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@blackstarsfall Please delete the tweet with your confirmation code for security purposes and resend as a DM. Thank… @blackstarsfall Sorry for any frustration with the wait. We're happy to take a look at your reservation if the chan… @rbtong123 Send us a DM with your Travel Bank email address and name on the account. We'll check! aboard Bear(d) Force One @NHLBruins. This is your captain speaking. We won’t reach shaving altitude for a w… @SophieAlex1 If you need to make the claim once you've left the airport, please call our Baggage Service team at 1-866-538-5438. @SophieAlex1 Please be sure to file a claim with our crewmembers before leaving the airport. @Sw33TeStPeAcH If your flight is booked before October 15th, you can cancel for no fee and get the full amount paid… @Sw33TeStPeAcH What's your question? We're happy to help. @kelkea3 Hi, Kelly. We're glad to hear your son had a great flight yesterday! @dredawg29 Our current hold time is only about 8 minutes. We are not currently extending expiration dates of Travel… @soheresthething Sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience, Lyndsay. Will you DM us your confirmation code,… @aliyahvallen We'll take a look at your reservation. Please use the link to let us know your name and confirmation… @_philiplundgren Blue Basic fares are included in our current fee waivers. If you need to make a change and can't d… @joseshearosario Thanks for letting us know. @joseshearosario Hi Jose. What's the flight number that's displaying this way? @WarrenSapp Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please use the link to let us know your flight number. our Best Fare Finder to help reconnect with all your favorite people and places. Book by 8/14 and travel 9/… @ChrisATweets We're sorry to hear this, Chris. Did you mention anything to the inflight crew? We will be sure to pa… @mjones9234 Masks with vents or exhalation valves are not permitted. Plastic face shields may be worn in addition t… @m315625 Sorry to hear this! Can you send us your six-letter confirmation code via DM? We'll take a look.
@andrewjhowellny Hey, Andrew! We LOVE getting kudos like this about our crewmembers! We're happy to hear they're ta… @dee_jaay We can take a look, will need your confirmation code and names, please, via DM. @Jax_Hole When you have a moment, please let us know your flight number. @StellaAMaher Hi there! We can help here -- please DM your confirmation code and name. @cchwalker We actually have some flights scheduled in August, with more frequent flights scheduled in September. To… @seviware Glad to hear it! @__therealalexa Thanks for providing your flight number. If you're no longer at the airport, please DM your full na… @__therealalexa Thank you for providing additional details. Please also provide your flight number, so we can forwa… @seviware Sorry to hear that! If your reason for calling involved making a payment, please try calling back. Otherw… @Hennyygoodss Please feel free to DM us if you have specific feedback you'd like to share: @emily_travels What flight are you on, Emily? Feel free to DM us more details. @RainTsukino We are ending our Long Beach service after October 6. We will be operating flights between Reno and LAX after that date. @RainTsukino Our current flight schedule extends through April 27, 2021. What route are you searching for? @kevinxryan Thank you for letting us know. @kevinxryan We'll pass along your feedback, Kevin. Was this a flight today, or on a different date? @AaronKaro Fees for travel extras like checked bags and Even More Space seats are nonrefundable, unless you're canceling the entire booking. @cfitz1214 Awesome! @LMKrules Please use the link to let us know your full name and confirmation code. @Kris__sToRm Please see our website for flight availability or you can check out our Best Fare Finder page for the… @KevinMuldoon86 Hey there! Do you mind sending us the full names and six-letter confirmation codes via DM? We'll do… @Nikkij714 there without any payment. 2/2 @Nikkij714 Row 1 and 2 are Even More Space seats. Anyone wishing to sit there will need to pay the Even More Space… @Nikkij714 We're sorry to hear you are disappointed with your experience, Nikki. Please feel free to reach out to a… @muldoon199771 How many people are in your booking party? If you're booking for more than one person, it could be t… @muldoon199771 Not that we have heard, but if you send over the route and date you are trying to book, we can pass…
@JDMirandaR1978 @JDMirandaR1978 Por favor díganos un DM con su código de confirmación de seis letras. Echaremos un vistazo. - Berke… @FromJustinToKe1 We're sorry to see that! Please fill out a damaged bag report here: @Caps239 That's no fun. Send us a DM with your six-letter confirmation code and full name on the reservation, so we… @JWLevitt We're pretty sure it's us that's missing you more. 💙💙 All the races and places will hopefully be ready for you soon! Stay healthy! @tigga117 Travel Bank credits may only be used toward the purchase of flights. You won't be able to use a Travel Ba… @westseattlemark Here are our current Mint dining options: @NicoleLoweChin2 Hi there. Please see his link for updates on travel restrictions, and chec… @dplant812 We love to hear this! We will definitely make sure to pass on your kind words about Christa. We wish you… out to the original inflight entertainment. #NationalBookLoversDay @irishnyc We understand your concern. We appreciate your feedback! @sport_n_fool We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience with us. Our apologies for any disappointm… @irishnyc We'll be sure to pass on your experience internally. If you need real-time assistance, please speak with an inflight crewmember. @irishnyc So sorry to see this! Did you let an inflight crewmember know? @ParkObsession 💙 @Krystlemac1 💙 @alana_beatrizb Got it! Responding now.
