this!!! @GezelligeAuteur @ashleynicwill @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @demimckinney It's always a problem for people who live… @AlwaysGOOD99 @Motherland @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja @demimckinney soooo cool!!you are the best coven this cast could ever ask for🥰 @Motherland #MotherlandFortSalem @jandracs o m g !!! The cuteness!!! 🐤🐤🐤 @igotsoshified very jetlagged so at least it's time to recover @Painandhopenat Hiiiiii 😻😻😻update: jetlagged 👶 is safe and sound in vancouver! ✌🙏 day 3/14 of quarantine...counting down the days I get to hug…
@ifuraccoon @ashleynicwill @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @demimckinney Finallllyy!! 😭🥳 @tallycravens YEEEESSS PLEASE @Zarifanboy YES!!! @Zarifanboy Spotted !!! 👀😘 @kevjj87 Thank YOU!From #MotherlandFortSalem to #RogueMovie, @JessLauraSutton is having a breakout 2020. She chatted with us about h…
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@Sarbear07891 THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT !! 😽😽😽 @JemmaGabes @sapphicgirljas THANK YOU! it was definitely the toughest technical challenge 🥵 but MJ Bassett knows I love a challenge 😈
@lisasmi96977119 Yes! 🙌 the lion canning industry is huge in Africa. It's disgusting and needs to be stopped.
@JmJ1812 @sapphicgirljas Just US for now😓 @rjsmith2008 @AppleTV @meganfox It will! Blueray and Bow Office on the 11th of September @adcdyke @AppleTV @meganfox 🙀🙈 🤣😘 @cloneposter @AppleTV @meganfox YAY!!!! @MFSraylla17 @AppleTV @meganfox Heart strings are being pulled 😭❤ @bigdogXVI @AppleTV @meganfox ❤❤❤ @Sinzodda713 @AppleTV @meganfox Yes Yes YES please! @ZariFanboy She loves you!!! @bigdogXVI YOU ARE ON ITTTTT!!!!🔗 | where to buy/rent jessica’s new film rogue itunes - amazon - g…
Retweeted by Jessica Sutton @bigdogXVI ...that just made my heart skip a beat @bigdogXVI @taylorhickson @ashleynicwill @Amaliajaja I miss my witches😭 and this Fandom is LIFE @GezelligeAuteur We gonna have to postpone the movie night til I'm in quarantine in tweet. Bring w… @BENSONN221 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 @sapphicgirljas Can we please watch it when I'm in quarantine? I would be so down for live tweet quarantine rogue p… @sapphicgirljas I WISH I COULD! I have so much packing to do before I fly on the 6th of September!!! @Saturn0117 @AppleTV @meganfox Thank you beautiful human ❤ I appreciate the love and support. We had so much fun making it!!! @ZariFanboy @AppleTV @meganfox Cuuuuutee!!! @Sarbear07891 @AppleTV @meganfox Ok. Great question...which I had to Google 🤣 and it said " available on Apple TV a… @cloneposter @AppleTV @meganfox Like it? now on @AppleTV 💥 ...take me home @meganfox 😻
@sapphicgirljas Ash is is Vancouver! @IdrisibnDawud1 kisses!!!!! xoxoxoxo!!!! @RayllaShipper @rayllasgf @Amaliajaja 😅 it's not trained and I'm sqeaky ! @tallycravens sending love and support ❤ @ifuraccoon 😚😚😚 @bigdogXVI 😚😚😚 @rayllasgf @Amaliajaja
@mdmostafamamun @Millingabout YOU HAVE?! 🤣 @bigdogXVI Yesssss @lisasmi96977119 @tallycravens It is I !! 🤣🤣🤣 HOW DID YOU FIND THIS?! @RoseParamore7 @meganfox Thank you sweet wonderful human!!!Thank you @Millingabout had a blast chatting to you! #Rogue drops in 4 days ‼️ 🦁🦁🦁 @taysloverx Not! I'm the last one. As usual 🤣 GET THE BABY OUF OF AFRICA @Amaliajaja Beautiful voice beautiful woman!!!!❤❤❤ our siren can siiiiing me to sleep any day @Amaliajaja #MotherlandFortSalem
@ifuraccoon @abnormallykenz @IdrisibnDawud1 ❤❤❤ she continually teaches me how to live in this world . I have a responsibility… @ZariFanboy Every bit! 😘😘😘
@youthbeautyfury @LalahDelia L.O.V.E @bohannon_debra @crishaalzate13 @demimckinney I SEE YOU! I am currently reading them...moved beyond words. Taking a… @ZariFanboy You ROCK xx @IdrisibnDawud1 @Amaliajaja @tiannahicksonn @bohannon_debra @TinneFearn @AllShow7 @IloveAmaliaHolm @Mirk_Ciel… @bigdogXVI @taylorhickson @Amaliajaja @ashleynicwill Haha I hope so too! I'm a child from Africa... @tallycravens my mom bought it for me from a little shop that has since closed down :( :( IT'S MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURIT… @MadMomZelda Had so much fun creating this xxx thank you for the opportunity to play for the most incredible cause @bigdogXVI Thank you for your support and love always xxx so grateful" She remembered who she was and the game changed." - @LalahDelia