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Jessica Rose @jesslynnrose Birmingham/どこでも

Trying to do the right thing as a service. Technologist in residence @bomlab, 🎤 @pursuitpod, 🐈 @NyarlaSaurus.

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@edent I need less internet timewasters, not more!Petting sphynx cats @DesignedByBlind Damn yes left alone, TY @noelmarkham I did seriously consider just heading back to Cadiz! @quixoticgeek Effectively rnTravel nerds: Please recommend me someplace warm, near-ish to Europe and suitable for a weeklong vacation spent rea… recent years we've discussed speaker riders more. Primarily abt rider terms re diversity, inclusion, accessibili…
Retweeted by Jessica Rose @tombomp I would like to subscribe to your podcast @tombomp Matt is trying to sleep and if I look this up and this is actually true I will properly yell @tombomp I remember him being around back then and either I: a. completely missed this or b. 2012-2020 has been so… @tombomp hi excuse me what the hell?Every time I see a job description where the person sharing it has had to share it with a major correction (remote…
In case you missed it: I'm on the lookout for my next opportunity. If you need someone with a decade of community a…
Retweeted by Jessica Rose @KeziyahL Excuse me, this is very good and I am incredibly angry to only be finding it now @StevieBuckley @lily_dart @scott_riley @moynibell @NickClement no i am going on vacationTravel nerds: Recommend me sites or approaches for discount travel deals for folks who can travel with little notic… @innesmck innes, i understand how you came across this, but why am I now reading this :/Oh damn. Rachel is impossibly senior, *extremely* good at things and just generally amazing. If you're a well fund… @lucasgdiez @yesidanderfer PERFECT @fdevillamil FRED @paulineroche @StevieBuckley Oh god, for a horrifying second I thought I forgot a speaking engagement in March. But yes! @StevieBuckley Are we using slack way differently? @AnaGrouv This is a whole mood. @felis_rex WE CAN MUTE THEM!?Ok (beloved) nerds: Fess up. How many Slack channels are you in? @MrAlexar Oh heck, that's an extremely good idea! TYRemote gig klaxon: @supercooldesign are hiring a fully remote developer working on sites for the cultural sector.… Twitter! What would be the most useful thing for me to do for you next month?Being an adult seems to involve a lot of apologizing, before pledging you'll be less busy at a set future point that never comes.If you get the chance, you should hire @therealpadams I would hire Paul in a moment. I would recommend you hire h…
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If you get the chance, you should hire @therealpadams I would hire Paul in a moment. I would recommend you hire h…, a productivity focused cute hardware project I could use to avoid doing housework? 🤔 got a great question yesterday from the bootcampers- "What are red flags to look out for when looking for work?"… got so many good questions from tech folks wanting to become managers in 2019 that I made this course for anyone… @estellevw This sounds both hellish (sleep! you need sleep!) and amazing (precious cuddlefloof time) @unwttng leechblocker addon for FireFox. It's very good! @paul_v_m @charis Charis just has a very good cat. I am willing to write this off as an edge case.Exciting news: we're hiring a designer and a web dev at @tallpoppyhq to help us build usable tools to protect peopl…
Retweeted by Jessica Rose @charis Do you feed them in the mornings? Ours know that awake humans = food and become screaming agents of chaos… productivity protip: If your goals involve waking up earlier, get a cat.The most helpful thing in getting started with these focus friendly changes: The shift away from thinking of trai… @AnarchoDev I am a large autonomous 7 year old and I am consistently baffled that I'm doing what's good for me. I… @MegaSlippers Good news, with your access to dumb-fun internet cut off, going to bed earlier seems 80% easier. Bad…'ve swapped out fun-trash internet with pulp sci fi novels, which has been unexpectedly great. It lets me focus i… in my attention-restoration project: Waking up early seems to genuinely help my focus, but demands increasi… DAYS after i’ve signed my isa cancellation contract and i’m still on the hook to pay due to a “technical issue”.…
Retweeted by Jessica Rose @YasminYAli @theSchoolOfCode Thank -you-, y'all were just a joy to chat to
@ferkungamaboobo I care a lot about this and would hecking love to chat about this if a call is helpful? @mr_goodwin Do a talk about whatever you want to talk about for a tech conference 😬 @WhatsUpD_nger @KeziyahL This sounds impossibly stressful. I'm so sorry.In all photos of @mrjesslynnrose with the cat looks like she's gloating about having stolen my man. have to write a talk but have no idea what to talk about. It's cold, it's 2020 and everything is weird. Tech fol… lucky to be heading to @theSchoolOfCode today to talk to their current cohort about their first tech jobhunt.… @doomdude7 @GordonCaister @dustint314 Here's a thread of free programs, I'll add some more to it this week @dustint314 @doomdude7 @GordonCaister I mean, I'm a longtime educator who now works with free community technical e…
