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@charlesthorp Got it. @hmb1021 That's no fun! If you DM your confirmation code, we can issue a credit for the inconvenience and the TV ch… @hmb1021 Sorry to hear this! What is your flight number? @DanWearsShirts It looks like we're waiting for clearance from Air Traffic Control. We'll have you on your way as soon as we can. @miIayonce That would depend on the type of fare you purchased. We can take a look if you send over your confirmation code in a DM. @hwlatina191 Great question! @ChachaMallows Any requests for compensation can be handled through our central baggage office. We apologize for an… @cmcdac_cary Hi Cary, do you have a specific reservation you'd like us to take a look at? If so, please send us a D… @harunoz @FlaAccidentAtty We're so glad to know your flight crew helped your little guy feel more at ease! We'd love to forw… @lisa_annexo We were most likely waiting for approval from Air Traffic Control. It looks like JFK has been experien… @Giraldo27 We're so glad to hear it! Thanks for taking the time to let us know. @hart_rory Thanks. We'll pass along your feedback. Thanks for hanging in there with us. @ariellalaya If you are admitted to the hospital, they will be able to provide the documentation you need. If you a… @Carfield76 Thanks for the shoutout! We'll be sure Albert hears of your gratitude. ☺️Thanks for flying with us! @hart_rory We're sorry to hear this, Rory. What's your flight number? @morganofdisney Send us a DM with your six-letter confirmation code. We'll take a look! @hydratednoon You deserve it! #LegroomForDays @ariellalaya You may contact us via DM. @victormlee Hi, Victor. This sounds like something we can look into via DM.
@kpottermn All good. Thanks for checkin'. haha! @banana_h8r We apologize for any inconvenience. The disruption will be reviewed post-flight. You'll be notified via… @banana_h8r We're sorry to hear you're experiencing a flight disruption. What's your flight number? @sharraj This team doesn't manage the live chat function on our website. Is there something we can assist you with here? @ProudCanesMom We offer options for our customers that are dealing with a serious illness or major surgery:… @Ngehrels Hey! Thanks for the great shout out! We'll be sure to send them your message. 💙💙 @j_spanish Hello! Each of our flights are fared in advance. When all seats offered at the sale fare have been purch… @510MsParker We're so happy to know that Chabeli and Melanie took great care of your mom in BOS and SAV today! Than… @ChachaMallows We're sorry to hear that your bag is missing, have you followed up with our Central Baggage Services… @jumbod Per our Customer Bill of Rights, everyone onboard should be issued a $15 JetBlue credit to their JetBlue Tr… @imfeelingsocial @KenCosco1 We're so glad you're enjoying the Mint experience today, Ken! We're also really digging the shirt. 💙 Tha… @jumbod Oh no! Is everyone having trouble with their TV on your flight? @MzNahLetGo And she has a smile that will light the skies along the way! Thanks for sharing this adorable shot with us today! @charlesthorp It looks like the plane was delayed on the previous route and will be arriving in CUN later than orig… @tasleema3 Delays ARE frustrating, we hear you, and we're sorry for the inconvenience today. Please know that our t… @juliarachel76 Julia, what flight are you on today? Per our Customer Bill of Rights, all onboard your flight should… @jenndhunny @charlesthorp What's your flight number, Charles? @dmc06n Have your bags come out yet? If not, please speak to our crewmembers at SFO for assistance. We're sorry for the delay. @villar0nga @Crimyon Hi, Matt. Are you currently at the airport? If so, have you reached out to the crew for information about… @Mr_PizzaPizza Sorry to hear you missed your flight, Eugene. Our crewmembers at HPN can inform you of your rebooking options. @juliegargotta Enjoy! @lanadelhayy_ Hello Lana. Please feel free to DM us more information about your mother (including her name and conf… @Matt_Schreiber The credit will be linked to your TrueBlue. You will receive an email with the Travel Bank info wit… @mariesworlds We don't have a date