@MariamZorrilla Not yet! You can learn more about what we are doing to keep you safe here: @JackHCorb Please send us your confirmation code and full name via DM. We'll take a closer look. @dave_fern We're sorry to hear that, David! That does sound frustrating. Do you need assistance with being rebooked or receiving a refund? @Lily68300994 You'll be able to fill one out upon arrival if you haven't already done so. @Lily68300994 Here's a link to the form, if you want to fill it out in advance. @shmalessia Thank you for letting us know. @shmalessia Hi Alessia. Was this a flight from earlier this week? If you're onboard right now, please double check… @LostBoyMemoirs Please DM us your confirmation code, Ryan. @beccamarottaa If you've been holding that long without reaching a crewmember, something must have gone wrong with… @beccamarottaa Our current hold time is actually 14 minutes. Please wait on the line and we'll assist you as quickly as we can. @Cattravelista Thanks for taking time to provide feedback about your flight. We will submit a report about the flig… @KateBachmanPR We're not at the moment, Kate! We are passing out little kits with some snacks and water though! @MaxMenzies3 We can help with your ticket. Please send us a DM with your flight details.
@kscollay13 Please send us your confirmation code and full name via DM. We'll take a closer look. @PoMikey It sounds like your flight experienced a schedule change. Please send us your confirmation code and full n… @Over_Covid Please send us your confirmation code and full name via DM. We'll take a closer look! @katie43061262 Please use the link to let us know your name and confirmation code. @nemavand Thanks for the note, we'll be sure that Ashley sees your message! @jck612 We'll use the email address you've provided to send the link to reset your password. Are you able to delete/reinstall the app? @ed_auletta We'd like to take a closer look at your reservation. Please use the link to send us your name and confi… @emma_kayyleigh Thanks for bringing this to our attention. When you have a minute, please let us know your flight number. @jck612 Oh no! You tried using a different web browser too, right? We're so sorry for the continued frustration. @AngieDDunn Sorry for any frustration, Angie. Our hold times are a little higher than normal. Can we help at all via Twitter? @debutanteslim Oh no! What happened? @DevinsCowsDog Hi! You can read all about it here: @poetic__tj There sure is! @_birdmachine Darn it all, friend. We can't stay mad at you. @tkwhalen It will depend on the fare you purchase. You can read about our different fares here: @EnterpriseFly Happy to help. We want your travel to be a good experience and like to know how we can improve. @taylorspoint Guess we'll find out. @gina_marie0601 Gina gets it. @LaurieAD215 We are sorry to hear you didn't receive the notification and of the disruption to your plans. We will… @EnterpriseFly We're so sorry about your bag. Our Central Baggage Service will be able to help you with this. You c… @Integrity212 Of course! Enjoy your flight. 💙 @jeanniebh22 Hi, Jeannie! If you book through October 15, you can cancel your reservation without a fee and have yo… @Integrity212 Thanks for reaching out. We take your safety seriously and will pass this along to leadership. If you…
@a_cappp Please DM your full name and confirmation code so we can check out your reservation details. @jck612 Sorry to hear you're experiencing account and booking issues on our website. Please DM us the email address…