@doomdude7 @GordonCaister @dustint314 If it's helpful, I'm so happy to direct you to free and low cost alternatives… @doomdude7 @GordonCaister @dustint314 Hey, I'm so sorry that I don't know. Check what documentation they have given…
Me: I would like to draw a straight line, right here. Gimp: No. Fuck you. Have a pepper.Oh no I forgot there's some weird green pepper brush built into Gimp and now I'm mad all over again @a_bangser I was estimating 15 hours but I am trying to start a new project in Gimp rn and maybe this will be a long 15 hours.I'll be mad as hell at my computer for like 15 hours, but it'll be worth it to have a picture of this floof on a pogo stick.Oh no, I finally have enough free time to actually learn how to use Gimp. @VicVijayakumar No, this genuinely sounds delightful! No sarcasm!She's now pretending to ignore me and making quiet huffling noises. @VicVijayakumar Yes, this is our deal here and I love it @VicVijayakumar This is the most American shopping Tweet possible that does not include Black FridayHello, can we have this at conferences instead of t-shirts, please and thank you. cat's editorial take on my arguing online near dinnertime @AaronM noooo, he should keep talking please and thank you @dustint314 @LambdaSchool Is there an internal legal rep that learners and/or their legal advisors can reach out to on this? @Yankeez @dustint314 @LambdaSchool If you weren't satisfied with your course and they're not able to help you, plea… @dustint314 @LambdaSchool My intentions are to help direct learners who have been scammed support. I wasn't aware… @dustint314 @LambdaSchool Are there other learner groups that Lambda School has identified as qualifying for ISA ca… @dustint314 @LambdaSchool So in the meantime, impacted students should seek legal advice with the documentation in… @dustint314 @LambdaSchool Sorry, could you remind me what the Tweet you deleted said about refunding impacted students? @LambdaSchool @dustint314 Oh heck, Dustin, you've accidentally deleted these? you were a #WEB21 student at @LambdaSchool : Instructor @dustint314 has confirmed you can be released from your… @dustint314 @LilyHoratio @GordonCaister Who should impacted students get in touch with? @dustint314 @LilyHoratio @GordonCaister It sounds like folks might not have understood this was an option. Could… @dustint314 @LilyHoratio @GordonCaister Have Lambda School released this cohort from their ISAs? @dustint314 @jordan_dev @GordonCaister Chatting to legal advice about the contract and your options is a low to no… @dustint314 @GordonCaister I'm familiar with the web program. I've been steering learners at better quality program… @dustint314 @GordonCaister Doing a MLM style hard sell on a low income student to try and pull them into a known sc… @dustint314 @GordonCaister Folks from outside tech don't know about the programming resources and support communiti… @GordonCaister No pressure at all! You should make the choices that work best for you, I'm just keen to make sure y… @GordonCaister @dustint314 What sort of thing do you want to learn? I'm happy to help steer you at online tutorial… @GordonCaister @dustint314 Lambda really deliberately markets to folks who don't know enough about tech to know it'… @GordonCaister @dustint314 There are a lot of free routes to project work that are peer and mentor supported. I lik… @GordonCaister @dustint314 There are some really great learning opportunities out there and getting into tech is e… @GordonCaister @dustint314 I would strongly recommend reaching out to the CA attny general, you shouldn't be saddle…
@SBinLondon @_phzn @ScribblingOn @susannehusebo @proactivepaul I love how as soon as any UK tech person says accoun… @ScribblingOn @susannehusebo @SBinLondon YES I ADORE @proactivepaul and I hate all things accounting. He's great at… @starfalldocs @darthmongoose omg, lenicular printing! @Frawzey @watsonwaswrite Heya, please also share your experiences with the CA attny general @starfalldocs Alas, they are not, but the artist @darthmongoose is available for select illustration needs if you e… @Austen @adventurini @josegocampo @paulg @fulligin @ossia @dhh Oh gosh, is this going to be part of you all re-seek…
@joshsimmons @BenJam @downey I think this is very fair! OSI wasn't a good fit for me, but it seems to serve a lot… @BenJam @downey I would still love to be actively involved in open source org structures. If y'all find anything…
Hello, I am obnoxiously proud of this course I did for @LI_learning to help tech folks moving into management
Retweeted by Jessica Rose @yesidanderfer Perfect sleepy child!