just yet, but we'll do our best to let you know once we do. :) @RDWolfeBooks Thanks for letting us know! We're glad our team has been able to help. @MURTUZAC If your reservation is made through a third party and falls within the waiver guidelines, you'll be eligi… @VPJWAbrahams When you have a minute please use the link to let us know your name and confirmation code @MalistheSmith When you have a minute, please use the link to let us know your name and confirmation code. @MauraGTweets Thanks. The plane originally assigned to Flight 846 MCO-SWF, and then your flight, had to be taken ou… @MauraGTweets Hi there. Will you please confirm the flight number? @ImmortalSwag Planes, like cars and trains, need maintenance. While all needed maintenance is planned, if something… @Matt_Schreiber Do you have a TrueBlue account linked to your booking? @sansa520 Glad you enjoyed it! @Matt_Schreiber That's a big bummer, Matt. Sorry for the inconvenience! Our crew will make sure you receive a credit. @Iuguy16Mike We're excited to welcome you onboard, Mike! @ImmortalSwag The previous flight on the same plane was delayed, but it arrived about 25 minutes ago. Our crewmembe… @tomchartrand Our SEA counter opens two hours before the scheduled departure time. Our crewmembers will assist you… @alamortiz92 Correct. At this point, our flight operations have not changed. @juliegargotta @thereal_SNL Oh, no! Please reach out to your flight crew so they can pass the message on to our maintenance team.… @yoliouiya When you have a minute please use the link to let us know your name, email address and TrueBlue number a… @Sasha74796618 We're suspending change and cancel fees for all new flight bookings MADE between February 27, 2020 and March 11, 2020. @alamortiz92 No, we haven't cancelled flights at this time. @AAndinoPhoto We love you back! Safe travels, Aaron. @WinnieK8576 Aw, we 💙 you too! @AlbertszDwayne Our new ShopBlue website is still under construction. You may be able to find one somewhere!Taking a last-minute trip during #BlackHistoryMonth? There’s a lot to D-see in D.C. For advice on supporting Black-… @ApteriumTTV Yep! Your phone can go right inside the elastic bands and any charging cord can go right through them… @ApteriumTTV Are you referring to the seat back pockets? Looks good to us! 😉 @mommyjessica02 No information is available right now! We'd suggest you reach out again later. @BarflyCourtney Possibly! Our Travel Alert Page does stay updated so that may be your best source of reference: @BarflyCourtney Right now, we're only suspending change and cancel fees for all new flight bookings made between Fe… @BarflyCourtney Do you have a reservation already booked? @Pepamint83 Sorry to hear this. We'll make sure to pass your experience along internally. @TheRealJPMM Thanks for sending that. Safety is our top priority and our crew is making sure of that. We appreciate your patience. @TheresaAdhia Sorry for any frustration, Theresa. What happened? @TheRealJPMM Sorry to hear this! What's the flight number? @DMcCarthy_NY Yes! @meili_barbie @desertguykev @Asymetrikal We can review your options. Send us your six-letter confirmation code and full name. @jeannehopkins @hobbseltoff @Lou_Tarmy We're so sorry to hear that, Louis. We'll do our best to have the inflight entertainment system working… @luciavlopez Thanks *blushing @luciavlopez @K2Bulls Hello. If you'd please use this link to provide your confirmation, we'll take a look. @snarkyworld @gintrich Please use this link to provide your confirmation and full name. We can take a look. @ChamHamCham If a cancellation ends up being needed, we will look at all the specific reservation details when nece… @mina_radman If you'd like to DM us your reservation information, Mina, we'd be happy to take a look. - Michelle @pbd456 Yes @kwrigh02 We're sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience, Katherine. We hope you'll give us chance to provi… @MrJNowlin Hmm...ancay ouyay ivegay usyay ayay inthay? 😉 @jboogy603 If you book on February 27th, the reservation will be eligible. @TuMalditaMadre We're sorry to hear your disappointment. With our new available options, there are different fares… @BaruchEM We love it!